When the oil price entered the "9 yuan" era, these ultra-long battery life pure electric vehicles were bought for fun!

[EV Vision Multi-vehicle Shopping Guide] In recent days, international crude oil prices have skyrocketed, and domestic refined oil prices have risen for six consecutive years, entering the "9 yuan era". The next round of refined oil price was carried out last week, and analysts pointed out that No.95 gasoline will come to the "9 yuan" era in an all-round way.

The National Development and Reform Commission announced: Last week, international oil prices surged and fell. On average, the oil prices in Brent, London and WTI, new york increased by 13.32% compared with the previous price adjustment cycle. Affected by this, the domestic retail prices of gasoline and diesel have increased accordingly. Affected by the epidemic situation, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and other global crisis situations, global inflation prices and oil prices have reached unprecedented highs. The cost of fuel vehicles has greatly increased. Are new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, more fragrant?

Mileage anxiety, charging queues, discounts on battery life in winter, and fear of turning on air conditioners in winter, etc. When faced with these problems, most car owners are definitely "buzzing". With the rapid development of electric vehicles, many models are equipped with large battery packs with long battery life. Today, the cost of fuel vehicles has greatly increased. It is really time to consider a pure electric vehicle with long battery life, saving money and no mileage anxiety. Come and see the following models!

ARCFOX polar fox alpha s cross-border style is spiritual.

Features: Magna teamed up to build, with large space and rich intelligent configuration.

Price: 251,900-344,900 yuan

Cruising range: 708km(708S+)

In recent years, CROSSOVER style has become popular, and more and more SUVs have begun to adopt slip-back design, and the style has gradually become a car/sports car. Consumers have long been accustomed to it, and even turned from disgust to real fragrance.

When I first saw Alpha S, the polar fox, I felt a little edema, turned around and changed my mind. It was fat but not greasy, with simple and elegant lines and a feeling of not being angry and arrogant. After reading it for a long time, I found that its design is spiritual, and I was attracted by its temperament in a trance.

The Alpha S in the front of the car is highly similar to the Alpha T, especially the divergent shape of the "X" ray on the front face highlights the DNA language of the ARCFOX polar fox brand, which gives people a momentum for vehicles to break through.

The side of the car body has a more sense of design, full of cross-border flavor, compatible with the directors of cars, station wagons and SUVs, and the practicality of the face value has been well integrated. What can’t be ignored is its handsome multi-frame wheel hub with sharp lines and aesthetic feeling, and the high-end taste is reflected in these details. The door handle has a hidden design, which is already the standard for high-end pure electric vehicles.

The body size of Alfa S is 4930mm/1940mm/1599mm, and the wheelbase is 2915mm. The body of the polar fox Alpha S is 104mm higher than that of the Han EV, and the wheelbase is 40mm longer than that of the 2875mm Tesla Model 3. The higher body and longer wheelbase make the driving space of the Extreme Fox Alpha S very spacious, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a "mobile sofa".

The tail of the Alfa S is very heavy, and you can fully appreciate the "height" of this car when standing at the rear. The taillight adopts the left and right through design, and the two ends are sharp arrow shapes, which adds a bit of sporty temperament to it.

Extreme Fox Alpha S has a small ass, adopts the popular through taillights, and the bottom design is very similar to the front of the car. For consumers with obsessive-compulsive disorder, this coordination is still very healing.

The ordinary version of the Extreme Fox Alpha S has four models, with the price range of 25.19-344,900 yuan, and there are three endurance versions of 525km, 603km and 708km. Suppose you have a budget of 300,000 yuan now, and pay special attention to quality, detail and practicality, but don’t need strong dynamic performance. For friends, the price of 281,900 yuan is a good choice.

Weilai family: Our family has more than 100kWh battery packs.

Features: fashionable and avant-garde design, strong technology configuration.

Price: 328,000-624,000 yuan

Cruising range: 500km-1000km

First of all, let’s talk about Weilai, which is equipped with the most battery models above 100kWh.

At NIO Day 2021 last year, the ET5, the second pure electric car of Weilai, was officially released and pre-sold. The new car launched 75kWh and 100kWh models. The pre-sale price before subsidy is 328,000-386,000 yuan. In addition to fashionable and avant-garde design and strong technology configuration, it is also a highlight that ET5 can be equipped with a 150kWh battery pack. The characteristics of solid-state battery, such as high capacity density and small size, can make ET5 still have a beautiful posture of the car while ensuring long battery life.

In fact, it’s not just ET5. Now, the five models of Weilai, from ET5 to the earliest ES8, basically cover the mainstream high-end electric vehicle field. Moreover, with the current technical positioning of Weilai, all models can be equipped with 150kWh battery packs. After the option, the NEDC cruising range of ES6 and EC6 can exceed 900km, while the cruising range of ET5 and ET7 will exceed 1000km.

According to EV Vision, the long-awaited solid-state battery will meet with us in the fourth quarter of this year, but please rest assured that the price of 150kWh solid-state battery package is definitely not cheap. If you have a Weilai, or want to start with a Weilai, would you like to have a taste and be the first person to eat crabs?

Tesla: You have to use a big battery to run fast, but I’m so expensive!

Features: fast acceleration, strong assisted driving and many scientific and technological configurations.

Price: 88.999-1.05999 million yuan

Cruising range: 652km and 560km

After talking about Weilai, let’s take a look at Tesla, the "king of traffic" in the electric vehicle industry. In the current mass production of Tesla models. The 2021 Model S dual-motor all-wheel drive version with a price of 889,990 yuan and the 2021 Model X dual-motor all-wheel drive version with a price of 939,990 yuan are all equipped with 100kWh battery packs, and the NEDC cruising range is 652km and 560km respectively. The prices of these two cars are not cheap, but the power level of these two cars is very brutal, so it is impossible without a large-capacity battery pack under the super power level.

As far as we know, there are currently three battery suppliers for Tesla. The domestic battery suppliers for Model 3 and Model Y are LG Ski in South Korea and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited in China. The imported Model S and Model Y use battery packs provided by Panasonic of Japan. In order to further control the cost, Musk has previously admitted that Tesla is also considering developing its own power battery.

According to EV Vision, there is also news that Model 3 equipped with 100kWh will also enter the consumer’s field of vision. In my opinion, unlike Weilai’s smaller solid-state battery, Tesla pursues practical benefits in battery research, and cost control is what it values most at present.

Mercedes-Benz EQS is not to be outdone, more than 100kWh is not negotiable.

Features: stylish design and strong technology configuration.

Price: 1,079,600-1,518,600 yuan

Cruising range: 849km

In December last year, EQS, the new flagship model of EQ family of Mercedes-Benz, was officially launched. The new car has launched four models, and the sales price range is 1.0796-1.5186 million yuan. This new car can be said to be the first model based on ——EVA, a brand-new pure electric platform of Mercedes-Benz, which is essentially different from EQC and other "oil-to-electricity" models. At EQS, Mercedes-Benz presented the first battery pack with a capacity of over 100kWh, with a capacity of 111.8kWh and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 849km.

Mercedes-Benz EQS incorporates the latest design elements of EQ family, and the overall appearance is full of movement, especially the slip-back design is somewhat similar to CLS models. The side of the car body adopts an arch design, the lines behind the B-pillar are full and smooth, and the length of the hood in the traditional sense is shortened, which makes the posture of the whole car move forward further. It is worth mentioning that the drag coefficient of EQS is as low as 0.20, making it the lowest production model in the world.

Mercedes-Benz has adopted a battery pack of 111.8kWh. The cruising range of EQS 450+ model can reach 813/849km under CLTC, and the official minimum power consumption per 100 km is only 14.2kWh/100km. The EQS 580 4MATIC model adopts the dual-motor architecture, and the maximum power of the system reaches 380kW, and the fastest acceleration time is 4.4s The power is not outstanding in electric vehicles at this price, but EQS pays more attention to the driving quality. It is worth mentioning that EQS 580 4MATIC curb weight is 2.7t, but the cruising range can reach 720km under CLTC working condition, which is considered to be relatively excellent in its class.

In the eyes of most people, the price of Mercedes-Benz EQS is still expensive, but you can’t deny that EQS is really a jaw-dropping product. Compared with the products before EQ series, it has a lot of innovation in all aspects, at least for consumers who want to buy luxury electric vehicles. It provides a better choice.

BMW iX Intelligent Emotional Technology knows you better.

Features: stylish design and rich intelligent configuration.

Price: 746,900-996,900 yuan

Maximum cruising range: 665km

BMW iX is BMW’s latest pure electric flagship model, and it is also the only one of BMW’s existing models with a battery pack of more than 100kWh. The guide price of the new car is 746,900-996,900 yuan. The new iX series combines the technological crystallization of BMW Group in innovative fields such as digital interconnection and electrification. Moreover, the three models of the family will bring the future luxury travel experience beyond electric to China consumers with minimalist design, Shy Tech stealth technology, innovative digital luxury, BMW electric driving interest and the concept of sustainability throughout.

According to official information, the BMW iX xDrive50 is driven by dual motors, with a maximum power of 385kW, equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack of 111.5kWh, and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 665km. At present, the battery suppliers of BMW in China are Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Yiwei Lithium Energy.

Compared with Mercedes-Benz EQ series, BMW’s sales performance in the near future is still relatively excellent, and the appearance rate of iX3 is obviously higher than that of EQC of Mercedes-Benz, which has a wider consumer group. However, like the problems encountered by Mercedes-Benz EQS, many people still think that the price of BMW iX is on the high side. If there are some concessions in the later period, it is still worth considering.

Domestic car companies compete for every inch of land, so Zhiji, AION and Extreme Krypton can make a difference together.

In addition to the traffic ceilings of new forces such as Weilai and Tesla mentioned above, as well as luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in fact, our domestic independent brands have never relaxed. For example, Zhiji Automobile of SAIC, AION of GAC and Kyo of Geely all have models equipped with large-capacity batteries, which set a good example for domestic car companies.

The luxury pure electric car with the combination of performance and comfort of Zhiji L7

Features: excellent performance, comfort and rich intelligent configuration.

Official price: 408,800 yuan

Maximum cruising range: 1000km

Zhiji L7 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric car. Its design and positioning are somewhat similar to Weilai’s ET7. The new car comes standard with a 93kWh battery pack, and the model equipped with a 115kWh battery pack will also meet with you soon.

It will be equipped with a high-performance all-wheel drive system. The maximum power of the motor is 400kW and the maximum torque is 700 N m. According to official news, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 3.9s s. In addition, the combination of front double wishbone+rear five-bar independent suspension, plus a two-way 12-degree rear wheel steering system, makes Zhiji L7 more flexible. In terms of battery life, the new car will be equipped with 93kWh battery as standard, with 115kWh battery. The world’s first silicon-doped lithium supplement technology can achieve a single energy density of 300Wh/kg and can support a battery life of nearly 1000km.

Zhiji Automobile, backed by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, has convincing hard power. It’s just that since the pre-sale of Shanghai Auto Show last year, Zhiji L7 has kept consumers waiting for too long. Fortunately, it will officially meet us in three months, so please wait patiently.

AION LX Plus intelligence, endurance and luxury

Features: Intelligent, comfortable and rich in configuration.

Subsidized price: 286,600-459,600 yuan.

Maximum cruising range: 1008km (Thousand Miles Edition)

Good meals are not afraid of being late. After Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an successively launched AION S Plus and AION V Plus, AION LX Plus, the flagship model of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, arrived late.

AION LX Plus is positioned as "the flagship of intelligent and thousands of miles pure electricity", focusing on intelligence, endurance and luxury. The main target consumers are the new middle-class elite "China upstart" who are wise and confident, pursue superior life enjoyment and have strong national pride. They are more willing to pay for leading technology, time efficiency and high quality. AION LX Plus will bring them high-value products and high-end life experiences with leading product strength.

Among the existing models, the Qianli version is absolutely the same as the ceiling. It uses a single motor with a maximum power of 180kW, and its highlight is that it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 144.4kWh, which is also the largest battery capacity among the models we introduced today. Officials say the NEDC cruising range of this car has reached 1008km.

The battery life of 1008km is indeed worthy of the name "Thousand Miles Edition", but the price of this model of Thousand Miles Edition is not cheap. This version of the model will be delivered in the second quarter of this year, and we will wait and see whether it can stand out from other models.

ZEEKR 001 pure electric station wagon, let’s have a trip.

Features: Intelligent, comfortable and rich in configuration.

Subsidized price: 299,000-368,000 yuan.

Maximum cruising range: 712km (WE version of ultra-long cruising single motor)

Today’s last model, we left it to ZEEKR 001. If Mercedes-Benz EQS is the most expensive model we introduced today, ZEEKR 001 is the most cost-effective and personalized model we introduced today.

ZEEKR 001 has launched two models with long battery life, both of which use 100kWh ternary lithium batteries, of which the NEDC with long battery life of single motor WE version is 712km, and the NEDC with long battery life of double motor YOU version is 606km. According to EV Vision, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is the main supplier of krypton.

If you want to buy an electric car with less than 300 thousand and 100kWh, then ZEEKR 001 is the best choice. If you think that the power of the single motor version is not enough, it is also possible to directly connect the two motors. The power *2 and the battery life will be less than 100 kilometers.

Editor’s summary: These models we introduced to you today may be a little niche for most consumers. After all, these long-life versions are all over 300,000 except for the Extreme Fox Alfa S 708S+ and ZEEKR 001, which are not very cheap. Considering the cost, I’m afraid it will take some time to truly realize the "freedom of endurance", but these models with long battery life let us see some light. With the gradual popularization of infrastructure, electric vehicles may be able to achieve an activity radius or a long-distance lifestyle close to that of fuel vehicles without a large battery pack.

Do we need so many live broadcasts of football matches?

Indeed, it is really convenient for modern people to watch the game nowadays. Even more and more people watch the live broadcast of the game in a year, which adds up to less than watching short videos or scoring GIFs. Then the question is, do we still need so many live football matches?

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football! When talking about this issue, a British fan said so.

Besides, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching live games every week? What’s your opinion about the overload of live broadcast of the game? Please tell us together in the comments!

Author | Adam Hurrey and Amitai Winehouse, ECO kryptonite

Edit | Gao Xiaochen

Source | Sports Industry Ecosphere (the original text was published in The Athletic, and it was partially deleted and adjusted due to the need of editing and expression)

The text is 4295 words in total | Estimated reading time is 11 minutes.

Not long ago, the Premier League officially announced:Before all the British fans can return to the stadium to watch the game(as early as May 17th), all events will continue to be broadcast live online in the UK.

This rule may not feel anything to overseas fans. But for British fans, it is a big event that can change their lives. After all, they haven’t watched the football match on TV on Saturday afternoon for decades.

This is due to a long-standing magical rule in Britain-3PM Blackout, which was negotiated and passed by the FA and the league.From 2: 45 pm to 5: 15 pm on Saturday, it is forbidden to broadcast any football match on TV.

The origin of 3pm blackout can be traced back to Bob Lord, Chairman of Burnley Club in 1964.(Bob Lord)A broadcast ban at Tevermore Stadium.In the view of Chairman Bao, the live TV broadcast is harmful to the club besides lowering the attendance rate of the stadium.

△ Center is Bob Lord, then chairman of Burnley Club.

Despite a lot of controversy, President Bao succeeded in persuading more and more clubs to accept it with his golden tongue.Television broadcast of demon theory.After unanimous negotiation, 3pm blackoutKick-off at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon is a tradition in English football.Not only has it become the rules of English clubs, but it has even been incorporated into the British broadcasting law, which makes it a criminal offence to broadcast football matches on TV on any Saturday afternoon in Britain.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, all the games had to be broadcast online, and the question of whether the broadcast ban should be completely abolished was once again put on the focus of public discussion. But for British fans, although there are more games broadcast, the troubles of happiness have also come:With limited energy, so many games are broadcast live, it seems that I really can’t watch it!

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football!

When talking about this issue, a British fan said so. His views also represent the voices of many fans.

In this regard, two columnists of The Athletic discussed through a podcast: Do we still need so many live football matches?

Too much broadcast of the game has made people tired of watching the game.

The host of Adam Hurrey The Athletic podcast, Football Cliches.

It has been a whole year since the special situation of being forced to have an empty match due to the epidemic, and the discussion on whether 3pm blackout should be cancelled has been going on for a long time. Therefore, it seems a natural thing to broadcast all the games in the current situation.

However, with the resumption of broadcasting, we gradually found that in the face of so many football matches, watching the ball every day is no longer a pleasure, and it has even become a psychological burden. 

As early as before the epidemic isolation intensified the daily competition in domestic broadcast of football matches, the broadcast of three matches on Super Sunday in Premier League was already a marathon experience for football fans: from pre-match comments to players’ warm-up, from goal playback to VAR slow-motion analysis, from betting recommendation to various advertisements ….. The broadcast of several consecutive football matches in one day is quite challenging for fans to watch and broadcast.

Whether the game involves their favorite team or their annoying team, or involves two teams that they don’t care about. 

△ A busy Premier League weekend screenshot from Tencent Sports APP

A Premier League fan in the UK, watching the game every Saturday, is probably like this:

The first game, kick-off at 12: 30 noon British time:

Ok, at noon, the game will start. Today’s noon match is a match in leicester city (generally speaking, leicester city or Southampton kick off earlier, as evidenced by the data). You will notice the long shadows in the stadium, which is definitely the last light environment that people want to face when watching the match or even playing football games.

In the end, leicester city won 2-0, but the attention of this game was completely covered up by the VAR controversy.

The second game, EnglishKick-off at 3: 00 pm national time:

All right! You’ve watched a game and got into shape. Although the commentators are still discussing the question of whether Team X is excellent or Team Y is rubbish (the conclusion is usually: emmm…… … I think both teams are similar).

The confrontation between the two sides in this game is Crystal Palace vs West Brom, which makes you immediately start to wonder if you should do something else while watching the ball. But you can’t go out when you think about the epidemic; I also think that due to the broadcasting law, there is no advertisement in the live broadcast of the game at 3 pm on Saturday ….. Well, let’s watch another game.

Unfortunately, Wilfrid Zaha, the thigh of Crystal Palace, was injured, and there was one less attraction in the game … It is said that the commentary of this game is famous, but the fans never seem to care about this.

Game 3, kick-off at 5: 30 pm UK time:

Well, it’s prime time for the broadcast, and the strong teams are going to play again. It may be a game in which Manchester City beat a team 4-0, or it may be a showdown between Arsenal and Newcastle. Under the full light of the stadium, the shiny stadium is quite attractive. In addition, there is nothing to watch on TV at this time, which may be the perfect time to sit on the sofa and watch the football match.

At the moment, Jamie Carragher (a former Liverpool player and now a famous football commentator) slides his hand on the screen, showing you all the details of the game you should know, which is great. In the end, it was an excellent game to watch, but it doesn’t seem to be time to put an end to today’s full football marathon … 

Game 4, kick-off at 8: 00 pm UK time:

COVID-19 epidemic, the end of the world, all these things on TV. To tell the truth, Premier League football really doesn’t need to broadcast four whole games a day, especially after 7: 30 pm. Now, you have watched three football matches, and your mind is obviously not on TV. On the sofa, you have already started to brush your mobile phone and saw more than a dozen popular short videos about the coach’s rage or the commentator’s passion for wheat. Although these videos have been forwarded by you, you will forget all about the video content in a short time.

This is often the daily life of a Premier League fan watching the game on weekends.

If the football match is broadcast all day, will I watch it? Yes, obviously, I will, but this is probably just my consciousness as a practitioner, but other fans may not appreciate the broadcast of so many games.

△ Newcastle striker Callum Wilson celebrates the goal

Image: Newcastle United/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Indeed, as long as fans can’t watch the game offline, the Premier League has the responsibility to keep football in the spotlight through more broadcasts.However, don’t underestimate how tired fans will feel in such a marathon. Just for the sake of our poor and tired brains, I hope that the competitors and broadcasters will not regard the countermeasures in this special period as future decisions. 

The broadcast of the game is overloaded? I don’t think so at all!

Amitai Winehouse News Editor

It’s 11 o’clock on Saturday morning. You slept in, got up, had dinner, drank coffee and went out for a walk. Maybe you had a lesson with fitness coach Joe Wicks in front of the TV. So what’s next? I can’t eat any more food, and Zoom’s online test hasn’t started yet. For you, this day seems far away. 

However, you remember, there is a football match today! You looked at the live app on your mobile phone. At 12: 30, leicester city played against Liverpool; At 3: 00 pm, Crystal Palace played against Burnley; At 5: 30 pm, Manchester City played against Tottenham; At 8: 00 pm, Wolves play Chelsea!

As a fan, the distant Saturday was finally saved!

In this difficult period, there are not many interesting things happening. But we can watch all the matches in the Premier League. After watching the matches, you still have many things to do: chatting with friends on social software, playing Fan Texi in the Premier League, and brushing short sports videos … Is there anything more interesting for sports fans?

It can be said that playing football in the open field is meaningless, but online broadcasting can give the game real meaning.Indeed, not many people feel that it is necessary to watch a Southampton-Brighton game with dignity, but it is important that more games are broadcast, so that those Southampton fans and Brighton fans who want to watch this game have a proper way to watch this game.

The competition should belong to the public, not just the hundreds of people who are now allowed to enter the stadium.

In fact, the existence of streaming media just proves why the view that all sports events should not be broadcast is flawed. In any case, I am firmly opposed to the ban on Saturday afternoon games.There are always people who argue that this measure can protect the attendance rate of low-level leagues, but as early as 2018, EFL(English Football League)It has been announced that all Saturday 3: 00 pm games will be broadcast on its cooperative streaming media platform iFollow, and many international regions have also allowed to broadcast the games at this time. 

△ Amazon Prime’s Premier League live broadcast room 

Image: Adam Davy/pool/AFP via Getty Images

What’s more, for fans who want to watch the game offline, it doesn’t matter whether the game is broadcast or not. But if you don’t want to go to the scene, you can certainly find a way to watch the game at home.

In other words, even if the game is not broadcast on the mainstream platforms with copyright such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and BBC One, people will find various ways to watch the game, which is not a problem for modern fans at all.Besides, the football club has fallen into financial difficulties, and we can at least make the broadcasting company happy for a while, so that the team’s copyright income can be guaranteed, and the more the better.

So to be honest, although there may be a problem of watching the game on TV, football is now facing a critical moment, so please forget the idea that any match should not be broadcast on TV. Please broadcast all the football matches for us, without stopping for a moment … The broadcast of the games that helped you through the boring time during the epidemic is also an important part of your life.

The above is the discussion between two British sports experts. So, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching the game broadcast every week? What do you think of the view that the broadcast of the game is overloaded? Please tell us together in the comments!

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No-load trial operation of "Underground North Third Ring Road" began. Line 12 will open 20 stations in 2024, of which 13 are transfer stations.

  Original title: No-load trial operation of "Underground North Third Ring Road" Line 12 will open 20 stations this year, of which 13 are transfer stations.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section. (Pan Zhiwang photo)

  On March 20th, it was learned from the Municipal Major Project Office and Beijing Investment Rail Company that the Beijing Metro Line 12, which will be opened for operation this year, has completed the motor train debugging, realized the rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. 42 metro vehicles on Line 12 have all arrived at the section, and will be put into no-load trial operation for no less than 3 months.

  Metro Line 12 is a rail transit trunk line mainly laid along the east-west direction of the North Third Ring Road, with a total length of about 30 kilometers and 21 stations. It spans four administrative districts, namely Haidian, Xicheng, Dongcheng and Chaoyang, and connects residential areas, commercial areas and important functional areas such as Century City, Shuangyushu, Dazhong Temple, Beitaipingzhuang, Madian, Anzhen, Sanyuanqiao, Jiuxianqiao and Dongba.

  "This year, Line 12 will open the Sijiqing Station to the dongfeng station section, with a total of 20 stations, 13 of which are transfer stations." Han Jian, the first-level director of Track III of the Municipal Major Project Office, introduced. After completion and opening to traffic, Line 12 will transfer to Line 10 at Changchun Bridge Station and Sanyuanqiao Station, Line 16 at Suzhou Bridge Station, Line 4 at Renmin University Station, Line 13 at Dazhongsi Station and Guangximen Station, changping line at Jimenqiao Station, Line 19 at Beitaipingzhuang Station, Line 8 at Anhuaqiao Station, Line 5 at Heping Xiqiao Station, and West. In the future, you will transfer to Line 14 at Gaojiayuan Station and Line 3 in dongfeng station.

  After the line is opened to traffic, it will effectively alleviate the ground traffic pressure in the northern part of the city, especially in the North Third Ring Road, and at the same time play a leading role in the track to drive the development and construction of the surrounding areas of the line.

  Beijing Metro Line 12 is known as the "underground North Third Ring Road", which passes through all the important traffic nodes of the North Third Ring Road, with more than 70 large and small bridges along the line, and most of the stations are located in the bridge area, which can be described as "one bridge and one station". In order to enhance the passengers’ experience, all the entrances and exits of the bridge station should fully consider the travel needs and habits of the surrounding passengers, and be arranged as close as possible to the bus station or existing municipal facilities to create convenient conditions for underground and above-ground traffic.

  Site visit

  Fully automatic unmanned driving is initially realized.

  On March 20th, at Sanyuanqiao Station of Metro Line 12, one train after another sped by. This is a no-load test run. During this period, subway vehicles, power supply, signal and communication systems will be fully tested and calibrated, and people and equipment, systems and systems will be fully run-in. After no-load trial operation, trial operation according to the drawing, completion acceptance and operation evaluation, the line can be opened for operation.

  In the future, Sanyuanqiao Station will become a three-line interchange station for Line 10, Line 12 and Airport Line. During the ride experience, I saw that the whole train on Line 12 was in yellow-gray tone, and the seats in the car were mixed with lemon yellow and light blue. The interior decoration was simple and generous, and the cab was designed with semi-closed transparent glass windows.

  "Metro Line 12 has initially realized the fully automatic driverless function, and the fully automatic debugging of all trains and stations is being carried out in an orderly manner, which will bring passengers a safer and more comfortable travel experience after operation. In addition, the mixed running mode of 4-group and 8-group trains provides 1240 seats for 180 seats and 2480 seats for 360 seats respectively, which can flexibly cope with the passenger flow changes in peak and flat peaks and ensure the maximum transportation efficiency. " Li Shaojun, assistant to the general department of Beijing Investment Equipment Technology Research Institute and project director of Line 12, revealed.

  From Sanyuanqiao Station, pass through Xibahe Station, Guangximen Station, Heping Xiqiao Station and Anzhen Bridge Station, and you will arrive at Anhuaqiao Station. The station is located in the bustling North Third Ring Road, which is the interchange station between Line 8 and Line 12. It will only take 3 minutes in the future, and citizens can complete the interchange at this station.

  At present, the staff of Anhuaqiao Station are carrying out the construction of the aluminum plate on the top of the transfer passage and transfer hall, the floor tiles of the safety exit are being paved and laid, and the entrance and exit passages are also being renovated. In the decoration of the station, Anhuaqiao Station is simple and elegant, refining the texture of the North Third Ring Road city and integrating the sky image, bringing visual enjoyment to passengers through the change of reality and space shaping. At present, 99% of the main structure of the station has been renovated, and 60% of the auxiliary decoration has been completed. (Ren Shan)

The cold wave is coming today, and the rain and snow will increase in the central and eastern regions, and the temperature will plummet.

  Cctv newsAccording to China Weather Network, the first cold wave in 2023 is coming, and China is about to stage a big reversal of cold and warm! Starting today (January 11th), a cold wave will affect most parts of China from west to east and from north to south. A large range of rain and snow weather will be launched one after another, and the warmer pattern in various places will be quickly reversed.

  The warm weather in northeast China broke the record in January, and the cold air force arrived in the central and eastern regions from tomorrow.

  Yesterday, the central and eastern regions of China were affected by weak cold air, and the temperature fluctuated slightly, but the overall cooling rate was not large, and all regions continued to maintain a pattern of obvious warming. Before the official arrival of the cold wave, around the 12th, there will be a warm and hot peak in the northeast of China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and the temperature will be more than 10℃ higher than normal. For example, the lowest temperature in Harbin and Changchun will break the warmest record in January, which is rare.


  However, at present, a cold wave has been assembled, and it will affect most parts of China from west to east and from north to south today, and the warmer pattern in various places is about to be reversed. This cold wave will mainly affect the northwest region today and tomorrow, and will gradually affect the central and eastern regions of China from tomorrow night to the 15th. Affected by this, the temperature in most parts of China will drop by 8 ~ 12℃ successively, among which, the temperature in northern Xinjiang, western Gansu, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, northeast China, eastern Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, northern South China and Guizhou will drop by 14 ~ 18℃, and some areas in northern Xinjiang, central and eastern Jilin and Heilongjiang will exceed 20℃, accompanied by 4 ~ 6 grades and 6 ~ 8 gusts.

  It is worth mentioning that, because the basic temperature was generally high before the cold wave came, and the cooling space was very large, the temperature will drop to a low level after cooling, and most of the northwest will drop to the recent lowest point around this Friday and Saturday, and most of the central and eastern regions will drop to the recent lowest point on Saturday and Sunday, experiencing a big reversal of cold and warm, and some places will refresh the new low since this winter. After cooling down, on the morning of 17th, the lowest temperature line of 0℃ will be pressed south to the first line from eastern Yunnan to southern Guizhou, southern Hunan, northern Fujian and eastern Zhejiang.

  Recently, rain and snow have increased in the central and eastern regions, and there is heavy snow in the local area. Be wary of rain and snow disturbing Spring Festival travel rush.

  Since the beginning of this year, there has been persistent heavy snowfall in parts of northern Xinjiang, among which the snowfall days in some areas such as Altay and Tacheng have lasted for about a week. As of yesterday morning, the depth of snow in northern Xinjiang has reached 10-35cm, and that in northern Altay is 40-45cm. During the day, the snowfall in these areas continues. According to the live monitoring, there are small to medium snow in Altay, Tacheng and Ili Valley in Xinjiang, and the local area is as heavy as snowstorm. In addition, rainfall in parts of the south of the Yangtze River and South China continues to be online, such as moderate to heavy rain in parts of southern Guangxi, central and western Guangdong, eastern Hainan Island and southern Zhejiang, eastern Taiwan Province Island, and heavy rain (50-85 mm) in western Guangdong.

  Starting today, along with the cold wave, a round of large-scale rain and snow weather will be ushered in all parts of central and eastern China. It is expected that rain and snow and strong winds will cool down in most parts of China from today to the 15th, including the eastern part of northwest China, most parts of north China, northeast China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan, eastern part of southwest China and northern part of the south of the Yangtze River. There will be small to moderate rain and small to medium snow or sleet, and some areas will be heavily snowed and local snowstorms. There are small to moderate rains in south-central Jiangnan and South China, heavy rains in some areas, local heavy rains, and lightning weather in some areas.

  Specifically, today, there are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern and western mountainous areas of Xinjiang, western Tibet, northwestern Shanxi, and northwestern Heilongjiang. Among them, there are heavy snowstorms (10-19 mm) in Xinjiang along Tianshan Mountain, Ili Valley and western mountainous areas, and western Tibet. There is little to moderate rain in most parts of Sichuan Basin, south of the Yangtze River, south of China and central and eastern Taiwan Province Island, and there is heavy rain (25 ~ 35 mm) locally.


  Tomorrow, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in most parts of Xinjiang, western Tibet, central and western Inner Mongolia, most parts of Northeast China, northern North China and eastern Gansu, among which there will be heavy snow (10 ~ 12 mm) in western Xinjiang and western Tibet. There are moderate to heavy rains in parts of central, eastern and southern Jiangnan and central South China, among which there are heavy rains (50-70 mm) in northern Guangdong and other places.


  The day after tomorrow, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of southern and western Xinjiang, western Tibet, northern Qinghai, central Inner Mongolia, eastern Northwest China, most of North China, northern Huanghuai and eastern Northeast China, among which there will be heavy snowstorms in northwestern Xinjiang, northwestern Shanxi, western Hebei and south-central Inner Mongolia. There are moderate to heavy rains in parts of southern Huanghuai, western Jianghuai, eastern Jianghan, central and eastern Jiangnan and northern Guangdong, and there are heavy rains in the local area.


  The meteorological department reminded that a wide range of rain and snow weather is coming, and it is now in the Spring Festival travel rush period. Passengers with travel plans need to make plans in advance, pay close attention to the latest early warning and forecasting information, and pay attention to preventing the adverse effects of strong winds and rain and snow weather on Spring Festival travel rush travel.

XTransfer will be unveiled at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024.

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024 will be held in January next year. Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, was invited to attend this international event as a representative of China entrepreneurs.

    The theme of this year’s Davos Annual Meeting is "Rebuilding Trust", and the forum will focus on issues such as sustainable growth of global economy, technological innovation and application, sustainable development and global governance. In this forum, Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, will focus on the theme with political and business elites from all over the world, and share his insights and sentiments as an entrepreneur in China.

    This meeting will provide a unique platform for China entrepreneurs to share with the international community China’s remarkable achievements in digital transformation and innovation. During the forum, Deng Guobiao will present innovative solutions of China enterprises in these fields on global economic governance, science and technology application and sustainable development.

    Xtrasfer has been focusing on B2B foreign trade financial services for six consecutive years, and it is the platform of B2B foreign trade finance in China. This year, Xtrasfer has officially launched international services, and trading enterprises all over the world have started to use Xtrasfer. XTransfer not only helps sellers solve the collection problem, but also serves global buyers. When both buyers and sellers use XTransfer account, the payment can be received in 7*24 seconds, which is expected to save 95% of the exchange cost and realize the whole flow of trade funds without hindrance.

    As early as 2020, with outstanding contributions in the field of cross-border finance and risk control services, XTransfer was awarded the title of "Technology  Pioneers) "list of companies, Google and Twitter have also been selected. It is expected that with the help of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024, XTransfer will be able to submit a piece of wisdom and insight from China to the world.

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What is the so-called "basic skill" of playing table tennis? Besides hand feeling and footwork, what subjects can you practice first?

(Welcome everyone to pay attention to the collection of amateur enlightenment)

In the first few articles, we mainly start with "off-stage kung fu", and suggest that you accumulate some feelings from the aspects of ball feeling and hand feeling in order to better train on the stage. In this issue, we focus on introducing several methods of training on the stage. These subjects are necessary for playing table tennis well, and they play a vital role in action shaping, strength use, muscle memory, physical coordination and so on. Need to remind everyone that in the process of practicing all the skills and tactics of table tennis, only "serving" can be done by one person, while other subjects need the help of coaches or sparring partners. Therefore, if everyone can find one or more like-minded partners when learning table tennis, the effect of mutual help and common improvement is the best. In addition, the basic stage training is mainly based on "repetitive mode", and the best way is to "play more balls". Both practitioners and sparring partners need enough patience and relatively fixed time and energy input to adjust all kinds of errors in practice in time and finally develop a smooth and coordinated awareness of hitting the ball.

Forehand single point attack

Forehand attack is the first training subject that almost all table tennis players come into contact with. Its action is simple, but it is very important. With the foundation of "freehand swing", everyone’s practice can go from "no ball" to "with ball". In the process of forehand attack, everyone must pay attention to the integrity of the action. From the lead shot to the return, we should gradually realize the feeling of "the body’s center of gravity shifts between our legs". Don’t stand in the same place with both feet and hit the ball with only the upper body or only the arm. This exercise doesn’t require us to exert much effort, let alone to play very fast. The key point is to keep the rhythm steady, keep the movements consistent, and play hard every time. After gradually finding some feelings, everyone can improve their self-requirements in the quality of hitting the ball. For example, the hitting point of each board should be kept in front of the body, and don’t let the ball or wait for the ball; The past ball gradually changes from "breaking point" to "hitting point", that is, try to hit the ball in the same area on the opposite table, and so on.

Forehand two-point attack

Forehand fixed-point attack requires us to change our center of gravity in situ, while two-point attack begins to require everyone to "move" their feet. The "two points" mentioned here generally refer to the forehand position of the middle and right half of the table (taking the right-handed racquet holder as an example). In this training, everyone should use footwork to find a "point" to hit the ball. The footwork needed here is basically step-by-step, and the key point in practice is to strengthen the awareness of foot movement and grasp the appropriate hitting rhythm. In the process of feeding more balls, the speed of sparring partners should not be too fast, and the effectiveness and coordination of the actions of the practitioners should be taken into account.

Forehand three-point attack

The three-point forehand attack is mainly to train the consistency of forehand movements. The so-called "three points" means from the right half of the table to the middle of the table and then to the left half. In this training, we also need to use footwork to hit the ball in sports. Compared with two-point attack, the usage rate of footwork is doubled, and it is more necessary to adjust your breathing and maintain the stability of your movements. In the process of moving from right to left, everyone’s body tilt angle should be gradually increased when hitting the ball. When hitting the middle road, it can be opened 15-20 degrees on many sides and 35-45 degrees on the left half platform, so as to deepen the impression of moving the center of gravity dynamically and experience different hitting feelings at different points.

Backhand fixed point/two-point attack

The training methods of backhand attack and forehand attack are basically the same. Only in contact time, backhand fixed-point attack should not be started after everyone has just mastered forehand fixed-point. Because for amateurs, the action structure of backhand position is relatively simple, and enlightenment is relatively easier. If you just learn to fix the forehand at the beginning stage and add backhand content, it is easy for everyone to know which side to use when they encounter "live ball" in future training. Therefore, arranging the backhand fixed-point practice after the forehand attack at two or three o’clock will not only help you to know the forehand practice, but also have the foundation of moving footwork under your feet, which will be very helpful to improve the backhand quickly.

In backhand attack, the racket should hit the ball in a stable position on the chest, and hit the ball mainly in the form of "top stroke". Don’t add too many wrist movements, and don’t just dial the top, just hold the ball first and then dial it out. Need to remind everyone that the backhand is smaller than the forehand, but all the details of the action should not be lazy, such as leading, restoring, relying on the body’s center of gravity, etc., and should be complete. One board is like this, and so are many boards.

Fixed-point pendulum speed

After everyone has mastered the forehand and backhand attack skills skillfully, they can enter the "swing speed" training stage of transforming and integrating the two. As the name implies, "swing speed" means hitting the ball with forehand, then hitting the ball with backhand, and so on. When you first come into contact with this exercise, you can stand on the left half of the table, change the stroke from backhand block to forehand attack, and then return to backhand block. If you feel that it is relatively difficult to find the rhythm, you can add it to one side twice or three times. Remember not to try to be quick, or just hit the ball. You must pay attention to coordination and quality.

Two-point swing speed/fixed-point swing speed

Two-point swing speed is to connect forehand fixed-point and backhand fixed-point attack by stepping. This training requires that our footwork under our feet should be in place, our bodies should be elastic, and we can finally stand in place before hitting the ball when moving. If the feet are not in place and the hands reach the ball, then the meaning of regular practice will be lost. It is more difficult to practice without fixed-point swing. After all, this subject is very close to actual combat, or to some extent, it has been simulated actual combat. One of its difficulties is that the coverage of the hitting point is relatively large, and the other is that there are many changes in the way of hitting the ball in the hand. If any foundation is not solid enough before, you don’t have to rush to practice the swing speed without a fixed point.

There are a few tips about the above training contents: First, don’t be too hasty in the practice process, you must do it step by step, and try two points after you are skilled enough. The second is that since you start training, you should follow the most reasonable movements, and never ignore the details of the movements in order to save trouble. Otherwise, once the small problems left behind form a memory, it will definitely affect the improvement of the level in the future, and it will be difficult to rework and correct them. The third is whether all the above exercises are qualified, and the most important measure is the rate of coming to the stage and continuity. Don’t excessively pursue the speed, rotation and strength of hitting the ball.

Many fans are used to calling some practice subjects the basic skills of table tennis. In fact, this statement is not rigorous. The so-called "basic skill" is more important than an inner feeling. To give the simplest example, "staring at the ball" is a very important basic skill; When the ball is in front of us, whether our feet can move to the most comfortable position and whether our hands can be lifted to the right hitting point is also a basic skill; When you touch the ball, whether you can adjust to the best shape and make the most reliable arc through previous judgment is also a basic skill. Practice subjects are just the external manifestation of "basic skills" and a process to help us constantly strengthen our memory and techniques.