The game provides a "low-cost" test scenario for AI.

It has both natural cultural attributes and profound scientific and technological attributes.

All along, people from all walks of life have discussed the entertainment attributes of video games a lot, and even there are some critical voices, so it is easy to ignore the scientific and technological elements behind the games. During the two sessions this year, many delegates and Committee members actively made suggestions and suggestions on the development of the game industry. Guo Yuanyuan, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice president of capital university of economics and business Megacity Economic and Social Development Research Institute, believes that the current social understanding of games is vague or even biased. The game industry has both cultural and economic benefits in the field of international cultural communication. It integrates knowledge from education, health, science and technology, training, experience and other contents, and can play a global role, pragmatically promoting social innovation and the development of new quality productivity in China.

Provide "low-cost" test scenarios for AI

In fact, the game industry has been inseparable from cutting-edge technology since its birth. From the initial invention to show and verify the performance of computers, to become the experimental field of "black technology", and then to quickly integrate into the development of the real economy, games and technological innovation have always inspired each other and developed together.

In recent years, China’s game industry has gradually grown and developed, and new models and formats of the industry have given birth to development, and excellent masterpieces have continued to emerge. The game industry has become an important "testing ground" and "incubator" for scientific and technological innovation, with richer game categories, more diverse forms and better content.

Many players have already experienced the technological elements in the game. For example, relying on AI technology, netizens can become advanced players and become "God opponents" or "God teammates" to fully appreciate the fun of the game; From the perspective of game manufacturers, AI technology can constantly imitate learning and test strength in a virtual environment, help adjust balance, replace games, and even help Industry-University-Research; From the perspective of AI technology research and development, continuous self-learning and self-adjustment in the game will also help to achieve technological progress.

At the same time, today’s game industry in China is at the forefront of the world, whether in the application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, live broadcast technology, cloud game technology or virtual reality. With the continuous development of game technology, the application of related technologies has already broken through the game industry itself, and has also played a role in many fields such as AI and VR. As a compound cultural content product, games have both natural cultural attributes and profound scientific and technological attributes. Based on these two attributes, the game industry is constantly enriching its economic attributes, becoming a driver to support the integration and development of digital technology and real economy, and forming a "super digital scene".

There are indications that the game is getting rid of the single attribute of "playing" and its market space is continuously expanding. The results of a questionnaire survey on China’s game innovation initiated by the Game Committee of China Music and Digital Association show that 87.4% of the respondents believe that China’s games are becoming the "propeller" and "accelerator" for the development of national hard science and technology strength.

At this year’s two sessions, new quality productivity has become a hot word. The core of new quality productivity is still innovation, especially high-quality innovation.

The Research Report on Game Science and Technology Capability and Science and Technology Value issued by the Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute, according to industry research in the fields of games, electronic communication and hardware manufacturing, 81% of the respondents believe that games have promoted the development of AI technology; According to the survey of users facing the public, 91.4% of the respondents believe that some scientific and technological innovations in the game field can promote the physical field to some extent.

The enthusiasm of gamers for new technologies and products has never declined. To this end, game companies are very willing to apply more new technologies to the game field, and then promote the game to become a super testing ground for the application of new technologies.

Is becoming a "container" of excellent traditional culture.

At present, in the field of games, the excavation and dissemination of Chinese excellent traditional culture has gradually become the mainstream of the industry, and a number of fine game works have emerged. Sun Shoushan, chairman of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, said that the game industry has paid more and more attention to the cultural communication function of products, continuously explored the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture from all dimensions inside and outside the game, and actively responded to overseas market competition, making new contributions to promoting cultural exchanges and enhancing cultural understanding.

At present, domestic game companies have set their sights on overseas and made breakthroughs. In 2023, the global game market was 1,177.379 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6%. In 2023, 52 of the TOP100 enterprises in global mobile game product revenue were from China. With the game companies going to a broader overseas market and taking games as the carrier, China’s traditional culture has also crossed the ocean.

Previously, the Game Working Committee of China Music and Number Association launched a questionnaire survey on "China’s Game Influence" for the public. The questionnaire survey shows that 84% of China’s game enterprises draw lessons from Chinese traditional characters in their game role design, and 98% of them adopt Chinese traditional cultural elements in their game environment and article design.

At the same time, the questionnaire survey shows that 91.6% of the respondents believe that China games play an important role in the "going out" of Chinese excellent traditional culture. In addition, 65.1%, 60.9% and 52.3% of the respondents respectively said that they learned about Chinese traditional cultural elements such as characters, costumes and stories in China traditional culture through games. 90.2% of the respondents believe that China games are becoming the "container" of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Today’s China game is becoming a bright business card for China culture to go out to sea. As a carrier of traditional culture communication and an important means of going to sea, China Games play an important role in spreading excellent traditional culture.

As early as 2019, Mihayou proposed to "be a pioneer of games going to sea, a disseminator of China culture, and an explorer of game industrialization in China". Today, Mihayou’s representative product "The Original God" has long ranked first in the list of major sea games. In 2023, Mihayou’s new tour "Collapse: Star Dome Railway" also achieved outstanding results.

Entering the martial arts game "Never Robbed" independently developed by Netease, you can immediately perceive a strong Chinese aesthetics. Players can see the ancient city of Tang ‘an, which is magnificent and has a strong sense of history, and also see the tribes that show the resilience and refreshing feeling of nomadic people, as well as the bamboo sea churning in the traditional China courtyard. In terms of role design, Netease is rooted in history and eastern martial arts culture, including the design of chivalrous men and ancient military commanders.

The reporter noted that with the deepening of the game going out to sea, more and more excellent China game products are going to the world. Among them, the glory of the king, Peace Elite, The Original God and other game products are designed with a lot of China elements and traditional culture, such as China’s classical poems, fairy tales and traditional art, so that players all over the world can enjoy the game and feel the unique charm of China culture.

■ New Express reporter Chen Xuedong

Singing 24 solar terms into a song, Gong Linna and Laogong bring a new experience of China music.

Singing 24 solar terms into a song, Gong Linna and Laogong bring a new experience of China music.

  Gong Linna sang at the 24 solar terms Ancient Poetry Concert. 

  BEIJING, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) On the evening of the 19th, the singer Gong Linna and Gong Luo New Art Orchestra presented "Flowing Time — — Gong Linna 24 solar terms Ancient Poetry Concert "and" the moon, grown full now over the sea "met the audience for the first time as a new song.

  "Gong Linna Singing 24 solar term song" began to be created in autumn of 2017, and 24 ancient poems were selected from the vast number of ancient poems, composed by Lao Gong and sung by Gong Linna. These 24 ancient poems are in line with the solar terms in content, and they are also well-known masterpieces. In the melody of songs, the styles are rich and varied, and each capital is unique and sets off each other.

  Time on the Move — — Photo courtesy of the organizer of Gong Linna Laogong’s 24 solar terms ancient poetry and songs

  In this concert, Gong Linna and Gong Luo’s Art Nouveau Orchestra presented a total of 13 solar terms poems on the stage of Guiyang Grand Theatre, with spring, summer, autumn and winter as four musical chapters. The presentation of ancient poetry music on the stage will be very humanistic. The ingenious combination of China’s traditional cultural thoughts with music art and stage art will make the audience feel refreshed.

  "the moon, grown full now over the sea, brightening the whole of heaven." This is a well-known poem by Zhang Jiuling in the Tang Dynasty. As a new song, "the moon, grown full now over the sea" met the audience for the first time, and it was arranged in the position of connecting spring and summer, replacing the previous "Streaming Water", which made the whole concert more smooth and mature. Gong Linna said: "the moon, grown full now over the sea is more in line with the theme of 24 solar terms’s ancient poetry concert. I sang the same thoughts as" Streaming Water "in a very subtle way and explained the connection of past lives."

  Different from ordinary concerts, 24 solar terms Ancient Poetry Concert not only sings ancient poems, but also allows the audience to enjoy beauty. What’s more important is to present a music lesson for the audience. This music lesson is about solar terms and poetry, and more about China’s spirit and rhyme. The whole concert brought a unique experience to the audience in the process of interaction between the stage and the stage.

  Gong Linna introduced: "Every stop in the concert tour of ancient poetry in 24 solar terms uses the local children’s choir, because I hope to promote children’s music education. At present, almost all music education methods in China are based on western aesthetics or methods, methods and systems. I hope that I can sing ancient poems through children, practice my voice and practice my spirit with me, sing with bands that are all dominated by Chinese musical instruments, and experience the artistic conception of China’s music and poetry! "

  Gong Linna’s singing strength and artistic expression in recent years have not only been highly praised by the industry, but also won numerous praises from the general audience, from the online divine comedy "uneasy", "Golden Hoop" and "Fa Hai You Don’t Know Love" to the blockbuster "Streaming Water" on the variety show "Singer". Singing the charm of China with classical lyrics and broadening artistic horizons with world music are the direction that Gong Linna’s music art is striving for. She said: "The music is not necessarily high. I believe that as long as we insist on singing and passing on China music, the audience will understand and accept it."

  It is reported that the Gong Linna 24 solar terms Ancient Poetry Concert will visit Qingdao, Anshan, Haikou, Fuzhou and other places one after another, bringing a refreshing China music experience to audiences from all over the world. In addition, the three-dimensional presentation of the concert — — The album "Gong Linna 24 solar terms Ancient Poetry Concert LIVE" was launched simultaneously on Tencent’s music platform, and the course "Learning to Sing Ancient Poetry with Gong Linna" was launched on Himalayan FM, and the book "Flowing Time — — Gong Linna Lao Gong’s Poems and Songs of the Twenty-four Solar Terms will also be published simultaneously. (End)