Google (GOOGL.US,GOOG.US) will add more PC games to its Play game store.

  This week, Google (GOOGL.US,GOOG.US) will hold the Google for Games Developer Summit and release a series of news related to Google Play service. One of the most important news is to add more PC games to the Google Play game service.

  Google Play Games was first launched at the end of 2021, providing a way for Windows 10 and 11 gamers to play Android games on their desktops or laptops. In a blog post released today (March 12th), Google revealed that the Play Games service will be expanded by providing a series of actual PC games. At present, the games that have been added include heaven 2M, Odin: Rising Varhala, The Original God and Dragon’s Breath: Silent.

  Just a few days before Google announced the addition of PC games to Play Games, Microsoft (MSFT.US) announced that it would stop supporting Windows Subsystem for Android, providing another way for Android games to run on Windows 11.

  In addition, Google also revealed some new features of the upcoming Google Play Pass. Google Play Pass was first launched in 2019, offering a selection of Android games, which can be played by paying once a month. Google said that from today, some Play Pass users will be able to access special game props and discounts of some games. These games include EA SPORTS FC Mobile, endless duel and monopoly Go.

  In addition, the standard Google Play store will add access to YouTube videos for some games, which will appear in the store list and the main page of the game. In addition, some games that contain in-game advertisements will now add interactive elements.

  Android game developers who use the Play Games service can now use a variety of login options. Any progress and achievements made by players in the game can be logged in and accessed on other devices through the same account.

The enrollment ratio of 640,000 civil servants in China is about 46 to 1 (photos)


  On December 9, at the test site of "2008 National Civil Service Examination" in Weifang Vocational College, Shandong Province, many candidates who applied for civil service entered the examination room. On the same day, in 2008, the written examination of public subjects for the recruitment of civil servants by the central organs and their directly affiliated institutions was held simultaneously in 38 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. It is reported that there are 538 test sites and nearly 22,000 examination rooms in the country, and the number of candidates is 640,000, the highest in history. China News Agency issued Zhang Chi. Photo


   Candidates walk out of the examination center of Beijing Finance and Economics School. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yanhui photo

  Yesterday (9th), in 2008, the national civil service examination was held simultaneously in 38 cities across the country. According to the latest statistics, the total number of 640,000 candidates this year reached a record high, an increase of 12% over last year. They will compete for nearly 14,000 positions, with an admission ratio of about 46 to 1. Among them, the total number of candidates in Beijing is 80,000. The person in charge of the personnel department said that although the number of applicants has increased year by year, it will not increase the difficulty of the examination questions.

  New rules: It is not allowed to hand in papers in advance this year.

  Yesterday (9th) at 8: 00 a.m., impatient candidates began to wait at the gate of Beijing Union University. Many people took breakfast in one hand and materials in the other for final review. This year, there are 70 examination rooms in the school, where 2100 candidates take the national civil service examination.

  After the exam was officially opened at 9 o’clock, the relevant person in charge of the personnel department visited the school. A girl was found resting at her desk in the examination office. It turned out that she had unbearable abdominal pain just after the examination and had to give up the examination. According to this year’s new regulations, civil servants are not allowed to hand in their written papers in advance, and she has a rest and adjustment accompanied by the school doctor. "I said hello to my boss, but I didn’t expect a temporary situation, so I can only take the exam again next year." She said with regret.

  According to the introduction of the Civil Service Management Department of the Ministry of Personnel, the written examination of public subjects for the recruitment of civil servants by the central organs and their directly affiliated institutions in 2008 was held in 38 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government yesterday. Examination results and qualified scores will be announced in late January 2008.

  Follow-up visit: the admission rate is about 46 to 1.

  "This year, a total of 640,000 people across the country finally confirmed their participation in the national civil service examination." Nie Shengkui, deputy director of the Civil Service Management Department of the Ministry of Personnel, informed that this figure reached the highest value since the promulgation of the Civil Service Law in 1993 and the open recruitment of civil servants. According to the statistics of the recruitment announcement, 640,000 people competed for nearly 14,000 positions, and the admission ratio reached nearly 46 to 1.

  Reporter: The number of applicants for national civil servants has increased year after year, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Is the difficulty of this year’s test questions adjusted accordingly?

  Nie Shengkui: The increase in the number of applicants shows that the society recognizes the national civil servants’ "everything must be tested". In terms of the difficulty of examination questions, we always insist on "taking the exam for use", that is, formulating the examination questions according to the position ability. Judging from the statistics of the results in recent years, the difficulty of the examination questions is balanced, and the scores have always been in a standard normal distribution, that is, the extremely high and very low scores are a few, and most of the scores are close to the middle. There should be no deviation this year.

  Reporter: At present, taking the national civil service examination is one of the choices for most recent graduates. In the number of applicants for national civil servants, are there more fresh graduates or more on-the-job people in society?

  Nie Shengkui: It should be more freshmen. Moreover, the examination system also stipulates this. For example, half of the civil servants admitted at the provincial and ministerial levels this year must have more than two years of work experience at the grassroots level, and all positions below the county and municipal levels are for fresh graduates.

  Scene: "Nujiang Hydropower Station" stumbles candidates

  This year’s application topic revolves around the problem of "man and nature", and gives 10 groups of social focus issues as data, including the Nujiang Hydropower Station, which has been controversial since its development in 2003. It is understood that the third question is that the local authorities in Nujiang responded to the opinions against development, asking candidates to "find fault" and correct the answer "from the content".

  Many candidates report that answering this question is a bit confusing and they don’t know where to start. "This is actually to analyze the effectiveness of countermeasures." Professor Liu Jingshan, who has been engaged in civil service examination training for a long time, said that dialectical thinking ability and practical problem-solving ability will be the development direction of civil service examination in the future. (Reporter Jiang Wei)

  Online Registration Procedure for National Civil Servants in 2008

  Step 1: Submit the application.

  8: 00 on October 23rd to 24:00 on November 2nd.

  Step 2: Query the qualification examination results.

  It can be changed from 8: 00 on October 23rd to 24:00 on November 2nd.

  It cannot be changed from 0: 00 on November 3rd to 24:00 on November 4th.

  Step 3: Check the registration number.

  After 8:00 on November 6, 2007

  Step 4: Registration confirmation and payment

  Online confirmation: November 9-November 16

  On-site confirmation: November 13th-14th.

  Step 5: Print the admission ticket online.

  From 9:00 on December 3rd to 16:00 on December 8th.

  08 National Civil Service Examination Schedule

  Written test December 9, 2007

  Line test application theory

  9:00-11:00 14:00-16:30

  Results query in late January 2008

Editor: Zhu Zhen

Take the grassroots warm-hearted spree in the Spring Festival and have a reunion dinner with the students staying in Hunan Institute of Technology for a warm New Year.

Red Net Time February 5 th(Reporter Pan Jin correspondent Yang Huan Wang Huilei) On February 5th, the campus of Hunan Institute of Technology was filled with a strong flavor of the New Year. Zhang Xiaogang, vice president, and seven students who stayed in the school got together for a reunion dinner to welcome the Spring Festival.

"Where is your hometown? It’s the first time to stay in school for the winter vacation. Are you used to it? Remember to call mom and dad every day to report peace. " Zhang Xiaogang cordially communicated with his classmates, and sent a nut package and milk on behalf of the school. In the laughter, everyone talked about the new achievements and development of the school and looked forward to a better tomorrow.

"Mom and dad, don’t worry, I am very safe at school and have a very fulfilling life. The school also invited us to have a reunion dinner! " Zhao Yifan happily shared her life in school with her family in the video.

Picture 3.png

Get together for the New Year.

"Although we didn’t go home for the New Year during the epidemic, the care of the school made us feel the warmth of home." This winter vacation, Zhao Yifan and Li Yanqing, majoring in visual communication in 2019, and Cui Yaqian, majoring in product design in 2018, moved to the international students’ apartment with centralized accommodation and became new roommates.

In late January, Hunan Institute of Technology started the "winter vacation mode". Due to the epidemic situation, many students in the school did not return home. In order to protect the life safety and physical health of every student, the school has formulated the strictest and most detailed measures in epidemic prevention and control, accommodation arrangement, campus management and control, logistics support, etc., designed several sets of emergency plans, and conducted safety inspections around key links such as fire safety, construction safety and laboratory safety in student apartments, student canteens and laboratories, weaving a dense epidemic prevention and control network to be a strong pillar and warm harbor for students.

Picture 1.png

The teacher helped the students move.

"Come on, give me the luggage, and we will’ move to a new home’." On the morning of January 22nd, in front of Xuehai Building, Liu Cheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Design and Art, and Wang Huilei, director of the Student Affairs Office, and others helped to carry the luggage and daily necessities of several students staying in school to their cars. Considering the convenience and safety of staying in school, the school decided to arrange the students staying in school in the international student building, and provided them with small household appliances such as induction cookers and kettle to facilitate their daily needs.

"Tell me what you want to eat and I’ll make it for you. Both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve come to my house for the New Year! " After settling the students down, Teacher Wang Huilei sent them an invitation.

"Teacher Wang also sent us eggs, milk, grapefruit and apples many times." Li Yanqing said.

Picture 2.png

Students staying in school do design in the school studio.

In order to ensure these students’ normal study and life at school, the school arranged for them to stay in centralized accommodation for the first time, and specially opened direct drinking water, hot shower, self-help laundry, air conditioning and other service facilities for their dormitory to meet daily accommodation needs; Provide work-study jobs so that they can get exercise in social practice; Open relevant professional studios to facilitate them to carry out learning and science and technology activities during their school days; Arrange the teachers on duty to pay attention to their life and physical and mental state at any time, and visit and communicate regularly.

Arriving at the product design studio at 8: 00 in the morning to draw drawings and do design is Cui Yaqian’s daily routine during her stay in school. "The school not only provides free accommodation, but also opens a studio for me to study. I want to make good use of this time and improve myself." Cui Yazhen said.

This peace of mind is my hometown. For this peace and harmony, the school welcomes the safe and happy year hand in hand with the students staying in school with warm-hearted, caring and attentive services.

Luzhou: It’s the year of the League! A hundred banquets were set up in the dam of the villagers’ courtyard.

  Our Festival Spring Festival "In 2020, we will continue to roll up our sleeves and work hard to make our days more prosperous. Come on, cheers!" On January 12th, more than 400 villagers from Shuangjia Town, Longmatan District, Luzhou City got together to raise a glass to celebrate the New Year. The villagers are eating a hundred hot banquets, feeling the joyful atmosphere of the New Year, and eating a sense of happiness and strong neighborhood feelings.

  On the same day, the Spring Festival Evening of "Passion Dragon Horse People Stage", Thousand Dragons, Thousand Lions, Hundred Family Banquets and Neighborhood Love Village was held in the cultural courtyard dam of Dachantou Village in Shuangjia Town. The villagers welcomed the New Year by enjoying cultural programs and eating hundreds of family banquets. During the activity, villagers were also given free medical services, Spring Festival couplets, books, trade union propaganda, anti-drug and AIDS knowledge and financial knowledge.

  In the early morning, cheerful music sounded over the dam of Dachongtou Village Cultural Institute, and the old people and children sat under the stage, amused by the wonderful programs such as acrobatics, magic and face-changing staged on the stage, clapping, waving and interacting with the actors on the stage. On the other side, a few cauldrons on the side of the square are steaming, and young people are busy here for the "Hundred Banquets". Chicken and fish are full of fragrance, and fresh vegetables and red peppers are about to be cooked, which is a lively and peaceful scene.

  As the saying goes, "a hundred banquets" are set, and a hundred families become a family. Hundreds of banquets opened in laughter, and traditional dishes such as Dongpo elbow, cold chicken nuggets and steamed fish filled the table. The villagers picked up chopsticks and glasses one after another, blessing one after another and greeting one after another to make the neighborhood relationship more harmonious.

  Tao Chen

Hot comment: Is Christmas a "lover" or is the Spring Festival an "original match"?


  In recent years, imported Christmas has become more and more popular in China. According to a survey conducted by a domestic research institute at the end of last year, nearly 90% of the young people interviewed in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou said that they would celebrate Christmas, and 37% of the respondents said that they would prepare for Christmas from January to December. This year’s Christmas atmosphere is even stronger. Before December, merchants in major cities began to be busy with Christmas business opportunities. There were various Christmas counters in the shops, and all kinds of Christmas goods began to sell well. The popularity driven by the market will continue until December 25, and the aftermath will continue. In contrast, the traditional Spring Festival in China is less lively and lively. Apart from the tired and crowded "road home" when the festival approaches, it is the Millennium New Year’s Eve dinner, or the family sitting around the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala, which is becoming a chicken rib. In many places, even setting off firecrackers has become a luxury. In this contrast, the Spring Festival in China seems to have become the "original wife" of China people’s aesthetic fatigue, while the Christmas on the foreign festival has become a hot "lover".

  Why did the Spring Festival lose its exclusive position?

  The wave of globalization makes it inevitable that Christmas will land in China. Globalization has made China a global economic power and trade power, and promoted the cultural and personnel exchanges between the East and the West. The novelty and curiosity brought to Chinese people by the arrival of the Christmas Festival is the main reason why Chinese people accept and embrace each other passionately. In short, it was love at first sight brought by the encounter of different cultures. When Christmas comes to China, in addition to maintaining her foreign flavor, she can also be considerate to conform to the aesthetic taste and commercial packaging of China people. For example, Santa Claus with a white beard puts on a Chinese Tang suit to encourage China people to shop on Christmas Eve … Christmas in China does not necessarily belong to family members, but it must belong to friends and lovers. Therefore, as lovers, Christmas and China people are still in a period of inseparable love. In this regard, the views of western media may be more objective. On Christmas Day 2004, Munny, a reporter from Newsweek in Beijing, said that he was very sad and homesick when he celebrated Christmas Day 10 years ago. At that time, almost no one in China celebrated Christmas Day. Now there are Christmas trees everywhere in Beijing. In Christmas 2005, the Financial Times wrote that China’s Christmas industry has occupied more than half of the world’s Christmas market. This year, even in Lhasa, a snowy plateau, Christmas has become a favorite of many people. In a word, open globalization and inclusive China culture make Christmas and China people have a good marriage. The Spring Festival is not only embarrassed to encounter the "cross-swords to win love" like the Christmas Foreign Festival, but also the two "Golden Week" holidays in China have distracted Chinese people from their yearning and expectation for the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, though not abandoned, has lost its position of being the only one.

  Christmas is more expressive and imaginative in form than Spring Festival. Although Christmas originated from religion, it is rooted in real life. Santa Claus, Christmas balls, Christmas dinners, Christmas cards, Christmas hats, Christmas socks, Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, and the church organizing a choir to "give good news" on Christmas Eve. Colorful festival forms make children full of fairy-tale imagination, make young people get warm and romantic love, and make middle-aged and elderly people enjoy family reunion. Christmas came to China, although the religious color faded a lot, but the richness in form was magnified by Chinese people. On the other hand, the Spring Festival is monotonous in form, and traditional folk customs are either full of superstition and abandoned, such as offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods; Either it is banned for some reason, such as fireworks; The Spring Festival Gala, known as the modern folk custom, is a spoon-feeding passive appreciation. In addition, the Spring Festival is often prone to gambling, bribery and other bad habits. The overcrowded "Spring Festival travel rush" brought by the Spring Festival has plagued several hundred percent of chronic diseases. In contrast, Christmas is more relaxed and free than the Spring Festival, which makes people feel physically and mentally exhausted.

  Compared with the Spring Festival, Christmas is also very different in connotation. Around Christmas, it is also a period when foreigners spread their love more intensively. According to foreign media reports, this Christmas, about 5,000 men, women and children in Liverpool, England dressed up as Santa Claus and participated in the annual "Santa Claus Race". In London, you can often see fund-raisers dressed as Santa Claus holding small red buckets to raise money for various poverty alleviation activities. In the United States, it is also a tradition for various organizations and groups to carry out charity activities during Christmas. For example, the Heat, an American NBA team, held a lottery charity sale outside the Dolphin Mall in Miami. As donation has become a Christmas tradition, its connotation has a heavy human love. Although on the eve of the Spring Festival, China will also offer sympathy and relief to the poor and weak, but it is mostly led by the government and lacks the conscious participation of the people. However, the cultural habit of debt collection at the end of the year makes it impossible to compare the humanistic care of the Spring Festival with the charity before Christmas. Although Chinese people only love the shape of Christmas for the time being, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and may gradually learn the core of Christmas charity in the future. If so, the original impression of the Spring Festival may be old-fashioned and wooden, and I am afraid it is stingy.

  Support for the Spring Festival

  Even if Christmas seems to be a lover who can’t give up, don’t forget the Spring Festival as a traditional original. Open China can embrace and accommodate different cultures similar to Christmas, but it is natural to defend and stick to its traditional festivals. Give us advice on the Spring Festival, not only to strengthen its position as an "outline", but also to give it the wings of globalization, so as to make it an international festival like Christmas and enhance China’s soft power.

  In this regard, the author has the following suggestions: First, the lively form of Christmas is grafted onto the Spring Festival, so that the young and avant-garde people can postpone their "love" to the Spring Festival and add vitality to our rigid folk custom of the Spring Festival. For example, learn from the religious legends and related patterns of Christmas, improve the legend of "Year", add a little imagination to children’s lucky money, give young people more freedom, and even create an auspicious symbol representing the Spring Festival like Santa Claus. Although Santa Claus originated from ancient myths, its image began in the middle of the 20th century. It can be seen that tradition can add fresh elements. To rejuvenate the Spring Festival, there must be expressions suitable for all ages.

  The second is to absorb the reasonable core of Christmas and abandon the dross of the Spring Festival. While getting rid of bad habits such as praying to God, worshipping Buddha and gambling, we should increase more folk charity and mutual assistance activities, and shape the Spring Festival as the beginning of "giving love" in a year, while diluting some utilitarian colors of "gambling head" and "praying for the blessing of the coming year".

  The third is to form a "festival community" with Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. With the help of the international appeal of the three, we can carry out some festival-coherent activities, such as regional or even national fun competitions, to promote and improve the Spring Festival, so that China and the international community can enjoy the charm of combining Chinese and Western.

  Of course, festivals are an important carrier of culture. In order for the Spring Festival to carry forward China culture and even become an international festival, it will ultimately depend on the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of its comprehensive national strength. (Zhang Jingwei)

Editor: Zhu Zhen