5,000 fitness enthusiasts gathered in China National Fitness Walking (Running) Competition.

The national first stop of the 4th "Sports City, Poetry and Wine Shooting Flood" 2024 China National Fitness Walking (Running) Competition (Sichuan Shehong Station) started in Shehong, Sichuan a few days ago. More than 5,000 fitness enthusiasts from all over the country feel the fun of walking in the spring breeze and release healthy vitality in the warm sun.

There are 7 supply stations along the track and a fixed medical station every 2.5 kilometers. There are 36 referees, 27 medical staff, 460 volunteers, 21 official photographers, 16 official speeders and 22 first-aid runners to provide thoughtful services for the athletes. During the Games, the second Sichuan-Chongqing Sports Tourism Carnival was held, which promoted the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between linked cities by setting up linked city exhibition areas, gave full play to the advantages of the "sports+"integration model, promoted sports, culture, tourism and economic exchanges between cities, and made sports events a strong "new impetus" for urban development.

Ten linked cities also sent teams to participate in the competition, punching cards and shooting floods with their feet to feel the vitality of the hometown of poetry and wine. It is worth mentioning that this event also has an exclusive exhibition area for linked cities. In the exhibition area, you can browse the city’s cultural customs, appreciate the city’s cultural characteristics, and purchase the city’s cultural and creative products. Games not only serve as a sports exhibition platform, but also integrate with cultural tourism, forming a unique attraction of "Games+"and "Sports+".

The tournament was hosted by the Social Sports Guidance Center of the State Sports General Administration, and was undertaken by Sichuan Social Sports Guidance Center, Chongqing Social Sports Guidance Center, Shehong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shehong Municipal People’s Government. (From March 20th, China Sports Daily, 07 edition)

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"The whole world will watch a wonderful game."

  The picture shows Remy Boller (middle) making ice a few days ago. Photo courtesy of Capital Gymnasium

  Two different perceptions: one is fast, the other is graceful, and the two events, short track speed skating and figure skating, will share a piece of ice in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to create an ice surface where speed and beauty coexist in the Capital Gymnasium, Remy Boller, an ice-making expert specially appointed by BOCOG, and his colleagues from China set up a stage for athletes from all over the world to realize their dreams.

  The ice-making expert from France said in an interview that his story of becoming attached to ice-making began in 1992. At the Winter Olympics in Albertville, 16-year-old Bole set foot on the ice with an ice sweeper. "That was my first contact with ice making." Bole said. Since then, he has served many Winter Olympics and world championships and accumulated rich experience in the field of ice making.

  After completing the ice-making work of short track speed skating and figure skating in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, Bole received an invitation from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and soon devoted himself to the work related to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, taking charge of the ice-making work of the Capital Gymnasium. "In order to present a wonderful Winter Olympics, I have worked with the China team for nearly 4 years." He said.

  Talking about the biggest challenge at work, Bole said that the Capital Gymnasium undertakes two major events of Beijing Winter Olympics, namely short track speed skating and figure skating, which have completely different requirements on the ice surface. "This requires us to study carefully to ensure that the ice surface is perfect for both projects." He explained that, compared with the brittle ice preferred by short track speed skaters, the slightly softer ice is more conducive to the flower skaters’ jumping movements. If the short-track speed skater can skate very fast and the figure skater can jump high in the competition, it proves that the ice-making work is successful.

  Bole mentioned a detail. The ice-making team will debug the ice surface temperature several times in one day. "We will adjust the ice surface condition, replace the protective mat and debug the ice surface temperature every day, so that the ice surface can reach the optimal temperature every day. In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with Chinese engineers in charge of machinery and equipment to regulate the temperature, water temperature and refrigeration system temperature. "

  In Bole’s view, every ice making is unique. "The special feature of this job is to cooperate with different teams in different venues." He said that working in Beijing was a wonderful experience.

  Built in 1968, Capital Gymnasium is the first modern gymnasium built after the founding of New China, and the first artificial indoor ice rink in China was born here. "It feels really great to look at the changes that have taken place here bit by bit!" Bole said.

  Talking about the cooperation with the ice-making team of the Capital Gymnasium, Bole said frankly that this is very exciting. "In fact, all my colleagues have great enthusiasm for ice making." He introduced that everyone came together because of their love for ice sports. "This is a pleasant cooperation, and everyone is in step. When encountering problems, everyone will rush forward and actively solve them, which is very good. " Bole said.

  Bole said that the experience of working in the Capital Gymnasium made him full of confidence in this ice and the success of this Winter Olympics. On February 4th, the first figure skating competition was held in the Capital Gymnasium. On the 5th, China won the gold medal in the short track speed skating mixed team relay final, which was also the first gold medal produced in the stadium. "There is no doubt that the whole world will watch wonderful games on this ice." Bole said.

Proof: Does overnight water cause cancer? Is the hollow tomato hormonal? Here comes the answer.

  CCTV News:Nowadays, online rumors can be said to be changing, and new and old rumors take turns to appear. Today, CCTV news takes stock of several kinds of common false information for you, so everyone must keep their eyes open.

  01. Is there carcinogen in boiled water overnight?

  "Overnight water causes cancer", "Cold boiled water is comparable to chronic poison if left for a long time" and "Thousands of boiling water is harmful to human body" … … Recently, rumors about boiled water have been circulated again. Are these all true?

  Truth: Carcinogens are not born out of thin air.

  Experts say that mineral water and pure water that meet the safety standards have only minerals and trace elements or nothing at all. Therefore,Overnight water will not give birth to carcinogens out of thin air.. Even the carcinogen people are most worried about — — Nitrite must also be produced on the basis of nitrate.However, overnight tea will produce amino acids and other substances, which will easily lead to microbial proliferation over time and should not be drunk.

  Can I drink cold boiled water for a long time? Experts say that there is no fixed time for water to deteriorate, which is mainly affected by external objective environment such as temperature. In summer, the air humidity is high, and bacteria multiply rapidly, which easily pollutes water and causes human diarrhea. So,It is best not to drink overnight water in summer, and it is best to put overnight water in a covered container (such as a thermos bottle) in winter. Boiled water should not be left for too long, and it is best not to drink it after a few days. Barreled pure water is generally recommended to be drunk within one week.

  Except the bacterial content, other substances in the water will not change much. Therefore, as long as the water source is qualified, even if it is boiled repeatedly, the water quality will not change significantly. Therefore,There is no scientific basis for saying that "thousands of boiling water" cannot be drunk.

  02. Cann’t hollow, pointed tomatoes be eaten with hormones?

  Recently, a news about tomatoes was widely spread on the Internet. The post said, "Hollow, pointed tomatoes with red outside and green inside are all hormonal and poisonous to eat." The news made many people nervous. Is it true?/You don’t say.

  Truth: There are many reasons why tomatoes are hollow.

  Plant hormones (such as tomato essence) can really promote the fruit setting and fruit expansion of tomato, and too high concentration may lead to its hollowness. However, this is not the only reason. Insufficient light, insufficient nutrient supply, improper fertilization, excessive external temperature, improper water application and fertilization may all lead to tomato hollowness.Hollow is a physiological disease often encountered in melon and fruit planting. Hollow tomato is a deformed fruit, which is only a little problem in shape, and may taste a little bad, but it is not harmful and can be eaten.

  There are also pointed, peach-shaped, tumor-shaped and scarred tomatoes, which are mainly determined by the quality of tomato flower bud differentiation. In addition, the color of tomato is mainly controlled by genes, and the peel and pulp will show different colors by different gene combinations.None of this has much to do with plant hormones.

  What many people are worried aboutplant hormoneGrowth regulator is not a scourge, but a pesticide with extremely low toxicity. It’s completely different from animal hormones,Will not make the user precocious or infertile.Rational use can promote fruit growth. The possibility of excessive use by farmers is very low, because using too much will be counterproductive.

  03. Will the radiation from routers and microwave ovens hurt people?

  Routers radiate, microwave ovens radiate, and hair dryers radiate … … On the internet, many posts claim that these daily items are harmful to human body. Is this true?

  Truth: As long as you don’t sleep next to them, it’s safe.

  First, explain two words: radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

  Radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

  Ionizing radiationSubstances that can ionize can cause damage to cells and even DNA, which is dangerous;

  non ionizing radiationThere is no ability to ionize substances, and the energy of daily contact with non-ionizing radiation is very small, so it is difficult to directly harm organisms and it is safe.

  Electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic waves.

  High energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiationIt’s ionizing radiation. Only this part of electromagnetic radiation is dangerous.

  wireless routerThe electromagnetic waves emitted by the router are safe non-ionizing radiation, and the frequency is mostly 2 GHz (or 5 GHz). As for ionizing radiation that can directly damage organisms, the frequency threshold is very, very high, at least reaching 100000000000000000 Hz, almost 50 million times that of 2 GHz! So, stop worrying about the radiation from the router.

  microwave ovenMicrowave is also non-ionizing radiation, which belongs to "radio waves" and can be used to heat biological tissues (such as microwave ovens). Radio waves are safe, and the electromagnetic field that can be detected outside the microwave oven is much smaller than that in the microwave oven. So, as long as you stay outside the microwave oven, it usually won’t hurt.

  electric hair dryerThe electromagnetic field generated by the hair dryer is the electromagnetic field of alternating current that we usually use. It can only form a magnetic field near the position where the current passes, and it can’t spread at all. Some data show that the magnetic field near the hair dryer is about 350 mG, while the magnetic field intensity of a common magnet is several hundred to several thousand g, which is at least several thousand times worse. So, don’t worry about the hair dryer.

  (This article source: Zhongxin. com, Quanmin Zhengzhen, Lilac Doctor)

Too tired to go to work, I just want to "fish", and nearly half of the workers steal an hour every day.

Over 70% of the respondents believe that "fishing" is an inevitable phenomenon, but many managers have also come up with various ways to prevent "fishing".
Reporter | Zhou Shuqi
"Fishing", also known as paddling, usually refers to the behavior of doing nothing and being lazy during work breaks. In the past, "fishing" was a high-risk action that needed to be feared. Nowadays, "fishing" behaviors that relax oneself after work, such as chatting, brushing Weibo and online shopping, have penetrated into the daily life of people in the workplace.
On February 22nd, Worry-Free Future released a survey report on people’s "fishing" in the workplace (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). Only 12.3% of the respondents said that they did not "fish", 20.8% of the respondents thought that "fishing" should exist in a fast-paced and high-intensity work environment, and another 28.3% thought that "fishing" was not doing business or right.
Over 7 adults feel at ease when "fishing"
According to the survey data, 71.5% of the respondents believe that "fishing" is an inevitable phenomenon, but most people "fish" for a short time. 47.6% of the people in the workplace "fish" for less than one hour a day, 12.7% of the respondents fish for 2-4 hours, and less than 10% of the respondents said that the daily "fish" time will be more than four hours.
Image source: Worry-free future
From the age level, people who like to "fish" are mainly post-90 s. According to the survey, only 12.3% said that they hardly touch fish, and almost all of them are concentrated in the post-60 s -80 s, and only a handful of post-90 s choose this item.
When "fishing", more than 60% of people in the workplace said that they would not feel guilty, but they would have concerns, fearing that they would be discovered by the leaders and that their work could not be completed were the top two, accounting for 37% and 30.2% respectively; More than a quarter of the respondents were "fearless" about the consequences of "fishing".
It is worth mentioning that the survey found that the respondents’ fishing choices are diverse and evenly distributed. Chatting (16.1%) and brushing articles (13.4%) are the most popular "fishing" behaviors for people in the workplace, and people in the post-90s generation choose this "fishing" way more.
A post-90s interviewee said, "The core idea of fishing is to rest. As long as it is during working hours, the simpler way of fishing is more popular. For example, chatting in the WeChat group, eating hot-searched melons, and opening WeChat WeChat official account to read two posts. "
However, the post-80s respondents prefer to go to the tea room to make a cup of coffee and watch the scenery for a while, and 11.7% of the respondents chose this "closed fishing" method. Along with "drinking coffee to kill time" is "going to the toilet with pay". Some netizens joked that "going to the toilet with pay for 10 minutes every day will give you 5.5 days more annual leave every year."
Image source: Worry-free future
For people in the workplace, "fishing" is an effective means to fight against high-pressure work. According to the data, 26.2% of the respondents said that they "fished" because of the pressure of work and wanted to relax. An employee of a post-90 s Internet factory said: "996 has become a commonplace, and meetings after work have become a daily routine. So why not fish for a moment? A moment’s rest is to work overtime at night. "
In addition, "low hourly wage" is also a big reason for employees to choose "fishing". Many interviewees think that wages need to be measured with their efforts, and "how much money to do", especially that excessive overtime makes their "hourly wage" further reduced.
The interface workplace found that many reasons for choosing "fishing" after 70 are also because of "low hourly wages". In their view, it is more important to take care of their time. Some interviewees said that when the salary and rank are in a bottleneck period, they are under the pressure of mortgage and family, and they don’t want to risk changing the existing working environment, it is better to touch the fish and do more things they want to do.
Image source: Worry-free future
Although "fishing" has become a common phenomenon in the workplace, when it comes to whether this leisure time will become more abundant in the future, only 13.2% of the respondents think that this relaxation time will increase, while the rest of the respondents think that with the increase of work intensity and fierce market competition, the time for employees to "fish" will become less and less.
The manager personally went off to catch "fishing"
From the enterprise’s point of view, "fishing" is obviously the biggest natural enemy affecting work efficiency. In order to avoid employees being lazy, some enterprise managers have invented various ways to "monitor" employees, and even the management of large factories personally went off to catch "fishing".
In December last year, a screenshot of ByteDance President Zhang Yiming criticizing employees for "fishing" at work spread on social platforms.
Image source: Network screenshot
Zhang Yiming said in the game "Original God" group of Feishu, "I found that some students often talk about games very intently during working hours. Although the company does not prohibit occasional chatting during working hours, I am still very surprised that I have been so active in the game group for several days. "
In view of the company boss’s undercover employees’ behavior of digging out the "fishing incident", some employees in ByteDance replied to Zhang Yiming that chatting at work is an unavoidable problem, and suggested running the group chat record to see the percentage of individual members’ chatting time in working hours, and to assess whether the employees’ business responsibilities are related to the game.
In addition to the end of managers, the use of equipment "monitoring" is a common means used by enterprises. At the beginning of this year, employees of a technology company in Hangzhou broke the news on social platforms and suspected that they were being monitored by their boss with high-tech equipment. This device is an intelligent cushion that can record heartbeat, breathing, sitting posture and other data. If the cushion senses that the user is sitting incorrectly or is too tired, it will also remind the user to exercise.
However, the employee who broke the news found that the personnel department knew exactly when he left the station. I thought it was caring for employees’ welfare, but it became a tool for management to "monitor" employees. "When in the workplace, when to run away, when emotional, the boss there all the data in one hand. And HR can also look at this data. Will it be included in attendance in the future? "
Although the company said that the main function of smart cushions is to detect the health status of users, and the collected data will be kept strictly confidential, the constant monitoring of such high-tech products has caused many people in the workplace to resonate and panic.
Coincidentally, last October, a hot search was conducted on the toilet timer in Aauto Quicker. According to the picture, there is an extra timer on the top of the toilet in Aauto Quicker, which can be accurate to the second, showing how long the user has been squatting in it.
In this regard, Aauto Quicker explained, "Because of the limited location of toilets in the park, the queue of employees to go to the toilet is serious, but due to the structural limitations of the building, it is difficult to increase the construction of toilet pits in the building. This time, a timer was installed in a toilet pit to test the number and time of toilet use every day, which is convenient for judging the number of mobile toilet pits that need to be increased. "
Although there is a more reasonable purpose, as People magazine said, in the eyes of managers, toilets are the enemy of efficiency. Toilets are the most terminal part of the management system of large factories. What this system should do is to occupy employees’ bodies as long as possible, so that employees can create more productivity in unit time.
Faced with the increasingly heavy pressure of workplace work, Feng Lijuan, the chief human resources expert of Worry-Free Future, said, "The fragmentation of working hours will inevitably lead to the fragmentation of employees’ rest time. Managers should realize that the more high-pressure and high-intensity work, the more employees need space to adjust their mentality, and the more they need to give adequate rest time."
Feng Lijuan also reminded employees that when "fishing", they should also take the completion of their work as the primary premise and realize the risk of "fishing" for a long time. "If a person really has a lot of time to’ fish’, it is really necessary to be vigilant. Either there is a problem with the manager or you are likely to be included in the next batch of layoffs."