The entity button returns to Volkswagen. The official map of the new golf family is released.

  [Pacific Auto New Car Channel] A few days ago,the publicAuto officials have released a set of mid-term official map of the husband’s 8.5 generation) family, including the ordinary version of golf, the GTE with high-performance models,Golf GTIAnd travel golf.VariantAt present, the 8th generation golf is on sale in China. The biggest change of the new golf is that it is completely new.LED headlightAnd the new car system, the new car will be pre-sold overseas this spring. It is reported that Volkswagen plans to produce only pure electric vehicles in Europe in 2033. This golf may be the "harvest work" of pure fuel golf.
Ordinary golf

  The ordinary version of golf shown in the official map is a mixed version. The most obvious change in appearance is the headlight group, which is changed from "binocular" light source to "monocular", and a matrix LED light source is provided for optional installation, so that the brightness of the high beam can be doubled. The Volkswagen brand LOGO in the middle of the through-type light strip has also added the self-luminous function, which is highly recognizable after lighting at night.

  Four kinds of metal car paints have been added to the new golf, namely crystal ice blue, anemone blue, oyster silver and black ebony. Two-color bodies with black roofs can also be selected for middle and high-end models.

  There is little difference between the rear part of the new car and the current design. The middle and high-end models are equipped with all-LED light taillights with more functions, with 3D-style LED strip inside, and support three modes to choose freely.

  In terms of interior, the overall design style and layout of the new golf have not changed much. The new MIB4 car system has been replaced, and the size of the suspended multimedia central control panel has also been upgraded. The standard touch screen is 10.4 inches, while the middle and high models are 12.9 inches. HUD head-up display system is provided. The air conditioner is controlled by a newly designed touch slider. According to the customer’s suggestion received by Volkswagen, the new golfMultifunction steering wheelThe previous physical keys have been changed back, and the keys in the central control area are still touch-operated. The shift lever of the new car adopts a compact electronic gear lever, which is consistent with other new cars in the Volkswagen family.
  In terms of power, the ordinary version of golf uses 1.5T four-cylinder gasoline.engine, available in 114 HP and 150 HP versions, matching 6 speeds.manual transmission; There is also a 2.0T engine to choose from, including the gasoline version.Maximum power204 horsepower, matching 7 speeds.dualclutchtransmissionThe diesel version is available in 114 HP and 150 HP, with the former matching the 6-speed manual gearbox and the latter matching the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox; The 1.5ETSI hybrid version has the largest engine.powerIt is 150 horsepower, matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with a pure battery life of 100km and a comprehensive battery life of 1000km. It only takes 25 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.
Golf GTE

  The new Golf GTE is a high-performance plug-in hybrid vehicle in the family, so its overall design style is similar to that of Golf GTI, and it also has an exclusive performance kit. The overall body color is light blue to highlight the identity of a new energy vehicle, but it still uses a red brake caliper with a strong sense of movement.

  The new Golf GTE has a hidden exhaust pipe at the rear, and the rear bumper has a spoiler design to enhance the sense of movement.

  In terms of interior, the new Golf GTE is decorated with a lot of blue, the theme color of the central control system is also blue, and there is an exclusive GTE logo under the steering wheel. The seat is made of spliced materials with grid stripes.

  In terms of power, the new Golf GTE adopts a plug-in hybrid system with a combination of 1.5T engine and motor. The comprehensive power of the system is 272hp, matching with a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Golf GTI

  The new golf GTI displayed in the official map still uses the iconic red body color, and is also equipped with brand-new LED headlights. The aerodynamic package surrounded by it is exaggerated. The new car is equipped with new petal-shaped double five-spoke rims, and the visual effect is very special.

  In terms of interior, the steering wheel and doors of the new golf GTI have iconic red decorations, as well as the exclusive GTI logo. The car system adopts a red theme style, and the pedals are made of sporty metal.

  In terms of power, the new Golf GTI is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 265 HP, which is 20 HP higher than the current one, matching the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Golf Variant

  The new golf Variant displayed in the official map adopts a light blue body color similar to GTE version, and is equipped with an R-Line sports kit, with a slightly exaggerated shape and a two-color rim design. The new golf Variant has slender side lines, and the increased body size can further expand the space inside the car and increase its practicality.

  In terms of interior, the new Golf Variant has the same style as other new models in the family. The steering wheel is also equipped with physical buttons and a small electronic gear.

  In terms of power, the public official has not released information at present. It is expected that the new golf Variant will adopt the same power system as the regular golf. (Text: Pacific Auto Zach Li)


Did you do the swimming stroke correctly?

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As soon as you enter the summer, you can be happy in the swimming pool!

The premise is that it is best for you to swim.

Learning to swim is not that difficult.

You can learn to swim by yourself.

Today, Xiao Bian integrated several strokes.

If, you will

So is your action correct?

Breaststroke stroke

The second propulsion element of breaststroke is the stroke (as shown below). Different from freestyle and backstroke, each movement is independent of each other; Therefore, timing is crucial. First of all, focus on the well-trained breaststroke holding and paddling stages. The difference is that the hands are not folded together like the skills introduced earlier. Holding water and paddling are two parts of the same action. Put your elbows together under your body and move your hands forward at the same time, so as to release the water from the paddling position.


Please make sure there is enough space for this exercise.

2. Lie prone in a neutral position, arms straight, palms down, almost streamlined.

carry out

1. Start holding the water, sweep the water outwards with your hands, slightly over your shoulders, and at the same time, tilt your fingers downwards and point to the bottom of the pool.

2. When viewed from above, the trunk and arms should be Y-shaped. When the finger leans down, the elbow bends slightly, making the forearm assume a more vertical position and exerting more pressure on the water.

3. Stop putting pressure on the water before your hands pass the elbow in a posture where the elbow is high and the elbow is low.

4. When you push your hands forward, put your elbows away.

5. When restoring the streamlined posture, make sure that your hands accelerate through.

Freestyle stroke cycle

Once one arm stroke cycle (one for the right arm and one for the left arm) is completed, multiple arm stroke cycles can be combined. Please remember that (unlike other sports) in swimming, the sooner the better is not always possible. Keep moving slowly and unhurriedly. The real goal of this part of the exercise is to fix a hand and forearm in the water and pull the body through them. Stop when you need to breathe.


 Start near the pool wall, push the pool wall, keep a streamlined posture, and face in the water.

carry out

1. Start with any arm and feel comfortable. Stroke your arm as many times as possible in one breath and exhale slowly.

2. Repeat this process several times and try to swim farther in the pool with the same number of strokes.

Basic backstroke stroke

A good backstroke stroke includes holding water, paddling, ending (palms facing your body, not the bottom of the pool) and resetting, which provide the main swimming propulsion. At a point where the stroke arm is almost vertical, rotate the hand and let the little finger guide the stroke arm to reset.


1. Make sure there are no obstacles in the swimming lane and the backstroke flag is in the proper position.

2. Adopt a balanced posture of supine.

Execution: holding water

1. Start with the left hand and the left arm, and rotate the hand so that the small point is inclined to the bottom of the pool. Doing so will cause you to rotate slightly to one side.

2. Bend your wrist so that your hand is perpendicular to the target direction.

Follow-up action: paddling

1. The second element is paddling. In this part, bend the elbow so that the forearm is perpendicular to the target direction. Keep your elbow away from your body and prevent it from guiding your stroke.

2. Pull back the arm while keeping the hand and forearm perpendicular to the target direction.


When the arm is halfway done, the arm is about in the middle position below the body. It is like trying to slap the thigh with your hand to transition from pulling to pushing.