Pineapple and pineapple have different names, so the varieties are different? Don’t be confused after reading it.

Are pineapple and pineapple the same fruit? This topic is often debated.Some people think that pineapple and pineapple are different in taste and shape, and they are two different fruits. Others think that pineapple and pineapple are the same fruit, but they are different varieties, but if they are serious, these two statements are wrong.

Seriously say three little things about pineapple (pineapple):

1、The scientific name of this fruit is pineapple, commonly known as "pineapple".Botanically, it belongs to pineapple family, pineapple genus and pineapple species, so "pineapple" is the official name of others. Academically, pineapple and pineapple are one thing.

2、Why do pineapple and pineapple have two names?Pineapple originated in Brazil and was introduced to China in the 16th century. It was cultivated in Hainan Province, so it was named "pineapple" because it looks like a miniature version of jackfruit.

The pineapple in Taiwan Province Province is also imported from Brazil, but the local people see that its leaves are scattered piece by piece, which looks like the tail of a phoenix and the shape of a pear, so it is named pineapple.

Tips: Jackfruit is a fruit introduced from the western regions in China very early. It has been recorded in books in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and it can be regarded as a "native fruit".

3、Why is there a dispute between pineapple and pineapple?Although pineapple and pineapple are two different names of the same thing, like potatoes and potatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes, they have actually been divided in the market.

Because pineapples have large internal spines and are inconvenient to eat, Taiwan Province has introduced a kind of "eyeless pineapple", which is relatively small and shallow, easy to peel and eat, and has a more delicate and sweet taste. It is very popular in the market, and gradually this kind of "eyeless pineapple" is mainly planted in Taiwan Province.In order to distinguish two different pineapples in the market, they are subtly called pineapple and pineapple respectively, so in fact, pineapple and pineapple are two different fruits in the fruit market.

Let’s get to know the difference between pineapple and pineapple from the market point of view.

1. The shapes of leaves are different.

The leaves of pineapple are very sharp, because there are many serrations on the leaves of pineapple, while the leaves of pineapple are smooth and generally have no serrations on the edges. In fact, you can tell the difference between pineapple and pineapple at a glance from here.

2, the meat thorn is different

When you see peeled pineapples in the market, you need to remove the flesh spines and cut out a series of "gaps". However, peeled pineapples, because they have no flesh spines or are relatively small, only need simple peeling, and their appearance is relatively smooth.

3. It tastes different

When eating pineapple, most of the time it is cut into large pieces and soaked in salt water for a period of time before it is suitable for eating, otherwise it will sting and taste sour and sweet; Pineapple, on the other hand, does not need salt water to soak, so it can be eaten directly and tastes sweeter.

Tips: Why do pineapples need to be soaked in salt water?This is actually because pineapple contains "bromelain", which is evolved to resist herbivores. When eating pineapple, this bromelain will digest protein, dissolve everything in your mouth and induce tingling, so some people say, "When you eat pineapple, pineapple is eating you."

Salt water can inhibit the activity of bromelain and make this tingling disappear. At the same time, cooking pays attention to "salt can lead to sweetness". A small amount of salt will make people feel sweeter, but the actual sweetness will not increase. This is just the illusion of taste contrast.

Not just pineapples and pineapples.

Some very similar foods in life

It’s also hard to tell ……

Here are some confusing foods.

Can you tell at a glance?

Cherry and Cherry

Cherry and cherry are the same fruit, but their planting areas and characteristics are different.

Cherry is produced in the United States, Canada and other countries, and cherry is produced in China. Cherry is deep red and cherry is bright red. Cherry has hard skin, firm pulp and sweet taste; Cherry, on the other hand, has thin skin, delicate flesh and sweet and sour taste.

Garlic seedling, garlic yellow, leek, leek yellow

Garlic seedlings are naturally grown by garlic in the sun, which is bright green and crisp; Garlic yellow is cultivated by shading garlic, which is bright yellow and soft. The difference between leek and chive is similar in principle.

Leek (yellow) and garlic seedling (yellow) are two kinds of plants, and the leaves of leek (yellow) are wider; The tip of garlic seedling (yellow) is slightly curled, and the leaves of leek (yellow) are straight.

","origin ":"gluttonous person’s diet diary collection hut.

ShangguanNo. Author: Shanghai Huangpu

The three ministries and commissions issued a series of policies to encourage consumption, and the automobile industry became the focus.


  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions issued a series of policies to encourage consumption to promote the upgrading of key consumer goods such as automobiles, household appliances and consumer electronics. Among them, the cost of new energy vehicles is greatly reduced, and it is strictly forbidden to introduce new car purchase restrictions in various places. All localities are not allowed to restrict or purchase new energy vehicles, and so on. What is the background of the "prohibition order"? How much automobile consumption potential is expected to be released? How should all localities do a good job in implementation? Our reporter interviewed relevant experts — —

  A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Commerce issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Updating and Upgrading of Key Consumer Goods and Smooth Resource Recycling (2019— 2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan"), put forward a series of measures to promote automobile consumption, which aroused social concern.

  Consumption potential needs to be released

  The "Implementation Plan" proposes that, on the one hand, all localities should not impose restrictions or purchase restrictions on new energy vehicles, and those that have been implemented should be cancelled. Encourage local governments to give support to car-free families to purchase the first home new energy vehicle. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to introduce new automobile purchase restriction regulations in various places. Local governments that have implemented automobile purchase restriction should speed up the shift from restricting purchase to guiding use according to the effect of urban traffic congestion, pollution control and traffic demand control.

  "This policy is highly targeted, which is not only a major positive for new energy automobile enterprises, but also means that there will be no new cities with restricted purchases in the future, which is conducive to breaking the barriers to passenger car consumption." Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said.

  At present, how big is the automobile consumption potential of cities with restricted purchases? Li Xianjun, director of the Tsinghua University Automobile Development Research Center, said that as of the end of March 2019, the number of effective applications for waiting for lottery cars in Hangzhou had reached 819,000, including 802,000 individuals; As of April 26, 2019, the number of valid applications for waiting for lottery cars in Shenzhen has reached 1.227 million, including 1.209 million individuals, which is equivalent to the annual sales of passenger cars in Russia; As of April 8, 2019, there were 3.689 million car purchases in Beijing, including 3.209 million individuals, which is more than the demand of European countries in one year.

  "The above three cities have a total of 5.735 million lottery numbers. If this part of the car purchase potential can be released, it will account for 20.4% of domestic car sales last year and 24.8% of passenger cars." Li Xianjun said, "Even if an average family of three people participate in the lottery at the same time, the potential purchasing power will reach 1.91 million, which is expected to contribute 6.8% to the increase in automobile consumption."

  The "Implementation Plan" also emphasizes that localities should reasonably set up congestion areas in combination with road congestion and guide their use. "Intelligent management of vehicle traffic should be realized, and the number of times vehicles enter congested areas should be restricted to prevent excessive use of motor vehicles." Li Xianjun said.

  Aim at pain points and promote consumption

  "In addition to canceling the restrictions and purchases of new energy vehicles, the" Implementation Plan "also proposes to vigorously promote the electrification, intelligence and greening of the automobile industry, and strive to enhance the supply guarantee capability of new products." Wu Songquan, chief expert of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. and deputy chief engineer of Information Institute, believes that the Implementation Plan focuses on many bottlenecks and difficult problems in the consumption of new energy vehicles and clearly puts forward targeted measures.

  In view of the cost of new energy vehicles, the "Implementation Plan" proposes that the cost of new energy vehicles should be greatly reduced. Specific measures include accelerating the research and development and industrialization of a new generation of vehicle power batteries, improving the energy density and safety of batteries, gradually realizing battery platformization and standardization, and reducing battery costs. Guide enterprises to innovate business models, promote the separation of consumption modes of new energy vehicles, such as battery leasing, and reduce the cost of car purchase. Optimize product access management, avoid repeated certification, and reduce enterprise operating costs.

  "The key to reducing costs lies in batteries, which is also an important factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles at present." Cui Dongshu said that it was planned that the battery density of new energy vehicles would reach 260 WHr/kg in 2020, but it is still difficult now, so it is necessary to increase research and development.

  In view of the "anxiety" in the use of new energy vehicles, the "Implementation Plan" proposes to speed up the development of new energy vehicles with convenient use. Specific measures include focusing on pain points such as short driving range and long charging time, drawing lessons from the power exchange mode and application experience in the public service field, and encouraging enterprises to develop new energy vehicle products with the combination of charging and replacing, flexible battery configuration and long driving range. Promote the development and application of high-power fast charging, wireless charging, mobile charging and replacing electricity and other technical equipment, and improve the convenience of charging and replacing new energy vehicles.

  Cui Dongshu believes that the development of new energy vehicles is characterized by the rapid increase in driving range and the obvious large-scale vehicles. At present, the development of micro-electric vehicles is slow and there is a big demand gap. Therefore, the "Implementation Plan" emphasizes that the development of new energy vehicle products that take into account the length of driving range is not only in the right direction, but also forward-looking.

  The "Implementation Plan" also proposes to speed up the update of vehicles in urban public areas. Promote the upgrading of vehicles in urban public areas, accelerate the use of new energy or clean energy vehicles for new and updated buses, sanitation, postal services, taxis, commuting and light logistics distribution vehicles in urban built-up areas, and reach 80% in key areas for air pollution prevention and control by the end of 2020. Encourage local governments to increase support for the operation of new energy vehicles and reduce the use cost of new energy vehicles.

  "In key regional cities for air pollution prevention and control, new energy or clean energy vehicles will account for 80% of vehicles used in the public sector. This is a rigid indicator and will have a huge pulling effect on the new energy automobile industry." Cui Dongshu said.

  "The" Implementation Plan "puts forward a series of measures to promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, focusing on the bottlenecks and pain points of current automobile consumption, especially new energy vehicle consumption, which is of great significance for promoting the upgrading of key consumer goods such as automobiles." Wang Qing, deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, said that the introduction of the "prohibition order" meets the needs of consumers and the market, which is conducive to the overall consideration of the combination of long and short, and promotes the upgrading of consumption.

  Guangzhou and Shenzhen took the lead in responding.

  The "Implementation Plan" also proposes to innovate and develop smart cars; Accelerate the elimination of old cars and the renewal of vehicles in urban public areas, and actively promote the upgrading of rural vehicle consumption; Vigorously promote the circulation and consumption of used cars, actively guide the innovation of auto financial products, and gradually improve the infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity and parking.

  Cui Dongshu said that this policy has a good guiding role in the development and market of new energy automobile industry, and it is good for local governments, enterprises and consumers. The key lies in how local governments introduce specific measures to further refine and implement them.

  In January this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and other ten ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply, Promoting Steady Growth of Consumption and Promoting the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market (2019)", focusing on six measures to promote automobile consumption. Among them, the requirements for the gradual liberalization of the automobile purchase restriction policy are included.

  Up to now, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have taken action. On June 2, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation and Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation respectively issued the Notice on Increasing the Allocation Quota of Incremental Indicators for Small and Medium-sized Passenger Cars. Starting from June this year, Shenzhen will increase the allocation quota of incremental indicators for ordinary cars by 40,000 per year from 2019 to 2020 on the basis of the original regulation target of 80,000 per year. On the basis of the original quota, Guangzhou will increase the number of small and medium-sized passenger cars by 100,000 from June this year to December 2020.

  "The market is one of the core elements of industrial competition." Li Xianjun pointed out that automobile is one of the industries with the largest impact coefficient on the national economy, the strongest employment, the most remarkable development of related industries and the strongest ability to integrate new technologies. At present, the number of cars with 1,000 people in China is more than 170, which is not only far lower than that of developed countries, but also lower than the world average. This means that there is still much room for growth in China’s automobile consumption. Especially with the rapid development of new technologies and the emergence of new products, China’s automobile industry contains great innovation vitality and potential. Therefore, we should constantly optimize the consumption environment, smooth the recycling of resources, continuously release the potential of domestic demand, further promote the upgrading of automobile consumption and promote the formation of a strong domestic market.

Dongguan launched the third season of anti-vice: a number of new policies were introduced, and it was refined that no bolts should be installed in the room.

        ●No locks, bolts, etc. shall be installed in rooms and boxes; Lighting lamps with adjustable brightness shall not be installed.

        ●Install video monitoring equipment that meets national standards in key parts such as entrances and exits of places, reception halls, cashiers, etc., and connect with the public security department in the background.

        ●Employees can only take up their posts after obtaining a valid health certificate, and they should be dressed neatly and generously during the business period, and they should not be indecent. Real-name registration management should be implemented for employees …

        —— Code of Conduct for the Operation of Entertainment Places in Dongguan City

On the evening of February 9, 2014, a yellow-related person was taken away from a hotel in Dongguan. CFP data

        On September 18th, Dongguan issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening and Standardizing the Management of Entertainment Service Places and four supporting policy documents. The newly applied entertainment service places will be strictly admitted through front-end intervention, holding interviews and other measures. It is reported that after the whole industry was shut down and rectified at the beginning of this year, only 20% of the saunas in Dongguan have resumed business.

        On the morning of 18th, the Dongguan Municipal Government held a news briefing, and announced the newly issued "1+4 policy system" to strengthen and standardize the management of entertainment service places, including Opinions on Further Strengthening and Regulating the Management of Entertainment Service Places (hereinafter referred to as Opinions), Code of Conduct for the Management of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan, Interim Measures for the Supervision and Accountability of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan, Guidelines for the Supervision of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan and.

        Huang Ximing, deputy director of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, revealed at the briefing that Zheng Dong, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, said recently that the "1+4 policy system" in Dongguan is the most complete set of policy documents in regulating the management of entertainment service places in all provinces and cities. It is reported that the provincial government is currently drafting relevant laws and regulations on the standardized management of entertainment service places.

        Huang Ximing revealed that after the previous two-stage special campaign of "anti-vice" which lasted for six months, Dongguan has started the third-stage special campaign of "anti-vice" since September 18th, which will last until the end of this year.

[status quo]

Only 20% of sauna places have resumed business.

        The entertainment service places in Dongguan are called "obviously exceeding the market capacity", so how many such places are there in Dongguan? How much is reasonable? Facing this question from Southern Reporter, Huang Ximing said that there are currently 198 sauna places, 581 song and dance entertainment places and 832 foot massage places with complete licenses in the city.

        Since the beginning of this year, these entertainment venues have been shut down for rectification and reopened. As of September 17th, the public security department had accepted 41 sauna places (6 of which were closed by themselves), and the resumption rate was 20.7%. There are 478 song and dance entertainment venues (20 closed down by themselves), and the resumption rate is 82.3%; There were 652 foot massage places (14 closed down by themselves), and the resumption rate was 78.4%. He said: "How many entertainment venues are reasonable depends on the adjustment of the market."

        Yesterday afternoon, Southern Reporter telephoned several original sauna operators in Changping, Houjie and Tangxia. It is reported that at present, most of the 41 saunas that have resumed business are sauna places that belong to the regular health massage category.

[Policy Highlights]

Strict access, after registration, the public security and other departments are involved in the review and interview.

        The "Opinions" stipulate that a front-end pre-trial system will be established for the registration of entertainment service places, and the industrial and commercial departments will promptly push the application information of entertainment service place business enterprises to the government information resource sharing platform, and the local town (street) public security department will work with fire protection, culture, health and family planning and other functional departments to intervene in the review in advance, strictly control access, and prohibit illegal subjects from entering the market.

        "The existing market players in the entertainment service industry in our city, especially the sauna and foot massage places, obviously exceed the normal capacity of the market, too much and too much." Liu Huilin believes that efforts must be made to reduce market players. For the newly applied entertainment service places, we should strictly control the access through several measures, such as front-end intervention, holding interviews, admission commitment and filing management.

        Deng Tao, director of the Political Research Office of Dongguan Municipal Committee, believes that there is no conflict with the reform of commercial registration. Only after the operator has obtained the license, the public security, fire protection, health and other departments learned this information through the information sharing platform, intervened in the review in advance, and had a warning conversation with the operator in advance.

[Industry standard]

Real name registration of employees, video surveillance and police networking

        The Code of Conduct for the Management of Entertainment Places in Dongguan, which was promulgated yesterday, made detailed provisions on the management of sauna, song and dance and foot massage in ten aspects: "room, bed, lock, light, window, bell, shadow, person, photo and certificate". Including, no door locks, bolts, etc. shall be installed in rooms and boxes; No lighting lamp with adjustable brightness shall be installed; Install video monitoring equipment that meets national standards in key parts such as entrances and exits of places, reception halls, cashiers, etc., and connect with the public security department in the background; Employees can only take up their posts after obtaining a valid health certificate, and they should be dressed neatly and generously during the business period, and there should be no immorality. The real name registration management of employees …

【 hierarchical management 】

Those with low ratings will increase the frequency of inspection.

        Establish a hierarchical management system for entertainment service places. According to the situation of public security, credit, management, etc., regular assessment, grading, focus on strengthening the frequency and intensity of unannounced visits to key and sensitive entertainment service places. The evaluation and grading of entertainment service places takes half a year as a cycle, and the evaluation and grading results are dynamically reduced and periodically increased.

        "For example, this place was rated as Grade D because of the disorder of public security, so the relevant departments will focus on its supervision and increase the frequency of unannounced visits. And that place was rated as A-level because of good public security order, so the frequency of unannounced visits is not so much, just maintaining the normal management level. " Liu Huilin, head of the Economic Section of the Political Research Office of Dongguan Municipal Committee who participated in the policy drafting, said, "Moreover, this rating is not static, but dynamically changes according to the actual situation."

[Monitoring mechanism]

All major cases involving pornography are "handled in different places"

        The "Opinions" stipulate that the municipal public security department shall organize relevant police types or mobilize the police forces of public security bureaus and police stations in different places to investigate and deal with cases with serious cases, extremely bad influence by media exposure and cases assigned by superiors. Entertainment service places involved in major "pornography, gambling and drugs" crimes that need to be punished shall be handled in different places to avoid human cases, relationship cases, demotion penalties, etc.

        According to insiders of Dongguan police, it is not the first opinion to implement the investigation and handling system of using police in different places for pornographic gambling and drug trafficking cases. As early as a few years ago, Dongguan police had adopted the police system in different places for major pornographic gambling and drug trafficking cases, and the well-known Xindongtai Casino case in Dongkeng in previous years was the police system in different places.

[information linkage]

Non-public security departments shall report the clues related to pornography in time.

        Establish an information notification system, establish a unified and cross-departmental information management platform for entertainment service places, form a complete unified management model for entertainment service places from property leasing, license processing, hardware construction, business operation, supervision and inspection, hidden danger notification to illegal and criminal punishment, and realize the effective supervision of entertainment service places by various functional departments such as public security, industry and commerce, culture, health and family planning with one system and one set of data, so as to avoid the emergence of blind spots in supervision.

        At the same time, establish a clue circulation mechanism. All functional departments should strengthen communication and exchange information in their daily management. For illegal business activities that do not belong to the scope of investigation by this department, the relevant departments should be informed in a timely manner; The investigation and handling of reporting clues shall be summarized once every half month by the notification department, and a report shall be submitted to the local town (street) comprehensive management department.

【 Accountability 】

Four black gauze will be picked when one place is involved in yellow.

        The accountability mechanism is clearly defined in the Opinion Draft. For failure to perform or improper performance of statutory regulatory duties, or daily supervision, investigation and rectification of illegal and criminal acts of "gambling and drugs" in entertainment service places, or abuse of power, dereliction of duty, corruption and other circumstances, the main leaders, leaders in charge and direct staff of relevant functional departments shall be seriously investigated for responsibility. Incorporate the effectiveness of cracking down on illegal and criminal activities of "gambling and drugs" in entertainment service places into the annual work assessment of town and street leading bodies and the annual work assessment of comprehensive management of social management (safe construction) in towns (streets), and implement one-vote veto for units and towns (streets) that fail to implement their work and have major cases (accidents).

        On February 12 this year, the Dongguan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an urgent notice. Anyone who fails to investigate and deal with it effectively and is reported to have activities related to pornography and verified, the party secretary of the local town (street), the director of the public security bureau, the director of the police station and the secretary of the village (community) will be dismissed first and then dealt with strictly according to regulations. Huang Ximing said that after the introduction of the "1+4" policy, the above provisions are still valid and will continue to be implemented.

Advocate the concept of fashion consumption and environmental protection! The United Nations Climate Conference held the first fashion show.

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(CCTV Finance "punctuality finance")The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On the evening of the 6th local time, a fashion show was held in Vasso Square in Expo City, which attracted much attention.

Headquarters reporter Zhang Zhuoya:The theme of the first fashion show in the history of the United Nations Climate Conference is "Redefining the Fashion Industry", which aims to provide a platform for designers who are committed to environmental friendliness and sustainable development, and to awaken the public’s consumption concept of sustainable fashion.

Some researchers said that the fashion industry is the second largest pollution source in the world after the oil industry. Synthetic fibers used in the production process, untreated toxic wastewater from textile mills, chemicals used in dyeing and bleaching may cause different forms of environmental pollution such as water, air and soil. On the evening of the event, many tourists and delegates said that the exquisite design of the fashion show conveyed the concept of environmental protection to everyone.

Spanish tourist Zoe:When you buy clothes, they will have some plastic in them. If we use more plastic and buy more plastic, the earth will die.

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