The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia" is being held.

  On November 7th, the premiere and press conference of the frontier defense army love movie "Watching Acacia Tree" based on the true story of Acacia Tree that happened at the Triangle Mountain Post in Inner Mongolia was held in science and technology hall Giant Screen Cinema, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia"

  In the 1980s, Li Xiangen, the company commander of the Triangle Mountain Frontier Defense Company, led a patrol when he was caught in a flood. Li Xiangen was swept away by the rushing river to save his comrades. His wife, Guo Fengrong, rushed to the army with her 2-year-old son, and waited in the place where her husband disappeared. She cried for 3 days and 3 nights without waiting for her husband to return. So she planted a Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica next to the post where her husband was stationed to mourn and raise her young son to grow up alone. In 2010, Guo Fengrong was seriously ill. Before she died, she told her son, "After I die, please scatter my ashes in the Haraha River. I want to be with him forever." In accordance with her last wish, her ashes were scattered into the Haraha River where her husband died, and she stayed with her husband at the border forever. The story of "acacia tree" touched the military families and all walks of life. The film "Watching Acacia" was carefully created under this background. It is a military love feature film that reflects the feelings of the border guards and their love for life and death, and the time span is nearly 40 years.

  Our army is the people’s army and our national defense is the national defense of the whole people; The social status of the army and soldiers will have a profound impact on the army, the country and the nation. "Watching Acacia Tree" closely integrates the two themes of soldiers’ feelings about home and country and faithful love, and is slowly unfolding and interlocking in the way of military wives’ dialogues in different times, eulogizing the noble sentiments of generations of border guards’ selfless dedication and defending the country, so that people can see the greatness of military wives, understand the hardships of military wives, and understand that behind the peaceful country and the people, the years are quiet, it is the hard commitment and selfless dedication of countless military families. The film is touching and touching. "Watching Acacia Tree" sounded the assembly number of caring for national defense, advocating soldiers and respecting military wives in the whole society, played an active role in promoting the mainstream value of admiring heroes and creating a spiritual highland of pursuing dedication, and injected strong impetus and strong warmth into reforming and strengthening the army. After the film was released, it was accompanied by the overall improvement of the sense of responsibility and mission of the soldiers, which was a big country’s army. Member of the All-China Youth Federation, film producer and chief producer warmly said: "Respect is a heartfelt respect, which depends on the individual’s value recognition and the atmosphere of the whole society. In fact, the military professional honor is never just a matter for the army, it is jointly constructed by the state, society, family and individuals ‘ Great Wall of Spirit ’ . To consolidate the Great Wall of China, we must consolidate the worship of the army and the martial arts in the whole nation and society ‘ Spiritual foundation ’ . Happily,Paying attention to national defense, caring for soldiers and caring for military families has increasingly become a social consciousness. What we want to express through the film is the maintenance of military honor, the praise of military value and the affirmation of military dedication. Facing the call of the new era, let’s work together to create the scenery of the times that respects military personnel and their families. "

  Wu Enqi, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Director of Film Bureau, delivered a speech at the premiere.

  Shooting a film with the theme of "defending the country and defending the border" is ideological, significant and politically demanding. Thankfully, "Watching Acacia Tree" shows the initial mission and thoughts and sentiments of border guards in defending sovereignty, performing their duties, and selfless dedication with vivid film language, and achieves the effect of rather critical. For example, when Zhang Zhongliang led a patrol, his subordinates advised him not to cross the river because of the water, but he said firmly, "The situation at the border is more complicated. You and Lao Qiu are both recruits and have little experience. Batu and I will explore first, and you will wait. " These details not only show the awe and responsibility of the soldiers on the frontier for every inch of land, but also show the fine tradition of unity, unity and friendship among the officers and men of the People’s Army. After Nuolili was pregnant and gave birth, Zhang Zhongliang’s father complained that "Zhongliang was so outrageous that Lili and her children waited for a full year and didn’t come back", and his father-in-law explained for his son-in-law that "Zhongliang is defending the country, and the border guards are particularly important in this peacetime", which reflected the military families’ concern for national security and their understanding and support for the soldiers guarding the border. Hu Jinlan, the screenwriter of the film, said: "It is difficult to make a good film with the main theme and positive energy theme, especially those with correct political orientation, far-reaching ideological value and strong artistic appeal. What we have to do is to start with the means of artistic expression, abandon indoctrination and preaching, mechanical story expression, and facial hero creation, and pay attention to the spirit of nuance.Let the audience observe the connotation of the film between touching stories and words. "Although there is not too much rendering, the small and simple lens has the power to reach the soul. In addition, the release of the film coincides with the national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s going abroad to fight, and it is of great significance to carry forward and extend the patriotic and heroic spirit of revolutionary soldiers.

  Watching Acacia Tree is adapted and created according to the true story of Acacia Tree, which happened in Sanjiaoshan post in Inner Mongolia.

  Watching the Acacia Tree tells the true story, expresses the true feelings, and the word "true" beats all over the film. In the simplicity, there is truth everywhere, filled with true feelings, reflecting the sincerity and shining with true knowledge. From script writing, director shooting, actor performance and editing, the film always runs through the whole process with truthfulness, sincerity and true feelings, which is not only the highlight of the film, but also the tears. Yinnan Ding, director and chief producer of the national biographical film, said that the whole film creation lasted nearly two years. In order to restore the real characters, scenes and context of the story of Acacia Tree, it took more than half a year to polish the script, and it was revised more than 50 times from the beginning of creation to the completion of shooting. There was also a sudden car accident during the filming, which forced the creative staff to make a big adjustment to the script two days before the filming, and told the story in the way of "Hongyan passing the book" instead. At the same time, the later stage of the film can be described as a "frame", including special effects production and music creation, all of which strive to restore the real details, which I believe will bring the audience a high degree of visual and auditory recognition. After watching the movie, the reporter felt that the film used prose-poetry-style biographies to express itself, such as flowing water, showing the spirit of sacrifice and dedication of Chinese border guards and their families freely, which made people unconsciously wet their eyes and let more people see that on the long border of China,Generations of simple and lovely border guards stuck there like nails, and they fulfilled their firm vows of defending the country and defending the border with their youth and life. The heroine Nolili’s sentence, "Everyone has an acacia tree in his heart. What about yours?" It is a direct hit to the heart and makes people cry.

  Watching Acacia Tree was listed as a key gift film to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party by the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and as a key film project of the year (2019-2022) by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee.

  Watching Acacia Tree was co-produced by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee, planned and directed by the Military Culture College of National Defense University. The producer and chief producer were warm, directed by Ding Zhen and Wen Xin, screenwriter Hu Jinlan, chief producer Yinnan Ding and Chen Dongdong, producer Niu Xiuquan, starring young actors Zhu Yan, Huailong Li and Husileng, and co-starred by many famous performing artists such as Song Chunli, Xinyun Zhu, Zhao Xiaoming and Han Yueqiao. The premiere was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Political Work Bureau of Inner Mongolia Military Region and the National Defense Education Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At the event, the main film creators and cast members appeared in unison. Ma Qinglei, commander of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, Bai Yugang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Minister of Propaganda Department, and other relevant leaders of the Inner Mongolia military region and representatives of the military and civilians gathered in Shengyi.

  It is reported that the film will be released on November 20 th, and it is planned to designate a special event to invite military personnel (including retired military personnel) and military wives to watch it for free.

Jiangxi will deploy the "governor’s mobile phone" and "governor’s mailbox" to open.

  Xinhuanet Nanchang, August 19 (Reporter Li Xingwen) Facing the ardent expectations of the masses, the Jiangxi provincial government made it clear on the 19th that it will open the "Governor’s Mailbox" as soon as possible on the basis of the early announcement of the "Governor’s Mobile Phone", and this channel for accepting people’s livelihood demands will be extended to 99 counties (cities, districts) and relevant provincial units, forming a three-level network of people’s voice channels at the provincial, city and county levels, and listening to people’s voices on the spot nearby.

  This is what the reporter learned from the working meeting of opening "provincial (city) long mobile phones and mailboxes" in Jiangxi Province held in Nanchang on the 19th.

  At the beginning of August, Jiangxi announced two "governor’s mobile phone" numbers and 11 "mayor’s mobile phone" numbers, which were specially used to receive reports of illegal affordable housing and low-rent housing. Unexpectedly, a large number of calls came in at the same time, which once caused the channels of the two "governor’s mobile phones to be blocked, and the staff responsible for answering and recording the calls were overwhelmed, and the two phones became a veritable" people’s livelihood hotline ".

  Wu Xinxiong, governor of Jiangxi Province, said that people’s enthusiastic calls are a trust in the "governor’s mobile phone" announced by Jiangxi Province, and the government can also grasp social conditions and public opinion in time through this channel and take effective measures to improve its work. In order to further broaden the channels of people’s voices, better understand people’s feelings, observe people’s opinions, relieve people’s difficulties, strengthen supervision over the implementation of major policies and measures at the grassroots level, and promote the openness of government affairs, on the basis of previous work, on the 19th, the Jiangxi provincial government again introduced measures to ensure the effective operation of the "governor’s mobile phone" and "governor’s mailbox".

  These measures include: adhering to the principle of linkage between provinces, cities and relevant departments to accept appeals. The Jiangxi provincial government requires that 99 counties (cities, districts) and relevant provincial units in the province should promptly open "city (county) long mobile phones and mailboxes" and "department (bureau) long mobile phones and mailboxes" to form a three-level network of people’s voices at the provincial, city and county levels, with communication and coordination, and listen to people’s voices nearby.

  Adhere to the principle of territorial responsibility for handling the problems reflected by the masses for approval and feedback. The Jiangxi provincial government requires that the problems reflected by the masses to the "provincial (city) long mobile phones and mailboxes" should be implemented in accordance with the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible". The location of the responsibility should be handled according to the responsibilities, and all relevant departments should work together to promote it, and should not be perfunctory and buck passing.

  Adhere to the principle of investigation and verification, handling and publishing, and give feedback to the masses. The Jiangxi provincial government requires all localities and departments to seriously investigate and deal with the problems reflected by the masses, answer the phone calls that can be answered on the spot, answer the general questions on the same day, answer the general questions that need to be investigated and verified within 10 days, and answer the major questions within two months in accordance with the relevant regulations on letters and visits, so as to ensure that all the pieces are managed and answered.

  As of August 18th, Jiangxi "Governor’s Mobile Phone" received a total of 6,044 calls, including 961 calls about affordable housing and low-rent housing, accounting for about 16% of the total calls, and 5,083 calls about civil disputes, social security, employment and other issues, accounting for about 84% of the total calls. For a large number of calls from the masses, the staff have carefully recorded, classified and filed.

  Tan Xiaolin, Secretary-General of Jiangxi Provincial Government, said that in order to solve the problem that a large number of incoming calls blocked the channel, the Jiangxi Provincial Government decided to use the network platform and technical support of local mobile companies to open the "Governor’s Mobile Phone" and "Governor’s Mailbox" which integrates incoming calls, mobile phone text messages and emails in the near future, specifically to handle people’s demands.

  It is understood that the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Letters and Calls will arrange a special person to be responsible for the answering, registration and classification of the "governor’s mobile phone" and "governor’s mailbox". The construction department will be responsible for problems involving low-rent housing and affordable housing, and the petition department will be responsible for the transfer, supervision, feedback and reporting of other people’s livelihood demands; The discipline inspection and supervision department will strengthen supervision and inspection, and be responsible for the supervision of the implementation of central and provincial policies and the investigation and handling of violations of laws and regulations.

Editor: Han Yan

The reading data of books purchased on World Reading Day is released, and the post-70s love to buy primary and secondary school teaching AIDS.

  In recent years, the popularity of "World Reading Day" on April 23 has been rising year by year, from booksellers, publishers, media to readers, hawking and shouting to paying bills, full of a strong festive atmosphere. If "Double Eleven" is a national shopping festival, then "World Book Day" is a veritable book special. Some people hold a calm wait-and-see attitude towards the "World Reading Day fever", especially those who have been sitting at their desks for a long time. They worry that "reading once a year" is like a flash in the pan, and reading can’t be boosted by one day’s enthusiasm. But "reading craze" always has a positive side. In the long run, if the festive atmosphere can win more readers, it will be of great benefit to the development of society and the book industry itself. From the perspective of short-term benefits, at least the attention and sales of the book industry have been greatly boosted.

  Dangdang is releasing the sales list of this "World Reading Day".

  Judging from the literature sales list, the degree of alternation between new books and old books is not particularly obvious. Although "You Fly to Your Mountain Like a Bird" replaced "The Kite Runner", which always topped the list in previous years. But the second place is Skin, which has been published for many years. In the list of novels, The Kite Runner still ranks in the top ten.

  "You Fly to Your Mountain Like a Bird" was published in October 2019, with more than 40,000 comments on Douban. Its sales momentum is comparable to that of "Worry-free Grocery Store" in 2014 and "Book Star" and "Island Bookstore" in 2015.

  Dangdang literature list

  Fiction list

  In the ranking of humanities and social sciences, the newly published Song Renzong: The Age of Co-governance appeared on the list, which is probably related to the popularity of Qingpingle.

  List of humanities and social sciences

  Art list

  Youth animation list

  Dangdang also counted the reading interests of all ages, which looked very realistic. After 60, they have basically sent their children to college. Those who have retired or are about to retire must pay attention to health care. After 70, they belong to the main force of primary and secondary school parents, while most of the children after 80 are still in the early stage. After entering the society soon, the post-90s are facing the reconstruction of their spiritual world, but after 00, they can still immerse themselves in their own world without any worries.

  Post-60 s list

  Post-70 s list

  Post-80s list

  Post-90 s list

  List after 00

  Readers in different cities also have different reading tendencies. Judging from the top three books in sales volume, the most popular books in other cities are not the same except Three-body in Shanghai and Chengdu, and You Fly to Your Mountain like a Bird in Nanjing and Shenzhen.

  Beijing list

  List of Shenzhen cities

  Shanghai list

  List of Guangzhou cities

  For the book industry itself, the total sales ranking of various publishing houses is very eye-catching. Among the humanities and social sciences books, Zhonghua Book Company ranks first, and many readers have probably hoarded books from Zhonghua Book Company during discount activities. This is also why old publishers like Zhonghua Book Company, Commercial Press and Shanghai Ancient Books may not necessarily have books in the top ten list, but the total sales volume is far ahead, or they still occupy the advantages of many kinds of books and guaranteed quality.

  List of humanities and social sciences suppliers

  List of literary novel suppliers

  List of children’s book suppliers

  Compared with the sales of paper books, the e-book platform focuses on reading itself.

  In addition to the sales of paper books, the e-book platform also held a series of activities during the "World Reading Day". Compared with paper books, the "shopping pleasure" brought by buying e-books is weaker, and readers generally do not have the impulse to hoard e-books. However, mobile reading is easier to count users’ reading data, so unlike paper books, e-book reading has positioned "World Reading Day" in reading itself.

  Take the reading punching activity of Netease snail reading as an example. From April 20th to April 22nd, readers can choose "Reading Punch" from the recommended 198 books. If they can stick to it for two hours every day, it means that punching is successful.

  Netease Snail Reading "Punch Reading" Activity

  According to the data provided by Netease Snail Reading, there were 81,604 people punching in these three days, and the total reading time was 171,275,172 seconds, which was 47,576.5 hours and 5.43 years. In the end, there were 1363 readers who insisted on completing the punch rally according to the regulations, accounting for about 1.67% of the total number.

  Compared with the 210 million copies ordered by Dangdang, only 1363 people read for two hours every day, which confirms the name of the well-known Douban group: "Buying books is like a mountain, reading is like reeling".

  According to the reading time of readers, 7059 people chose to read The Things of Ming Dynasty, and 5742 people read Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise.

  The following is a list of books ranked according to the number of readers in the activity:

  "Those things in Ming Dynasty (all seven volumes)", the bright moon of that year, Mill Iron Books | Beijing United Publishing Company.

  Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise, Lin Yihan, Mill Iron Books | Beijing United Publishing Company.

  Complete Works of Three-body (3 volumes in total), Liu Cixin, Reader Culture.

  If the Forbidden City can talk, Yang Yuan, Social Science Literature Publishing House.

  Alive, Yu Hua, Chinese | Writers Publishing House

  A Brief History of China in Fifty Thousand Years (all two volumes), Yao Dali Li Shan Qian Wenzhong Wu Gou Fang Zhiyuan Ma Yong Wu Lisong Qiu Luming Yu Gengzhe, Reader Culture | Wenhui Publishing House.

  The protagonist, Chen Yan, works in Chinese | Writers Publishing House.

  Fortress Besieged, Qian Zhongshu, People’s Literature Publishing House

  The Complete Works of Zhu Shenghao’s Love Letters, Zhu Shenghao, Zhejiang Jiuceng Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  "Eat the Poor", [Japan] Shigeo Saito/by Wang Xiaoxia/translated, movable type culture | Zhejiang People’s Publishing House

  Viewing Mountains and Seas, Liang Chao Sugizawa, Boji Tianjuan | Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House.

  White Deer Plain, Chen Zhongshi, Chinese | Writers Publishing House.

  Hundred Scenes of Tokyo, [Japan] Mao Danqing, Naoki Matayoshi, Shanghai Translation Publishing House.

  The history of western art, Italian childe, reader culture | Hainan publishing house

  Skin, Cai Chongda, Guomai Culture | Tianjin People’s Publishing House.

  Biography of Zeng Guofan, Zhang Hongjie, Mo Tie Books | Democracy and Construction Press.

  Raw Swallow, Zheng Zhi, Guomai Culture | Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House

  Brothers, Yu Hua, Chinese | Writers Publishing House

  Jin Zhiying born in 1982, [Han] Zhao Nanzhu/Zhu Yin Jiaxuan/translated, Mo Tie Books | Guizhou People’s Publishing House.

  From this list, we can probably see some characteristics of e-book reading: First, most of them are best-selling books, all of which belong to humanities, which is probably related to Netease Snail’s positioning of itself. Second, except for three books, all the others are original Chinese works. Third, except for Shanghai Translation Publishing House, People’s Literature Publishing House and Social Science Literature Publishing House, most of them are books operated by private book brands, which is also related to their focus on bestsellers.

  In addition, unlike paper books, which value sales, the direction of e-book platform efforts is mainly to increase the number of users and user viscosity. So it seems to be all about books, but the starting point and operation mode are quite different. The former is a price war, while the latter strives to be interesting and eye-catching.

  However, for some experienced readers or professional readers, neither the list nor the sales volume may necessarily represent their reading interest. For other novices, the book list is very important. Therefore, this year, both paper book sales and e-book platforms have introduced more diversified book lists to meet the needs of readers with different interests, alleviating the embarrassment that people want to buy books but don’t know what to buy.

  Of course, the most important thing is that readers get the books they want and can really settle down and start reading, no matter how many tricks there are.

"The whole world will watch a wonderful game."

  The picture shows Remy Boller (middle) making ice a few days ago. Photo courtesy of Capital Gymnasium

  Two different perceptions: one is fast, the other is graceful, and the two events, short track speed skating and figure skating, will share a piece of ice in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to create an ice surface where speed and beauty coexist in the Capital Gymnasium, Remy Boller, an ice-making expert specially appointed by BOCOG, and his colleagues from China set up a stage for athletes from all over the world to realize their dreams.

  The ice-making expert from France said in an interview that his story of becoming attached to ice-making began in 1992. At the Winter Olympics in Albertville, 16-year-old Bole set foot on the ice with an ice sweeper. "That was my first contact with ice making." Bole said. Since then, he has served many Winter Olympics and world championships and accumulated rich experience in the field of ice making.

  After completing the ice-making work of short track speed skating and figure skating in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, Bole received an invitation from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and soon devoted himself to the work related to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, taking charge of the ice-making work of the Capital Gymnasium. "In order to present a wonderful Winter Olympics, I have worked with the China team for nearly 4 years." He said.

  Talking about the biggest challenge at work, Bole said that the Capital Gymnasium undertakes two major events of Beijing Winter Olympics, namely short track speed skating and figure skating, which have completely different requirements on the ice surface. "This requires us to study carefully to ensure that the ice surface is perfect for both projects." He explained that, compared with the brittle ice preferred by short track speed skaters, the slightly softer ice is more conducive to the flower skaters’ jumping movements. If the short-track speed skater can skate very fast and the figure skater can jump high in the competition, it proves that the ice-making work is successful.

  Bole mentioned a detail. The ice-making team will debug the ice surface temperature several times in one day. "We will adjust the ice surface condition, replace the protective mat and debug the ice surface temperature every day, so that the ice surface can reach the optimal temperature every day. In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with Chinese engineers in charge of machinery and equipment to regulate the temperature, water temperature and refrigeration system temperature. "

  In Bole’s view, every ice making is unique. "The special feature of this job is to cooperate with different teams in different venues." He said that working in Beijing was a wonderful experience.

  Built in 1968, Capital Gymnasium is the first modern gymnasium built after the founding of New China, and the first artificial indoor ice rink in China was born here. "It feels really great to look at the changes that have taken place here bit by bit!" Bole said.

  Talking about the cooperation with the ice-making team of the Capital Gymnasium, Bole said frankly that this is very exciting. "In fact, all my colleagues have great enthusiasm for ice making." He introduced that everyone came together because of their love for ice sports. "This is a pleasant cooperation, and everyone is in step. When encountering problems, everyone will rush forward and actively solve them, which is very good. " Bole said.

  Bole said that the experience of working in the Capital Gymnasium made him full of confidence in this ice and the success of this Winter Olympics. On February 4th, the first figure skating competition was held in the Capital Gymnasium. On the 5th, China won the gold medal in the short track speed skating mixed team relay final, which was also the first gold medal produced in the stadium. "There is no doubt that the whole world will watch wonderful games on this ice." Bole said.

FISU Football World Cup, Beijing Normal University women’s team won the championship.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the 2023 FISU Football World Cup closed in Jinjiang, Fujian on October 31, and the men’s team of paulista University in Brazil and the women’s team of Beijing Normal University won the men’s team and the women’s team respectively.

In the first women’s final, the women’s team of Beijing Normal University played against the women’s team of paulista University in Brazil. After the two sides scored twice in the regular time, they failed to make any achievements, and the game entered a penalty shootout. In the end, the women’s team of Beijing Normal University scored five penalties, defeating their opponents with a total score of 7-6 and winning the championship.

Another China team, Hohai University Men’s Team, finished eighth in the men’s team, up five places from the last competition.

The FISU Football World Cup is held every two years, and this year is the second.

Editor Wang Chunqiu

Domestic beauty recovered in the first half of the year, and then what?

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

With the coming to an end of the "618 Promotion" and the eve of double 11 Promotion, domestic beauty companies have released their financial reports for the first half of 2023. Due to the repeated epidemic factors in the same period last year, the base was low, and many local companies returned to the track of positive growth.

Among them, Polaiya maintained the momentum of growth in the epidemic. In the first half of 2023, the revenue increased by 38.1% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 68.2% year-on-year to 500 million yuan. Judging from the revenue scale of local beauty companies, Polaiya is only 2.46 million yuan away from the number one "big brother" shanghai jahwa.

During the period, shanghai jahwa’s revenue increased slightly by 2.3% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and its net profit returned to its mother increased by 90.9% to 300 million yuan. Skin care business, represented by Yuze and herborist, has played a leading role in the growth. Although its total proportion is only 24%, it is not as good as the maternal and child business with 25% of revenue and the personal home care business with 47.6%. The latter two businesses have experienced different degrees of decline.

From the perspective of performance volume, Huaxi Bio and Betani are also hovering around the half-year revenue of 3 billion yuan. In the first half of 2023, Huaxi Bio’s revenue increased by 4.8% year-on-year to 3.076 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother decreased by 10.3% year-on-year to 420 million yuan. Betaine’s revenue increased by 15.5% year-on-year to 2.37 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 13.9% to 450 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Huaxi Bio and Betani are not willing to be simply defined as cosmetics companies in their external publicity. Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi Bio, has repeatedly stated publicly that Huaxi Bio is positioned as a biotechnology company. Guo Zhenyu, the chairman of Betaine, said that Betaine Group wants to build a big health industry group with healthy skin and ecology in China.

From the perspective of specific business division, the two companies also have similar brand matrix strategies-multi-brands each focus on a single skin problem.

During the period, Huaxi’s bio-functional skin care business decreased by 7.6% year-on-year to 1.97 billion yuan, but it accounted for the highest proportion of total revenue, reaching 63.9%. Although the medical terminal business and raw material business have achieved high double-digit growth, their proportion is far less than that of functional skin care products.

There are four major brands in the functional skin care business, namely Runbaiyan, which focuses on hyaluronic acid technology repair, Quadi, which is used for anti-aging skin care, BM muscle activity for oily skin care, and Mibel, which is used for sensitive muscle repair. Among them, Runbaiyan has the highest revenue, reaching 630 million yuan during the period. However, the volume of these four brands has not yet reached the leading position in the field of skin care, which requires the continuous investment of Huaxi Bio.

Unlike Huaxi Bio, which started from the hyaluronic acid raw material business and then developed its own brand in multiple lines, Betani initially established its position in the field of sensitive muscle repair with Winona’s single main brand. In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Winona, the main brand of Betani, reached 2.26 billion yuan, accounting for more than 95% of the total revenue.

During the period, Betani launched another high-end anti-Laozi brand, Keke. Recently, Betaine also released Befuting, an anti-acne brand assisted by AI diagnosis. How to run out of the second growth pillar from the cultivated new brands will be the key to whether Betani will build a "skin health industry group".

Running out of the second pillar brand plays an obvious role in supplementing performance and boosting market confidence for beauty companies, which is reflected in Polaiya and Marumi. The make-up brands Caitang and PL Love Fire under these two companies have become the highlights in financial reports for many times and are expected to become the second pillar sub-brands.

Caitang, a make-up brand of Polaiya Group, has maintained rapid growth for several consecutive quarters, and its proportion in total revenue has steadily increased from 5.3% in 2021 to 11.5% in the first half of 2023. The proportion of the main brand Polaiya in the total revenue has been stable at around 80% in the past three years. In addition, Off&Relax, a care brand, and Yuefushi, a popular skin care brand, are other sub-brands that Polaiya is still developing.

In the first half of 2023, Marubi achieved a revenue of 1.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.6%, and the net profit returned to the mother also increased by 11.6% to 130 million yuan. Marubi shares attributed the performance growth in the first half of the year to the phased results achieved by the online channel transformation and the high growth of the second brand PL. The proportion of PL’s fire-loving income has increased from 3.7% in 2021 to 29% in the first half of 2023.

It is noteworthy that the increment brought by e-commerce channels in Tik Tok has also become a feature in the financial reports of major beauty groups. In the future, the construction of emerging channels such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker will become the focus of many brands.

Take Marubi as an example. In the first half of 2023, Marubi, the main brand, achieved a rapid growth of double in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker platforms, while the growth of Tmall flagship store of 28.3% was relatively weak. Two days before the release of the semi-annual report, Marumi announced the change of some investment projects of raised funds, and said that it would increase investment in live broadcast and marketing.

In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Shangmei shares increased by 25.7% year-on-year to 1.59 billion yuan, and the net profit increased by 60.7% to 100 million yuan. Among them, the revenue share of main brand Kans increased from less than 50% last year to 64.8% due to the increment brought by emerging e-commerce channels such as Tik Tok.

Dai Yuefeng, chairman of Shuiyang Co., Ltd., the parent company of Yumifang, said at the investor activity after the semi-annual report that he took over the adjustment of the company’s channel business in Tik Tok from the second quarter, and expected that the Tik Tok channel would have better performance in the second half of the year.

The semi-annual report of Shuiyang Co., Ltd. in fiscal year 2023 also showed that the revenue of Tik Tok channel, which was dominated by self-operated mode, increased by 137.4% year-on-year to 500 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was 48; The revenue of the Taobao platform, which integrates self-management, distribution and consignment business, fell by 12.6% year-on-year to 760 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was more, reaching 288.

At the same time, Dai Yuefeng is still directly managing the previously acquired French high-end skin care brand Effidan EviDenS de Beauté, and planning and adjusting the team division and business development direction of the main brand Yu Nifang.