Is Li Jiaqi’s original flower Xizi expensive?

Original title: Is Li Jiaqi’s flower Xizi expensive?

Hua Xizi, who gradually decoupled from Li Jiaqi, once again became a hot topic with Li Jiaqi.

In the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi on the evening of September 10th, when some netizens questioned that Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil was getting more and more expensive, Li Jiaqi said: "Stop talking nonsense. The eyebrow pencil has always been 79 yuan, which is difficult to buy." "Buy domestic products … sometimes I will find my own reasons. Have you got a salary increase in recent years? Have you worked hard?"

This statement immediately caused a heated discussion and continued to ferment on the Internet.

In the early morning of September 11th, Li Jiaqi issued an apology in Weibo: "I’m a salesperson at the cosmetics counter. I know that everyone’s work is hard and not easy. I’m really sorry that what I said didn’t meet your expectations." I didn’t reply immediately because I wanted to apologize to the girls in the comments after I finished my work. Anyone can put forward opinions and ideas about the products in the live broadcast room. As an anchor, I should always bring you positive energy and learn to control my emotions.

Source: Weibo.

But such an apology did not calm public opinion. Hot topics in Weibo, such as "Hua Xizi is the exclusive monetary unit of migrant workers", are constantly spreading on the Internet, causing "How expensive is Hua Xizi?" Wait for questions. "How much commission did Hua Xizi give Li Jiaqi?" ETC。

Source: Little Red Book

Aside from the problem of poor speaking style, it is not surprising that Li Jiaqi supports Hua Xizi. In fact, the relationship between Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi can be traced back to the beginning of the brand.

Hua Xizi was founded in Hangzhou in 2017, with the core concept of "Oriental makeup, flowers nourish makeup". Among the brands that admire oriental cosmetics, Hua Xizi is undoubtedly the most eye-catching. From carved lipstick to compact with complex patterns, Hua Xizi has attracted the public’s attention with unforgettable packaging.

But what really made Hua Xizi rush out of the circle was his deep cooperation with Li Jiaqi. In 2019, when other brands were still deeply cultivating channels, Hua Xizi directly cooperated with Li Jiaqi, and achieved a sales jump with the help of the traffic and channel advantages of Taobao’s leading anchor.

According to the information data from Morketing, an integrated mobile marketing platform, Hua Xizi fans entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi for the first time in March 2019. On the eve of June 18th of that year, Li Jiaqi introduced Huaxizi carved lipstick, and both products became popular products of Huaxiziming. In September of the same year, Hua Xizi officially announced that Li Jiaqi was the chief recommendation officer of the brand.

Source: Hua Xizi

The cooperation between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi has brought a very eye-catching performance. During the promotion period in double 11 in 2019, Hua Xizi ranked seventh in Tmall beauty category with a GMV of 250 million yuan. By 2020, Confucius ranked first in the domestic beauty cosmetics sales list with a GMV of 235 million yuan. At that time, double 11 ranked second in Tmall beauty category with sales exceeding 470 million yuan.

In addition, according to statistics, in the first seven months of 2019, Hua Xizi participated in 45 of the 118 live broadcasts in Li Jiaqi. From January to February, 2020, 40% of the sales of Huaxizi flagship store came from the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. At the public media conference in mid-2022, Hua Xizi announced his oriental beauty research and development system, and announced that Li Huiliang joined Hua Xizi as the chief scientist at the beginning of the year. At that time, Shang Lu, the chief product officer of Hua Xizi, told reporters that Li Jiaqi’s proportion in the company’s entire business was no more than 5%, and Hua Xizi was more interested in letting Li Jiaqi participate in co-creating products.

Although Hua Xizi is gradually unbundling Li Jiaqi, the marketing cost must be very high to reach such a deep binding cooperation with Taobao’s leading anchor.

Confucius is not a listed company and does not disclose financial data to the outside world. However, the premium power of beauty brands is realized through marketing. This is an indisputable fact and a common phenomenon in the industry.

Many insiders told Interface Fashion that for ordinary cosmetics, the cost of raw materials generally does not exceed 10% of the total cost. The price of packaging materials may even be higher than the price of raw materials. This means that most of the brand’s terminal retail expenses are still spent on marketing.

Huaxizi positioning high-end products, in terms of price, is indeed at a higher level among domestic brands.

According to the statistics of Guoji Feigua and Guoji, in April and May of 2023, Huaxizi ranked first in GMV of Tik Tok platform, and the average unit price fluctuated around 170 yuan. For reference, the average unit price of Perfect Diary is 124 yuan, and the average unit price of colorful candy under Polaiya’s make-up brand is 155 to 159 yuan. The unit price of high-end beauty products in Mao Geping is relatively highest among domestic beauty products, ranging from 241 yuan to 262 yuan.

The eyebrow pencil that caused controversy in the Li Jiaqi incident is a single product launched by Hua Xizi after lipstick and gas powder. The blogger in Little Red Book listed the price per gram of Huaxizi Eyebrow Pencil and other brands.

The price of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil in 69 yuan is 0.07 gram, and the price per gram is as high as 985.71 yuan. According to the same unit conversion, Shu Uemura’s classic machete eyebrow pencil only costs 58.82 yuan per gram. Of course, there are also expensive eyebrow pencils from domestic and foreign brands. For example, Beifeiling Eyebrow Pencil costs 2812.5 yuan/gram, and COLORKEY Eyebrow Pencil costs 857.14 yuan/gram.

Source: Little Red Book

In addition, Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil is OEM. In addition to OEM business, its foundry, Shanghai Chuangyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has its own brand-Marie Delgado, which is another well-known brand in China.

Hua Xizi’s domestic beauty brand pricing is indeed high, but expensive should not be the original sin of the brand. Brand premium ability is a powerful weapon for enterprises to obtain higher sales price, higher profit rate and better profit. The success of luxury brands is the best example, and if domestic brands can have a high premium, it is also an affirmation of "Made in China".

Li Jiaqi defended Hua Xizi’s brand mistake, saying it was blamed on consumers. If one day Huaxizi can own the same brand value assets as YSL and CHANEL cosmetics, Li Jiaqi doesn’t even need to say much when facing the high price query. Source: Interface News

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The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia" is being held.

  On November 7th, the premiere and press conference of the frontier defense army love movie "Watching Acacia Tree" based on the true story of Acacia Tree that happened at the Triangle Mountain Post in Inner Mongolia was held in science and technology hall Giant Screen Cinema, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia"

  In the 1980s, Li Xiangen, the company commander of the Triangle Mountain Frontier Defense Company, led a patrol when he was caught in a flood. Li Xiangen was swept away by the rushing river to save his comrades. His wife, Guo Fengrong, rushed to the army with her 2-year-old son, and waited in the place where her husband disappeared. She cried for 3 days and 3 nights without waiting for her husband to return. So she planted a Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica next to the post where her husband was stationed to mourn and raise her young son to grow up alone. In 2010, Guo Fengrong was seriously ill. Before she died, she told her son, "After I die, please scatter my ashes in the Haraha River. I want to be with him forever." In accordance with her last wish, her ashes were scattered into the Haraha River where her husband died, and she stayed with her husband at the border forever. The story of "acacia tree" touched the military families and all walks of life. The film "Watching Acacia" was carefully created under this background. It is a military love feature film that reflects the feelings of the border guards and their love for life and death, and the time span is nearly 40 years.

  Our army is the people’s army and our national defense is the national defense of the whole people; The social status of the army and soldiers will have a profound impact on the army, the country and the nation. "Watching Acacia Tree" closely integrates the two themes of soldiers’ feelings about home and country and faithful love, and is slowly unfolding and interlocking in the way of military wives’ dialogues in different times, eulogizing the noble sentiments of generations of border guards’ selfless dedication and defending the country, so that people can see the greatness of military wives, understand the hardships of military wives, and understand that behind the peaceful country and the people, the years are quiet, it is the hard commitment and selfless dedication of countless military families. The film is touching and touching. "Watching Acacia Tree" sounded the assembly number of caring for national defense, advocating soldiers and respecting military wives in the whole society, played an active role in promoting the mainstream value of admiring heroes and creating a spiritual highland of pursuing dedication, and injected strong impetus and strong warmth into reforming and strengthening the army. After the film was released, it was accompanied by the overall improvement of the sense of responsibility and mission of the soldiers, which was a big country’s army. Member of the All-China Youth Federation, film producer and chief producer warmly said: "Respect is a heartfelt respect, which depends on the individual’s value recognition and the atmosphere of the whole society. In fact, the military professional honor is never just a matter for the army, it is jointly constructed by the state, society, family and individuals ‘ Great Wall of Spirit ’ . To consolidate the Great Wall of China, we must consolidate the worship of the army and the martial arts in the whole nation and society ‘ Spiritual foundation ’ . Happily,Paying attention to national defense, caring for soldiers and caring for military families has increasingly become a social consciousness. What we want to express through the film is the maintenance of military honor, the praise of military value and the affirmation of military dedication. Facing the call of the new era, let’s work together to create the scenery of the times that respects military personnel and their families. "

  Wu Enqi, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Director of Film Bureau, delivered a speech at the premiere.

  Shooting a film with the theme of "defending the country and defending the border" is ideological, significant and politically demanding. Thankfully, "Watching Acacia Tree" shows the initial mission and thoughts and sentiments of border guards in defending sovereignty, performing their duties, and selfless dedication with vivid film language, and achieves the effect of rather critical. For example, when Zhang Zhongliang led a patrol, his subordinates advised him not to cross the river because of the water, but he said firmly, "The situation at the border is more complicated. You and Lao Qiu are both recruits and have little experience. Batu and I will explore first, and you will wait. " These details not only show the awe and responsibility of the soldiers on the frontier for every inch of land, but also show the fine tradition of unity, unity and friendship among the officers and men of the People’s Army. After Nuolili was pregnant and gave birth, Zhang Zhongliang’s father complained that "Zhongliang was so outrageous that Lili and her children waited for a full year and didn’t come back", and his father-in-law explained for his son-in-law that "Zhongliang is defending the country, and the border guards are particularly important in this peacetime", which reflected the military families’ concern for national security and their understanding and support for the soldiers guarding the border. Hu Jinlan, the screenwriter of the film, said: "It is difficult to make a good film with the main theme and positive energy theme, especially those with correct political orientation, far-reaching ideological value and strong artistic appeal. What we have to do is to start with the means of artistic expression, abandon indoctrination and preaching, mechanical story expression, and facial hero creation, and pay attention to the spirit of nuance.Let the audience observe the connotation of the film between touching stories and words. "Although there is not too much rendering, the small and simple lens has the power to reach the soul. In addition, the release of the film coincides with the national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s going abroad to fight, and it is of great significance to carry forward and extend the patriotic and heroic spirit of revolutionary soldiers.

  Watching Acacia Tree is adapted and created according to the true story of Acacia Tree, which happened in Sanjiaoshan post in Inner Mongolia.

  Watching the Acacia Tree tells the true story, expresses the true feelings, and the word "true" beats all over the film. In the simplicity, there is truth everywhere, filled with true feelings, reflecting the sincerity and shining with true knowledge. From script writing, director shooting, actor performance and editing, the film always runs through the whole process with truthfulness, sincerity and true feelings, which is not only the highlight of the film, but also the tears. Yinnan Ding, director and chief producer of the national biographical film, said that the whole film creation lasted nearly two years. In order to restore the real characters, scenes and context of the story of Acacia Tree, it took more than half a year to polish the script, and it was revised more than 50 times from the beginning of creation to the completion of shooting. There was also a sudden car accident during the filming, which forced the creative staff to make a big adjustment to the script two days before the filming, and told the story in the way of "Hongyan passing the book" instead. At the same time, the later stage of the film can be described as a "frame", including special effects production and music creation, all of which strive to restore the real details, which I believe will bring the audience a high degree of visual and auditory recognition. After watching the movie, the reporter felt that the film used prose-poetry-style biographies to express itself, such as flowing water, showing the spirit of sacrifice and dedication of Chinese border guards and their families freely, which made people unconsciously wet their eyes and let more people see that on the long border of China,Generations of simple and lovely border guards stuck there like nails, and they fulfilled their firm vows of defending the country and defending the border with their youth and life. The heroine Nolili’s sentence, "Everyone has an acacia tree in his heart. What about yours?" It is a direct hit to the heart and makes people cry.

  Watching Acacia Tree was listed as a key gift film to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party by the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and as a key film project of the year (2019-2022) by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee.

  Watching Acacia Tree was co-produced by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee, planned and directed by the Military Culture College of National Defense University. The producer and chief producer were warm, directed by Ding Zhen and Wen Xin, screenwriter Hu Jinlan, chief producer Yinnan Ding and Chen Dongdong, producer Niu Xiuquan, starring young actors Zhu Yan, Huailong Li and Husileng, and co-starred by many famous performing artists such as Song Chunli, Xinyun Zhu, Zhao Xiaoming and Han Yueqiao. The premiere was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Political Work Bureau of Inner Mongolia Military Region and the National Defense Education Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At the event, the main film creators and cast members appeared in unison. Ma Qinglei, commander of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, Bai Yugang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Minister of Propaganda Department, and other relevant leaders of the Inner Mongolia military region and representatives of the military and civilians gathered in Shengyi.

  It is reported that the film will be released on November 20 th, and it is planned to designate a special event to invite military personnel (including retired military personnel) and military wives to watch it for free.

Ten tips on Lantern Festival: What’s the difference between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao?

China News Network
It’s another year of Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. In many people’s minds, "it takes fifteen years to finish the year", while in some places it is directly called "off-year".
How did the Lantern Festival come about? As a seasonal food, what are the differences between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao? He Shaoya, a lecturer at the School of Sociology, Beijing Normal University, said that the Lantern Festival, as an important part of the annual festival and the finale of the Spring Festival, has a close relationship with the establishment of the first day of the first month.
As for Yuanxiao and Tangyuan, which people like to eat, the shapes are similar but the production methods are slightly different. There is a folk saying that "Bao" dumplings "roll" Yuanxiao. In addition, some places will eat lettuce on the Lantern Festival, which means "making money".
Data Map: Tai ‘an Daimiao Square held folk activities such as dragon dance, lion dance and stilt walking to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Photo by Liu Shui
How did the Lantern Festival come about?
There are many opinions about the origin of the Lantern Festival. One of the more influential sayings is that the Lantern Festival originated from Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty who went to Ganquan Temple to burn lanterns to worship Taiyi God on the first lunar month.
He Shaoya said that "Historical Records of Le Shu" contains: "Han people often spend the first month in the Xin Temple as a sweet spring, and when they are unconscious, they will die in the Ming Dynasty. Meteors often pass through the altar, making 70 men and women sing. "
She believes that the origin of Lantern Festival involves complex historical and cultural elements, such as traditional production and life cycle, astronomical calendar knowledge, folk belief in the moon and the time system of "Year".
Since the formulation and promulgation of the "taichu calendar" in the Han Dynasty, the fifteenth night of the first month has become the first full moon night of the New Year. It is this round of full moon that places people’s good expectations for a good agricultural weather and a happy life.
It is an important part of the festival?
Many traditional festivals in China rely on natural time series, such as Tomb-Sweeping Day and Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Summer Solstice, Mid-Autumn Festival and Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice Festival and Winter Solstice.
However, He Shaoya said that the Lantern Festival did not correspond to a specific time sequence. As an important part of the annual festival and the finale of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival’s prominent position is closely related to the establishment of the first day of the first month.
It is precisely because of the establishment of the first day of the first month that the full moon on the fifteenth day of the first month has the special significance of "the bright moon begins with a circle".
"Noisy" is the theme of Lantern Festival?
The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Generally speaking, it includes two parts: the busy year (welcoming the new year) and the resignation year (resigning the old year). The time generally begins on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month and ends on the fifteenth day of the first month.
Data Map: People celebrate the Lantern Festival by dancing dragons. Photo by Yang Huafeng
"Noisy" is the theme of Lantern Festival activities. There are various forms of "noisy", with noisy tourists, loud gongs and drums and bright lights.
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the people had a very lively Lantern Festival, and all kinds of musical instruments and songs and dances were staged. Gu Lu’s "Qing Jia Lu" records that "before and after the Lantern Festival, Bihu played gongs and drums, and it was written, which was called the Lantern Festival".
Besides, there are fireworks. According to the Records of Shuozhou written by Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty, the folk "set up Aoshan Mountain, burn flourishing fires, put up lanterns and flowers, and have a feast among groups", which is called "Lantern Festival". After this "noise", people return to daily life again.
"Tangyuan" is also called "floating dumpling"?
If we want to talk about the seasonal food of the Lantern Festival, we have to mention "glutinous rice balls".
Tangyuan, also known as Yuanzi, Tangtuan, etc. According to the records, "People in Beijing regard fermented bean powder as a branch to make soup, boiled glutinous rice as pills, and candied rice as mash, which is called’ Yuanzi’."
The "dumpling" here is the later glutinous rice balls, but the practice and eating method are different from now. At that time, the dumplings were not stuffed, and they were eaten with sugar syrup.
In the Song Dynasty, Zhou Bida wrote a poem, "It seems that the predecessors of Yuanxiao boiled floating dumplings never endowed this sitting room with four rhymes", which mentioned: "The stars are in the dark clouds, and the beads are floating in the turbid water." Floating dumplings are glutinous rice balls, and cooking floating dumplings during the Lantern Festival symbolizes a full moon and happiness.
"Tangyuan" and "Yuanxiao" are stupid and unclear?
Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are similar in appearance, but their making methods are different.
He Shaoya introduced that after the Ming Dynasty, the so-called round sub-category seasonal food in the Song Dynasty was also called glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao. The name of "Yuanxiao" is mainly popular in the north, and it is often called "Tangyuan" in the south.
"Clear-handed banknotes" says: "Tangyuan is called dumplings, and northerners call it Yuanxiao, which is a must-eat on the evening of the above yuan." As far as the production method is concerned, there is a folk saying that "dumplings are wrapped" and "dumplings are rolled".
There are also some differences between the two in stuffing. Yuanxiao is mostly sweet stuffing, including bean paste and black sesame seeds. Tangyuan is sweet, salty, meat and vegetarian, such as fruit and meat.
Data Map: The picture shows the cartoon dumplings made. Li yanran
With the development of the times, the fillings of Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are more abundant. Some merchants have introduced Yuanxiao with various novel flavors, and some have also introduced low-sugar and xylitol Tangyuan.
What other foods are there?
In terms of diet, the custom of Lantern Festival presents a colorful side.
For example, in some places, noodles are eaten during the Lantern Festival, also known as "lamps". "Dengzhaner" is generally composed of two parts, the bottom is a small cake made of sticky yellow wheat, and the wheat straw section wrapped in yellow paper is inserted on it, and the yellow paper is dipped in cooking oil for burning.
On the day of Lantern Festival, people light lamps and put them on windowsills and doorways at home to pray for good luck. After lighting the lamps, yellow wheat’s cookies are left for frying or frying cooked food.
In Guangdong, lettuce is popular in Lantern Festival. Lettuce is homophonic with "making money" in order to win a good title, and hope that the cause is developed and the financial resources are rolling.
He Shaoya said that in Yangzhou and Nantong, Jiangsu, there is a saying that "the lanterns are round and the lanterns are falling", which means that on the thirteenth night of the first month, the lanterns are lit and the dumplings are eaten; On the eighteenth day of the first month, when the lights go down, you should eat noodles. In Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, people eat bad soup during the Lantern Festival.
Is Lantern Festival an ancient carnival in China?
Lantern Festival is known as the carnival in ancient China, and its carnival is rare in traditional festivals.
In ancient cities, there was a curfew, and at night, Jin Wu (a ceremonial stick bearer) was on duty. However, during the Lantern Festival, the official gives holidays and night tours to facilitate the viewing of the lanterns. At this time, officials, people, gentry, men, women and children went out of the family, feasting and having fun, and enjoying the night tour.
In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Su’s "A New Story of the Tang Dynasty" said: "On the occasion of the Dragon, the capital will look at the sun in the first month and will be decorated with lanterns and shadows. Jin Wu is forbidden and licensed to travel at night. You visit relatives and workers in Xiali, and all of them travel at night. "
Data Map: In Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, the "matchmaker" played by an actor performed a community fire to celebrate the Lantern Festival. China News Service reporter Wei Liang photo
In addition, during the ancient Lantern Festival, women could take advantage of the festival to go to the streets and have a good swim. It is precisely because of this carnival that young men and women can get to know each other at this time, and many literary and artistic works describe the love that happened during the Lantern Festival.
In Song Dynasty, Ouyang Xiu wrote in "Born Chazi Yuanxi": "Last year, at the Lantern Festival, the flower market lights were like day. The moon rose above the willow tree, At dusk he had a tryst with me. The lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of this year, the moonlight and the lights are still the same as last year. I didn’t see last year, and I cried Man Chun’s shirt sleeve. "
When did the Lantern Festival custom appear?
There is still debate in the academic circles about the finalization period of the Lantern Festival. However, it is generally believed that the Lantern Festival custom appeared in the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties. After the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Lantern Festival custom gradually flourished with the development of urban life, and many festivals and customs have been passed down to this day.
Like a lamp. "Like a Dream" records the Kaifeng area in the Ming Dynasty: "The palaces and squires put lanterns on their furniture and have a feast. There are 70 or 80 classes in the big plow (pear) garden in each family. There are light sheds in all the temples, lanterns in all the furniture, and door lights in front of the door to compete for fireworks. "
Playing with social fire is also one of the customs of Lantern Festival. Social fire is a kind of vaudeville activity to entertain the gods and people. Up to now, in Hebei, Shanxi, Gansu and other places, playing social fire on the Lantern Festival is still an important activity of the New Year Festival.
Data Map: On the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the "Jiuqu Yellow River Lantern Array" in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province lit up to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Cheng xuelei
He Shaoya, for example, said that Taolinping Flower Face Social Fire in Jingxing County, Hebei Province belongs to the martial arts social fire, which mainly focuses on performing the familiar fragments of classical masterpieces, in addition to the running ceremony.
Why do you want to "walk all diseases" at this time?
In ancient times, there was a custom of "walking away from all diseases" on the fifteenth day of the first month (or walking on the bridge, etc.), that is, on the night of the Lantern Festival, women met and traveled together, and when they saw the bridge, they thought it would help them get rid of diseases and prolong their lives.
In Liu Dong’s "A Brief Introduction to the Scenery of the Imperial Capital" in the Ming Dynasty, there is a saying: "Women walk at night to eliminate diseases, saying that they walk away from all diseases and walking on bridges."
Every Lantern Festival, some places have the custom of worshipping Zigu. Zigu is the "girl" god worshipped by ancient women. The custom of welcoming Zigu has existed since the Southern and Northern Dynasties.
In the Southern Dynasties, Liang Zonggu’s Chronicle of the Age of Jingchu said: Yuanxiao "welcomes Zigu in the evening, so as to predict the future sericulture and occupy all affairs."
How to inherit the custom of Lantern Festival?
The inheritance of festivals requires the holistic existence of many elements such as time, space and ritual activities. The sociality and publicity of the Lantern Festival are in line with the public cultural services of modern countries and contain rich traditional cultural resources.
He Shaoya said that nowadays, new technologies such as sound and photoelectricity can be combined with the tradition of lantern display and traditional lantern making process, and new technologies can be used to promote the design and manufacture of lanterns, and the "lantern market" with knowledge and interest, modernity and tradition can meet the cultural needs of the broad masses.
For another example, we can take advantage of the tradition of attaching importance to community collective entertainment and members’ communication during the Lantern Festival, and organize street communities to carry out lantern festivals, group dumplings, interactive games, etc., so as to enhance the familiarity among community members and rebuild crowd connections.

Everest in Tibet: Communication with Hongqiao Group is still going on.

On December 19th, in the financial sector, some investors asked Everest in Tibet on the interactive platform: Hello, Hongqiao Group team news, Hongqiao Group has terminated its cooperation with your company?

The company replied that it had not received such news, and the communication with Hongqiao Group was still going on.

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