How did those online celebrity stores with screens come into being? Short video booster

Online celebrity Xiao D is shooting a short video of food.

  On May 13th, this newspaper published the article "Is online celebrity Store Really That Hot?", which aroused widespread concern among readers. On qianjiang evening news’s official WeChat WeChat official account, many readers left messages to express their views. Some people think that the reason why the online celebrity store is popular is because the "Hanger style" is at work, and they will definitely not join in the fun. Some readers believe that high-quality dishes and services are really good marketing.

  So, who is really famous for these online celebrity restaurants? What are the "processes" to build a online celebrity restaurant? What "potentials" must a online celebrity restaurant have? Recently, Qianbao reporter interviewed a team leader who built a restaurant in online celebrity.

  After 90, the team moved to short videos.

  One-stop to create online celebrity cuisine

  Good-looking people are busy taking selfies, good-looking people are busy dancing, humorous people are busy making jokes, beauty fanatics are busy making up, and a group of people are busy finding places to eat for food. Xiao Xiao, born in 1992, has recently fallen in love with online celebrity D, Tik Tok, Hangzhou, and has been punching in two or three restaurants in his footsteps.

  Recently, Xiao D’s short video entitled "The more you eat, the more single you are, the more you eat hot pot alone", and the total amount of praise including Xiao Xiao is 177,000. This is not Xiao D’s best achievement, and Xiao D is not fighting alone.

  With the traffic in Tik Tok, Xiao D became "online celebrity" overnight and already has millions of fans; And large and small restaurants, the day before, were still unknown, and the day after, they followed Xiao D all over the network.

  Lv Minghe is a content entrepreneur. More than a year ago, his team focused on the new media field in WeChat official account. This situation was broken last year, and Lu Minghe decided to make a short video, and the local store exploration field is one of the businesses. Xiao D is a member of its local short video team.

  "Our company is called Hangzhou Shenxiu Technology. Take the local Tik Tok team in Hangzhou as an example. At present, there are a dozen people, mainly after 90 s and 95 s. Young people have a keen sense of fashion." Lv Minghe told reporters that the whole shooting and production process is similar to many weekly media. "The little friends explored the more fun stores with explosive potential in the early stage and took the initiative to find out."

  Lv Minghe explained that the team has a topic selection meeting once a week. After discussing and determining the topic, they will contact the merchants, take out the schedule, try it on the spot, and finally edit the dubbing … … It’s not easy to create an exquisite short video. It takes one and a half days at the earliest. At present, the rhythm is to release 3 to 5 videos every week.

  In Lv Minghe’s view, there are three so-called explosion potentials. First of all, it can be affordable. For example, there is a bathing center in Xiaoshan, where you can take a bath, steam and buffet, and you can live in a space capsule. 89 yuan can get it; Secondly, this store can have a certain reputation within the niche, for example, Shiba Inu’s cafe; Last but not least, it’s new and strange. For example, the first old-fashioned oyster house that focuses on pressure cooker oysters, even online celebrity used to queue up; There is also the founder’s head office of cut8pieces, which specializes in selling invincible brushed pizzas of various flavors, and a small shop that many people have heard of for the first time.

  In just half a year, Lv Minghe’s team has built six numbers on the local Tik Tok platform in Hangzhou, and has accumulated 5 million Tik Tok powder. The advantages of local head matrix have been confirmed in Hangzhou and Beijing. "The schedule of some of our numbers has been scheduled for June." Lu Minghe revealed.

  Short videos are easier to bring fire to a store.

  Compared with other marketing methods, it is more economical

  "In the early stage, we all went to sweep the street and find a store ourselves. Later, some merchants took the initiative to come to the door." Lv Minghe told reporters that many catering people have spotted this huge flow pool in Tik Tok and will invite them to shoot at the store.

  "Compared with other modes of communication, short videos have a faster pace and a more centralized display of a store that is easy to catch fire. In a sense, it is a online celebrity propagation amplifier. " Lv Minghe gave an example. The short video of one person eating hot pot in just ten seconds received 177,000 praises, and the general broadcast volume was about 50 times of the praise volume, which means that the broadcast volume of this number reached more than 8 million. Not only that, in Hangzhou, basically, after one number digs out a store and becomes red, other numbers will keep up with the traffic, and then form a second spread.

  Lv Ming got a good deal. According to the recent broadcast volume of its several numbers, ranging from 4.5 million to 550,000, with an average of more than one million, the market advertising price is less than 20,000 yuan, which is equivalent to playing 1 yuan for 50 times. "Based on the recommendation of AI algorithm, the audiences involved in these broadcasts, regardless of region or interest, are more accurate than in the past and the conversion rate is higher." In Lv Minghe’s view, there seems to be no more economical marketing method than short video, compared with sandwiched advertisement, building TV and WeChat official account, or compared with TV stations.

  The time when the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley has passed, and in the fierce competition in the catering market, there is still the problem of marginal cost. The more people pay attention to the store, the lower the price of traffic.

  The data shows that Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and other short video platform users account for the vast majority of the post-90s generation. These people are self-respecting, have distinct personalities, dare to try new things, don’t like being indoctrinated, and are more willing to take the initiative to think and draw conclusions. This kind of user group is the main force of catering consumption. Nowadays, most of the post-90s and post-90s young people are only children. Many people rarely do housework, let alone cook. Eating is the biggest daily expense.

  More importantly, in addition to actual consumption, consumers go to online celebrity stores to meet the needs of social sharing, such as pulling weeds (pulling out the desire to buy), punching cards, and making friends.

  User message

  @ Sister Xiao: When I go out to eat, I am afraid that there will be many people, and I will be finished. I don’t have to wait in line for any one. I won’t spend hours waiting in line for the delicious food. The world of eating goods really doesn’t understand.

  @ Yeah: Last month, I went to Shanghai, and I went to Radio Lane Hot Pot, which was bursting in Tik Tok and couldn’t be hotter. I passed at 7 pm and didn’t eat until nearly 10 o’clock. After eating it, I really didn’t feel anything special, but it was so spicy that I doubted my life!

  @ Yunxiao: If there is such a high queuing rate in another year, then I will serve you!

  @ Prince: The best marketing of catering is high-quality and delicious dishes, intimate service and comfortable environment.

  @Triss: I’m not interested in the "online celebrity" series, but I certainly don’t miss the delicious food. However … … Good taste, good environment, after eating the hot pot restaurant with no smell, it’s good to go to Hangzhou more! I can only say that the marketing planning of online celebrity Store is excellent.

  @ Pure de Taste: I don’t like this kind of excitement the most. Many online celebrity stores have been popular for a while. After a while, there are no people at the door. You can eat whenever you want!

  @ Yang Hanchun: In 2006, the slag-dropping sesame cake caught fire and cooled overnight! In 2008, the miscellaneous grains steamed bread, fire, overnight, gone! Online celebrity, blindly follow the trend … …

  @ 丫丫丫丫丫丫: In fact, it is more interesting to do it yourself. You can do it differently and eat it differently. Too much practice makes perfect. It is a table of delicious food at your fingertips. It’s a shame to get together with friends.

  Reporter’s notes

  When online celebrity Store faded out of the circle of friends.

  It’s not far from being out of breath

  The food is warm and rich in color and strong in substitution. The short video will make the food content more appealing. Let users feast their eyes before eating, and the increment brought by short videos has opened up a new situation for the catering industry.

  Is the online celebrity restaurant recommended by Tik Tok really worth visiting? Does online celebrity restaurant mean it won’t last long?

  "Before visiting the store, we will refer to more objective comments such as public comments. If the evaluation is particularly poor, we will not go." In the interview, Lu Minghe told reporters.

  Of course, any restaurant has a cycle, especially online celebrity restaurant, which focuses on explosive properties. It may not be difficult to become a temporary online celebrity, but it also means that your products and operations will be tested in the high expectations of consumers. It is not enough to have Tik Tok as an amplifier. We must use good products to retain customers.

  It is an undeniable fact that many online celebrity stores that have been screened are gradually fading out of people’s sight, and even have closed down. Some netizens concluded: "They are all online celebrity shops living in a circle of friends. When they disappear from your circle of friends, it is not far from the real disappearance. "

  Our reporter Chen Jie

How many of the 10 open-world games have you played?

I don’t know when the "open world game" has gradually become the top stream, and even Blizzard’s Diablo 4 has become an open world game. The so-called open world game is a game with an open map. Players can freely explore the game world and interact with various elements in the game, so they don’t have to worry about the main task, and they can enjoy the various side tasks in the game leisurely.

Many game development companies have mastered this craft and played a lot of these games. For those adventurous players, the following 10 open-world games are strongly Amway. Try it.

Killer 3 is a stealth action assassination game, which is the third sequel and the final chapter of the Killer series. This game has also become an open gameplay.

It doesn’t look fun, but it’s fun to play with! It’s definitely not a good game if the environment is so empty. I won’t know until I play it. It’s called the loneliness and desolation of the last days. Loneliness is full of this game, but every time I explore an area, I feel a sense of accomplishment, because you have connected the ties, and after the infrastructure construction, my sense of accomplishment is bursting, but strangely, I only get praise, not upgrades and gifts, don’t you think it’s a masterpiece! It is worth mentioning that I still listen to the original song list of "Death Stranded" every day, and I feel so right.

Personally, I think the first part of the open world should be the old roll, among which "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyline" is the best, and its exquisite game scenes and rich story lines make me feel very substituted. Almost everything you want in Skyline can be achieved, especially after using MOD.

R star’s first open-world masterpiece, the old game in 2013, is still selling well. Many R fans are addicted to it, playing in the dark, and still sleeping? This game, which has a great influence on the concept of the open world, should be new. It is said that GTA6 is already under development, just wait and see.

In this game, you will experience the exotic culture and scenery of Egypt and the huge map, and know why Ubisoft is called a tourist simulator. You will experience a new way of fighting, plundering and using dozens of weapons with different characteristics and rarity. Study the deeply developed machinery, and face the unique and powerful leader to give play to your tactical skills.

You play a male or female protagonist named Jesse, and embark on a thrilling adventure, crossing the ground world, passing through Nether, and reaching the dead end. You and your friends worship the legendary "Order of the Rock": a team composed of soldiers, Redstone engineers, rangers and architects to eradicate Ender’s dragon. In the EnderCon contest, you and your friends were looking forward to meeting soldier Gabriel, only to find that something was wrong … something terrible. The devil has been released. In order to save the disappearing world, you must embark on a journey to find the "Order of the Rock".

The second masterpiece of polish donkey, after many developments and subsequent upgrades and optimizations, is already great. Although it has not reached the perfect level. However, the open world of the city of night is absolutely first-class, and every corner seems to contain secrets. Full of vitality, I believe CDPR will not give up this game, and it is said that the large DLC will come out soon.

FS Club’s games have always been famous for building an imaginary world. The curse of blood source, the soul of darkness and the wolf are all from their hands, so the idea of President Hidetaka Miyazaki is very exciting for many people. The big sale of Eldon’s Ring of Law is enough to prove this point. The open world is unique, getting rid of many old routines of similar games and successfully bringing players an attractive experience from beginning to end.

Fistful of dollars 2 is an action-adventure open-world game based on the pioneering history of the western United States, which is produced and distributed by R Star Company. The game can be played in the first and third person perspectives, and players can freely explore and interact with the open world. The content of the game includes gun shooting, hunting, horse riding, non-player role tasks, etc., and has a moral value system. Produced by R star, it must be a boutique! There’s nothing wrong with ranking second, is there?

The Wizards series of games has always had an excellent game background, and Wizards 3: wild hunt is the master of the class. Players get the best sideline mission ever, and it is also one of the best open world games ever. The gameplay and story of Wizard 3. It is really designed around the world of games. It’s not a game background, it’s a living world. Playing cards and playing strange things in the game is fun. Polish donkey is the originator of the open world.

Author:, who loves to play stand-alone network.