Do we need so many live broadcasts of football matches?

Indeed, it is really convenient for modern people to watch the game nowadays. Even more and more people watch the live broadcast of the game in a year, which adds up to less than watching short videos or scoring GIFs. Then the question is, do we still need so many live football matches?

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football! When talking about this issue, a British fan said so.

Besides, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching live games every week? What’s your opinion about the overload of live broadcast of the game? Please tell us together in the comments!

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Not long ago, the Premier League officially announced:Before all the British fans can return to the stadium to watch the game(as early as May 17th), all events will continue to be broadcast live online in the UK.

This rule may not feel anything to overseas fans. But for British fans, it is a big event that can change their lives. After all, they haven’t watched the football match on TV on Saturday afternoon for decades.

This is due to a long-standing magical rule in Britain-3PM Blackout, which was negotiated and passed by the FA and the league.From 2: 45 pm to 5: 15 pm on Saturday, it is forbidden to broadcast any football match on TV.

The origin of 3pm blackout can be traced back to Bob Lord, Chairman of Burnley Club in 1964.(Bob Lord)A broadcast ban at Tevermore Stadium.In the view of Chairman Bao, the live TV broadcast is harmful to the club besides lowering the attendance rate of the stadium.

△ Center is Bob Lord, then chairman of Burnley Club.

Despite a lot of controversy, President Bao succeeded in persuading more and more clubs to accept it with his golden tongue.Television broadcast of demon theory.After unanimous negotiation, 3pm blackoutKick-off at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon is a tradition in English football.Not only has it become the rules of English clubs, but it has even been incorporated into the British broadcasting law, which makes it a criminal offence to broadcast football matches on TV on any Saturday afternoon in Britain.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, all the games had to be broadcast online, and the question of whether the broadcast ban should be completely abolished was once again put on the focus of public discussion. But for British fans, although there are more games broadcast, the troubles of happiness have also come:With limited energy, so many games are broadcast live, it seems that I really can’t watch it!

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football!

When talking about this issue, a British fan said so. His views also represent the voices of many fans.

In this regard, two columnists of The Athletic discussed through a podcast: Do we still need so many live football matches?

Too much broadcast of the game has made people tired of watching the game.

The host of Adam Hurrey The Athletic podcast, Football Cliches.

It has been a whole year since the special situation of being forced to have an empty match due to the epidemic, and the discussion on whether 3pm blackout should be cancelled has been going on for a long time. Therefore, it seems a natural thing to broadcast all the games in the current situation.

However, with the resumption of broadcasting, we gradually found that in the face of so many football matches, watching the ball every day is no longer a pleasure, and it has even become a psychological burden. 

As early as before the epidemic isolation intensified the daily competition in domestic broadcast of football matches, the broadcast of three matches on Super Sunday in Premier League was already a marathon experience for football fans: from pre-match comments to players’ warm-up, from goal playback to VAR slow-motion analysis, from betting recommendation to various advertisements ….. The broadcast of several consecutive football matches in one day is quite challenging for fans to watch and broadcast.

Whether the game involves their favorite team or their annoying team, or involves two teams that they don’t care about. 

△ A busy Premier League weekend screenshot from Tencent Sports APP

A Premier League fan in the UK, watching the game every Saturday, is probably like this:

The first game, kick-off at 12: 30 noon British time:

Ok, at noon, the game will start. Today’s noon match is a match in leicester city (generally speaking, leicester city or Southampton kick off earlier, as evidenced by the data). You will notice the long shadows in the stadium, which is definitely the last light environment that people want to face when watching the match or even playing football games.

In the end, leicester city won 2-0, but the attention of this game was completely covered up by the VAR controversy.

The second game, EnglishKick-off at 3: 00 pm national time:

All right! You’ve watched a game and got into shape. Although the commentators are still discussing the question of whether Team X is excellent or Team Y is rubbish (the conclusion is usually: emmm…… … I think both teams are similar).

The confrontation between the two sides in this game is Crystal Palace vs West Brom, which makes you immediately start to wonder if you should do something else while watching the ball. But you can’t go out when you think about the epidemic; I also think that due to the broadcasting law, there is no advertisement in the live broadcast of the game at 3 pm on Saturday ….. Well, let’s watch another game.

Unfortunately, Wilfrid Zaha, the thigh of Crystal Palace, was injured, and there was one less attraction in the game … It is said that the commentary of this game is famous, but the fans never seem to care about this.

Game 3, kick-off at 5: 30 pm UK time:

Well, it’s prime time for the broadcast, and the strong teams are going to play again. It may be a game in which Manchester City beat a team 4-0, or it may be a showdown between Arsenal and Newcastle. Under the full light of the stadium, the shiny stadium is quite attractive. In addition, there is nothing to watch on TV at this time, which may be the perfect time to sit on the sofa and watch the football match.

At the moment, Jamie Carragher (a former Liverpool player and now a famous football commentator) slides his hand on the screen, showing you all the details of the game you should know, which is great. In the end, it was an excellent game to watch, but it doesn’t seem to be time to put an end to today’s full football marathon … 

Game 4, kick-off at 8: 00 pm UK time:

COVID-19 epidemic, the end of the world, all these things on TV. To tell the truth, Premier League football really doesn’t need to broadcast four whole games a day, especially after 7: 30 pm. Now, you have watched three football matches, and your mind is obviously not on TV. On the sofa, you have already started to brush your mobile phone and saw more than a dozen popular short videos about the coach’s rage or the commentator’s passion for wheat. Although these videos have been forwarded by you, you will forget all about the video content in a short time.

This is often the daily life of a Premier League fan watching the game on weekends.

If the football match is broadcast all day, will I watch it? Yes, obviously, I will, but this is probably just my consciousness as a practitioner, but other fans may not appreciate the broadcast of so many games.

△ Newcastle striker Callum Wilson celebrates the goal

Image: Newcastle United/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Indeed, as long as fans can’t watch the game offline, the Premier League has the responsibility to keep football in the spotlight through more broadcasts.However, don’t underestimate how tired fans will feel in such a marathon. Just for the sake of our poor and tired brains, I hope that the competitors and broadcasters will not regard the countermeasures in this special period as future decisions. 

The broadcast of the game is overloaded? I don’t think so at all!

Amitai Winehouse News Editor

It’s 11 o’clock on Saturday morning. You slept in, got up, had dinner, drank coffee and went out for a walk. Maybe you had a lesson with fitness coach Joe Wicks in front of the TV. So what’s next? I can’t eat any more food, and Zoom’s online test hasn’t started yet. For you, this day seems far away. 

However, you remember, there is a football match today! You looked at the live app on your mobile phone. At 12: 30, leicester city played against Liverpool; At 3: 00 pm, Crystal Palace played against Burnley; At 5: 30 pm, Manchester City played against Tottenham; At 8: 00 pm, Wolves play Chelsea!

As a fan, the distant Saturday was finally saved!

In this difficult period, there are not many interesting things happening. But we can watch all the matches in the Premier League. After watching the matches, you still have many things to do: chatting with friends on social software, playing Fan Texi in the Premier League, and brushing short sports videos … Is there anything more interesting for sports fans?

It can be said that playing football in the open field is meaningless, but online broadcasting can give the game real meaning.Indeed, not many people feel that it is necessary to watch a Southampton-Brighton game with dignity, but it is important that more games are broadcast, so that those Southampton fans and Brighton fans who want to watch this game have a proper way to watch this game.

The competition should belong to the public, not just the hundreds of people who are now allowed to enter the stadium.

In fact, the existence of streaming media just proves why the view that all sports events should not be broadcast is flawed. In any case, I am firmly opposed to the ban on Saturday afternoon games.There are always people who argue that this measure can protect the attendance rate of low-level leagues, but as early as 2018, EFL(English Football League)It has been announced that all Saturday 3: 00 pm games will be broadcast on its cooperative streaming media platform iFollow, and many international regions have also allowed to broadcast the games at this time. 

△ Amazon Prime’s Premier League live broadcast room 

Image: Adam Davy/pool/AFP via Getty Images

What’s more, for fans who want to watch the game offline, it doesn’t matter whether the game is broadcast or not. But if you don’t want to go to the scene, you can certainly find a way to watch the game at home.

In other words, even if the game is not broadcast on the mainstream platforms with copyright such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and BBC One, people will find various ways to watch the game, which is not a problem for modern fans at all.Besides, the football club has fallen into financial difficulties, and we can at least make the broadcasting company happy for a while, so that the team’s copyright income can be guaranteed, and the more the better.

So to be honest, although there may be a problem of watching the game on TV, football is now facing a critical moment, so please forget the idea that any match should not be broadcast on TV. Please broadcast all the football matches for us, without stopping for a moment … The broadcast of the games that helped you through the boring time during the epidemic is also an important part of your life.

The above is the discussion between two British sports experts. So, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching the game broadcast every week? What do you think of the view that the broadcast of the game is overloaded? Please tell us together in the comments!

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Proof: Does overnight water cause cancer? Is the hollow tomato hormonal? Here comes the answer.

  CCTV News:Nowadays, online rumors can be said to be changing, and new and old rumors take turns to appear. Today, CCTV news takes stock of several kinds of common false information for you, so everyone must keep their eyes open.

  01. Is there carcinogen in boiled water overnight?

  "Overnight water causes cancer", "Cold boiled water is comparable to chronic poison if left for a long time" and "Thousands of boiling water is harmful to human body" … … Recently, rumors about boiled water have been circulated again. Are these all true?

  Truth: Carcinogens are not born out of thin air.

  Experts say that mineral water and pure water that meet the safety standards have only minerals and trace elements or nothing at all. Therefore,Overnight water will not give birth to carcinogens out of thin air.. Even the carcinogen people are most worried about — — Nitrite must also be produced on the basis of nitrate.However, overnight tea will produce amino acids and other substances, which will easily lead to microbial proliferation over time and should not be drunk.

  Can I drink cold boiled water for a long time? Experts say that there is no fixed time for water to deteriorate, which is mainly affected by external objective environment such as temperature. In summer, the air humidity is high, and bacteria multiply rapidly, which easily pollutes water and causes human diarrhea. So,It is best not to drink overnight water in summer, and it is best to put overnight water in a covered container (such as a thermos bottle) in winter. Boiled water should not be left for too long, and it is best not to drink it after a few days. Barreled pure water is generally recommended to be drunk within one week.

  Except the bacterial content, other substances in the water will not change much. Therefore, as long as the water source is qualified, even if it is boiled repeatedly, the water quality will not change significantly. Therefore,There is no scientific basis for saying that "thousands of boiling water" cannot be drunk.

  02. Cann’t hollow, pointed tomatoes be eaten with hormones?

  Recently, a news about tomatoes was widely spread on the Internet. The post said, "Hollow, pointed tomatoes with red outside and green inside are all hormonal and poisonous to eat." The news made many people nervous. Is it true?/You don’t say.

  Truth: There are many reasons why tomatoes are hollow.

  Plant hormones (such as tomato essence) can really promote the fruit setting and fruit expansion of tomato, and too high concentration may lead to its hollowness. However, this is not the only reason. Insufficient light, insufficient nutrient supply, improper fertilization, excessive external temperature, improper water application and fertilization may all lead to tomato hollowness.Hollow is a physiological disease often encountered in melon and fruit planting. Hollow tomato is a deformed fruit, which is only a little problem in shape, and may taste a little bad, but it is not harmful and can be eaten.

  There are also pointed, peach-shaped, tumor-shaped and scarred tomatoes, which are mainly determined by the quality of tomato flower bud differentiation. In addition, the color of tomato is mainly controlled by genes, and the peel and pulp will show different colors by different gene combinations.None of this has much to do with plant hormones.

  What many people are worried aboutplant hormoneGrowth regulator is not a scourge, but a pesticide with extremely low toxicity. It’s completely different from animal hormones,Will not make the user precocious or infertile.Rational use can promote fruit growth. The possibility of excessive use by farmers is very low, because using too much will be counterproductive.

  03. Will the radiation from routers and microwave ovens hurt people?

  Routers radiate, microwave ovens radiate, and hair dryers radiate … … On the internet, many posts claim that these daily items are harmful to human body. Is this true?

  Truth: As long as you don’t sleep next to them, it’s safe.

  First, explain two words: radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

  Radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

  Ionizing radiationSubstances that can ionize can cause damage to cells and even DNA, which is dangerous;

  non ionizing radiationThere is no ability to ionize substances, and the energy of daily contact with non-ionizing radiation is very small, so it is difficult to directly harm organisms and it is safe.

  Electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic waves.

  High energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiationIt’s ionizing radiation. Only this part of electromagnetic radiation is dangerous.

  wireless routerThe electromagnetic waves emitted by the router are safe non-ionizing radiation, and the frequency is mostly 2 GHz (or 5 GHz). As for ionizing radiation that can directly damage organisms, the frequency threshold is very, very high, at least reaching 100000000000000000 Hz, almost 50 million times that of 2 GHz! So, stop worrying about the radiation from the router.

  microwave ovenMicrowave is also non-ionizing radiation, which belongs to "radio waves" and can be used to heat biological tissues (such as microwave ovens). Radio waves are safe, and the electromagnetic field that can be detected outside the microwave oven is much smaller than that in the microwave oven. So, as long as you stay outside the microwave oven, it usually won’t hurt.

  electric hair dryerThe electromagnetic field generated by the hair dryer is the electromagnetic field of alternating current that we usually use. It can only form a magnetic field near the position where the current passes, and it can’t spread at all. Some data show that the magnetic field near the hair dryer is about 350 mG, while the magnetic field intensity of a common magnet is several hundred to several thousand g, which is at least several thousand times worse. So, don’t worry about the hair dryer.

  (This article source: Zhongxin. com, Quanmin Zhengzhen, Lilac Doctor)

Skiing meets love! The special registration of "Frozen" at the Eye-catching Blind Date Conference began.

Jimu journalist Zhao Pengshu Liu Min

This winter, "Erbin" is popular.

In addition to the dreamy world of ice and snow, wrapped in down jackets and eating Mattel popsicles on the central street, the most exciting thing for the southern "Golden Potato" is to put on ski clothes and ski gear, and let yourself fly freely in the outdoor real ski resort. The main one is cool enough and exciting enough.

And more young people who don’t have a long vacation can only look at the "circle of friends" and sigh, envy and hate to nest in the workplace and bury their heads in work.

"It’s not that Erbin is not good enough, but the distance is too far away."

Cry cry cry!

Don’t worry, now we have found the "world of ice and snow" at the door of Wuhan people’s house.

An outdoor dating agency, a custom-made pure love-seeking trip, and a realistic version of Frozen-romantic.

On January 27th, 2024, the first annual blind date meeting "Frozen", sponsored by Jimu News of Chutian Metropolis Daily and Liyuan Sub-district Office of Hongshan District, Wuhan, and supported by Zhongrun Qugu (Wuhan) Wenlv Investment Management Co., Ltd., will be officially opened at Zhongrun Qugu Four Seasons Ski Resort.

Zhongrun Qugu Four Seasons Ski Resort

In the world of ice and snow, meeting the favorite TA, walking hand in hand through thick ski gloves, descending against the wind from the high snowy road, smiling at each other and flashing eyes will be the most unforgettable memories this winter.

Zhongrun Qugu Four Seasons Ski Resort is located in Junshan New Town, Economic Development Zone, Wuhan. As the first outdoor ski resort in Wuhan, it covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, and has a primary ski run and an intermediate ski run. Compared with previous years, it has an extra-long ski run of nearly 200 meters, which is the longest ski run in Wuhan at present.

The slope of the snow trail is about 10-15, so that experienced skiers can handle it with ease, and beginners are not afraid of bumping when wearing protective gear, so they can enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports.

Because the ski resort is far away from the city center, single young people participating in this activity will gather at the designated place and take the bus together. During the driving process, there were not only well-designed interactive programs and relaxed ice-breaking links, which made all the single young people who participated in the activities laugh all the way. After arriving at the venue, they also arranged a special ski instructor to guide the skiing skills all the time. For the small partners who hold hands on the spot to express their success, there are even "surprise" gifts.

For the first time, this activity launched an online applet for registration. Those who are 24-35 years old, like sports, and want to "bump into love" through skiing and find the most special "Frozen" in winter, can pay attention to WeChat official account, click "Make friends" at the bottom left, enter the online registration system, slide down to the "blind date activity" page, and fill in detailed personal information to register (personal private information will be kept confidential).

The top ten partners who successfully registered will be the first VIP members and enjoy the exclusive service of the matchmaker. In the future, there will be more online dating activities for the first time, which is convenient for single members to have an in-depth understanding online and offline in advance.

The registration channel for the "Frozen" special event of the blind date meeting has been opened, with 25 boys and 25 girls each. The deadline for registration is 8 pm on January 25, 2024. Single friends who are interested in participating, please hurry up and register as soon as possible.

This winter, let’s go skiing together and go together. "meet by chance"love!

Activity time: January 27, 2024

Assembly time: 9: 00 am on January 27th, 2024.

Meeting place: at the gate of Chutian Media Building, No.181 Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan.

(You can take Metro Line 8 and get off at Hubei Daily Station, and exit C; You can also take bus No.402, No.411, No.552, No.578 and get off at Hubei Daily Station, and walk 200 meters.)

For specific matters, please scan the code and add the details of the matchmaker WeChat.

Domestic beauty recovered in the first half of the year, and then what?

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

With the coming to an end of the "618 Promotion" and the eve of double 11 Promotion, domestic beauty companies have released their financial reports for the first half of 2023. Due to the repeated epidemic factors in the same period last year, the base was low, and many local companies returned to the track of positive growth.

Among them, Polaiya maintained the momentum of growth in the epidemic. In the first half of 2023, the revenue increased by 38.1% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 68.2% year-on-year to 500 million yuan. Judging from the revenue scale of local beauty companies, Polaiya is only 2.46 million yuan away from the number one "big brother" shanghai jahwa.

During the period, shanghai jahwa’s revenue increased slightly by 2.3% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and its net profit returned to its mother increased by 90.9% to 300 million yuan. Skin care business, represented by Yuze and herborist, has played a leading role in the growth. Although its total proportion is only 24%, it is not as good as the maternal and child business with 25% of revenue and the personal home care business with 47.6%. The latter two businesses have experienced different degrees of decline.

From the perspective of performance volume, Huaxi Bio and Betani are also hovering around the half-year revenue of 3 billion yuan. In the first half of 2023, Huaxi Bio’s revenue increased by 4.8% year-on-year to 3.076 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother decreased by 10.3% year-on-year to 420 million yuan. Betaine’s revenue increased by 15.5% year-on-year to 2.37 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 13.9% to 450 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Huaxi Bio and Betani are not willing to be simply defined as cosmetics companies in their external publicity. Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi Bio, has repeatedly stated publicly that Huaxi Bio is positioned as a biotechnology company. Guo Zhenyu, the chairman of Betaine, said that Betaine Group wants to build a big health industry group with healthy skin and ecology in China.

From the perspective of specific business division, the two companies also have similar brand matrix strategies-multi-brands each focus on a single skin problem.

During the period, Huaxi’s bio-functional skin care business decreased by 7.6% year-on-year to 1.97 billion yuan, but it accounted for the highest proportion of total revenue, reaching 63.9%. Although the medical terminal business and raw material business have achieved high double-digit growth, their proportion is far less than that of functional skin care products.

There are four major brands in the functional skin care business, namely Runbaiyan, which focuses on hyaluronic acid technology repair, Quadi, which is used for anti-aging skin care, BM muscle activity for oily skin care, and Mibel, which is used for sensitive muscle repair. Among them, Runbaiyan has the highest revenue, reaching 630 million yuan during the period. However, the volume of these four brands has not yet reached the leading position in the field of skin care, which requires the continuous investment of Huaxi Bio.

Unlike Huaxi Bio, which started from the hyaluronic acid raw material business and then developed its own brand in multiple lines, Betani initially established its position in the field of sensitive muscle repair with Winona’s single main brand. In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Winona, the main brand of Betani, reached 2.26 billion yuan, accounting for more than 95% of the total revenue.

During the period, Betani launched another high-end anti-Laozi brand, Keke. Recently, Betaine also released Befuting, an anti-acne brand assisted by AI diagnosis. How to run out of the second growth pillar from the cultivated new brands will be the key to whether Betani will build a "skin health industry group".

Running out of the second pillar brand plays an obvious role in supplementing performance and boosting market confidence for beauty companies, which is reflected in Polaiya and Marumi. The make-up brands Caitang and PL Love Fire under these two companies have become the highlights in financial reports for many times and are expected to become the second pillar sub-brands.

Caitang, a make-up brand of Polaiya Group, has maintained rapid growth for several consecutive quarters, and its proportion in total revenue has steadily increased from 5.3% in 2021 to 11.5% in the first half of 2023. The proportion of the main brand Polaiya in the total revenue has been stable at around 80% in the past three years. In addition, Off&Relax, a care brand, and Yuefushi, a popular skin care brand, are other sub-brands that Polaiya is still developing.

In the first half of 2023, Marubi achieved a revenue of 1.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.6%, and the net profit returned to the mother also increased by 11.6% to 130 million yuan. Marubi shares attributed the performance growth in the first half of the year to the phased results achieved by the online channel transformation and the high growth of the second brand PL. The proportion of PL’s fire-loving income has increased from 3.7% in 2021 to 29% in the first half of 2023.

It is noteworthy that the increment brought by e-commerce channels in Tik Tok has also become a feature in the financial reports of major beauty groups. In the future, the construction of emerging channels such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker will become the focus of many brands.

Take Marubi as an example. In the first half of 2023, Marubi, the main brand, achieved a rapid growth of double in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker platforms, while the growth of Tmall flagship store of 28.3% was relatively weak. Two days before the release of the semi-annual report, Marumi announced the change of some investment projects of raised funds, and said that it would increase investment in live broadcast and marketing.

In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Shangmei shares increased by 25.7% year-on-year to 1.59 billion yuan, and the net profit increased by 60.7% to 100 million yuan. Among them, the revenue share of main brand Kans increased from less than 50% last year to 64.8% due to the increment brought by emerging e-commerce channels such as Tik Tok.

Dai Yuefeng, chairman of Shuiyang Co., Ltd., the parent company of Yumifang, said at the investor activity after the semi-annual report that he took over the adjustment of the company’s channel business in Tik Tok from the second quarter, and expected that the Tik Tok channel would have better performance in the second half of the year.

The semi-annual report of Shuiyang Co., Ltd. in fiscal year 2023 also showed that the revenue of Tik Tok channel, which was dominated by self-operated mode, increased by 137.4% year-on-year to 500 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was 48; The revenue of the Taobao platform, which integrates self-management, distribution and consignment business, fell by 12.6% year-on-year to 760 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was more, reaching 288.

At the same time, Dai Yuefeng is still directly managing the previously acquired French high-end skin care brand Effidan EviDenS de Beauté, and planning and adjusting the team division and business development direction of the main brand Yu Nifang.