National fitness fever sports consumption fire

  With the rise of national fitness as a national strategy, people’s demand for exercise and fitness is getting stronger and stronger. The scale of sports consumption in China is also gradually expanding, and the increase of personalized and experiential consumption is obvious. China Olympic Corps competed for gold and silver in Tokyo Olympic Games, and sports consumption reached a new climax. From watching sports events to participating in sports activities, online and offline sports consumption patterns are increasingly rich, and the huge potential of the sports consumption market is being continuously stimulated.

  Liu Mincheng, who lives in Guangwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, loves playing badminton. After his children went to primary school, he developed the habit of taking their children to play ball every weekend. "Exercise is good for adults and children. In the process of exercise, you can spend parent-child time with your child and cultivate his interest in sports from an early age." Liu Min Cheng said.

  Take street dance classes, practice yoga, learn skiing, and experience go-karting … … In the eyes of Du Shiyun, a post-90s girl who works in an Internet company in Haidian District, Beijing, sports means trying and challenging new things and learning new skills. Every time a new experience is opened, it is full of infinite fun.

  Product sales are booming.

  According to a sports consumption report released by JD.COM Big Data Research Institute, in recent years, the sports consumption market in China has continued to expand. From 2017 to 2020, the per capita sports consumption has been increasing, with a year-on-year increase of over 30%. In the upsurge of "buying in buy buy", sports products have contributed a lot. At the recently concluded "618" online shopping festival, outdoor sports, together with household appliances and 3C digital, became the three fastest growing categories of transactions this year. According to the data provided by Tmall, in 2021, the pre-sale turnover of Guochao sports brand increased by over 500% compared with last year, and the membership increased by over 60% compared with last year.

  "The sports that can be experienced now are more and more abundant, and the related sporting goods are even more varied. You can’t stop once you buy them." Du Shiyun said that yoga clothes and running shoes have already become a part of her daily expenses. In order to monitor the changes of heart rate during exercise at any time, she bought a smart watch and set up several somatosensory sports games at home to make herself "stay at home" healthier. "Since I fell in love with skiing, I specially bought a set of skiing equipment, and I want to go to Chongli next winter to feel the charm of the Winter Olympics."

  Driven by the concept of "sports is for a better life", more and more people take the initiative to include sports in their daily consumption list. At the same time, new gameplay and new technology promote the high-quality development of sports consumption, and the unique sports social environment drives consumers from simple experience to deep participation, promoting the growth of gymnasiums, sports malls and platform economy.

  "It is better to meet a big meal and work out together." According to China Fitness Industry Data Report 2020, the number of fitness members in China is about 70.29 million. With a total population base of 1.4 billion, the penetration rate of fitness population is 5.02%, up 3.19% from the previous year. From the trend, the gap between China and the United States and Europe is gradually narrowing.

  There are fewer vehicles and the city is quiet, but the gym under the night is in full swing. At 8 o’clock in the evening, the reporter went to Lecheng Fitness Center Store located in an office building in Chaoyang District, Beijing. People were sweating profusely beside sports equipment and enjoying the happiness brought by fitness. Manager Cai Pengjie told reporters that the gym is open 24 hours a day, and it is the busiest time in the store from 6: 30 to 8: 30 in the evening. Compared with the traffic at noon, there are 50% more customers who exercise in the early hours of the morning. "Most of the people who come to exercise are office workers around, and there is a strong demand for night fitness. We will set up more sports courses in the evening according to the different needs of members and fitness habits. "

  "Sports+"is full of charm.

  Daily physical exercise and sports experience are in full swing. Some people focus on stimulating the public’s various sports consumption needs. The extension and expansion of "sports+"drives the sports consumption market to expand and improve quality.

  Riding the "national tide" east wind, Xtep accelerates the process of youthfulness and fashion. In June last year, Xtep held a mountain gate show in Shaolin Temple, which sparked a spark between modern sports brands and traditional Shaolin culture. Four months later, Xtep moved the Shaolin series products to Shanghai Fashion Week. Since then, the Shaolin series has been put on the market in large quantities, and the omni-channel sales revenue exceeded 16 million yuan within one week.

  Tencent, which has successively obtained live broadcast copyrights of NBA events, the Tour de France and the Champions League, has formed a powerful sports content matrix, expanding the boundaries of IP development of events to games, social media and other aspects, so as to open up more business and revenue growth points.

  Various sports variety shows, timely and rich live broadcast packages, and cross-border integrated sports culture performances & HELIP; … With a large number of social capital entering the sports field, the sports industry has added new kinetic energy to the transformation and upgrading of consumption. The minority movement has also begun to "smell the wind", and more practitioners in the sports industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have begun to explore the rich growth space.

  Hubei Zhongjing Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in the execution of events for many years, became the "agent" of Wuhan canoeing in 2017. "In the past, we focused on the promotion of water sports. Many parents led their children to experience it, but it was difficult to form secondary consumption. After all, water sports is not a mainstream sport, and the number of participants is limited. It needs more opportunities for display and standardized system training." Jiang Jinsong, general manager of the company, said.

  With abundant water resources, the company is determined to promote water sports to the public. "Now everyone’s sports consumption demand is developing in a personalized direction, and they are willing to master a skill while exercising. The more unpopular the project, the more eager it is ‘ Stage ’ 。” Jiang Jinsong plans to build a kayak marathon around the lake with a duration of at least one week in three to four years, and design more tracks with different characteristics, with the goal of becoming a city brand and expanding water sports consumers.

  Release market vitality

  On the one hand, there is a high enthusiasm for mass sports consumption, on the other hand, the per capita sports area is small, the outdoor sports infrastructure gap is large, especially the lack of accessible fitness facilities, which makes it difficult for many people to maintain the habit of long-term exercise. "I have already set up annual cards for two gymnasiums, but every evening and holidays, if I want to find a place with good time, place and venue to play badminton, I have to queue up." Liu Min Cheng said.

  "At present, China’s sports industry is in a period of rapid development. The consumption of sports services represented by various sports training, event registration and venue reservation is growing rapidly, but there are still some shortcomings in the supply of public services such as stadiums and facilities." Cai Yongjun, member of the Chinese Olympic Committee and secretary general of the Asian Roller Skating Federation, said.

  A few days ago, the State Council issued the National Fitness Program (2021— In 2025), it is proposed to increase the supply of national fitness venues and facilities, extensively carry out national fitness events, improve the level of scientific fitness guidance services, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the sports industry.

  Under the dual promotion of policy support and the strong rise of domestic sports industry, all kinds of sports fitness facilities and sports training resources will be more open and rich. The sports consumption market is playing an increasingly irreplaceable role in meeting people’s growing needs for a better life.

  To promote the transformation of sports consumption market from "high-speed development" to "high-quality development", it is still necessary to further release sports consumption enthusiasm and market vitality. Cai Yongjun suggested that we should promote the pan-entertainment transformation of sports, develop younger trend sports and create immersive consumption scenes; Expand "internet plus Fitness", use big data and AI to create "smart sports", improve the intelligence, informationization and digitalization of public services for national fitness, and lead the comprehensive upgrade of national fitness content and scenes; Encourage the multi-dimensional cross-border integration of sports, enrich the new format of "sports+"personalized consumption, and explore in depth the concept design, content channels, platform scenarios and business models; Integrate existing resources, inject local cultural characteristics, enhance the interaction between sports and events, introduce and create high-quality sports IP, and promote the healthy development of sports service consumption. (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Guo Jingyuan Intern Liang Shuo)

Ten tips on Lantern Festival: What’s the difference between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao?

China News Network
It’s another year of Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. In many people’s minds, "it takes fifteen years to finish the year", while in some places it is directly called "off-year".
How did the Lantern Festival come about? As a seasonal food, what are the differences between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao? He Shaoya, a lecturer at the School of Sociology, Beijing Normal University, said that the Lantern Festival, as an important part of the annual festival and the finale of the Spring Festival, has a close relationship with the establishment of the first day of the first month.
As for Yuanxiao and Tangyuan, which people like to eat, the shapes are similar but the production methods are slightly different. There is a folk saying that "Bao" dumplings "roll" Yuanxiao. In addition, some places will eat lettuce on the Lantern Festival, which means "making money".
Data Map: Tai ‘an Daimiao Square held folk activities such as dragon dance, lion dance and stilt walking to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Photo by Liu Shui
How did the Lantern Festival come about?
There are many opinions about the origin of the Lantern Festival. One of the more influential sayings is that the Lantern Festival originated from Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty who went to Ganquan Temple to burn lanterns to worship Taiyi God on the first lunar month.
He Shaoya said that "Historical Records of Le Shu" contains: "Han people often spend the first month in the Xin Temple as a sweet spring, and when they are unconscious, they will die in the Ming Dynasty. Meteors often pass through the altar, making 70 men and women sing. "
She believes that the origin of Lantern Festival involves complex historical and cultural elements, such as traditional production and life cycle, astronomical calendar knowledge, folk belief in the moon and the time system of "Year".
Since the formulation and promulgation of the "taichu calendar" in the Han Dynasty, the fifteenth night of the first month has become the first full moon night of the New Year. It is this round of full moon that places people’s good expectations for a good agricultural weather and a happy life.
It is an important part of the festival?
Many traditional festivals in China rely on natural time series, such as Tomb-Sweeping Day and Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Summer Solstice, Mid-Autumn Festival and Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice Festival and Winter Solstice.
However, He Shaoya said that the Lantern Festival did not correspond to a specific time sequence. As an important part of the annual festival and the finale of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival’s prominent position is closely related to the establishment of the first day of the first month.
It is precisely because of the establishment of the first day of the first month that the full moon on the fifteenth day of the first month has the special significance of "the bright moon begins with a circle".
"Noisy" is the theme of Lantern Festival?
The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Generally speaking, it includes two parts: the busy year (welcoming the new year) and the resignation year (resigning the old year). The time generally begins on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month and ends on the fifteenth day of the first month.
Data Map: People celebrate the Lantern Festival by dancing dragons. Photo by Yang Huafeng
"Noisy" is the theme of Lantern Festival activities. There are various forms of "noisy", with noisy tourists, loud gongs and drums and bright lights.
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the people had a very lively Lantern Festival, and all kinds of musical instruments and songs and dances were staged. Gu Lu’s "Qing Jia Lu" records that "before and after the Lantern Festival, Bihu played gongs and drums, and it was written, which was called the Lantern Festival".
Besides, there are fireworks. According to the Records of Shuozhou written by Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty, the folk "set up Aoshan Mountain, burn flourishing fires, put up lanterns and flowers, and have a feast among groups", which is called "Lantern Festival". After this "noise", people return to daily life again.
"Tangyuan" is also called "floating dumpling"?
If we want to talk about the seasonal food of the Lantern Festival, we have to mention "glutinous rice balls".
Tangyuan, also known as Yuanzi, Tangtuan, etc. According to the records, "People in Beijing regard fermented bean powder as a branch to make soup, boiled glutinous rice as pills, and candied rice as mash, which is called’ Yuanzi’."
The "dumpling" here is the later glutinous rice balls, but the practice and eating method are different from now. At that time, the dumplings were not stuffed, and they were eaten with sugar syrup.
In the Song Dynasty, Zhou Bida wrote a poem, "It seems that the predecessors of Yuanxiao boiled floating dumplings never endowed this sitting room with four rhymes", which mentioned: "The stars are in the dark clouds, and the beads are floating in the turbid water." Floating dumplings are glutinous rice balls, and cooking floating dumplings during the Lantern Festival symbolizes a full moon and happiness.
"Tangyuan" and "Yuanxiao" are stupid and unclear?
Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are similar in appearance, but their making methods are different.
He Shaoya introduced that after the Ming Dynasty, the so-called round sub-category seasonal food in the Song Dynasty was also called glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao. The name of "Yuanxiao" is mainly popular in the north, and it is often called "Tangyuan" in the south.
"Clear-handed banknotes" says: "Tangyuan is called dumplings, and northerners call it Yuanxiao, which is a must-eat on the evening of the above yuan." As far as the production method is concerned, there is a folk saying that "dumplings are wrapped" and "dumplings are rolled".
There are also some differences between the two in stuffing. Yuanxiao is mostly sweet stuffing, including bean paste and black sesame seeds. Tangyuan is sweet, salty, meat and vegetarian, such as fruit and meat.
Data Map: The picture shows the cartoon dumplings made. Li yanran
With the development of the times, the fillings of Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are more abundant. Some merchants have introduced Yuanxiao with various novel flavors, and some have also introduced low-sugar and xylitol Tangyuan.
What other foods are there?
In terms of diet, the custom of Lantern Festival presents a colorful side.
For example, in some places, noodles are eaten during the Lantern Festival, also known as "lamps". "Dengzhaner" is generally composed of two parts, the bottom is a small cake made of sticky yellow wheat, and the wheat straw section wrapped in yellow paper is inserted on it, and the yellow paper is dipped in cooking oil for burning.
On the day of Lantern Festival, people light lamps and put them on windowsills and doorways at home to pray for good luck. After lighting the lamps, yellow wheat’s cookies are left for frying or frying cooked food.
In Guangdong, lettuce is popular in Lantern Festival. Lettuce is homophonic with "making money" in order to win a good title, and hope that the cause is developed and the financial resources are rolling.
He Shaoya said that in Yangzhou and Nantong, Jiangsu, there is a saying that "the lanterns are round and the lanterns are falling", which means that on the thirteenth night of the first month, the lanterns are lit and the dumplings are eaten; On the eighteenth day of the first month, when the lights go down, you should eat noodles. In Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, people eat bad soup during the Lantern Festival.
Is Lantern Festival an ancient carnival in China?
Lantern Festival is known as the carnival in ancient China, and its carnival is rare in traditional festivals.
In ancient cities, there was a curfew, and at night, Jin Wu (a ceremonial stick bearer) was on duty. However, during the Lantern Festival, the official gives holidays and night tours to facilitate the viewing of the lanterns. At this time, officials, people, gentry, men, women and children went out of the family, feasting and having fun, and enjoying the night tour.
In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Su’s "A New Story of the Tang Dynasty" said: "On the occasion of the Dragon, the capital will look at the sun in the first month and will be decorated with lanterns and shadows. Jin Wu is forbidden and licensed to travel at night. You visit relatives and workers in Xiali, and all of them travel at night. "
Data Map: In Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, the "matchmaker" played by an actor performed a community fire to celebrate the Lantern Festival. China News Service reporter Wei Liang photo
In addition, during the ancient Lantern Festival, women could take advantage of the festival to go to the streets and have a good swim. It is precisely because of this carnival that young men and women can get to know each other at this time, and many literary and artistic works describe the love that happened during the Lantern Festival.
In Song Dynasty, Ouyang Xiu wrote in "Born Chazi Yuanxi": "Last year, at the Lantern Festival, the flower market lights were like day. The moon rose above the willow tree, At dusk he had a tryst with me. The lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of this year, the moonlight and the lights are still the same as last year. I didn’t see last year, and I cried Man Chun’s shirt sleeve. "
When did the Lantern Festival custom appear?
There is still debate in the academic circles about the finalization period of the Lantern Festival. However, it is generally believed that the Lantern Festival custom appeared in the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties. After the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Lantern Festival custom gradually flourished with the development of urban life, and many festivals and customs have been passed down to this day.
Like a lamp. "Like a Dream" records the Kaifeng area in the Ming Dynasty: "The palaces and squires put lanterns on their furniture and have a feast. There are 70 or 80 classes in the big plow (pear) garden in each family. There are light sheds in all the temples, lanterns in all the furniture, and door lights in front of the door to compete for fireworks. "
Playing with social fire is also one of the customs of Lantern Festival. Social fire is a kind of vaudeville activity to entertain the gods and people. Up to now, in Hebei, Shanxi, Gansu and other places, playing social fire on the Lantern Festival is still an important activity of the New Year Festival.
Data Map: On the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the "Jiuqu Yellow River Lantern Array" in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province lit up to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Cheng xuelei
He Shaoya, for example, said that Taolinping Flower Face Social Fire in Jingxing County, Hebei Province belongs to the martial arts social fire, which mainly focuses on performing the familiar fragments of classical masterpieces, in addition to the running ceremony.
Why do you want to "walk all diseases" at this time?
In ancient times, there was a custom of "walking away from all diseases" on the fifteenth day of the first month (or walking on the bridge, etc.), that is, on the night of the Lantern Festival, women met and traveled together, and when they saw the bridge, they thought it would help them get rid of diseases and prolong their lives.
In Liu Dong’s "A Brief Introduction to the Scenery of the Imperial Capital" in the Ming Dynasty, there is a saying: "Women walk at night to eliminate diseases, saying that they walk away from all diseases and walking on bridges."
Every Lantern Festival, some places have the custom of worshipping Zigu. Zigu is the "girl" god worshipped by ancient women. The custom of welcoming Zigu has existed since the Southern and Northern Dynasties.
In the Southern Dynasties, Liang Zonggu’s Chronicle of the Age of Jingchu said: Yuanxiao "welcomes Zigu in the evening, so as to predict the future sericulture and occupy all affairs."
How to inherit the custom of Lantern Festival?
The inheritance of festivals requires the holistic existence of many elements such as time, space and ritual activities. The sociality and publicity of the Lantern Festival are in line with the public cultural services of modern countries and contain rich traditional cultural resources.
He Shaoya said that nowadays, new technologies such as sound and photoelectricity can be combined with the tradition of lantern display and traditional lantern making process, and new technologies can be used to promote the design and manufacture of lanterns, and the "lantern market" with knowledge and interest, modernity and tradition can meet the cultural needs of the broad masses.
For another example, we can take advantage of the tradition of attaching importance to community collective entertainment and members’ communication during the Lantern Festival, and organize street communities to carry out lantern festivals, group dumplings, interactive games, etc., so as to enhance the familiarity among community members and rebuild crowd connections.

Hot comment: Is Christmas a "lover" or is the Spring Festival an "original match"?


  In recent years, imported Christmas has become more and more popular in China. According to a survey conducted by a domestic research institute at the end of last year, nearly 90% of the young people interviewed in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou said that they would celebrate Christmas, and 37% of the respondents said that they would prepare for Christmas from January to December. This year’s Christmas atmosphere is even stronger. Before December, merchants in major cities began to be busy with Christmas business opportunities. There were various Christmas counters in the shops, and all kinds of Christmas goods began to sell well. The popularity driven by the market will continue until December 25, and the aftermath will continue. In contrast, the traditional Spring Festival in China is less lively and lively. Apart from the tired and crowded "road home" when the festival approaches, it is the Millennium New Year’s Eve dinner, or the family sitting around the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala, which is becoming a chicken rib. In many places, even setting off firecrackers has become a luxury. In this contrast, the Spring Festival in China seems to have become the "original wife" of China people’s aesthetic fatigue, while the Christmas on the foreign festival has become a hot "lover".

  Why did the Spring Festival lose its exclusive position?

  The wave of globalization makes it inevitable that Christmas will land in China. Globalization has made China a global economic power and trade power, and promoted the cultural and personnel exchanges between the East and the West. The novelty and curiosity brought to Chinese people by the arrival of the Christmas Festival is the main reason why Chinese people accept and embrace each other passionately. In short, it was love at first sight brought by the encounter of different cultures. When Christmas comes to China, in addition to maintaining her foreign flavor, she can also be considerate to conform to the aesthetic taste and commercial packaging of China people. For example, Santa Claus with a white beard puts on a Chinese Tang suit to encourage China people to shop on Christmas Eve … Christmas in China does not necessarily belong to family members, but it must belong to friends and lovers. Therefore, as lovers, Christmas and China people are still in a period of inseparable love. In this regard, the views of western media may be more objective. On Christmas Day 2004, Munny, a reporter from Newsweek in Beijing, said that he was very sad and homesick when he celebrated Christmas Day 10 years ago. At that time, almost no one in China celebrated Christmas Day. Now there are Christmas trees everywhere in Beijing. In Christmas 2005, the Financial Times wrote that China’s Christmas industry has occupied more than half of the world’s Christmas market. This year, even in Lhasa, a snowy plateau, Christmas has become a favorite of many people. In a word, open globalization and inclusive China culture make Christmas and China people have a good marriage. The Spring Festival is not only embarrassed to encounter the "cross-swords to win love" like the Christmas Foreign Festival, but also the two "Golden Week" holidays in China have distracted Chinese people from their yearning and expectation for the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, though not abandoned, has lost its position of being the only one.

  Christmas is more expressive and imaginative in form than Spring Festival. Although Christmas originated from religion, it is rooted in real life. Santa Claus, Christmas balls, Christmas dinners, Christmas cards, Christmas hats, Christmas socks, Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, and the church organizing a choir to "give good news" on Christmas Eve. Colorful festival forms make children full of fairy-tale imagination, make young people get warm and romantic love, and make middle-aged and elderly people enjoy family reunion. Christmas came to China, although the religious color faded a lot, but the richness in form was magnified by Chinese people. On the other hand, the Spring Festival is monotonous in form, and traditional folk customs are either full of superstition and abandoned, such as offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods; Either it is banned for some reason, such as fireworks; The Spring Festival Gala, known as the modern folk custom, is a spoon-feeding passive appreciation. In addition, the Spring Festival is often prone to gambling, bribery and other bad habits. The overcrowded "Spring Festival travel rush" brought by the Spring Festival has plagued several hundred percent of chronic diseases. In contrast, Christmas is more relaxed and free than the Spring Festival, which makes people feel physically and mentally exhausted.

  Compared with the Spring Festival, Christmas is also very different in connotation. Around Christmas, it is also a period when foreigners spread their love more intensively. According to foreign media reports, this Christmas, about 5,000 men, women and children in Liverpool, England dressed up as Santa Claus and participated in the annual "Santa Claus Race". In London, you can often see fund-raisers dressed as Santa Claus holding small red buckets to raise money for various poverty alleviation activities. In the United States, it is also a tradition for various organizations and groups to carry out charity activities during Christmas. For example, the Heat, an American NBA team, held a lottery charity sale outside the Dolphin Mall in Miami. As donation has become a Christmas tradition, its connotation has a heavy human love. Although on the eve of the Spring Festival, China will also offer sympathy and relief to the poor and weak, but it is mostly led by the government and lacks the conscious participation of the people. However, the cultural habit of debt collection at the end of the year makes it impossible to compare the humanistic care of the Spring Festival with the charity before Christmas. Although Chinese people only love the shape of Christmas for the time being, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and may gradually learn the core of Christmas charity in the future. If so, the original impression of the Spring Festival may be old-fashioned and wooden, and I am afraid it is stingy.

  Support for the Spring Festival

  Even if Christmas seems to be a lover who can’t give up, don’t forget the Spring Festival as a traditional original. Open China can embrace and accommodate different cultures similar to Christmas, but it is natural to defend and stick to its traditional festivals. Give us advice on the Spring Festival, not only to strengthen its position as an "outline", but also to give it the wings of globalization, so as to make it an international festival like Christmas and enhance China’s soft power.

  In this regard, the author has the following suggestions: First, the lively form of Christmas is grafted onto the Spring Festival, so that the young and avant-garde people can postpone their "love" to the Spring Festival and add vitality to our rigid folk custom of the Spring Festival. For example, learn from the religious legends and related patterns of Christmas, improve the legend of "Year", add a little imagination to children’s lucky money, give young people more freedom, and even create an auspicious symbol representing the Spring Festival like Santa Claus. Although Santa Claus originated from ancient myths, its image began in the middle of the 20th century. It can be seen that tradition can add fresh elements. To rejuvenate the Spring Festival, there must be expressions suitable for all ages.

  The second is to absorb the reasonable core of Christmas and abandon the dross of the Spring Festival. While getting rid of bad habits such as praying to God, worshipping Buddha and gambling, we should increase more folk charity and mutual assistance activities, and shape the Spring Festival as the beginning of "giving love" in a year, while diluting some utilitarian colors of "gambling head" and "praying for the blessing of the coming year".

  The third is to form a "festival community" with Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. With the help of the international appeal of the three, we can carry out some festival-coherent activities, such as regional or even national fun competitions, to promote and improve the Spring Festival, so that China and the international community can enjoy the charm of combining Chinese and Western.

  Of course, festivals are an important carrier of culture. In order for the Spring Festival to carry forward China culture and even become an international festival, it will ultimately depend on the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of its comprehensive national strength. (Zhang Jingwei)

Editor: Zhu Zhen


One day, Xiaoming came to a magical toy store. He was filled with joy when he saw all kinds of interesting toys on display in the shop. He went to the counter, and the shopkeeper smiled and said to him, "Which toy do you like, little friend?"

Xiao Ming’s eyes lit up and pointed to a small plane on the counter and said, "I want that plane!" "

The shopkeeper nodded, took out a small box and put the plane in. Xiao Ming happily took the box and was ready to pay the bill and leave.

Just then, the shopkeeper suddenly said, "little friend, I want to tell you a secret." This plane is magical. As long as you press its button, it will fly into the sky and take you anywhere you want. "

Xiao Ming was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears. He couldn’t wait to press the button, and in an instant, the plane released dazzling light and broke through the sky.

Xiaoming was pleasantly surprised to find himself in a beautiful fairyland. He saw colorful rainbows, smelled a garden full of flowers and met a group of friendly animals.

He played with the animals for a while, and then decided to see the highest mountain in the world. The plane successfully took him over the mountains and valleys, across the vast sea, and finally stopped at the peak of a snowy mountain.

Xiao Ming stood at the top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful scenery, filled with joy and gratitude. He realized that this plane not only brought him joy, but also taught him an important truth: as long as you have dreams and courage, you can surpass yourself and explore the unknown world.

When Xiao Ming returned to the toy store, he said to the shopkeeper with emotion, "Thank you for giving me this wonderful plane, which made me understand the meaning of courage and exploration."

The shopkeeper smiled and said, "son, this plane is just a symbol. The real magic lies in your inner courage and infinite imagination." Remember, as long as you believe in yourself, you can fly anywhere you want. "

Xiaoming nodded gratefully. With full of courage and dreams, he walked out of the toy store, ready for the future adventure.

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Win the favor of the market

Become the "online celebrity" in the field of domestic cosmetic brushes


One of the cradles of Qingxian cosmetic brush industry.

Dongyaozhuang village

Bei Ali research institute

Evaluate"China Taobao Village"

In 2021

Qingxian county quilt China light industry Federation

And China daily necessities industry association.

"Hometown of Makeup Brush in China"


Qingxian, the Hometown of Cosmetic Brush in China.

More than 500 brands have been registered

Qingxian county makeup shua products

Its share in the domestic market is about 60%

There are hundreds of millions of makeup brushes every year.

Sell it to the world from here.

Small makeup brushes "brush" out of big industries

"This makeup brush decorated with sika deer stripes,

It was jointly signed by our family and the Summer Palace.

Liuhe Taiping series brush sets,

Using artificial fiber, soft and fluffy … "

At 10 o’clock in the morning on November 3,

In a live broadcast room in Yaozhuang Village, Machang Town, Qingxian County.

The anchor Yuan Huiyan is holding "Ainuoqi"

Brand makeup brush for live broadcast

In order to build brand core competitiveness

From 2018 onwards,

Xingyuan Brush Factory launched the Summer Palace co-branded products.


Since Liuhe Taiping series brushes came out.

The sales volume has exceeded 60,000 sets.

Thanks to years of technical accumulation

And continuous innovation

Cosmetic brush of Xingyuan Brush Factory

The road to private brands is getting smoother and smoother.

With the development of Xingyuan Brush Factory

The foundation of the local cosmetic brush industry continues to consolidate.

The industrial chain has basically taken shape

The popularity has also been further opened.

Quality raw material suppliers start

Supply advanced raw materials to Qingxian brush-making enterprises

Breaking the raw material market monopolized by Japanese and Korean brands.

Industrial development

Bring more employment opportunities

In and around Dongyaozhuang village

Engaged in cosmetic brushes and supporting products.

About 2000 people are produced and sold.

Zhixingyuan brush factory

There are more than 100 villagers from the surrounding area.

Also including Yuan Huiyan

Some young people.

From working for a Korean factory

Do OEM work in a self-built factory

Then develop a high-quality domestic cosmetic brush brand.

Qingxian County, Hebei Province

"There are really two brushes."

Comprehensively compiled from Hebei Daily client, Jiyun, power grid headlines, Taobao, bilibili, etc.

Why are you advised to swim more? These seven benefits are the best reasons.

In summer, many girls will choose swimming, because swimming can mobilize the muscles of the whole body, make the body more symmetrical and have the effect of bodybuilding. What are the benefits of female swimming besides losing weight?

1, enhance the body’s resistance

Women’s long-term persistence in swimming can improve their immunity, thus preventing diseases. Female friends can choose butterfly or breaststroke swimming, mainly using pelvic and thigh muscles, which can prevent uterine prolapse for a long time.

2. Make your body more perfect

When swimming, you will move to the muscles of the whole body, which is conducive to the balanced development of the muscles of the body in the long run. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, which can consume excess calories, decompose fat, reduce fat and make the body shape more perfect.

3. Protect the spine

Long-term adherence to swimming will also have a certain massage effect on the spine. When swimming, it is mainly because of the buoyancy of water, and there is no pressure on the cervical spine, so that the muscles of the neck are exercised.

4, enhance the body’s cold resistance.

When stimulated by cold water, the capillaries will expand and contract, and when swimming, the capillaries will expand in the state of hypoxia. After repeated expansion and contraction, the nervous system that dominates the skin blood vessels will become more flexible, thus increasing the adaptability of the human body to temperature changes.

5, improve the cardiopulmonary function.

Swimming for more than 40 minutes belongs to aerobic exercise, and long-term persistence can improve women’s cardiopulmonary function. Because there must be faster blood flow and gas exchange when swimming, this will increase the pumping ability of the heart.

6, regulating female endocrine

Swimming can also regulate women’s endocrine, make their mind more peaceful and their skin more moist. Long-term swimming can also promote the growth and development of bones and prevent osteoporosis and rheumatoid disease.

7. Relieve stress

Women’s long-term insistence on swimming also has the effect of relieving stress, because swimming can mobilize the brain nervous system to secrete a happy hormone, which can reduce stress, keep women away from depression and anxiety, maintain an optimistic attitude and adjust endocrine disorders.


Female swimming will bring so many benefits to the body, but never swim during menstruation, otherwise it will cause infection. Pay attention to protect your eyes when swimming to prevent conjunctivitis. Wipe your body clean in time after swimming to prevent cold. You must choose a thoroughly disinfected swimming pool and take a bath in time after swimming home.