The attitude is correct and the strength is not good. The national football team lost to Syria 0-1.

Extremely popular journalist Xu Ping.

On the evening of September 12th, 2023, the 2023 International Football Friendly Tournament was held at the Phoenix Mountain Professional Football Stadium in Chengdu. Compared with the Malaysian team, the China men’s soccer team had a good attitude, but the strength was not enough for them to score goals. In the end, it lost to the Syrian team 0-1, which was the first time that the national football team lost to its opponent in the warm-up match.

In the last World War I with Malaysia, the national football team scored a goal first, and with the help of Lin Liangming’s long-range shot from the front of the restricted area, it drew 1-1 with its opponent. At the last moment of the game, the national football team needlessly dropped the ball in the backcourt, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the fans on the scene and sent a burst of boos, thinking that they were "not enterprising".

In this game, the attitude of the national football team has been greatly improved, and it has done its best at both ends of attack and defense. At the press conference before the game, jankovic and Wu Lei both expressed their hope for the fans to fight for the next victory.

yan junling

Compared with Malaysia, which ranks 136th in the world, Syria, which ranks 94th, is stronger, and the national football team is not sure of winning. In the first half, the two sides drew 0-0. Yi bian fought again, and the two sides continued to fall into a dogfight. In the 58th minute, Kruma suddenly shot an arrow in the back. Although Yan Junling flew to save the ball at the first time, the ball went straight into the net in a dead corner, leaving China behind 0-1. In fact, before this, the Syrian team had scored a goal, but after the intervention of VAR, it was ruled that the offside goal was invalid.

After the score fell behind, the national football team’s offensive became more prosperous, but it was still unable to score goals. In the end, the national football team had to accept the result of failure. At the press conference after the match, jankovic, the head coach of the national football team, commented on the match: After the match with Malaysia, I asked the players to improve their pace and energy. Today is bad luck, we didn’t win the game, and of course we fought very hard. We tried many changes and worked hard in the end. We can’t say that we didn’t have a chance in the end, but we were unlucky and didn’t score in the end.

In response to a reporter’s choice of goalkeeper, jankovic said that he can only say congratulations on Syria’s world wave, which neither Yan Junling nor Wang Dalei could reach there. Jankovic also said that it was a competitive game and collected useful information for the future. Congratulations to the Syrian team, which also fought hard and won the away game. We must have struggled to lose at home, and now we can only look on the positive side and continue to work hard.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency data map)

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How many of these technologies from NASA have you seen?

  Today viewpoint

  Aerospace gives people a special feeling of "high cold", which reminds them of advanced fighter planes and magnificent space stations that ordinary people can’t see, touch or use.

  A few days ago, the well-known American website "GOBankingRates" took stock of 25 kinds of technologies originated from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in our daily life, which spread all over our "food, clothing, housing and transportation". They come from the distant sky, but they are convenient for our daily life.

  Food: baby milk powder, freeze-dried fruit, food safety packaging.

  At present, more than 90% of infant formula in the United States contains microalgae. It was originally the product of NASA research, the purpose of which was to test the potential use of algae as an oxygen "recycling agent" in space travel.

  Freeze-dried fruit is a common snack. However, the purpose of NASA’s development of freeze-drying technology is to make the fruits in the Apollo mission easier to carry, and this technology can maintain 98% nutrition with 20% quality.

  In order to ensure the safety and quality control method of space flight food development, NASA has now become a food industry standard to protect the food safety of consumers all over the world.

  Life: memory foam mattress, scratch-resistant lenses, anti-ultraviolet sunglasses, cordless vacuum cleaner, Nike air-cushion sports shoes, space blankets, ski boots.

  Comfortable memory foam mattress can fully fit the human body and relieve stress, which is necessary for many families. Memorable foam was not originally used to make mattresses. It was originally developed by NASA to cushion the impact of spacecraft landing on astronauts.

  Compared with ordinary glass, scratch-resistant lenses have a longer life. In fact, the scratch-resistant coating is a "by-product" accidentally discovered by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) under NASA when researching the diamond hard coating for aerospace.

  In 1980s, two scientists from JPL developed a kind of welding glasses, which can absorb, filter and scatter the strong light emitted during welding. Later, this technology was widely used in anti-ultraviolet sunglasses.

  Initially, Black&Decker was ordered to develop a portable device for Apollo and Gemini missions, which was used to extract samples from below the surface of the moon. This technology has been improved to become a "cordless vacuum cleaner".

  Nike air-cushioned sneakers use the patent of "Blow Rubber Molding" obtained by M. Frank Rudy, a former engineer of NASA. The initial application target of this technology is spacesuit.

  The space blanket is insulated and heat-preserved, which is an essential item for survival in the wild and marathon. But it was originally developed by NASA to protect spacecraft and astronauts at low temperatures.

  In addition, the technology used by NASA in the joints of spacesuits has been improved and used in ski boots, which improves the athletes’ control ability in skiing.

  Home: swimming pool purification system, household heat insulation materials.

  In order to resist the extremely low space temperature, NASA made an insulating material called "radiation barrier" from aluminized polyester. According to JPL, aluminized polyester is now used in most household insulation materials.

  In 1960s, NASA developed an electrolytic silver iodide filter to provide clean drinking water for astronauts, and now it is widely used to purify swimming pools.

  Travel: aircraft deicing system, precision GPS, anti-skid groove on highway, better tires.

  According to NASA’s technology transfer plan, civil aircraft can fly in cold weather, mainly due to a thermoelectric deicing system called Thermawing developed by NASA.

  Many mobile phones are equipped with precision GPS technology developed by JPL, and its data comes from JPL global GPS receiver network. Even if there is no wireless connection, you can still use GPS positioning on your mobile phone.

  NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed anti-skid slot technology to prevent aircraft accidents on wet runways. Later, this technology was widely used in expressways.

  In 1970s, Goodyear Company developed a new tire material for NASA Viking Mars probe, which was used in parachute system. This technology was later used to improve ordinary tires, increasing their life by 10,000 miles.

  Electronic products: mobile phone camera, notebook computer, high-power solar cell, wireless headset, mouse, CAT scanner.

  In the 1990s, NASA asked JPL scientists to make a miniature camera that can be installed on spacecraft while ensuring the quality of photography. According to JPL, one-third of mobile phone cameras now use this technology.

  According to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, "Grid Compass" is the first notebook computer in the world. It was first used in the space shuttle mission in 1983, which is one of the inventions of NASA.

  The crystalline silicon solar cells used in the home originally came from the lightweight solar energy system developed by the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology Alliance under NASA for electric aircraft.

  NASA has developed wireless headphones for astronauts to facilitate their communication. Now this technology has entered thousands of households.

  According to JPL, a NASA researcher developed a computer mouse in the 1960s, which allowed users to operate on the computer screen and made the computer more interactive.

  JPL initially developed a CAT scanner to scan aerospace components to get advanced digital images to detect defects. Now, it has become a commonly used medical instrument.

  Medical care: cochlear implant, invisible dental appliance, ear temperature thermometer.

  Adam Kiser, an engineer at Kennedy Space Center, used his working experience in electronic, sound and vibration sensor systems in the space shuttle project to develop early cochlear implants by using electric pulses instead of sound amplification technology.

  Compared with the traditional metal appliance, the invisible dental appliance is more beautiful. It is made of transparent polycrystalline alumina, which was originally developed by NASA to track heat-seeking missiles.

  Nowadays, many parents use ear thermometer to measure the temperature of sick babies or young children. According to JPL, this thermometer adopts infrared dissection technology invented by NASA and Diatek.

  There is always one of these 25 technologies that you have seen, touched and used. Aerospace technology can not only be used in high space, but also improve our quality of life after landing, which is one of the driving forces for human beings to explore and fly higher and farther.

  (Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, July 8 th)

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Last lottery number: 05 22 25 28 30+03 12
Front area: sum 110 parity 2:3 interval ratio 1:1:3? 012 Road ratio is 1:3:1.
Back area: the odd-even ratio is 1:1, the size ratio is 1: 1, and the trend of 012 road is 00 road.
Positioning analysis in this period:
The first trend: in the last five issues, the number is 15 02 01 21 05, the odd number is dominant in the near future, and the prime number is dominant in the near future. In this issue, we are optimistic about the leader 01,04.
The second trend: the number of the last five issues is 180803222, and the composite number is dominant in the near future.

What if there is fog in the car in winter?

There are six solutions to fog in driving cars in winter:

1, to open the window, convection of air, the principle of this method is the same as open air conditioning cold air.

2. To use the cool air to demist, you only need to select the air conditioner position at the equivalent cold air gear, or you can use the cold air blown by the air conditioner to demist. When the cold air is turned on, you don’t need to turn on ac but turn on the external circulation.

3. Use the hot air made by the heating system to dry the fog on the windshield inside the car. At this time, be sure to choose the external circulation mode.

4. Mix some detergent with some water and smear it on the inside of the windshield of the car window or on the surface of the rearview mirror, which can also have the same effect.

5. Spray anti-fog agent for vehicles, spray it evenly on the window and wipe it clean. At this time, a transparent protective film will be formed on the window to prevent the formation of fog.

6. Fog on the front and rear windshields can turn on the automobile defogging function, which can effectively reduce the moisture, fog and frost on the surface of the front and rear windshields and the exterior rearview mirror, and improve the visual field.


One day, Xiaoming came to a magical toy store. He was filled with joy when he saw all kinds of interesting toys on display in the shop. He went to the counter, and the shopkeeper smiled and said to him, "Which toy do you like, little friend?"

Xiao Ming’s eyes lit up and pointed to a small plane on the counter and said, "I want that plane!" "

The shopkeeper nodded, took out a small box and put the plane in. Xiao Ming happily took the box and was ready to pay the bill and leave.

Just then, the shopkeeper suddenly said, "little friend, I want to tell you a secret." This plane is magical. As long as you press its button, it will fly into the sky and take you anywhere you want. "

Xiao Ming was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears. He couldn’t wait to press the button, and in an instant, the plane released dazzling light and broke through the sky.

Xiaoming was pleasantly surprised to find himself in a beautiful fairyland. He saw colorful rainbows, smelled a garden full of flowers and met a group of friendly animals.

He played with the animals for a while, and then decided to see the highest mountain in the world. The plane successfully took him over the mountains and valleys, across the vast sea, and finally stopped at the peak of a snowy mountain.

Xiao Ming stood at the top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful scenery, filled with joy and gratitude. He realized that this plane not only brought him joy, but also taught him an important truth: as long as you have dreams and courage, you can surpass yourself and explore the unknown world.

When Xiao Ming returned to the toy store, he said to the shopkeeper with emotion, "Thank you for giving me this wonderful plane, which made me understand the meaning of courage and exploration."

The shopkeeper smiled and said, "son, this plane is just a symbol. The real magic lies in your inner courage and infinite imagination." Remember, as long as you believe in yourself, you can fly anywhere you want. "

Xiaoming nodded gratefully. With full of courage and dreams, he walked out of the toy store, ready for the future adventure.


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1-2 1-0!

Wonderful night of international football Tottenham leads the Premier League, the big black horse leads La Liga, Nice leads Ligue 1.

Recently, there has been an exciting wave of matches in international football, and several wonderful matches have caused a sensation around the world.

Among them, Tottenham, the leader of the Premier League, withstood the pressure in a thrilling game and beat their opponents 1-2, consolidating their leading position in the Premier League standings.

At the same time, there are also interesting situations in La Liga and Ligue 1. The big black horse rode the dust in La Liga and led the standings, while the Nice team made a leading position in Ligue 1 by virtue of its excellent performance.

In the Premier League, Tottenham played against a strong opponent.

After the start of the game, the two sides launched a fierce confrontation, and the situation on the field changed, and the audience stared at every move.

In the first half, Tottenham’s attack became more fierce, and the team took the lead with Sun Xingyu’s wonderful goal.

However, the opponent launched a crazy counterattack in the second half and once equalized the score. But the goddess of luck seems to be on the side of Tottenham, and harry kane’s goal at the last moment helped the team win the game.

This wonderful victory not only enabled Tottenham to lead the Premier League, but also demonstrated the team’s strength and teamwork spirit.

In La Liga, a big black horse emerged, attracting the attention of fans around the world with its amazing performance and unstoppable momentum.

Although the results have not been optimistic, this team broke expectations in the new season. With a strong lineup and teamwork, they launched an impact on the La Liga champion.

Their constant victories made them lead the standings and won wide acclaim.

The performance of this team has undoubtedly injected new vitality into La Liga, brought more competitiveness to the league and made the fans full of expectations.

In Ligue 1, Nice also showed great strength and dominance.

With their excellent overall cooperation and personal ability, they have won many times in the competition and achieved a leading position.

The team’s young lineup and excellent head coach have made them show unlimited potential and attracted much attention. The success of Nice team has also attracted the attention of Ligue 1. They have become a dark horse in the League and injected new vitality into the League.

Whether Tottenham leads the Premier League, the big black horse dominates in La Liga, or Nice leads in Ligue 1, these wonderful performances have amazed fans all over the world.

The success of these teams is inseparable from their persistence and teamwork spirit, and also reflects the charm and magic of football.

The fans’ attention and support for these games will continue to increase, which will also bring greater motivation to the team.

Generally speaking, this wonderful night of international football has brought many surprises and shocks to the fans.

The leading position of Tottenham, Big Black Horse and Nice Team not only represents their strength, but also represents their love and persistence in football.

The success of these teams is the result of the efforts and efforts of many players and coaches, and their hard work will also become an example for other teams to learn.

In the next game, we will continue to pay attention to the performance of these teams, expecting them to continue their leading position and bring more surprises and excitement to the fans.

At the same time, we also expect other teams to challenge the position of these leaders and inject more suspense and competitiveness into the league.

Whether it is Premier League, La Liga or Ligue 1, these wonderful games will become a feast that fans should not miss.

The charm and emotion of football will continue to be passed on, inspiring fans to persist in pursuing their dreams.

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Domestic beauty recovered in the first half of the year, and then what?

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

With the coming to an end of the "618 Promotion" and the eve of double 11 Promotion, domestic beauty companies have released their financial reports for the first half of 2023. Due to the repeated epidemic factors in the same period last year, the base was low, and many local companies returned to the track of positive growth.

Among them, Polaiya maintained the momentum of growth in the epidemic. In the first half of 2023, the revenue increased by 38.1% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 68.2% year-on-year to 500 million yuan. Judging from the revenue scale of local beauty companies, Polaiya is only 2.46 million yuan away from the number one "big brother" shanghai jahwa.

During the period, shanghai jahwa’s revenue increased slightly by 2.3% year-on-year to 3.63 billion yuan, and its net profit returned to its mother increased by 90.9% to 300 million yuan. Skin care business, represented by Yuze and herborist, has played a leading role in the growth. Although its total proportion is only 24%, it is not as good as the maternal and child business with 25% of revenue and the personal home care business with 47.6%. The latter two businesses have experienced different degrees of decline.

From the perspective of performance volume, Huaxi Bio and Betani are also hovering around the half-year revenue of 3 billion yuan. In the first half of 2023, Huaxi Bio’s revenue increased by 4.8% year-on-year to 3.076 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother decreased by 10.3% year-on-year to 420 million yuan. Betaine’s revenue increased by 15.5% year-on-year to 2.37 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 13.9% to 450 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Huaxi Bio and Betani are not willing to be simply defined as cosmetics companies in their external publicity. Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi Bio, has repeatedly stated publicly that Huaxi Bio is positioned as a biotechnology company. Guo Zhenyu, the chairman of Betaine, said that Betaine Group wants to build a big health industry group with healthy skin and ecology in China.

From the perspective of specific business division, the two companies also have similar brand matrix strategies-multi-brands each focus on a single skin problem.

During the period, Huaxi’s bio-functional skin care business decreased by 7.6% year-on-year to 1.97 billion yuan, but it accounted for the highest proportion of total revenue, reaching 63.9%. Although the medical terminal business and raw material business have achieved high double-digit growth, their proportion is far less than that of functional skin care products.

There are four major brands in the functional skin care business, namely Runbaiyan, which focuses on hyaluronic acid technology repair, Quadi, which is used for anti-aging skin care, BM muscle activity for oily skin care, and Mibel, which is used for sensitive muscle repair. Among them, Runbaiyan has the highest revenue, reaching 630 million yuan during the period. However, the volume of these four brands has not yet reached the leading position in the field of skin care, which requires the continuous investment of Huaxi Bio.

Unlike Huaxi Bio, which started from the hyaluronic acid raw material business and then developed its own brand in multiple lines, Betani initially established its position in the field of sensitive muscle repair with Winona’s single main brand. In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Winona, the main brand of Betani, reached 2.26 billion yuan, accounting for more than 95% of the total revenue.

During the period, Betani launched another high-end anti-Laozi brand, Keke. Recently, Betaine also released Befuting, an anti-acne brand assisted by AI diagnosis. How to run out of the second growth pillar from the cultivated new brands will be the key to whether Betani will build a "skin health industry group".

Running out of the second pillar brand plays an obvious role in supplementing performance and boosting market confidence for beauty companies, which is reflected in Polaiya and Marumi. The make-up brands Caitang and PL Love Fire under these two companies have become the highlights in financial reports for many times and are expected to become the second pillar sub-brands.

Caitang, a make-up brand of Polaiya Group, has maintained rapid growth for several consecutive quarters, and its proportion in total revenue has steadily increased from 5.3% in 2021 to 11.5% in the first half of 2023. The proportion of the main brand Polaiya in the total revenue has been stable at around 80% in the past three years. In addition, Off&Relax, a care brand, and Yuefushi, a popular skin care brand, are other sub-brands that Polaiya is still developing.

In the first half of 2023, Marubi achieved a revenue of 1.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.6%, and the net profit returned to the mother also increased by 11.6% to 130 million yuan. Marubi shares attributed the performance growth in the first half of the year to the phased results achieved by the online channel transformation and the high growth of the second brand PL. The proportion of PL’s fire-loving income has increased from 3.7% in 2021 to 29% in the first half of 2023.

It is noteworthy that the increment brought by e-commerce channels in Tik Tok has also become a feature in the financial reports of major beauty groups. In the future, the construction of emerging channels such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker will become the focus of many brands.

Take Marubi as an example. In the first half of 2023, Marubi, the main brand, achieved a rapid growth of double in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker platforms, while the growth of Tmall flagship store of 28.3% was relatively weak. Two days before the release of the semi-annual report, Marumi announced the change of some investment projects of raised funds, and said that it would increase investment in live broadcast and marketing.

In the first half of 2023, the revenue of Shangmei shares increased by 25.7% year-on-year to 1.59 billion yuan, and the net profit increased by 60.7% to 100 million yuan. Among them, the revenue share of main brand Kans increased from less than 50% last year to 64.8% due to the increment brought by emerging e-commerce channels such as Tik Tok.

Dai Yuefeng, chairman of Shuiyang Co., Ltd., the parent company of Yumifang, said at the investor activity after the semi-annual report that he took over the adjustment of the company’s channel business in Tik Tok from the second quarter, and expected that the Tik Tok channel would have better performance in the second half of the year.

The semi-annual report of Shuiyang Co., Ltd. in fiscal year 2023 also showed that the revenue of Tik Tok channel, which was dominated by self-operated mode, increased by 137.4% year-on-year to 500 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was 48; The revenue of the Taobao platform, which integrates self-management, distribution and consignment business, fell by 12.6% year-on-year to 760 million yuan, and the number of its online stores was more, reaching 288.

At the same time, Dai Yuefeng is still directly managing the previously acquired French high-end skin care brand Effidan EviDenS de Beauté, and planning and adjusting the team division and business development direction of the main brand Yu Nifang.