Observation: new forces have fallen one after another, and making cars has become a capital game.

[Know the way of car observation] Ten yearsBefore, new energy vehicles were like a spring breeze, favorable policies continued, the capital market was surging, and new forces to build cars were born. The new energy market was full of vitality, reaching more than 400 at its peak. With the help of capital, the new forces bid farewell to the "PPT grand blueprint" on paper, achieved a historic leap from "0 to 1" and officially opened a confrontation with traditional car companies in the market.

However, it is not easy to be new, and it is even harder to survive. In the past two years, the domestic market environment has turned sharply, and the new energy automobile industry is facing reconstruction. Under the double blow of the cold winter and the epidemic situation in the automobile market, the negative news of the new forces of making cars continued, and some new forces were eliminated in the "survival war" and left the scene sadly. During the ups and downs, these new forces can’t achieve the leap of life and death, and it is inevitable to eliminate bad luck.

Yundu automobile: from glory to loneliness

Yundu Automobile, which once sold 20,000 vehicles in 2018, is caught in the storm of production suspension, or will become the first "new power enterprise" to go out in 2022.

Founded in 2015, Yundu Automobile became the second new energy passenger car manufacturer in China to pass the examination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In October 2017, when Tesla still had a headache for production capacity in the United States, Yundu Automobile had released its first model, "Yundu π1". As the first batch of new power vehicles in China, "Yundu π1" enjoyed the subsidy and care of new energy policy earlier than "Wei Xiaoli", and Yundu π2 was successfully listed in only half a year.

When Weilai Automobile had only one model of Weilai ES8, and when most of the "new forces in building cars" were still in the "PPT" stage, Yundu Automobile had already realized the whole process of "R&D, delivery and after-sales", and in 2018, it achieved a brilliant sales of 26,000 vehicles, which was simply "the peak of debut".

However, the instantaneous brilliance of Yundu automobile obviously did not last forever. In 2019, sales declined, executives left, financing was weak, product quality problems occurred frequently, and industry competition became increasingly fierce. Yundu automobile gradually fell behind in the tide of new energy vehicles, even the previously planned Yundu X-π concept car and Yundu π7 were delayed.

Yundu Automobile, whose sales volume continues to be sluggish, "has no such car" in the eyes of consumers in just five years.

Future car: the future is uncertain, and the resurrection is indefinite.

After the negative news such as unpaid wages and broken capital chain was exploded in 2020, the future car began to be silent for two years. Recently, Guanwei was suddenly updated, and the parent company, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., officially announced the signing of a formal merger agreement with SPAC Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp., and the future car will go overseas for IPO, with a pre-investment valuation of 1.25 billion US dollars. A series of actions show that the future car has not given up. Is it really necessary to "resurrect" the future car with "uncertain future"?

As the earliest batch of new car companies in China, Future Auto was established by Great Wall Huaguan in February 2015, specializing in the production of pure electric supercars. Because of its superb attainments in design, it is often compared with Porsche Taycan.

In August 2018, the K50, the first product of Future Auto, went on the market, positioning itself as a high-performance electric sports car. After subsidy, the price was as high as 686,800 yuan, which was the most expensive model among the new forces in China at that time. However, apart from the pure electric drive and super-running appearance, the product strength of K50 is not outstanding. The cruising range of 380km under NEDC condition and the acceleration ability of 4.6s are obviously not in line with its price of nearly 700,000, so the K50 will only end up selling 131 vehicles in one and a half years.

In the face of bleak product sales, the future car has experienced a break in the capital chain, employees asking for wages, withdrawing stores, etc. It was once hotly debated because of "no future", and even the news of bankruptcy was repeatedly reported. The official said that the future car will create a "private customization" mode and realize scale customization, and "customized service" is also the core selling point of the future car merger and reorganization bet. However, customized solutions are not uncommon in the automobile industry, and the rivals of future automobiles will be a number of domestic new energy automobile enterprises with stable development, such as Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an and Tucki, and the challenge is difficult to imagine.

Sailin Automobile: A Joke-making Expert

From the appearance of the Bird’s Nest to the listing auction, from the super sports car to the old man’s joy, it only took four years for Sailin Automobile to grandstand and die of illness.

Recently, an auction message about "Jiangsu S Automobile Company" issued by Nantong Intermediate People’s Court appeared on Ali auction platform, which auctioned an industrial land of nearly 940,000 square meters in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province with a value of 2.38 billion, which is the Nantong base of Sailin Automobile in Jiangsu Province.

The predecessor of Sailin Automobile was founded by Steve Sailin, a former American racer. The original product was a modified Ford model. Later, the self-developed supercar Sailin S7 was on the verge of bankruptcy and was packaged and sold to senior lawyer Wang Xiaolin. On July 20, 2019, Sailin Automobile spent 300 million yuan to hold a grand automobile brand launch conference in the Bird’s Nest, which was called "the most embarrassing in history". There were many star platforms such as Hollywood superstar Jason Statham, and Wang Xiaolin told the story of Sailin’s glorious history, introduced several Sailin supercars, and said that Sailin Automobile would help more people realize their dream of supercars.

Ironically, however, after rendering the scene momentum and atmosphere in place, Sai Lin’s first mass-produced electric car "Maimai" was unveiled at the finale. This two-door two-seat mini-electric car with a starting price of only 158,800 yuan and a battery life of 305km is no different from "Old Man Le", which obviously forms a huge "contrast" with the luxurious press conference that was built with huge investment. What is even more ridiculous is that "Old Man Le" only sold 9 vehicles two months after its listing, and only sold 27 vehicles in total by the end of May 2020, which became a big joke in the automobile industry.

However, Sai Lin’s jokes can be far more than that. A series of farce such as employee’s real name reporting, employee’s salary arrears, the escalation of shareholder conflicts, and the founder’s patting his ass to go abroad to "support the elderly" have frequently caused heated discussions.

Perhaps "being listed for auction" is the destined destination of Sailin Automobile.

Baiteng Automobile: Bankruptcy and liquidation, hopeless mass production.

After struggling for more than a year on the "line of life and death", Baiteng Automobile was finally awarded the title of "burning 8.4 billion yuan in three years to make a mass production car" and formally applied for bankruptcy liquidation.

Since its establishment in 2017, Baiteng Automobile has carried out six rounds of financing, with a total amount of 8.4 billion yuan, including many well-known enterprises such as China FAW, Tencent Investment, Foxconn, etc. However, this new car-making star, once regarded as the most promising new force, has spent 8.4 billion yuan but still can’t build a mass-produced car.

M-Byte, the first product of Baiteng Automobile, gained enough attention with its interior at the beginning of its appearance. The 48-inch comprehensive large screen is divided into three display areas, with driving-related information displayed on the left and navigation and other services displayed on the center and right. This nearly 50-inch large screen is full of gimmicks. At that time, the official also said that the new car will be officially put into production in mid-2020. However, under the catalysis of epidemic situation and market competition, the dream of mass production of Baiteng Automobile has failed.

In June, 2020, Baiteng laid off employees with unpaid wages, the factory was cut off from water and electricity, and the office rent was cancelled one after another. On July 1, Baiteng Automobile’s mainland business operation in China was shut down, which opened a long-term shutdown. It is necessary to know that at the beginning of the year, Baiteng executives vowed that they could achieve profitability and catch up with Tesla within three years. However, the fact is that in less than half a year, Baiteng Automobile was in deep bankruptcy, and the company legal person patted his ass and left a chicken feather.

Guo Zhijun: Didi may become a life-saving straw

As a member of the second echelon of the new force to build cars, Guo Zhijun Automobile belongs to SINOMACH. Since its establishment in 2017, it has only completed equity financing once. The existing models are GX5, GC1 and GC2, with an annual sales volume of only 2000, and its survival status is in jeopardy. Now it is the last straw.

Didi’s dream of building a car began in August 2021, and the unmanned vehicle route that it tried to take at the beginning of building a car ended in failure. This time, it chose Guo Zhijun as a partner to try to extend the car-making business to the C-end market.

As a marginalized brand in the new forces, Guo Zhiwei Jun can be selected by Didi, which may be quite a "chosen son". However, although cross-border car-making is a current market trend, it is also an "industry curse", which has defeated many players who have rushed into the market. Although Didi is related to automobiles, its own strength and achievements are more focused on the Internet. It is still difficult to create a world in the ranks of manufacturing.

Xiaobian has something to say:

After all, for most consumers, cars are not the product of "falling in love" after all, and quality and strength are the last word. Therefore, the new forces that are radical, bold and whimsical, utilitarian and purposeful will only die out.

Once entered the automobile industry as a "subversive", the new force of making cars is surging and fearless, and the future can be expected.

However, if you don’t accumulate steps, you won’t make a thousand miles. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the elimination of the new energy market in the future will only intensify, and the new forces who want to survive in the fierce competition need more precipitation and accumulation.

Three questions about people’s livelihood: How to play online games to be healthy and what to play properly.

  Core reading

  How can online games prevent addiction and be effective and long-lasting? Experts suggest that parents should not instill in their children the idea that playing games is a sin, but should help them improve their self-control. In addition to setting up functions such as "one-click no play" and "limited consumption", game companies should also make plans to keep young people away from bad content. Only when the society gives guidance, parents teach by example, game companies develop high-quality content, and relevant departments assume regulatory responsibilities can a complete and effective closed loop be formed.

  Games are charming and children are easy to indulge. How should parents, society and game companies treat and treat games? What measures can all parties take to prevent teenagers from indulging in online games? We interviewed game companies, relevant scholars and experts to discuss the solutions to game addiction.

  How to guide children to play online games without affecting parent-child relationship?

  Q: What are the characteristics of teenagers using the Internet? Why is there an addiction to online games?

  Zhang Haibo, director of china national youth palace association Children’s Media Literacy Education Research Center: Today’s teenagers are aborigines in the digital age, and playing online games is their basic entertainment.

  From 5 to 14 years old, teenagers have a "triple jump" rule in the process of contacting the internet: around 5 years old, they haven’t gone to school yet, but they may have contacted the internet, and online games have become a part of life; Around the age of 10, teenagers will not only search through the internet, but also participate in social activities and express themselves; Around the age of 14, the internet has become an inseparable tool in life, and some teenagers have even surpassed their parents in "network digitalization ability".

  Teenagers are addicted to online games, often because there are four kinds of problems in parent-child relationship: first, they don’t understand, that is, parents don’t know what their children are doing online; The second is "poor relationship", that is, parents have not established a good parent-child relationship with their children online and offline; The third is "lack of guidance", that is, parents let their children play online games; The fourth is "bad demonstration", that is, parents themselves are addicted.

  Q: What are the parents’ responses to children playing online games? What is the correct way?

  Zhang Haibo: There are two common scenes in modern families: one is "network battle", in which parents control the network and never let their children touch online games; The second is "electronic nanny", which directly throws mobile phones and networks to children. In fact, excessive control and indulgence are not real education, and they are easy to aggravate teenagers’ addiction to online games.

  Li Tao, producer of Zeno technology games: I know a parent who severely taught his son to play games, which made him nervous when he heard the word "game", but when others were playing, the child still couldn’t help peeking.

  In my opinion, parents should not instill in their children the idea that playing games is evil. Too rigid management will make teenagers more inclined to decompress through online games. Parents should help their children to choose suitable games and establish their children’s aesthetic appreciation of high-quality online games. To help children choose high-quality games, we can first pay attention to the game age grading standards, secondly, we can simply try them out by parents themselves, and then refer to the evaluation and recommendation of the media and netizens. Only by knowing ourselves and ourselves can we grasp the initiative.

  Liu Mengfei, lecturer of "Game Research and Gamification Practice" course in Beijing Normal University: Game is essentially a meaning system guided by rules. "If you follow the rules to solve problems, you can get some rewards and feedback" — — This principle can also be used in reality. Before the children touch the game, parents can negotiate, guide and set rules to let the children show initiative and self-control in this process.

  Echo Gao, Ph.D. in Education, Psychology and Art History, University of Munich: Parents should do the following when dealing with online games: First, establish clear rules. Parents must know what their children are playing, and know where to play, when to play and how long to play. Second, to be a role model for children, parents can’t be addicts themselves. Third, provide children with opportunities to connect with real life. Psychology believes that the sense of reality is an important criterion to measure whether the psychological state is healthy or not. Some parents abroad spontaneously organize various sports associations, and parents take turns to take charge of classes. This practice not only creates opportunities for parents to accompany their children, but also provides them with real social circles. At present, many parents in China learn from it, such as organizing children to climb mountains and have an outing. Fourth, parents should accompany their children with high quality. High quality requires high attention and response, but not too much interference with children, giving them full freedom and maintaining good communication with them.

  Ask the online game producer how to control the supply side?

  Q: In game design, what responsibilities should game companies take to avoid adverse effects on teenagers?

  Liu Mengfei: In the early stage of game development, game companies should care for young players and consider the needs of young people from the perspectives of vision, culture and experience. In addition, we should make relevant plans for young players, such as how to keep young people away from bad players, bad language and thoughts.

  The game content can also be guided by some rules. If the player has pornographic and bullying performance, the game mechanism should be severely punished. When young players socialize properly and complete cooperation, they can be rewarded in terms of game values; On the other hand, if there is bad behavior in the game, players can be "sent" to a specific space to limit their freedom of play. To return to the normal space, we need to learn community norms and pass the answer test.

  To guide gamers, we should use the rules and mechanisms of the game itself, try our best to respect the players’ discourse system and subjective initiative, and avoid overbearing paternalism.

  Q: What measures can game companies take to prevent teenagers from indulging in online games?

  Joe Cheng, Director of Tencent’s Growth Guard Platform: In early 2017, Tencent launched a growth guard platform, through which parents can bind their children’s game accounts, and conduct operations such as inquiry, reminder, time slot setting, one-click ban on playing and limited consumption. As of July this year, about 8.78 million accounts were bound to the growth guardian platform.

  The growth guardian platform is divided into two modes: the super parent mode was launched in 2017, and its essence is the control tool for supervision and inspection; We will launch the Weteam model this year, on the one hand, urging parents to set an example, on the other hand, urging children to fulfill their agreements and get incentives. It is hoped that this model can cultivate the parent-child relationship of mutual trust, positive encouragement and entertaining.

  In order to prevent teenagers from irrational consumption in online games, Tencent has launched a game consumption reminder function for minors. If the accumulated consumption of users reaches 300 yuan in the past 30 days, Tencent will remind the payment account owner.

  At present, Tencent has cooperated with Peking University Institute of Education, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Virginia Institute of Functional Games, China Association for Science and Technology and other domestic and foreign academic and scientific research institutions to explore ways to enrich the educational model by using online games and build a healthy, positive, safe and reliable online game space for teenagers.

  How to better control online games under the principle of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages?

  Q: Many parents know about internet addiction rehabilitation institutions, and some even send their children there. Are such institutions reliable?

  Liu Mengfei: The professional qualifications of many internet addiction institutions are rather suspicious. Although game addiction is listed as mental illness in the latest edition of the International Classification of Diseases released by the World Health Organization. But this does not mean that those institutions that quit Internet addiction are "innate" with legitimacy. Even for the definition of "Internet addiction", the standards of these internet addiction institutions may not be consistent and authoritative enough.

  Some cases show that sending children to some internet addiction rehabilitation institutions will cause permanent damage to the parent-child relationship. After the children return home, their trust in their parents will be greatly reduced, and the parent-child relationship may become very indifferent or even tense.

  Q: How to look at and do online games in order to prevent and control addiction for a long time?

  Zhang Haibo: With regard to the network, we should adhere to the concept of "pursuing advantages and avoiding disadvantages": we can neither regard the network as a scourge nor leave risks unchecked. Parents should make the Internet "work for me" through active guidance, making it a good helper for entertainment, study and daily life, and a way to express themselves and participate in social activities.

  Liu Mengfei: There are already hundreds of millions of gamers in China. Since the scale of players has reached such an order of magnitude, it is necessary to fully investigate and understand the actual situation before finding a targeted solution when solving related problems.

  For online games, parents, schools and society can’t just see its possible negative effects. Only when schools give guidance, parents teach by example, game companies develop high-quality content and anti-addiction mechanisms, and relevant departments undertake the responsibility of formulating rules and supervision can a complete and effective closed loop be formed.

XTransfer will be unveiled at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024.

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024 will be held in January next year. Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, was invited to attend this international event as a representative of China entrepreneurs.

    The theme of this year’s Davos Annual Meeting is "Rebuilding Trust", and the forum will focus on issues such as sustainable growth of global economy, technological innovation and application, sustainable development and global governance. In this forum, Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, will focus on the theme with political and business elites from all over the world, and share his insights and sentiments as an entrepreneur in China.

    This meeting will provide a unique platform for China entrepreneurs to share with the international community China’s remarkable achievements in digital transformation and innovation. During the forum, Deng Guobiao will present innovative solutions of China enterprises in these fields on global economic governance, science and technology application and sustainable development.

    Xtrasfer has been focusing on B2B foreign trade financial services for six consecutive years, and it is the platform of B2B foreign trade finance in China. This year, Xtrasfer has officially launched international services, and trading enterprises all over the world have started to use Xtrasfer. XTransfer not only helps sellers solve the collection problem, but also serves global buyers. When both buyers and sellers use XTransfer account, the payment can be received in 7*24 seconds, which is expected to save 95% of the exchange cost and realize the whole flow of trade funds without hindrance.

    As early as 2020, with outstanding contributions in the field of cross-border finance and risk control services, XTransfer was awarded the title of "Technology  Pioneers) "list of companies, Google and Twitter have also been selected. It is expected that with the help of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024, XTransfer will be able to submit a piece of wisdom and insight from China to the world.

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