No-load trial operation of "Underground North Third Ring Road" began. Line 12 will open 20 stations in 2024, of which 13 are transfer stations.

  Original title: No-load trial operation of "Underground North Third Ring Road" Line 12 will open 20 stations this year, of which 13 are transfer stations.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section.

Beijing Metro Line 12 completed the motor train debugging, and realized rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication, and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. All 42 subway vehicles on Line 12 arrived at the section. (Pan Zhiwang photo)

  On March 20th, it was learned from the Municipal Major Project Office and Beijing Investment Rail Company that the Beijing Metro Line 12, which will be opened for operation this year, has completed the motor train debugging, realized the rail communication, electricity communication, signal communication and successfully completed the cold sliding and hot sliding tests of the whole line. 42 metro vehicles on Line 12 have all arrived at the section, and will be put into no-load trial operation for no less than 3 months.

  Metro Line 12 is a rail transit trunk line mainly laid along the east-west direction of the North Third Ring Road, with a total length of about 30 kilometers and 21 stations. It spans four administrative districts, namely Haidian, Xicheng, Dongcheng and Chaoyang, and connects residential areas, commercial areas and important functional areas such as Century City, Shuangyushu, Dazhong Temple, Beitaipingzhuang, Madian, Anzhen, Sanyuanqiao, Jiuxianqiao and Dongba.

  "This year, Line 12 will open the Sijiqing Station to the dongfeng station section, with a total of 20 stations, 13 of which are transfer stations." Han Jian, the first-level director of Track III of the Municipal Major Project Office, introduced. After completion and opening to traffic, Line 12 will transfer to Line 10 at Changchun Bridge Station and Sanyuanqiao Station, Line 16 at Suzhou Bridge Station, Line 4 at Renmin University Station, Line 13 at Dazhongsi Station and Guangximen Station, changping line at Jimenqiao Station, Line 19 at Beitaipingzhuang Station, Line 8 at Anhuaqiao Station, Line 5 at Heping Xiqiao Station, and West. In the future, you will transfer to Line 14 at Gaojiayuan Station and Line 3 in dongfeng station.

  After the line is opened to traffic, it will effectively alleviate the ground traffic pressure in the northern part of the city, especially in the North Third Ring Road, and at the same time play a leading role in the track to drive the development and construction of the surrounding areas of the line.

  Beijing Metro Line 12 is known as the "underground North Third Ring Road", which passes through all the important traffic nodes of the North Third Ring Road, with more than 70 large and small bridges along the line, and most of the stations are located in the bridge area, which can be described as "one bridge and one station". In order to enhance the passengers’ experience, all the entrances and exits of the bridge station should fully consider the travel needs and habits of the surrounding passengers, and be arranged as close as possible to the bus station or existing municipal facilities to create convenient conditions for underground and above-ground traffic.

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  Fully automatic unmanned driving is initially realized.

  On March 20th, at Sanyuanqiao Station of Metro Line 12, one train after another sped by. This is a no-load test run. During this period, subway vehicles, power supply, signal and communication systems will be fully tested and calibrated, and people and equipment, systems and systems will be fully run-in. After no-load trial operation, trial operation according to the drawing, completion acceptance and operation evaluation, the line can be opened for operation.

  In the future, Sanyuanqiao Station will become a three-line interchange station for Line 10, Line 12 and Airport Line. During the ride experience, I saw that the whole train on Line 12 was in yellow-gray tone, and the seats in the car were mixed with lemon yellow and light blue. The interior decoration was simple and generous, and the cab was designed with semi-closed transparent glass windows.

  "Metro Line 12 has initially realized the fully automatic driverless function, and the fully automatic debugging of all trains and stations is being carried out in an orderly manner, which will bring passengers a safer and more comfortable travel experience after operation. In addition, the mixed running mode of 4-group and 8-group trains provides 1240 seats for 180 seats and 2480 seats for 360 seats respectively, which can flexibly cope with the passenger flow changes in peak and flat peaks and ensure the maximum transportation efficiency. " Li Shaojun, assistant to the general department of Beijing Investment Equipment Technology Research Institute and project director of Line 12, revealed.

  From Sanyuanqiao Station, pass through Xibahe Station, Guangximen Station, Heping Xiqiao Station and Anzhen Bridge Station, and you will arrive at Anhuaqiao Station. The station is located in the bustling North Third Ring Road, which is the interchange station between Line 8 and Line 12. It will only take 3 minutes in the future, and citizens can complete the interchange at this station.

  At present, the staff of Anhuaqiao Station are carrying out the construction of the aluminum plate on the top of the transfer passage and transfer hall, the floor tiles of the safety exit are being paved and laid, and the entrance and exit passages are also being renovated. In the decoration of the station, Anhuaqiao Station is simple and elegant, refining the texture of the North Third Ring Road city and integrating the sky image, bringing visual enjoyment to passengers through the change of reality and space shaping. At present, 99% of the main structure of the station has been renovated, and 60% of the auxiliary decoration has been completed. (Ren Shan)

Proof: Does overnight water cause cancer? Is the hollow tomato hormonal? Here comes the answer.

  CCTV News:Nowadays, online rumors can be said to be changing, and new and old rumors take turns to appear. Today, CCTV news takes stock of several kinds of common false information for you, so everyone must keep their eyes open.

  01. Is there carcinogen in boiled water overnight?

  "Overnight water causes cancer", "Cold boiled water is comparable to chronic poison if left for a long time" and "Thousands of boiling water is harmful to human body" … … Recently, rumors about boiled water have been circulated again. Are these all true?

  Truth: Carcinogens are not born out of thin air.

  Experts say that mineral water and pure water that meet the safety standards have only minerals and trace elements or nothing at all. Therefore,Overnight water will not give birth to carcinogens out of thin air.. Even the carcinogen people are most worried about — — Nitrite must also be produced on the basis of nitrate.However, overnight tea will produce amino acids and other substances, which will easily lead to microbial proliferation over time and should not be drunk.

  Can I drink cold boiled water for a long time? Experts say that there is no fixed time for water to deteriorate, which is mainly affected by external objective environment such as temperature. In summer, the air humidity is high, and bacteria multiply rapidly, which easily pollutes water and causes human diarrhea. So,It is best not to drink overnight water in summer, and it is best to put overnight water in a covered container (such as a thermos bottle) in winter. Boiled water should not be left for too long, and it is best not to drink it after a few days. Barreled pure water is generally recommended to be drunk within one week.

  Except the bacterial content, other substances in the water will not change much. Therefore, as long as the water source is qualified, even if it is boiled repeatedly, the water quality will not change significantly. Therefore,There is no scientific basis for saying that "thousands of boiling water" cannot be drunk.

  02. Cann’t hollow, pointed tomatoes be eaten with hormones?

  Recently, a news about tomatoes was widely spread on the Internet. The post said, "Hollow, pointed tomatoes with red outside and green inside are all hormonal and poisonous to eat." The news made many people nervous. Is it true?/You don’t say.

  Truth: There are many reasons why tomatoes are hollow.

  Plant hormones (such as tomato essence) can really promote the fruit setting and fruit expansion of tomato, and too high concentration may lead to its hollowness. However, this is not the only reason. Insufficient light, insufficient nutrient supply, improper fertilization, excessive external temperature, improper water application and fertilization may all lead to tomato hollowness.Hollow is a physiological disease often encountered in melon and fruit planting. Hollow tomato is a deformed fruit, which is only a little problem in shape, and may taste a little bad, but it is not harmful and can be eaten.

  There are also pointed, peach-shaped, tumor-shaped and scarred tomatoes, which are mainly determined by the quality of tomato flower bud differentiation. In addition, the color of tomato is mainly controlled by genes, and the peel and pulp will show different colors by different gene combinations.None of this has much to do with plant hormones.

  What many people are worried aboutplant hormoneGrowth regulator is not a scourge, but a pesticide with extremely low toxicity. It’s completely different from animal hormones,Will not make the user precocious or infertile.Rational use can promote fruit growth. The possibility of excessive use by farmers is very low, because using too much will be counterproductive.

  03. Will the radiation from routers and microwave ovens hurt people?

  Routers radiate, microwave ovens radiate, and hair dryers radiate … … On the internet, many posts claim that these daily items are harmful to human body. Is this true?

  Truth: As long as you don’t sleep next to them, it’s safe.

  First, explain two words: radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

  Radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

  Ionizing radiationSubstances that can ionize can cause damage to cells and even DNA, which is dangerous;

  non ionizing radiationThere is no ability to ionize substances, and the energy of daily contact with non-ionizing radiation is very small, so it is difficult to directly harm organisms and it is safe.

  Electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic waves.

  High energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiationIt’s ionizing radiation. Only this part of electromagnetic radiation is dangerous.

  wireless routerThe electromagnetic waves emitted by the router are safe non-ionizing radiation, and the frequency is mostly 2 GHz (or 5 GHz). As for ionizing radiation that can directly damage organisms, the frequency threshold is very, very high, at least reaching 100000000000000000 Hz, almost 50 million times that of 2 GHz! So, stop worrying about the radiation from the router.

  microwave ovenMicrowave is also non-ionizing radiation, which belongs to "radio waves" and can be used to heat biological tissues (such as microwave ovens). Radio waves are safe, and the electromagnetic field that can be detected outside the microwave oven is much smaller than that in the microwave oven. So, as long as you stay outside the microwave oven, it usually won’t hurt.

  electric hair dryerThe electromagnetic field generated by the hair dryer is the electromagnetic field of alternating current that we usually use. It can only form a magnetic field near the position where the current passes, and it can’t spread at all. Some data show that the magnetic field near the hair dryer is about 350 mG, while the magnetic field intensity of a common magnet is several hundred to several thousand g, which is at least several thousand times worse. So, don’t worry about the hair dryer.

  (This article source: Zhongxin. com, Quanmin Zhengzhen, Lilac Doctor)

From catching up to surpassing, China’s "great voyage" has just begun.

  1953Year,China automobile industry originated in Changchun,ifat that timeIf you want to ask what "China Auto" stands for, the answer may be inseparable from the words "difficult challenge" and "imitation learning".

  70Years later, I experienced "Flowers all the way"Miracle of2023,ifAsk the same question again, "China Auto"Four wordsIt has a new meaning of its own. From catching up to surpassing,China car companies are now overwhelming..

  From resistance to real fragrance, new energy surprises everyone.

  According to the data of the Federation,2023The total automobile sales in China exceeded in.3000Ten thousand vehicles mark.Surprisingly,Not only the increase in quantity, but more importantly,behindstructurecurveThe change.After counting the sales growth in recent years, new energy vehicles are a huge pulling force behind them.

  The rhythm of new car listing can be said to show the changes of the industry most intuitively, from which it is not difficult to find the advantages of new energy vehicles.

  Fuel vehicle averagefourA new car was launched in 2008, and the average new energy vehicle only needs18Last month. Fuel truckfourReform in the first year of 2001eightYear after year, new energy vehicles continue to collect market feedback. If the sales performance is not good for half a year to one year after listing, they will immediately "reinvent" according to their opinions. We are2023In 2000, I have seen countless new energy vehicles that are comparable to the replacement, and their strong execution makes traditional oil car companies feel ashamed.

  Take BYD as an example. Every time a new car is launched, it almost means the subversion of a market segment. The absolute advantage of the core technology of hand-held self-developed three power plants is reflected incisively and vividly in the courage to dare to "have the same price of oil and electricity".

  Let a hundred flowers blossom,Belonging to the "golden age" of China brand

  “Does "China Auto" only represent the energy revolution?

  ——It’s more than that.

  Looking at the market,2023In, the annual share of China’s independent automobile brands reached.52%, that is to say, every time you sell100A new car, there isfifty-twoCar is an independent brand, the strength of joint venture brand has become a thing of the past, and the "golden age" of China brand has arrived..

  Sales volume is the most direct proof.2023In, BYD became the first self-owned brand in China to enter the top ten in global car sales, ranking ninth, and took302Wan’s sales surpassed Tesla, becoming the world’s highest-selling brand of new energy vehicles, and the first and only automobile manufacturer to complete the transformation of new energy vehicles. More and more people are beginning to remember "BYD”.

  If new energy and price make China cars enter the public’s field of vision, then thanks to intelligent technology, China cars enter the high-end ranks.

  Nowadays, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving are almost the standard of China cars. The just-concluded BYD Dream Day,thoughThe theme is "dream",butWhat I saw at the scene was the "reality" that had been formed. Equal rights in science and technologyUnder the concept ofThe black technology such as "Easy Sifang" makes the high-end of China Automobile "inside and outside".

  The wind blows in the eastChina Automobile’s "Great Navigation" has just begun.

  2023Year,China has become the world’s largest producer and marketer of automobiles, and it is also the largest producer and marketer of new energy vehicles. In this year, China’s automobile export volume also surpassed that of Japan for the first time, becoming the largest exporter in the world, and more and more independent brand automobile enterprises with core competitiveness,For example, Chery, BYD, Geely and the Great Wall allStart to shine on the international stage.

  As the global new energy sales champion, BYD has covered70Many countries and regions, superfour hundredIn this city, its high-end models Wangwang and Equation Leopard will also be exported to Europe this year. The combination of new energy luxury off-road vehicles, which seemed incredible in the past, will be redefined, and the world will re-recognize the million-dollar scientific and technological strength of China automobiles.

  Facing the huge overseas market demand, BYD’s first car transport ro-ro ship.EXPLORE
NO.1Also set sail recently, loaded with5449A new energy vehicle, heading for the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, broke the situation of tight transportation capacity and opened a new chapter in China’s automobile navigation.

  More independent brand car companies are accelerating the internationalization process, and continue to promote the localization of overseas markets by investing in factories, brand acquisition, joint ventures and international marketing system construction.


  Back to the beginning, now ask again,2023What does China Automobile stand for in 2008, representing the energy revolution, representing independent innovation, and representing "Chinese automobile"Four words have their own weight..Under the new smart car track,Chinese automobileCollectively, it is becoming a real "new force to build cars" in the world and a hard currency in the international market.. In ten years, what new meanings will "China Auto" add? Let’s wait and see.