Do you know all the details of garbage sorting?

  Do a good job in garbage classification and promote green development

  Since July, Guangzhou has started to promote the compulsory classification of urban and rural domestic waste in an all-round way. Do you know all the details in garbage classification? Have you paid attention to the classification details of various kinds of domestic garbage? The reporter learned from the classification management office of Guangzhou Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, and got a small tip on the misunderstanding of daily life garbage classification. Please accept it!

  Not all batteries belong to harmful waste.

  Waste batteries bring great pollution harm to the environment. The heavy metal pollution that it produces will damage the natural environment such as water and soil, and will also affect human beings through the food chain. When it accumulates in human bodies to a certain extent, it will cause diseases such as Minamata disease, neurological dysfunction and bone pain.

  But in fact, not all the waste batteries with such bad pollution impact belong to harmful waste. Disposable batteries belong to other rubbish, such as No.5 and No.7 dry batteries that we commonly use every day. This is because China’s disposable dry batteries have basically reached the mercury-free and low-mercury standards, so they do not belong to harmful waste.

  Button cell and rechargeable batteries belong to harmful waste. These batteries contain heavy metals such as cadmium, cobalt and nickel, which will cause pollution and harm to the natural environment and the living things in them.

  Paper towels stained with sweat cannot be recycled.

  Recycling old clothes is a familiar environmental protection method, but in fact, if old clothes are not donated or reused as public goods, they belong to other garbage when they are discarded as daily life garbage. Because, after recycling, old clothes have to be sorted, and it is decided whether to be reused or recycled through technology and environmental protection according to different materials. And some of them can’t be used for green degradation.

  In general, napkins and toilet paper belong to paper and can be recycled. But in fact, paper towels and toilet paper are not recyclable because of their strong water solubility, and paper with sweat, snot and feces can not be recycled because of serious pollution, which belongs to "other garbage". Recyclable waste paper mainly includes newspapers, periodicals, books and all kinds of wrapping paper (except heavily polluted paper).

  Flowers and leaves are kitchen waste.

  Kitchen waste includes perishable waste such as catering waste, kitchen waste and organic waste in bazaars. Because kitchen waste contains moisture and organic matter, its main feature is perishable, and after treatment, it can become available resources, for example, organic matter can become fertilizer and feed after treatment. Therefore, perishable flower residues and vegetable residues produced in the kitchen in daily life belong to kitchen waste.

  However, some big bones, durian shells and coconut shells that look like kitchen waste are actually dry garbage, because they are hard to corrode, hard and hard to crush, and easy to damage the terminal treatment equipment of wet garbage. The soft and perishable ones such as chicken bones and apple cores are kitchen waste. It is also wrong to throw garbage bags and kitchen waste into the garbage bin of the dining kitchen, because the commonly used plastic bags, even if they can be degraded, are much slower than the kitchen waste. Therefore, the correct way is to break the bag first, pour the kitchen garbage into the kitchen garbage bin, and then throw the garbage bag into other garbage bins.

  Animal carcasses are not garbage

  Nor can it be directly landfilled.

  Animal carcasses are not domestic garbage and cannot be discarded in trash cans, but they are not suitable for direct landfill in communities, parks and other places. Because pets carry germs, viruses and parasites, they can only be completely killed by cremation and deep burial. At present, the only harmless treatment institution for animal carcasses in Guangzhou is Guangzhou Health Treatment Center located in Saiba Road, Liwan District.

  Whether the lamp tube is harmful waste or other rubbish depends on whether it contains elements harmful to the environment. Common lamps in daily life are energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps and tungsten lamp tubes. Among them, energy-saving tubes and fluorescent tubes belong to harmful waste, while tungsten lamp tubes belong to other garbage.

  Empty plastic bottles and throw them away.

  The remaining water in mineral water can be emptied and then thrown into the trash can, which can greatly reduce the workload of sanitation workers, and at the same time reduce the volume of bottles and cans, which is convenient for transportation. The remaining drinks in bottled drinks and milk tea cups should be dumped, washed with clear water and then discarded.

  Although the pencil refill is an industrial product, its main component is graphite, which is composed of carbon and has no harm to human body, while the protective layer on the outer layer of most pencils to protect the pencil refill from breaking is made of wood, and its main component is cellulose, so the pencil as a whole is harmless and belongs to other garbage. (Text, Figure/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Quan Jie Intern Zhang Yuxi Correspondent Cheng Guangju)

Create a new look at the theatre in the Spring Festival! The press conference of "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" was held at the reception desk.

  On January 17, the Central Radio and Television General Station held a press conference on the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening to introduce a number of innovative highlights of the evening. Wang Xiaozhen, deputy director of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the conference. Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, delivered a speech by video, and Shi Aizhu, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, attended.

  △ Video Speech by Liu Xiaotao, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee

  The person in charge of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station introduced the creative idea and conception of the party. In the 33 years since the Spring Festival Opera Evening was held, it is the first time to go outdoors and choose the earliest mature opera form in China history — — Recorded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the birthplace of Nanxi Opera. The party insisted on refining and displaying the spiritual identity and cultural essence of Chinese civilization from the art of traditional Chinese opera, practiced the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the process of integration and communication, and actively created a festive and enthusiastic festive atmosphere.

  △ Xu Wenguang, head of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the creative ideas and ideas of the party.

  At the jiusan Book Fair, the source of Southern Opera, the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and a 360-degree panoramic immersive circular main stage is designed. With the help of media technologies such as AR, the traditional stage pattern is integrated with digital space art, and the stage is shot from a multi-dimensional perspective, which realizes the extension of the stage and greatly enriches the visual expression.

  The 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening brings together nearly 30 operas and more than 70 colleges and universities from all over the country. Hundreds of opera masters and rookies will gather together to trace the origin of opera, among which the oldest is Mr. Shang Changrong, an 83-year-old Peking Opera performance artist, and the youngest is less than 4 years old. In the content of the program, we not only rearranged the well-known classical famous singers’ aria, but also further traced back to the history of the opera and excavated the profound cultural identity in the opera through diverse and refreshing program forms such as collecting wind short films, interpreting opera scenes, watching the scenery by the water, and playing in film and television dramas. At the same time, the party also linked artists from different fields and overseas Chinese, highlighting the fashion and youthful expression of traditional culture, and demonstrating the attraction and endless vitality of opera. At the press conference, opera actors staged a variety of operas to show the unique charm of opera art on the spot.

  The "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" of the main station will be broadcast on CCTV-1 and CCTV-11 at 8: 00 p.m. on the first day of January 22, and the central video will be broadcast simultaneously.

It will rain and cool down sharply in Beijing tomorrow, with a maximum temperature of 19℃. Future weather trend →

Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued at 17: 00 on May 3:
It’s cloudy and cloudy at night, with light rain in the south, and it turns to the east wind level 2 or so in the south, with a minimum temperature of 15℃; There will be light rain in the daytime tomorrow, with light to moderate rain in the eastern and southern parts, and the east wind will be grade two or three, with the highest temperature of 19℃.
There will be small to moderate rain from midnight today to tomorrow, which is relatively obvious in the eastern and southern parts, accompanied by a sharp drop in temperature. Pay attention to carrying rain gear and adding clothes to prevent colds; The north wind is strong on the 5th, so take precautions against wind.
During the May Day holiday, the temperature trotted up, and the friends properly felt the "enthusiasm" of the holiday. Warmth was the main tone. Today, on the last day of the small holiday, the warm theme continued.
In the morning, the lowest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was 16℃(5:14). With the temperature rising, the highest temperature in the daytime today rose to 27.9℃(14:51), which was basically the same as yesterday’s 28.5℃(16:15), and it was full of early summer.
In the afternoon, the south wind increases, and the gust can reach about five levels. The south wind is accompanied by the peak of everyone’s return after the holiday.
The weather in spring is very capricious. With the end of the holiday, the sky gradually turns cloudy at night, and light rain begins to fall in the south, and the prelude to light rain begins to sound tomorrow.
weather trend
Rainfall: From the morning of the 4th to the morning of the 5th, there was an obvious rainfall process in this city, with light rain and moderate rain in the east and south. The rainfall gradually advances from south to north, affecting the whole city. The main rainfall period is from noon on the 4th to the early morning of the 5th, and the rain is gentle. It is expected that the rain will end on the morning of the 5th.
This "expensive as oil" spring rain is on the line, which can be described as a long drought, alleviating the "dry" embarrassing situation.
This spring rain changed the warm pattern in the past, which strongly lowered the temperature. Tomorrow, the highest temperature dropped sharply to around 19℃. Everyone must hold this roller coaster-style temperature change, take rain gear when traveling, and adjust their clothes in time.
Wind: Clouds and northerly winds occupy the sky after the rain. The northerly winds can reach three or four, and the gusts are about six. In addition, there is still light rain in the northwest.
After the 6th, it will be mainly sunny to cloudy, and the sunshine will be "open" actively. Although the temperature fluctuates slightly, it is hard to stop the general trend of warming up. It is expected that the highest temperature will return to around 28℃ on the 12th, and the experience of early summer will be rekindled.
It is estimated that the highest temperature will be 19~28℃ and the lowest temperature will be 9 ~ 18℃ from May 4th to 12th in the southern suburb observatory.
1. There will be light rain tomorrow, with light to moderate rain in the east and south, accompanied by obvious cooling. Pay attention to bring rain gear and add clothes when traveling.
2. The rainy road surface is slippery. Pay attention to traffic safety in the morning and evening peaks, and be cautious and slow.
On the 3rd and 5th, the wind is strong, so pay attention to wind protection, stay away from high-altitude hanging objects, and travel safely.
Tomorrow’s living weather
The meteorological index of dressing is 4, which is suitable for wearing clothes with clothes.
The meteorological index of morning exercise is 4, which is not suitable for morning exercise.
The mountaineering meteorological index is 5, which is not suitable for mountaineering.
Ultraviolet meteorological index 1, ultraviolet radiation intensity is the weakest.
The meteorological index of car washing is 4, which is not suitable for car washing.
The meteorological index of comfort is 2, and the human body feels more comfortable.
weather forecast
3 rd night: cloudy to cloudy, with light rain in the south; Turn south to east wind level 2 or so; The lowest temperature in plain area is 15℃, and the lowest temperature in mountain area is 12 ~ 15℃. The maximum relative humidity is 90%.
During the day on the 4 th: there is light rain in the shade and small to moderate rain in the eastern and southern parts; The easterly wind is two or three grades; The highest temperature in plain area is 19℃, and the highest temperature in mountain area is 19 ~ 23℃. Minimum relative humidity is 50%.
On the night of the 4 th: it was cloudy with light rain; The northerly wind is one or two; The lowest temperature in plain area is 15℃, and the lowest temperature in mountain area is 12 ~ 15℃. The maximum relative humidity is 90%.
During the day on the 5 th: cloudy, with light rain turning cloudy in the northern part of the west; The northerly wind is three or four, and the gust is about six; The highest temperature in plain area is 24℃, and that in mountainous area is 21~24℃.
5 night: cloudy; The northerly wind is one or two; The lowest temperature in plain area is 14℃, and the lowest temperature in mountain area is 11 ~ 14℃.
During the day on the 6 th: cloudy to sunny; Turn north to the south wind by two or three grades; The highest temperature in plain area is 25℃, and that in mountainous area is 23~25℃.
On the night of the 6th: it will be cloudy between sunny days; South to north wind level one or two; The lowest temperature in plain area is 10℃.
Morning and evening weather
Go to work tomorrow: it’s cloudy with light rain; East wind level 2; 15~17℃。
Get off work tomorrow: it’s cloudy with light rain; The easterly wind is two or three grades; 18~17℃。
Source: Meteorology Beijing
Process editor: TF031

Party member cadres should be good at learning.

   As the saying goes, learning is endless, and learning is a lifelong lesson. Learning from time to time is a pleasure, and learning is a happy and beneficial thing. Knives don’t grind to rust, people don’t learn to fall behind, the world is changing with each passing day and society is developing rapidly. party member cadres will encounter more and more new problems in their daily work. They must strengthen their study, be good at learning and strengthen their personal knowledge reserve in order to keep up with the times, adapt to the requirements of work and meet the needs of the masses.

  Be good at learning from books. Books are the ladder of human progress. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we will go faster, farther, steadier and more leisurely. Party member cadres should be good at learning from books, reading the party’s classic theories and arming their minds with powerful theoretical knowledge; Learn basic laws and regulations, and reserve knowledge for law-abiding citizens who administer according to law; Get rich knowledge and wisdom of life from books on science, culture, art and society.

  Be good at learning by doing. Practice produces true knowledge, and practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Party member cadres should be good at observing in their work, digging and learning in practice, and paying attention to learning everywhere. party member cadres should not let go of every detail in their work, learn from colleagues who have done well in their work, learn from industry benchmarks, learn from achievements, sum up lessons from mistakes they have made, practice once, make progress once, do one line, learn one line and love one line. Seize every learning opportunity in practice.

  Be good at learning from the masses. From the masses to the masses is the basic theory of Marxism. There is infinite wisdom among the people. They are simple, true and profound. They can see the most original and true appearance of society, the most essential and core problems and collect the most comprehensive and true first-hand information. Party member cadres should adhere to the mass line, go deep into the grassroots, find ideas and methods of work, explore great wisdom in dealing with people, and fully apply and test the Party and theory.

  There is a road to the mountain of books, and there is no limit to learning the sea. With the responsibility of serving the people and shouldering the mission of building the motherland, party member cadres should establish the concept of lifelong learning, be good at learning, be diligent in learning, be willing to learn, associate with books, be with the masses, gain true knowledge from practice, constantly enrich their brains, fill their shortcomings, increase their self-knowledge reserves, enhance their personal business ability, be ideal, knowledgeable, cultured, affectionate and valuable people’s public servants, and be knowledgeable. (Yang Yi)

Source: Zhongxin Net Jilin