Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

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  On May 25th, Aika Automobile learned that the blind order (|) was officially opened for pre-sale at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is divided into five models, with the price range of 148,000-188,000 yuan, of which the Cuiyu magic color suit costs 5,000 yuan, including Cuiyu magic color special car paint+Cuiyu double suede interior+double five-spoke pulse wheels+magic color exclusive car keys. It is reported that as a compact SUV built by Geely, Xingyue L is built based on CMA modular architecture. Compared with (|), the "L" in Xingyue L has the meanings of Larger, luxurious and subversive, not only the length and width of the car body, but also the space, power, intelligence, safety and other parts will be upgraded and will be officially launched at the end of June.


Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of modeling, the front face modeling of Xingyue L is both simple and atmospheric. The energy matrix headlights use double-row three-section light sources, which are very penetrating and artistic after lighting, and together with the grille, form a very impactful front face modeling, which is more domineering with the large trapezoidal air inlets on both sides of the bumper. It is worth mentioning that all the headlights of Xingyue L come standard with LED light sources, with 126 LED bulbs. Each lamp is not simply turned on and off, but can be controlled separately, and different brightness changes can be defined. Later, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  The middle net design of Xingyue L follows the family design language of the 4th generation product, the iconic straight waterfall vertical air intake grille, decorated with chrome trim strips, and matched with the Geely black logo in the center, which enhances the sense of grade and brand recognition, while increasing the sense of movement and luxury of the whole vehicle. The biggest highlight of the tail is the adoption of the popular through taillight group, which is more exquisite with the concave license plate frame design below.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Based on the brand-new "symphony of time and space" modeling design concept, the interior design of Xingyue L emphasizes more on starting from the perspective of people. High-grade suede fabric is widely used in the interior, and the exquisite pearl stitching is used. With the special suede seat with the ultimate skin-friendly touch, the exquisite, elegant and unique car interior is created for the vehicle. In addition, 72-color custom cockpit atmosphere lights, as well as the application of China elements such as oriental new rhyme weaving texture and Chinese knot, give cultural connotation to the interior space and pay attention to functionality and humanistic care.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Thanks to the top safety gene of CMA architecture, the headlight has the highest active safety lighting design, which meets the global five-star collision requirements. The illuminance reaches the second-class standard, the road illumination brightness is 150LX, the lighting distance is 175m, and the road illumination width is 23 m. There is also a unique light show function at the same level. Headlights can follow the rhythm of music minute by minute, and the lights reflect and are very shocking. At the same time, it also has a variety of rich functional configurations, such as automatic headlights, intelligent far and near light switching, three kinds of welcome lights, Goodbye farewell mode and so on.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  It is worth mentioning that Xingyue L’s customized Bose advanced sound system adopts 10 high-performance speakers, Bose’s unique digital signal processing technology, and ANC’s active noise reduction function, and through accurate layout and exclusive customized tuning, it brings an immersive listening experience like visiting a music performance site.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  In addition, the panoramic life integrated cockpit creates an "all-round space" for mobile life, and the instrument panel layout is 4.0, which is more in line with the man-machine layout, so that everything is just right, and the touch air conditioner control buttons make comfort at your fingertips. The IMAX screen (meter screen), which runs horizontally through the center console, is like a flat scroll, presenting users with colorful car life.

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770×1895×1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. As for the power part, the Drive-E series 2.0TD engine of Xingyue L has two versions with medium and high power, matching the sixth generation electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner, which was first launched in China. The maximum power is 160kW(218 HP) and 175kW(238 HP), the peak torque is 325Nm and 350Nm respectively, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 7.7 seconds, the braking distance is 37.37 meters, and the test score of Elk is 79 K. In terms of transmission, the 7-speed wet DCT gearbox and the 8AT gearbox from Aisin are matched respectively. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking technology, becoming the first vehicle equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking system, and finally 1km unmanned parking will be realized.

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Geely KX11 will be launched at Shanghai Auto Show in the first half of the year.

The official drop of all models of Geely Automobile is 20,000 yuan.

Geely Satellite Project, which will be put into operation in October, was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Spring ploughing and ploughing are busy, and grain production has started steadily (with firm confidence)

  "At the end of the year in beginning of spring, farming is planned early."

  Central Plains granary, spring tube is busy. In the wheat field of Houwangzhuang Village, Wangzhuang Town, hua county City, Anyang City, Henan Province, agronomist Chen Yipin gave a lecture to the villagers: "Farming time waits for no one, fertilizer and water can keep up, prevent pests and diseases, and ensure a good harvest."













  Spring ploughing and spring tube, the service keeps up.

  The agricultural technology department of suyu district, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province set up a technical team to go to the fields to provide technical guidance for farmers. Zhao Jie, an agronomist at the Agricultural Technology Extension Center of suyu district, said that at present, there are 430,000 mu of wheat in the field, and the seedlings are growing well, with the proportion of first-class and second-class seedlings exceeding 92%, which has set up a "good harvest shelf" for summer grain production.

  Enter the village to solve the problem. "How many acres of wheat have been planted this year?" "Is it convenient to water and spray medicine?" … … Wang Pengju, secretary of the Party Committee of Dabin Town, Yuanyang County, Henan Province, writes down the farmers’ demand for spring ploughing every time he visits, and provides solutions in the shortest time. "The town mobilized party member cadres and large grain growers to form a spring ploughing production service team to help the elderly and the people out of poverty to spring ploughing and spring management and solve the worries of production."

  At present, winter wheat in the southwest has entered the jointing stage, Jianghuai is about to turn green, winter wheat in the north is still wintering, and winter rape in the Yangtze River basin has entered the budding stage one after another. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to formulate and issue technical opinions on preventing freezing, drought and promoting stable production of wheat and rape, and launched a large-scale field management training in spring; Eleven expert guidance groups were sent to Hebei, Jiangxi and other major wheat and rapeseed producing areas to promote the implementation of key measures for disaster prevention and mitigation and field management in spring, and go all out to win a bumper harvest of grain and oil in summer.

  Production demand, guarantee timely.

  In the production workshop of China Yituo Group Co., Ltd., the rumble of tractor running and debugging, the beep of forklift shuttle transfer and the roar of rapid operation of equipment are intertwined, playing a symphony to protect spring ploughing. Speed up production and expedite delivery. In January, China Yituo shipped more than 8,500 tractors to the whole country, which effectively guaranteed the demand for spring ploughing.

  "The 3 million loan from the Agricultural Bank of China is really timely. Tractors and rice transplanters have been added, and everyone is more motivated!" Early in the morning, Peng Huihua, a large grain grower in Guanyinge Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, took more than 10 agricultural machinery operators to operate the agricultural machinery, plowed the land and prepared to sow. The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Bank of China said that this year, it will strive to issue more than 160 billion yuan of loans for spring ploughing and preparing for ploughing, so as to fully guarantee the credit demand for spring ploughing and preparing for ploughing in various places.

  At present, seeds and fertilizers are well prepared, technology and services are provided to Tiantou, and "Big Iron Cow" and "Tian Nanny" come to help … … A picture of the early spring is slowly spreading in the field of hope, laying a solid foundation for improving the stable supply capacity of grain and maintaining the stable operation of prices.








  This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs started the project of improving the yield of major grain and oil crops with corn as the focus, demonstrated and popularized a number of high-yield, high-quality and density-tolerant varieties, and strived to significantly improve the yield of major grain and oil crops, with the yield of corn demonstration fields increasing by more than 100 kilograms per mu.

  Good opportunity to help, spring ploughing ran out of acceleration.

  "Eat beginning of spring rice, warm day by day. This year, there is a new ‘ Artifact ’ !” Hu Tuan, head of Zhaojin Crop Planting Professional Cooperative in Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, said that in the past, it was inevitable to spread fertilizer with high-gap plant protection machines, and sometimes crops were crushed. This year, the newly purchased agricultural drone added a fertilization function compared with ordinary models, with high intensity and stable operation. It can load 50 kilograms of fertilizer at a time, and with the spiral runner, the sowing is more uniform and smooth.

  "Wheat seed and fertilizer are broadcast at the same time. At the end of last year, 480 mu of land was broadcast in three days." This year, Hu Tuan plans to purchase a Beidou navigation self-driving tractor, expecting the wisdom "iron cow" to show its talents in the fields.

  As soon as the agricultural machinery rings, there is no panic in farming. At present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China is over 72%, and the comprehensive mechanization rates of wheat, corn and rice are over 97%, 90% and 85% respectively. In the past, short board machines such as 240 horsepower continuously variable speed tractors and rape transplanters were successfully mass-produced. Flying in the sky and running on the ground, more and more high-tech agricultural machinery and equipment are stationed in the fields, and "knowing how to farm" has turned into "smart farming", which has significantly increased the contribution rate to grain production.

  Good methods are matched, and good benefits can be gained from growing grain.

  165.1 kg! Last year, Yucheng City, Shandong Province, set a record for high yield per mu of compound soybean. In the whole country, the first large-scale promotion of soybean and corn strip compound planting has achieved gratifying results, which has promoted the self-sufficiency rate of soybeans in China by 3 percentage points.

  "Last season, my family’s 560 mu of land was basically realized ‘ If corn does not reduce production, soybeans will be picked up for nothing ’ Increase the income by about 300 yuan per mu, and definitely continue to do it this year! " After the Spring Festival, Wu Duoxia, a large grain farmer in Lishangwu Village, Juzhen Town, Yucheng City, was busy consulting agricultural technicians to strive for more "Jin Doudou" in the field.

  "The simultaneous sowing of corn and soybeans has to overcome many technical problems." Li Chengqiang, deputy director of Yucheng Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, said that through close cooperation with agricultural colleges, the team of experts helped farmers break through the three core technical barriers of "selecting improved varieties, expanding spacing and reducing plant spacing". At the beginning of the new year, the city organized 13 scientific and technological service teams and 79 agricultural technicians to connect with large planters to ensure that technology went straight to the fields.

  As technology sinks, benefits increase. Pan Wenbo, director of the Planting Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that this year, a number of high-yield and yield-increasing technical models will be integrated and promoted, soybean planting support will be strengthened, and research and development of technical equipment will be promoted, so as to strive for breakthroughs in short-board technologies such as high-yield and high-oil soybeans, short-growing rapeseed and suitable machinery in hilly areas as soon as possible.








  After the implementation of high-standard farmland construction, the new atmosphere of farmland will bring good prospects for growing grain. By the end of 2022, China has achieved the cumulative construction goal of 1 billion mu of high-standard farmland as scheduled. After completion, the average cultivated land quality of high-standard farmland can be improved by about one grade, and the average grain production capacity per mu can be increased by 10%— 20%。

  This year, China will continue to strengthen the construction of high-standard farmland, build 45 million mu and upgrade 35 million mu, so that "one thousand tons of grain in one season and two tons of grain in two seasons" will become a reality in more places.

  When the policy of benefiting farmers comes to households, farmers and farmers eat "reassurance".

  Early in the morning, He Yongchao, a big planter in Sanjiang Village, sanjiang town, wangcang county, Sichuan Province, took a water pipeline to replenish the rape in Abel Tamata. "It was a little dry in the early stage. Thanks to the timely replenishment of water, it is growing well now. It is expected to increase production by playing some herbicides in two days!"

  He Yongchao planted 10 mu of rapeseed last year and expanded it to more than 60 mu this year. "If the support policy is good, your confidence will be enough!" Wangcang county has been implementing the pilot project of farmland rotation and fallow for many years, giving 150 yuan subsidies per mu to rape farmers in the project area. "This year, the purchase price of rapeseed has increased by 3 cents per kilogram, and the benefits are getting better and better." He Yongchao said.

  The guarantee mechanism for farmers’ income from growing grain has been continuously improved. In 2022, we will stabilize and improve policies such as farmland fertility protection subsidies, high-standard farmland construction subsidies, agricultural machinery purchase and application subsidies, minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, subsidies for corn and soybean producers, and rice subsidies, expand the pilot scope of full cost insurance and income insurance for three major grain crops, and issue a total of 40 billion yuan of one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers for three times & HELIP; … Effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of grain farmers.

  This year, grain farmers will also reap the policy "big gift package": implement the minimum purchase price and producer subsidies; Increase support for soybean planting, continue to implement the full coverage of wheat "one spraying and three prevention" subsidies, allocate funds for pest control in advance, and implement subsidies for centralized seedling raising of early rice in the south. A few days ago, the central government issued an agricultural-related transfer payment of 211.5 billion yuan in advance in 2023 to encourage farmers to prepare for spring ploughing and let farmers grow grain.

  Strengthen confidence and drive hard. From the northeast plain to the Jianghuai land, from the south of the Yangtze River to the Tianfu granary, hundreds of millions of farmers have worked hard and sweated, solidly promoting agricultural production in spring, making the agricultural foundation more stable and the rice bowl more secure.

  (People’s Daily reporter Zhu Juan, Chang Qin, Yu Jingxian, Li Xiaoqing, You Yi)

Lovely animals and gorgeous flowers in shenzhen safari park set each other off.

Shenzhen News Network March 1, 2024(Reporter Zhu Weiming correspondent Li Musheng) In the spring of March, flowers bloom and animals love flowers. On March 1st, the reporter learned from shenzhen safari park that the keepers of the park have arranged flowers in some animal homes. When lovely animals meet gorgeous flowers, the strange spots on the animals and the colorful flowers set each other off.
In Golden Monkey Island, zookeepers hang bundles of flowers at suitable heights or insert them on branches. Sichuan golden monkey is full of curiosity about flowers, and they come forward to accept flowers as gifts and appreciate them carefully. The scene is very interesting. The golden-haired Sichuan golden monkey and the bright colors of the flowers set off each other, and there is a unique scene.
Compared with Sichuan golden monkey, ring-tailed lemur’s coat color is not so beautiful, but ring-tailed lemur has a unique long tail with more than 10 black and white rings. Ring-tailed lemurs like flowers as much as Sichuan golden monkeys. Faced with the flowers sent by the breeders, they swarmed and picked them up and couldn’t put them down. At one time, two monkeys held flowers face to face at the same time, or had a "kiss" to stage a warm moment of "sending flowers to express deep love" in the animal kingdom.
Peacocks are in the courtship season, and male peacocks compete to win the "heart" of female peacocks. When proud as a peacock meets flowers, it forms a beautiful and interesting picture.
The zoo keeper introduced that flowers were sent to animals, and the pedicels were strung with raisins, apple pieces, banana slices and other foods. Peanuts, nuts and red dates were hidden in the flowers. These measures make animals feel fresh, bring infinite vitality to animals and keep their foraging ability and interest. This is "animal abundance".
(This article is courtesy of shenzhen safari park) Source: Shenzhen News Network