Jiaxing’s first batch of Xiaomi cars came.

On April 3rd, the first batch of SU7s of Xiaomi began to be delivered to the owners. Yesterday morning, Mr. Zeng and his son set off from Jiaxing to pick up the car at Xiaomi Automobile Sales and Service Center (Hangzhou Mengma Town Store).

As the first car owner in Jiaxing and even the whole country, Mr. Zeng ordered a "Meteor Blue" millet SU7 inaugural edition. As soon as Xiaomi automobile was launched, everyone paid attention to it. In the sales service center, not only many people came to pick up the car, but also many customers came from all over the country to experience Xiaomi automobile on the spot during the holidays.

N photo/video reporter Lu Wei photo

Create a new look at the theatre in the Spring Festival! The press conference of "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" was held at the reception desk.

  On January 17, the Central Radio and Television General Station held a press conference on the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening to introduce a number of innovative highlights of the evening. Wang Xiaozhen, deputy director of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the conference. Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, delivered a speech by video, and Shi Aizhu, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, attended.

  △ Video Speech by Liu Xiaotao, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee

  The person in charge of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station introduced the creative idea and conception of the party. In the 33 years since the Spring Festival Opera Evening was held, it is the first time to go outdoors and choose the earliest mature opera form in China history — — Recorded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the birthplace of Nanxi Opera. The party insisted on refining and displaying the spiritual identity and cultural essence of Chinese civilization from the art of traditional Chinese opera, practiced the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the process of integration and communication, and actively created a festive and enthusiastic festive atmosphere.

  △ Xu Wenguang, head of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the creative ideas and ideas of the party.

  At the jiusan Book Fair, the source of Southern Opera, the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and a 360-degree panoramic immersive circular main stage is designed. With the help of media technologies such as AR, the traditional stage pattern is integrated with digital space art, and the stage is shot from a multi-dimensional perspective, which realizes the extension of the stage and greatly enriches the visual expression.

  The 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening brings together nearly 30 operas and more than 70 colleges and universities from all over the country. Hundreds of opera masters and rookies will gather together to trace the origin of opera, among which the oldest is Mr. Shang Changrong, an 83-year-old Peking Opera performance artist, and the youngest is less than 4 years old. In the content of the program, we not only rearranged the well-known classical famous singers’ aria, but also further traced back to the history of the opera and excavated the profound cultural identity in the opera through diverse and refreshing program forms such as collecting wind short films, interpreting opera scenes, watching the scenery by the water, and playing in film and television dramas. At the same time, the party also linked artists from different fields and overseas Chinese, highlighting the fashion and youthful expression of traditional culture, and demonstrating the attraction and endless vitality of opera. At the press conference, opera actors staged a variety of operas to show the unique charm of opera art on the spot.

  The "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" of the main station will be broadcast on CCTV-1 and CCTV-11 at 8: 00 p.m. on the first day of January 22, and the central video will be broadcast simultaneously.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty appears in Wuhan

On February 3rd, two days of freezing rain and a night of snowfall, the streets of Jiangcheng Wuhan and the trees and flowers in the park were covered with crystal clear ice, which was beautiful.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 1
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 2
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 3

On the morning of the same day, Jimu journalists saw in the Liyuan Square and Tingtao Scenic Area of East Lake that the red fruits and plum blossoms in bud on the green trees were wrapped in ice and became "Sugar-Coated Berry", walking among the Yushu Qionghua in the garden, as if they were in a fairy tale world.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 4
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 5
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 6
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 7

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Wuhan Meteorological Observatory issued an orange warning signal for road icing: It is expected that there will be road icing that has a great impact on traffic in Wuhan from today to tomorrow, so please take precautions.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 8
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 9

Huang Shifeng, a journalist with extreme eyes.

Dongguan launched the third season of anti-vice: a number of new policies were introduced, and it was refined that no bolts should be installed in the room.

        ●No locks, bolts, etc. shall be installed in rooms and boxes; Lighting lamps with adjustable brightness shall not be installed.

        ●Install video monitoring equipment that meets national standards in key parts such as entrances and exits of places, reception halls, cashiers, etc., and connect with the public security department in the background.

        ●Employees can only take up their posts after obtaining a valid health certificate, and they should be dressed neatly and generously during the business period, and they should not be indecent. Real-name registration management should be implemented for employees …

        —— Code of Conduct for the Operation of Entertainment Places in Dongguan City

On the evening of February 9, 2014, a yellow-related person was taken away from a hotel in Dongguan. CFP data

        On September 18th, Dongguan issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening and Standardizing the Management of Entertainment Service Places and four supporting policy documents. The newly applied entertainment service places will be strictly admitted through front-end intervention, holding interviews and other measures. It is reported that after the whole industry was shut down and rectified at the beginning of this year, only 20% of the saunas in Dongguan have resumed business.

        On the morning of 18th, the Dongguan Municipal Government held a news briefing, and announced the newly issued "1+4 policy system" to strengthen and standardize the management of entertainment service places, including Opinions on Further Strengthening and Regulating the Management of Entertainment Service Places (hereinafter referred to as Opinions), Code of Conduct for the Management of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan, Interim Measures for the Supervision and Accountability of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan, Guidelines for the Supervision of Entertainment Service Places in Dongguan and.

        Huang Ximing, deputy director of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, revealed at the briefing that Zheng Dong, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, said recently that the "1+4 policy system" in Dongguan is the most complete set of policy documents in regulating the management of entertainment service places in all provinces and cities. It is reported that the provincial government is currently drafting relevant laws and regulations on the standardized management of entertainment service places.

        Huang Ximing revealed that after the previous two-stage special campaign of "anti-vice" which lasted for six months, Dongguan has started the third-stage special campaign of "anti-vice" since September 18th, which will last until the end of this year.

[status quo]

Only 20% of sauna places have resumed business.

        The entertainment service places in Dongguan are called "obviously exceeding the market capacity", so how many such places are there in Dongguan? How much is reasonable? Facing this question from Southern Reporter, Huang Ximing said that there are currently 198 sauna places, 581 song and dance entertainment places and 832 foot massage places with complete licenses in the city.

        Since the beginning of this year, these entertainment venues have been shut down for rectification and reopened. As of September 17th, the public security department had accepted 41 sauna places (6 of which were closed by themselves), and the resumption rate was 20.7%. There are 478 song and dance entertainment venues (20 closed down by themselves), and the resumption rate is 82.3%; There were 652 foot massage places (14 closed down by themselves), and the resumption rate was 78.4%. He said: "How many entertainment venues are reasonable depends on the adjustment of the market."

        Yesterday afternoon, Southern Reporter telephoned several original sauna operators in Changping, Houjie and Tangxia. It is reported that at present, most of the 41 saunas that have resumed business are sauna places that belong to the regular health massage category.

[Policy Highlights]

Strict access, after registration, the public security and other departments are involved in the review and interview.

        The "Opinions" stipulate that a front-end pre-trial system will be established for the registration of entertainment service places, and the industrial and commercial departments will promptly push the application information of entertainment service place business enterprises to the government information resource sharing platform, and the local town (street) public security department will work with fire protection, culture, health and family planning and other functional departments to intervene in the review in advance, strictly control access, and prohibit illegal subjects from entering the market.

        "The existing market players in the entertainment service industry in our city, especially the sauna and foot massage places, obviously exceed the normal capacity of the market, too much and too much." Liu Huilin believes that efforts must be made to reduce market players. For the newly applied entertainment service places, we should strictly control the access through several measures, such as front-end intervention, holding interviews, admission commitment and filing management.

        Deng Tao, director of the Political Research Office of Dongguan Municipal Committee, believes that there is no conflict with the reform of commercial registration. Only after the operator has obtained the license, the public security, fire protection, health and other departments learned this information through the information sharing platform, intervened in the review in advance, and had a warning conversation with the operator in advance.

[Industry standard]

Real name registration of employees, video surveillance and police networking

        The Code of Conduct for the Management of Entertainment Places in Dongguan, which was promulgated yesterday, made detailed provisions on the management of sauna, song and dance and foot massage in ten aspects: "room, bed, lock, light, window, bell, shadow, person, photo and certificate". Including, no door locks, bolts, etc. shall be installed in rooms and boxes; No lighting lamp with adjustable brightness shall be installed; Install video monitoring equipment that meets national standards in key parts such as entrances and exits of places, reception halls, cashiers, etc., and connect with the public security department in the background; Employees can only take up their posts after obtaining a valid health certificate, and they should be dressed neatly and generously during the business period, and there should be no immorality. The real name registration management of employees …

【 hierarchical management 】

Those with low ratings will increase the frequency of inspection.

        Establish a hierarchical management system for entertainment service places. According to the situation of public security, credit, management, etc., regular assessment, grading, focus on strengthening the frequency and intensity of unannounced visits to key and sensitive entertainment service places. The evaluation and grading of entertainment service places takes half a year as a cycle, and the evaluation and grading results are dynamically reduced and periodically increased.

        "For example, this place was rated as Grade D because of the disorder of public security, so the relevant departments will focus on its supervision and increase the frequency of unannounced visits. And that place was rated as A-level because of good public security order, so the frequency of unannounced visits is not so much, just maintaining the normal management level. " Liu Huilin, head of the Economic Section of the Political Research Office of Dongguan Municipal Committee who participated in the policy drafting, said, "Moreover, this rating is not static, but dynamically changes according to the actual situation."

[Monitoring mechanism]

All major cases involving pornography are "handled in different places"

        The "Opinions" stipulate that the municipal public security department shall organize relevant police types or mobilize the police forces of public security bureaus and police stations in different places to investigate and deal with cases with serious cases, extremely bad influence by media exposure and cases assigned by superiors. Entertainment service places involved in major "pornography, gambling and drugs" crimes that need to be punished shall be handled in different places to avoid human cases, relationship cases, demotion penalties, etc.

        According to insiders of Dongguan police, it is not the first opinion to implement the investigation and handling system of using police in different places for pornographic gambling and drug trafficking cases. As early as a few years ago, Dongguan police had adopted the police system in different places for major pornographic gambling and drug trafficking cases, and the well-known Xindongtai Casino case in Dongkeng in previous years was the police system in different places.

[information linkage]

Non-public security departments shall report the clues related to pornography in time.

        Establish an information notification system, establish a unified and cross-departmental information management platform for entertainment service places, form a complete unified management model for entertainment service places from property leasing, license processing, hardware construction, business operation, supervision and inspection, hidden danger notification to illegal and criminal punishment, and realize the effective supervision of entertainment service places by various functional departments such as public security, industry and commerce, culture, health and family planning with one system and one set of data, so as to avoid the emergence of blind spots in supervision.

        At the same time, establish a clue circulation mechanism. All functional departments should strengthen communication and exchange information in their daily management. For illegal business activities that do not belong to the scope of investigation by this department, the relevant departments should be informed in a timely manner; The investigation and handling of reporting clues shall be summarized once every half month by the notification department, and a report shall be submitted to the local town (street) comprehensive management department.

【 Accountability 】

Four black gauze will be picked when one place is involved in yellow.

        The accountability mechanism is clearly defined in the Opinion Draft. For failure to perform or improper performance of statutory regulatory duties, or daily supervision, investigation and rectification of illegal and criminal acts of "gambling and drugs" in entertainment service places, or abuse of power, dereliction of duty, corruption and other circumstances, the main leaders, leaders in charge and direct staff of relevant functional departments shall be seriously investigated for responsibility. Incorporate the effectiveness of cracking down on illegal and criminal activities of "gambling and drugs" in entertainment service places into the annual work assessment of town and street leading bodies and the annual work assessment of comprehensive management of social management (safe construction) in towns (streets), and implement one-vote veto for units and towns (streets) that fail to implement their work and have major cases (accidents).

        On February 12 this year, the Dongguan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an urgent notice. Anyone who fails to investigate and deal with it effectively and is reported to have activities related to pornography and verified, the party secretary of the local town (street), the director of the public security bureau, the director of the police station and the secretary of the village (community) will be dismissed first and then dealt with strictly according to regulations. Huang Ximing said that after the introduction of the "1+4" policy, the above provisions are still valid and will continue to be implemented.

64.2 billion! Please accept this 2019 China film survey report.

Special feature of 1905 film networkWith the desk corner calendar book from fullness to thinness, 2019 entered the final countdown.
When people are typing at their desks for personal year-end summary, 1905 Data Institute made an annual survey report for China film market in 2019. This report tries to present the overall situation and development trend of China film market in 2019 from the dimensions of market, word of mouth and phenomenon.
Click to browse the full version of 2019 China Film Survey Report.
Behind the record high box office and movie attendance in the whole year, it is inseparable from the two-way maturity of the audience and the market. The increasingly mature public aesthetic makes the symbiotic relationship between word-of-mouth and box office closer. There are more and more industrial traces in domestic movies. The Wandering Earth started the first year of domestic science fiction movies, and Ne Zha (hereinafter referred to as "Nezha") wrote a new chapter in the rise of the country.
Market article
Box office hit a new high, with domestic films as the main force.
In 2019, the annual box office and movie attendance of China film market reached a new high, which became an important part of the development of the global film industry.The quality of domestic films has improved steadily, and the box office output capacity of head films is amazing.
According to the market section of the survey report, the annual box office of China film market reached 64.266 billion in 2019, an increase of 5.4% compared with 2018; The total number of people watching movies in urban cinemas reached 1.727 billion.
Among them, the cumulative total box office of domestic films was 41.175 billion, an increase of 8.65% compared with 2018, accounting for 64.07% of the box office in 2019.
In the key node of breaking 10 billion, domestic films have played an important role.During the Spring Festival, The Wandering Earth, Crazy Alien, Flying Life and other domestic blockbusters helped the box office of China film market break through the first 10 billion mark. On the time axis, it is 8 days ahead of the same achievement in 2018.
On the day of the Spring Festival (February 5), the single-day box office reached 1.449 billion, setting a new record for the single-day box office in mainland film history. Thanks to the Spring Festival, the box office of China film market reached 11.157 billion in February, an increase of 9.45% compared with 2018. This box office achievement is not only the highest monthly box office in mainland film history, but also the "roof of the world" in global film history.
During the summer file in 2019, domestic films once again refreshed the audience’s past cognition. The adult-oriented animated film Nezha, which is suitable for all ages, is popular all over the country, breaking the prejudice that the box office limit of domestic animated films will not exceed 3 billion. In the end, the box office of this film broke through the 5 billion mark and became the annual box office champion in 2019. At the same time, the film also won the second place in the box office list of mainland film history.
When Nezha surpassed The Wandering Earth at the box office, Frant Gwo director Weibo sent a message "Little Nezha, it’s your turn" with full blessings.Appreciate each other among China filmmakers is touching.More outstanding young film talents are showing their talents. The creation of domestic films shows the trend of a hundred battles.
My People,My Country, The Captain and The Climbers, the "three outstanding figures", were presented at the National Day stalls, giving the audience an audio-visual feast with rich dishes.Under the leadership of three box office champion seed players, the cumulative box office in 2019 was 5.133 billion, an increase of 135.89% year-on-year.
My People,My Country, who broke the traditional main melody film creation structure, showed the audience the unity behind the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China through seven story paragraphs with the most characteristics of the times.In the end, the film ranked fourth in the annual box office list with a score of 3.119 billion.
In 2019, domestic films were well-deserved protagonists in the mainland film market. Behind the record box office and movie attendance in the whole year, the number of domestic screens and the total number of screenings also reached a new high.According to statistics, in 2019, the total number of domestic screens reached 69,787, with an increase of 9,708. The infrastructure construction of China film market is in the forefront of the world.
Word of mouth
The audience’s aesthetic appreciation is improved, and there is nowhere to hide bad movies.
The symbiotic relationship between word-of-mouth and box office is becoming more and more mature, which has become one of the most remarkable features of China film market in 2019. The content is that the era of kings has arrived, and everyone is shouting at bad movies.
In 1905, the School of Data selected the top ten Chinese movies in 2019 through the votes of film critics and audiences. The statistical results of these two surveys show that word-of-mouth has become the main influencing factor of box office trend.
Nezha is at the top of the top ten list of word-of-mouth of both film critics and ordinary audiences. The explosion of word-of-mouth in the early stage made the film decide to file for release. This film has performed well in scoring platforms with obvious differences in audience groups such as Douban and Lighthouse.
According to statistics, on the Douban platform, which is dominated by veteran fans, there are more than 1.17 million people scoring this film, with an average score of 8.5; On the lighthouse platform dominated by ordinary audiences, there were more than 3.94 million people scoring the film, with an average score of 9.5.
The Wandering Earth and My People,My Country, whose two lists overlap, performed well in different scoring platforms. The cumulative box office of these films is mostly located in the TOP10 list of the annual box office of the mainland film market in 2019.
The overall improvement of domestic audience’s aesthetic ability has become the main reason for the convergence of word-of-mouth and box office performance. In the fast-paced modern life, the time cost of watching a movie is often greater than the material cost.The audience’s pursuit of the quality of the film tends to be strict. In the past, the explosive production mode of traffic star+big IP has become a thing of the past.
In 2019, regardless of Chinese and foreign movies, the box office trend was less than expected. The box office of these films runs counter to the production cost, mostly because the content quality is not good enough. The audience’s improving aesthetic ability has continuously compressed the living space of bad films, and the overall market environment has developed in a benign direction.
In today’s China film market, "those who get the content get the word of mouth, and those who get the word of mouth get the box office", and the creators of film and television works with craftsman spirit usher in the best era. In the future, China film market will also welcome those high-quality big-screen works, which makes people look forward to it.
Phenomena and industries
The new atmosphere behind the annual keywords
In 2019, behind the positive growth of various data in China film market, many new industries have emerged. Industrialization, the rise of the country, and the announcement of new tricks have become the core keywords for the development of the domestic film market in 2019.
As we all know, science fiction film and animated film shooting can best test a country’s film industrialization level. This kind of film needs a lot of visual effects to create a different sense of space and world view for the audience.The quantity and quality of special effects constitute the foundation of superstructure.
It is reported that there are 2,003 special effects shots in The Wandering Earth’s whole film, and it is normal for a shot to be revised more than 100 times from the first edition to the final draft. According to director Frant Gwo, more than 75% of the special effects shots in this film were produced by China Company.
The filming of the animated film "Nezha" took five years from planning to release, and 66 script versions were run in. There are 1,800 shots in the whole film, with more than 1,400 special effects shots, which is the most animated film in China over the years.
In addition to the increasingly obvious traces of industrialization, film marketing also keeps pace with the times and presents new tricks. In the economic era of online celebrity, everything can be brought.Domestic filmBeneficiaryIt was the first time to open the preferential qualification certificate for live movies with goods. Since then, films such as "The Station of the Southern Party" have followed suit.
As a word-of-mouth pre-pointing marketing strategy, it has entered the era of segmentation. During the summer vacation, Looking Up deliberately avoided the first-tier cities in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the early screening notice. From the third-and fourth-tier cities, I hope to use the "small town youth" who are more likely to resonate emotionally to carry out the first round of word-of-mouth fermentation.
Nezha takes the opposite strategy, with the early screening starting from first-and second-tier cities, and then gradually expanding downward to third-and fourth-tier cities. In terms of adult-oriented animated films, audiences in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are relatively receptive.
Among the film types of box office in the whole year, the total box office of animated films, led by Nezha, was 6.979 billion, accounting for 18.91% of the whole year, ranking second in the box office list of genre films. The feature film won the championship with 9.278 billion yuan, the comedy film came in third with 5.801 billion yuan, and the science fiction film came in fourth with 4.771 billion yuan.
Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province rank among the top three in the TOP10 box office output list of provinces. In the national cinema box office rankings, WANDA CINEMAS, Guangdong Dadi and Shanghai jointly ranked the first, second and third place from high to low. Since relevant statistics were available in 2014, Wukesong Store of Beijing Yaolai Jackie Chan International Studios has won the national box office ranking for six consecutive years.
In 2019, the two-way maturity of market and audience made China film market create many records. What is more gratifying is that more and more domestic films go abroad and spread oriental culture on a global scale.In 2020, what "peaks" will China film market climb bravely? Time will tell.

How can domestic beauty products that are no longer "arrogant" get out of the comfort zone?

Recently, the domestic make-up brand Ermu Grape published a post in Xiaohongshu, saying that the boss asked it to operate "just find a few big names" and attached screenshots of private letters to major luxury brands such as GUCCI, LV and FENDI. From the picture, various luxury brands did not reply, and the post published by Ermu Grape said, "Busy all morning, talk about the next 0 cooperation".

Judging from the follow-up posts released by Ermu Grape, Ermu Grape did not announce the joint plan, but instead saw the ridicule of others on this matter from the pictures exposed.

Some media believe that whether the joint invitation is really rejected by luxury brands or the new marketing method of Ermu Grape to win traffic, it shows an embarrassment of domestic makeup.

domestic goodsBeauty cosmetics highlight no longer.

As early as 2018, domestic make-up was playing the game of "Who is the real makeup of the Forbidden City", and then a series of highlights were opened. In 2019, more and more domestic cosmetics such as eye shadow, mascara and blush were sought after. Perfect Diary and Hua Xizi successively topped the list of Tmall 618 or double 11 cosmetics as "dark horses", ranking at the TOP10 for three consecutive years.

However, with the increasingly fierce competition of domestic cosmetics, brands that once led domestic cosmetics seem to be slowing down and slipping from a high position step by step.

According to the "618" sales data of the whole network in 2023 from the star map data, in the category of perfume cosmetics, the top five brands in JD.COM list have been dominated by international brands, and only Hua Xizi, a domestic cosmetics brand, is still on the list. Compared with the data of 618 and Double Eleven in the previous two years, domestic brands such as Perfect Diary and Kelaqi have dropped off the list.

Besides, in the beauty and skin care list, the top five brands in JD.COM are also taken over by international brands such as L ‘Oré al, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Olay, Shiseido, etc., while in the top five domestic brands on Tmall list, only Polaiya is shortlisted, ranking fourth. Huaxi Bio, known as one of the "three giants" of skin care, has no two skin care brands on the list.

From the overall data point of view, according to the star map data, beauty and skin care is still the largest category on the integrated e-commerce platform, with sales of 30 billion yuan during the "618" period, but the overall growth rate has slowed down; Perfume make-up maintained a growth rate, with a total sales of 10.6 billion yuan. In addition, the GMV of "618" Tmall plus JD.COM beauty category reached 40.6 billion yuan, down 1.0% year-on-year.

According to the data quoted by the media, judging from the performance of various brands, according to Jiuqian’s data, at present, foreign brands are still the main brands in Tmall TOP10, and only 2 or 3 domestic brands in skin care and makeup categories have entered the list respectively.

Obviously, compared with foreign brands, the performance of domestic beauty in this year’s 618 is not so bright. In fact, the pace of domestic beauty is indeed slowing down. According to the previous statistics of a glance at the business, in the second quarter, there were more than 80 financing incidents in the new consumption field as a whole, and only 6 financing incidents occurred in the beauty industry. In the first quarter, there were 130 financing incidents in the new consumption sector as a whole, and 36 financing incidents occurred in the beauty industry. Compared with the first quarter, the data in the second quarter dropped a lot.

According to the incomplete statistics of Beauty Headlines, there were 14 investment/financing incidents in the beauty industry in May, amounting to nearly 800 million yuan. It is worth noting that of the 14 investment/financing incidents, 13 were for overseas beauty cosmetics.

Chao Chenglin, director of the Industrial Space Research Institute of business experts, believes that there are three reasons why domestic cosmetics brands are cold: First, due to the weak overall consumer market, the overall consumption performance at this stage is not ideal, and consumers’ willingness to consume is also declining, leading to a certain correction in the consumption performance of many industries. Cosmetics industry is a non-life necessity, and the decline in performance is no exception.

Secondly, as far as domestic cosmetics are concerned, there is a general problem of over-marketing. After the consumer experience in the past few years, their domestic cosmetics have no special advantage in product strength, and it is inevitable to gradually cool down.

He further pointed out that the early entry strategy of domestic cosmetics focused on the replacement strategy of foreign big brands and pursued cost performance. At this stage, more and more well-known big brands began to eat away the market share of the original domestic cosmetics by using different sales strategies, brand combinations and other means, coupled with changes in consumer demand, brand image and product quality, the competitive disadvantage of domestic cosmetics brands was immediately highlighted in the face of the dimensionality reduction blow of international big brands.

Light research and developmentOver-reliance on onlineHow to break the brand?

Once upon a time, high-intensity marketing was once the "standard" of domestic beauty products, but as the ultimate marketing investment can no longer get the same return, brands may need to find a new way out.

According to the information quoted by beijing business today, Hua Xizi’s previous marketing investment of nearly 20 million yuan per month was criticized by the industry for emphasizing marketing and neglecting research and development; The parent company of Perfect Diary is questioned because of its high marketing expenses. It is understood that in 2020, the sales and marketing expenses of Yixian e-commerce reached 3.41 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 172%, and the proportion of total revenue climbed to 65%. By 2021, this figure rose to 68%. Polaiya was criticized for spending more than 5 billion yuan on marketing and promotion in three years. The data shows that from 2020 to 2022, the sales expenses of Polaiya were 1.497 billion yuan, 1.992 billion yuan and 2.786 billion yuan respectively, and the sales expense ratio reached 39.9%, 42.98% and 43.63% respectively.

Wu Daiqi, CEO of Shenzhen Siqisheng Company, once pointed out that from the past experience, higher marketing investment will indeed bring certain performance growth to enterprises, but with the continuous development of the market, consumer demand is also changing, and brand power, product innovation and quality have become important conditions for consumers to choose products. This requires the strategic direction, brand management, operational ability and other comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

Zhong Xiaoming, president of Guangdong Cosmetics Quality Management Association, once pointed out that although it has entered the forefront of the world in quantity, the current innovation ability of China’s cosmetics industry does not match the huge market. Especially in the "original knowledge innovation" ability is still relatively weak. "

How to break the game? From the current point of view, many domestic brands have chosen to cooperate with major universities to explore more possibilities of products. Domestic cosmetics companies, including Yixian E-commerce, Hua Xizi, Polaiya and Huaxi Bio, have been seeking cooperation with universities in recent years.

It is worth noting that domestic brands have developed rapidly with the help of online channels such as Little Red Book, Tik Tok and e-commerce, but relying on a certain channel or an anchor will bring certain obstacles to brands. For example, taking Yuze as an example, after losing Li Jiaqi and Viya in succession, the sales of Yuze brand plummeted, which directly affected the performance of shanghai jahwa. In 2022, the company’s overall online channel achieved a total revenue of 2.787 billion yuan, a decrease of 13.21% compared with the same period of last year; The company’s overall offline channels achieved a total revenue of 4.313 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.59% compared with the same period last year.

When the e-commerce channel dividend disappeared, brands began to reconsider the layout offline. For example, Hua Xizi opened a 1000-square-meter offline store on the lakeside of Hangzhou. According to the incomplete statistics of the market, in the second half of 2022, at least 18 Chinese and foreign beauty brands increased their offline channel layout, not limited to opening global flagship stores, retail boutiques, brand offline stores and so on.

Chao Chenglin also pointed out that the reason why domestic cosmetics brands began to relocate offline may be to find more sales channels and improve brand exposure. Offline channels have certain advantages, which can directly reach consumers, provide more diversified shopping experiences and product displays, and attract more consumers’ attention and purchase. In addition, offline channels can also help brands to establish closer contact with consumers, provide better after-sales service and consumer feedback mechanism, and help to shape brand image and improve products. By rearranging offline, domestic cosmetics brands can better interact with consumers and improve brand awareness and market share.

At the time of slowing down, domestic beauty cosmetics may also be trying to get out of the comfort zone. Chao Chenglin believes that the road of domestic cosmetics is still very long. In the future, we need to pay more attention to product research and development and brand promotion to improve market share and consumer recognition.