Observation: new forces have fallen one after another, and making cars has become a capital game.

[Know the way of car observation] Ten yearsBefore, new energy vehicles were like a spring breeze, favorable policies continued, the capital market was surging, and new forces to build cars were born. The new energy market was full of vitality, reaching more than 400 at its peak. With the help of capital, the new forces bid farewell to the "PPT grand blueprint" on paper, achieved a historic leap from "0 to 1" and officially opened a confrontation with traditional car companies in the market.

However, it is not easy to be new, and it is even harder to survive. In the past two years, the domestic market environment has turned sharply, and the new energy automobile industry is facing reconstruction. Under the double blow of the cold winter and the epidemic situation in the automobile market, the negative news of the new forces of making cars continued, and some new forces were eliminated in the "survival war" and left the scene sadly. During the ups and downs, these new forces can’t achieve the leap of life and death, and it is inevitable to eliminate bad luck.

Yundu automobile: from glory to loneliness

Yundu Automobile, which once sold 20,000 vehicles in 2018, is caught in the storm of production suspension, or will become the first "new power enterprise" to go out in 2022.

Founded in 2015, Yundu Automobile became the second new energy passenger car manufacturer in China to pass the examination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In October 2017, when Tesla still had a headache for production capacity in the United States, Yundu Automobile had released its first model, "Yundu π1". As the first batch of new power vehicles in China, "Yundu π1" enjoyed the subsidy and care of new energy policy earlier than "Wei Xiaoli", and Yundu π2 was successfully listed in only half a year.

When Weilai Automobile had only one model of Weilai ES8, and when most of the "new forces in building cars" were still in the "PPT" stage, Yundu Automobile had already realized the whole process of "R&D, delivery and after-sales", and in 2018, it achieved a brilliant sales of 26,000 vehicles, which was simply "the peak of debut".

However, the instantaneous brilliance of Yundu automobile obviously did not last forever. In 2019, sales declined, executives left, financing was weak, product quality problems occurred frequently, and industry competition became increasingly fierce. Yundu automobile gradually fell behind in the tide of new energy vehicles, even the previously planned Yundu X-π concept car and Yundu π7 were delayed.

Yundu Automobile, whose sales volume continues to be sluggish, "has no such car" in the eyes of consumers in just five years.

Future car: the future is uncertain, and the resurrection is indefinite.

After the negative news such as unpaid wages and broken capital chain was exploded in 2020, the future car began to be silent for two years. Recently, Guanwei was suddenly updated, and the parent company, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., officially announced the signing of a formal merger agreement with SPAC Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp., and the future car will go overseas for IPO, with a pre-investment valuation of 1.25 billion US dollars. A series of actions show that the future car has not given up. Is it really necessary to "resurrect" the future car with "uncertain future"?

As the earliest batch of new car companies in China, Future Auto was established by Great Wall Huaguan in February 2015, specializing in the production of pure electric supercars. Because of its superb attainments in design, it is often compared with Porsche Taycan.

In August 2018, the K50, the first product of Future Auto, went on the market, positioning itself as a high-performance electric sports car. After subsidy, the price was as high as 686,800 yuan, which was the most expensive model among the new forces in China at that time. However, apart from the pure electric drive and super-running appearance, the product strength of K50 is not outstanding. The cruising range of 380km under NEDC condition and the acceleration ability of 4.6s are obviously not in line with its price of nearly 700,000, so the K50 will only end up selling 131 vehicles in one and a half years.

In the face of bleak product sales, the future car has experienced a break in the capital chain, employees asking for wages, withdrawing stores, etc. It was once hotly debated because of "no future", and even the news of bankruptcy was repeatedly reported. The official said that the future car will create a "private customization" mode and realize scale customization, and "customized service" is also the core selling point of the future car merger and reorganization bet. However, customized solutions are not uncommon in the automobile industry, and the rivals of future automobiles will be a number of domestic new energy automobile enterprises with stable development, such as Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an and Tucki, and the challenge is difficult to imagine.

Sailin Automobile: A Joke-making Expert

From the appearance of the Bird’s Nest to the listing auction, from the super sports car to the old man’s joy, it only took four years for Sailin Automobile to grandstand and die of illness.

Recently, an auction message about "Jiangsu S Automobile Company" issued by Nantong Intermediate People’s Court appeared on Ali auction platform, which auctioned an industrial land of nearly 940,000 square meters in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province with a value of 2.38 billion, which is the Nantong base of Sailin Automobile in Jiangsu Province.

The predecessor of Sailin Automobile was founded by Steve Sailin, a former American racer. The original product was a modified Ford model. Later, the self-developed supercar Sailin S7 was on the verge of bankruptcy and was packaged and sold to senior lawyer Wang Xiaolin. On July 20, 2019, Sailin Automobile spent 300 million yuan to hold a grand automobile brand launch conference in the Bird’s Nest, which was called "the most embarrassing in history". There were many star platforms such as Hollywood superstar Jason Statham, and Wang Xiaolin told the story of Sailin’s glorious history, introduced several Sailin supercars, and said that Sailin Automobile would help more people realize their dream of supercars.

Ironically, however, after rendering the scene momentum and atmosphere in place, Sai Lin’s first mass-produced electric car "Maimai" was unveiled at the finale. This two-door two-seat mini-electric car with a starting price of only 158,800 yuan and a battery life of 305km is no different from "Old Man Le", which obviously forms a huge "contrast" with the luxurious press conference that was built with huge investment. What is even more ridiculous is that "Old Man Le" only sold 9 vehicles two months after its listing, and only sold 27 vehicles in total by the end of May 2020, which became a big joke in the automobile industry.

However, Sai Lin’s jokes can be far more than that. A series of farce such as employee’s real name reporting, employee’s salary arrears, the escalation of shareholder conflicts, and the founder’s patting his ass to go abroad to "support the elderly" have frequently caused heated discussions.

Perhaps "being listed for auction" is the destined destination of Sailin Automobile.

Baiteng Automobile: Bankruptcy and liquidation, hopeless mass production.

After struggling for more than a year on the "line of life and death", Baiteng Automobile was finally awarded the title of "burning 8.4 billion yuan in three years to make a mass production car" and formally applied for bankruptcy liquidation.

Since its establishment in 2017, Baiteng Automobile has carried out six rounds of financing, with a total amount of 8.4 billion yuan, including many well-known enterprises such as China FAW, Tencent Investment, Foxconn, etc. However, this new car-making star, once regarded as the most promising new force, has spent 8.4 billion yuan but still can’t build a mass-produced car.

M-Byte, the first product of Baiteng Automobile, gained enough attention with its interior at the beginning of its appearance. The 48-inch comprehensive large screen is divided into three display areas, with driving-related information displayed on the left and navigation and other services displayed on the center and right. This nearly 50-inch large screen is full of gimmicks. At that time, the official also said that the new car will be officially put into production in mid-2020. However, under the catalysis of epidemic situation and market competition, the dream of mass production of Baiteng Automobile has failed.

In June, 2020, Baiteng laid off employees with unpaid wages, the factory was cut off from water and electricity, and the office rent was cancelled one after another. On July 1, Baiteng Automobile’s mainland business operation in China was shut down, which opened a long-term shutdown. It is necessary to know that at the beginning of the year, Baiteng executives vowed that they could achieve profitability and catch up with Tesla within three years. However, the fact is that in less than half a year, Baiteng Automobile was in deep bankruptcy, and the company legal person patted his ass and left a chicken feather.

Guo Zhijun: Didi may become a life-saving straw

As a member of the second echelon of the new force to build cars, Guo Zhijun Automobile belongs to SINOMACH. Since its establishment in 2017, it has only completed equity financing once. The existing models are GX5, GC1 and GC2, with an annual sales volume of only 2000, and its survival status is in jeopardy. Now it is the last straw.

Didi’s dream of building a car began in August 2021, and the unmanned vehicle route that it tried to take at the beginning of building a car ended in failure. This time, it chose Guo Zhijun as a partner to try to extend the car-making business to the C-end market.

As a marginalized brand in the new forces, Guo Zhiwei Jun can be selected by Didi, which may be quite a "chosen son". However, although cross-border car-making is a current market trend, it is also an "industry curse", which has defeated many players who have rushed into the market. Although Didi is related to automobiles, its own strength and achievements are more focused on the Internet. It is still difficult to create a world in the ranks of manufacturing.

Xiaobian has something to say:

After all, for most consumers, cars are not the product of "falling in love" after all, and quality and strength are the last word. Therefore, the new forces that are radical, bold and whimsical, utilitarian and purposeful will only die out.

Once entered the automobile industry as a "subversive", the new force of making cars is surging and fearless, and the future can be expected.

However, if you don’t accumulate steps, you won’t make a thousand miles. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the elimination of the new energy market in the future will only intensify, and the new forces who want to survive in the fierce competition need more precipitation and accumulation.

Lightweight travel Canon 40mm biscuit lens line photo Beijing in spring.

Why do many photographers choose micro-cameras now? It is because the weight and volume of SLR cameras are large, which affects the use experience, but many people love the mechanical feeling when using SLR cameras. Thus, Canon mini SLR EOS 200D and Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens were born. This mini suit combination completely solves the disadvantages of size and weight, and retains all the use feelings of SLR, which is very rare for users, especially female users.
Canon mini SLR EOS 200D and Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens combination
How small is the Canon 40mm cookie lens?
Today we are going to introduce the protagonist of Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens (hereinafter referred to as 40mm biscuit lens). Since it is called a 40mm biscuit lens, it means that this lens is very light. This is also the lens with the smallest weight and volume among all EF lens groups in Canon, and it is even lighter than most micro-single lenses.
40mmThe biscuit lens is not even as thick as a 30ml perfume bottle.
In order to explain how small the 40mm biscuit lens is, we specially chose a 30ml perfume bottle to compare with it. As you can see from the above picture, the lens is not even as thick as the perfume bottle. Although the lens is thin and light, it doesn’t cut corners at all. Its appearance and workmanship are very exquisite, and it is also equipped with a large aperture design of F2.8, which can create a perfect blur effect and add a lot of color to the picture.
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:100 exposure time: 1/400Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:200 exposure time: 1/1250Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
It’s spring in Beijing, and it’s very pleasant to walk in the streets. Under the aperture of F2.8, close-up of a few green leaves full of spring can just set off the atmosphere of spring. From the picture, we can see that the in-focus picture of the 40mm biscuit lens is very sharp, and the lines of the leaves and the thorns on the edges are clearly presented; The outside of the coke spreads like cream, which is very beautiful. It’s hard to imagine that this photo was taken by this mini combination camera.
Visiting Beijing Hutong with 40mm biscuits
Since it is spring, when everything is revived, this time is the best time to visit Beijing’s hutongs. Although Beijing is an international metropolis, its modernization and development speed are extremely amazing, but Beijing still retains the Millennium-old traditional hutong culture. Authentic hutongs can always see many interesting things, even if the city develops faster, these cultures will not be erased.
Canon 40mm biscuit is a large aperture fixed focus lens.
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:200 exposure time: 1/200Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Walking in the hutong, I saw a shop on the street selling rabbit. The rabbit can be said to be a very authentic image of Beijing. Many foreign tourists and foreign tourists always bring one or two to Beijing as gifts. Now that we have met, we can just take pictures with Canon’s 40mm biscuit lens. Although this lens is thin and light, it is a fixed focus after all, and its picture quality is solid and excellent. Even if you shoot through the glass, you can clearly see all the details of the rabbit, and the color reduction is also in place.
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:200 exposure time: 1/125Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Hutong culture is not only architecture, but also residents’ attitudes and habits. For Beijingers, the family likes to celebrate all the year round, so many residents like to buy some happy dolls to put at home. Taking pictures in the shop, the light is very complicated, but it does not affect the focusing speed and accuracy of Canon 40mm lens at all.
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:125 exposure time: 1/60Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Bird-walking can be seen in many movies, TV series or documentaries shot in Beijing, which is also an important hutong culture. I happened to see a local resident walking a bird on the street, so I took a close-up photo of a bird with a Canon 40mm biscuit lens. To tell the truth, the sharpness of the lens is excellent, the details of the bird’s feathers, eyes, mouth and so on are very clear, and the cage and background can be perfectly blurred, making the whole photo look very emotional.
Large aperture fixed focus lens is very suitable for close-up scenery.
Since Canon’s 40mm cookie lens is a fixed-focus lens with a large aperture, fixing the focal length means that the framing is fixed, which can give users more creative space. 40mm is connected to a 200D SLR, and with the conversion factor, the actual focal length is 64 mm. This focal length reaches the category of medium telephoto, so it is more suitable for close-up shooting. With the large aperture of F2.8, the close-up picture can be more beautiful.
Canon 40mm biscuit lens is more suitable for close-up shooting.
Automatic/manual focusing lever of lens
Many photographers like manual focusing, not that autofocus is not accurate, but that they like the feeling of manual focusing. In some circumstances, the author will also choose to use manual focus when shooting close-ups, so that the focus can be smoothly switched at will. The only operating lever on Canon’s 40mm biscuit lens is used to switch auto/manual focus.
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:200 exposure time: 1/250Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Focal length: 40mm aperture: F2.8ISO:200 exposure time: 1/800Exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic
Close-up, generally for the comprehensive requirements of the lens. First of all, the focus of the lens should be solid and rapid, otherwise the focus of the close-up picture will be offset or it will be difficult to focus; Then there is the sharpness of the lens, otherwise the details will be lost; Then the blur effect and color reproduction of the lens should be accurate, otherwise the picture will be terrible. Fortunately, the comprehensive quality of Canon’s 40mm biscuit lens is very high, so it performs well in both close-up and imaging.
In the range of 1000-yuan lenses, there are actually few types of lenses that can be selected, most of which are domestic manual lenses, but there is really nothing to evaluate in terms of use experience. But now, within the scope of 1000 yuan, you can also buy EF 40mm f/2.8 STM in Canon EF lens series. The lens not only has high comprehensive quality and large aperture, but also has very small weight and volume. If you are a beginner in photography and want to improve your photography level, then you are destined to buy a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens.

Zotye Auto: The pre-loss of net profit in 2023 is 750 million yuan to 900 million yuan. Seven lawsuits have not yet been decided.

  On January 29th, Zotye Motor announced its pre-loss performance, showing that in 2023, the company’s net loss was 750 million yuan to 900 million yuan.

  According to the announcement, compared with 2022, the company’s vehicle sales revenue increased in 2023, but the income of auto parts and door industry decreased due to the market environment. At the same time, the company plans to make provision for asset impairment and bad debts totaling about 300 million yuan to 400 million yuan.

  The company’s third quarterly report in 2023 shows that Zotye Motor lost 447 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2023, which means that the company’s single-quarter loss in the fourth quarter reached 300 million yuan to 450 million yuan. It is worth noting that since 2024, Zotye’s share price has fallen by over 16%.

  In addition, at the beginning of 2024, Zotye Automobile announced seven lawsuits with a large amount. Among them, the total amount of litigation cases involving the company and its subsidiaries as defendants is about 293 million yuan, and all seven cases have been heard in the first instance but have not been decided.

  On January 29th, Zotye Auto replied on the investor interaction platform that the number of shareholders of the company is 191,000 at present, and there is no major asset restructuring or acquisition joint venture plan.

Cold air! Smog! Typhoon! Snowfall! What’s the weather like there?

  CCTV News:Today, the north will welcome a cold air, and the wind will cool down in most areas; There are moderate haze in Beijing, Liaoning and Shandong, and severe haze in some areas, and the air quality will be improved this weekend; There is still heavy rainfall in Hainan, and typhoon Sally Jia is approaching step by step.

  △ Screenshot of the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory

  Strong cold air hits the north and the local temperature drops by 12℃


  Starting today, a medium-intensity cold air will affect most parts of northern China from west to east, bringing strong winds and cooling weather. Among them, northern and eastern Xinjiang, most of northwest China, most of Inner Mongolia, northern North China and northeast China will have a temperature drop of 4 ~ 8 degrees successively, and the local temperature drop in northern Xinjiang can reach 10 ~ 12 degrees.

  On 16th-17th, this cold air will arrive in Northeast China, when the highest and lowest temperatures in Northeast China will drop to the level close to the same period of the year.

  Reminder: When the temperature drops, you should put on more clothes, not just manners but temperature!

  In many places in Xinjiang, the temperature in Urumqi fell below freezing point.

  Xinjiang is the key area affected by this cold air, with strong winds, cooling, rain, snow and dust almost all coming into battle. For Xinjiang, this will be the strongest cold air in the second half of this year. From the night of 14th to the early morning of 15th, the minimum temperature in Urumqi, the capital city, will drop to about 0℃, which is the lowest temperature since the second half of this year, and the first frost appears in some areas.


  Affected by it, it is expected that most areas in northern Xinjiang will experience the process of rain to sleet or pure snow today and tomorrow, especially along the northern side of Tianshan Mountain, where there will be moderate to heavy snow. There may be sleet in Urumqi today, which will be the largest first snow in northern Xinjiang since the second half of this year.

  Reminder: The process of rain and snow will cause some roads to freeze, reduce visibility and make the roads slippery, so you need to slow down when driving.

  The local visibility of Beijing’s heavily polluted days is less than 500 meters.

  Before the arrival of cold air, the haze weather in North China, Huanghuai and other places will continue. Today, there are moderate haze in Beijing, northern Tianjin, eastern Liaoning and southern Shandong, and severe haze in some areas. From tomorrow, due to the influence of cold air and rainfall, the haze weather in the above areas will gradually weaken and dissipate.


  △ On October 14th, Beijing issued a yellow warning with local visibility less than 500 meters. (Photo from vision china)

  This morning, the relevant departments in Beijing issued a yellow warning of haze, a blue warning of heavy air pollution and a yellow warning of heavy fog. The visibility in Beijing is about 1 km, and the local area is less than 500 meters. The relative humidity of the air is close to saturation. Remind the public to do a good job of health protection such as wearing masks when going out, and reduce outdoor sports.

  Tomorrow, there will be light rain in Beijing, which can remove pollutants to a certain extent, but the effect is limited. After the rain, it will cool down, but there is no obvious "north wind". On the 16th day after tomorrow, the wind will turn to the north wind, and the wind force is expected to be two or three levels.


  △ On October 13th, Beijing was shrouded in smog. (Photo from vision china)

  Reminder: Patients with respiratory diseases should minimize going out and wear masks when going out; Wash your face, rinse your mouth and clean your nasal cavity in time after going out, and remove the pollution residue attached to your body.

  There is still a heavy rainfall typhoon "Sally Jia" near Hainan. 

  Affected by the tropical depression and cold air in the South China Sea, the rain in Hainan was strong yesterday, with heavy rains in many places and heavy rains in the central and eastern regions.


  According to the monitoring of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the tropical depression in the South China Sea has landed on the central coast of Vietnam this morning, but its residual system will still be combined with cold air, bringing strong winds of magnitude 7-8 to the Taiwan Province Strait, the northern part of the South China Sea, the Beibu Gulf, the Qiongzhou Strait and the coastal areas of Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian. The gusts in some sea areas and regions can reach 9-10, and there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in the southeast of Hainan Island.


  △ On October 14th, qionghai city, Hainan Province, aerial photography was taken of villages surrounded by floods and soaked fields in Jiaji Town. (Photo from vision china)

  In addition, this year’s No.21 typhoon "Sally Jia" was generated in the east of the Philippines last night. It is expected to approach the eastern coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines, land on the above coast from the night of 15th to the morning of 16th, then pass through the Philippines, enter the eastern South China Sea on the evening of 16th, and gradually approach the eastern sea of Hainan Island, with increasing intensity. From the afternoon of 18th to the night, it will land or pass through the southeast of Hainan Island with the intensity of typhoon to strong typhoon, and it is also possible to sail westward from the offshore of the south of Hainan Island.


  According to China Weather Network, next week, South China may be hit by two typhoons in succession! On the far left is the tropical depression ↓


  Reminder: citizens should do a good job in typhoon prevention in advance and must strengthen their own safety precautions; The ship should obey the command and take shelter in the shelter; Stop all dangerous operations at high altitude and outdoors.

Tea, porcelain, embroidery and painting … Lingnan elements of the meeting between Chinese and French heads of state in Guangzhou.

  The informal meeting between Chinese and French heads of state in Guangzhou attracted global attention.

  The Central Radio and Television General Station "News Network" made a headline report. Phoenix Dan Cong, Guangcai Porcelain, Exquisite Cantonese Embroidery and Lingnan Painting School … … The strong Lingnan elements are recognized by the sharp-eyed audience.


  The two heads of state sat by the water, watched the scenery and tasted tea, and talked about ancient and modern times.

  According to CCTV news new media reports, the two heads of state drank two kinds of tea, both of which are famous and special products in Guangdong. One is oolong tea: Phoenix Dan Cong in Chaozhou; One is black tea: the golden hair of Yingde.

  Fenghuang Dan Cong cha, produced in fenghuang town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, has a history of more than 900 years. Due to the differences in aroma and taste of the finished tea, it is customary in the local area to divide dancong tea into Huangzhixiang, Zhilanxiang and Mellanxiang.

  Jinmaohao, which is Yingde Black Tea Zhongying Hong Jiu Super Tea, is made by picking one bud and one leaf with fresh buds. Jin Maohao tastes fresh, sweet, smooth, full-bodied, the soup is red and bright, with floral, fragrant and sugarcane fragrance, and the tea fragrance is distinct, sweet and fragrant.

  Phoenix Dan Cong, justice and good luck; Golden hair, rich tea. The choice of these two teas has a profound meaning.


  Of course, good tea must be equipped with good utensils, and the tea set used for making tea when the two heads of state met this time is also very particular.

  In order to adapt to the brewing and drinking of different teas, the staff prepared a variety of tea sets such as Ruyao celadon, teapot and Guangcai. Among them, the golden hair is soaked, and the bowl is covered with wide colors, which is matched with the teacup of Ruyao celadon; Soak in Phoenix Dan Cong, using Chaoshan teapot with colorful teacups.

  The firing technology of Guangzhou Guangcai porcelainIt has a long history, which began in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty and has been more than 300 years. Historically, Guangcai porcelain was exported in large quantities because of the demand of western businessmen.

  Guangcai porcelain has a wide range of themes and bright colors, including tricolor, multicolor, enamel and other different types, and it is also made into a unique style of painted porcelain by imitating the western painting system. Its firing technique is rooted in the folk, which embodies four characteristics: the fusion of Chinese and western colored porcelain techniques, unique pigment production, strong Lingnan cultural characteristics and rich painting techniques and subject matter content, and has important cultural and historical research value. As an important carrier of Lingnan culture, the firing technology of Guangcai porcelain still enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.


  The heads of state of the two countries had a tea conversation in Baiyun Hall, and the screen behind them was the work of Kang Huifang, a master of Chaozhou embroidery.

  Guangdong embroidery, Suzhou embroidery, Shu embroidery and Xiang embroidery are also called the four famous embroideries in China.Guangdong embroidery, generally speaking, is the floorboard of Chaozhou embroidery and Guangdong embroidery.

  Chaozhou embroideryOur craft is extremely complex and diverse, with four types of embroidery: velvet embroidery, yarn embroidery, gold and silver thread embroidery and bead embroidery, which are jubilant and rich, with outstanding characteristics. Chaozhou embroidery is characterized by clear texture, inlaid with gold and silver thread, raised floor and rich colors, especially the raised embroidery method with relief effect is unique from other embroidery methods.


  Guangzhou is the birthplace of Lingnan School of Painting. Great masters of contemporary Lingnan painting schoolLi Jinkun, Liang Shixiong, Wang Lanruo, Fang Chuxiong, Chen YongqiangThe works of your representative figures have also appeared at the meeting. The themes are Nanling scenery, welcoming pine, bamboo and stone orchid, auspicious rooster, triangle red plum and so on.

  There is also a unique painting at the scene — — Large ebony porcelain painted pine crane screen. It combines the techniques of Chaozhou porcelain plate painting and Chaozhou woodcarving.

  Pearl embroidery is interesting. This picture of a hundred cranes was created by Huang Weixiong, a master of art and beauty. Chaozhou porcelain plate painting is ancient and antique. Porcelain plate painting was made by China ceramic artist Chen Yangzhong.

  Chaozhou woodcarving, Zhejiang Dongyang woodcarving, Yueqing boxwood carving woodcarving and Fujian Longan woodcarving are also called the four major woodcarving in China., featuring multi-level hollowing-out skills and painted gold decoration, is called "golden lacquer wood carving". Chaozhou woodcarving is a wonderful work of Lingnan folk art, which has a history of more than 1000 years. In 2006, Chaozhou woodcarving was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Xiguan datong Xinhui Chenpi

  Xiguan bronze wares and Xinhui dried tangerine peel also appeared on the antique shelf.

  Xiguan copper-beating processIt is an intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong Province. Xiguan copper stamping is a bronze making technique with bronze, brass and copper as raw materials, which is processed, forged and welded. Xiguan bronze ware is a unique variety in Guangzhou’s traditional copper-beating technique, which is different from that of Beijing School and Su School. After being made, it does not polish the interface and is famous for its thick and durable.

  butXinhui ChenpiIt is even more famous. Xinhui, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province is a famous "hometown of dried tangerine peel". Sweet stewed old duck soup with dried tangerine peel, dried tangerine peel bone with tender outside and sweet but not greasy dried tangerine peel red bean paste … … Lingnan people, who take food as their priority, regard dried tangerine peel as one of the "three treasures" in Guangdong. Adding dried tangerine peel to the production of food, dried tangerine peel is often not the main course, but it can make the protagonist shine.

Building model

  In addition to the above traditional crafts, there are many modern Lingnan elements. The dinner table was carefully arranged.Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Guangzhou "Little Man’s Waist"Isomodel.

  The informal meeting between the heads of state of China and France in Songyuan, Guangzhou has become a much-told story, and the Chinese goods that have entered the global vision as a result of this meeting deserve careful tasting.