Proof: Does overnight water cause cancer? Is the hollow tomato hormonal? Here comes the answer.

  CCTV News:Nowadays, online rumors can be said to be changing, and new and old rumors take turns to appear. Today, CCTV news takes stock of several kinds of common false information for you, so everyone must keep their eyes open.

  01. Is there carcinogen in boiled water overnight?

  "Overnight water causes cancer", "Cold boiled water is comparable to chronic poison if left for a long time" and "Thousands of boiling water is harmful to human body" … … Recently, rumors about boiled water have been circulated again. Are these all true?

  Truth: Carcinogens are not born out of thin air.

  Experts say that mineral water and pure water that meet the safety standards have only minerals and trace elements or nothing at all. Therefore,Overnight water will not give birth to carcinogens out of thin air.. Even the carcinogen people are most worried about — — Nitrite must also be produced on the basis of nitrate.However, overnight tea will produce amino acids and other substances, which will easily lead to microbial proliferation over time and should not be drunk.

  Can I drink cold boiled water for a long time? Experts say that there is no fixed time for water to deteriorate, which is mainly affected by external objective environment such as temperature. In summer, the air humidity is high, and bacteria multiply rapidly, which easily pollutes water and causes human diarrhea. So,It is best not to drink overnight water in summer, and it is best to put overnight water in a covered container (such as a thermos bottle) in winter. Boiled water should not be left for too long, and it is best not to drink it after a few days. Barreled pure water is generally recommended to be drunk within one week.

  Except the bacterial content, other substances in the water will not change much. Therefore, as long as the water source is qualified, even if it is boiled repeatedly, the water quality will not change significantly. Therefore,There is no scientific basis for saying that "thousands of boiling water" cannot be drunk.

  02. Cann’t hollow, pointed tomatoes be eaten with hormones?

  Recently, a news about tomatoes was widely spread on the Internet. The post said, "Hollow, pointed tomatoes with red outside and green inside are all hormonal and poisonous to eat." The news made many people nervous. Is it true?/You don’t say.

  Truth: There are many reasons why tomatoes are hollow.

  Plant hormones (such as tomato essence) can really promote the fruit setting and fruit expansion of tomato, and too high concentration may lead to its hollowness. However, this is not the only reason. Insufficient light, insufficient nutrient supply, improper fertilization, excessive external temperature, improper water application and fertilization may all lead to tomato hollowness.Hollow is a physiological disease often encountered in melon and fruit planting. Hollow tomato is a deformed fruit, which is only a little problem in shape, and may taste a little bad, but it is not harmful and can be eaten.

  There are also pointed, peach-shaped, tumor-shaped and scarred tomatoes, which are mainly determined by the quality of tomato flower bud differentiation. In addition, the color of tomato is mainly controlled by genes, and the peel and pulp will show different colors by different gene combinations.None of this has much to do with plant hormones.

  What many people are worried aboutplant hormoneGrowth regulator is not a scourge, but a pesticide with extremely low toxicity. It’s completely different from animal hormones,Will not make the user precocious or infertile.Rational use can promote fruit growth. The possibility of excessive use by farmers is very low, because using too much will be counterproductive.

  03. Will the radiation from routers and microwave ovens hurt people?

  Routers radiate, microwave ovens radiate, and hair dryers radiate … … On the internet, many posts claim that these daily items are harmful to human body. Is this true?

  Truth: As long as you don’t sleep next to them, it’s safe.

  First, explain two words: radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

  Radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

  Ionizing radiationSubstances that can ionize can cause damage to cells and even DNA, which is dangerous;

  non ionizing radiationThere is no ability to ionize substances, and the energy of daily contact with non-ionizing radiation is very small, so it is difficult to directly harm organisms and it is safe.

  Electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic waves.

  High energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiationIt’s ionizing radiation. Only this part of electromagnetic radiation is dangerous.

  wireless routerThe electromagnetic waves emitted by the router are safe non-ionizing radiation, and the frequency is mostly 2 GHz (or 5 GHz). As for ionizing radiation that can directly damage organisms, the frequency threshold is very, very high, at least reaching 100000000000000000 Hz, almost 50 million times that of 2 GHz! So, stop worrying about the radiation from the router.

  microwave ovenMicrowave is also non-ionizing radiation, which belongs to "radio waves" and can be used to heat biological tissues (such as microwave ovens). Radio waves are safe, and the electromagnetic field that can be detected outside the microwave oven is much smaller than that in the microwave oven. So, as long as you stay outside the microwave oven, it usually won’t hurt.

  electric hair dryerThe electromagnetic field generated by the hair dryer is the electromagnetic field of alternating current that we usually use. It can only form a magnetic field near the position where the current passes, and it can’t spread at all. Some data show that the magnetic field near the hair dryer is about 350 mG, while the magnetic field intensity of a common magnet is several hundred to several thousand g, which is at least several thousand times worse. So, don’t worry about the hair dryer.

  (This article source: Zhongxin. com, Quanmin Zhengzhen, Lilac Doctor)

How does the Ministry of Communications define a car ride?

  The purpose of the network car is to make a profit. Passengers propose a travel plan, calculate mileage, and charge by time. The ride is not for profit. The driver mainly proposes a travel plan and shares part of the travel expenses. Graphic production/Deng Ning

  On July 28th, two taxi industry reform documents, Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry and Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services, were released. Relevant persons of the Ministry of Transport re-interpreted the issues of concern to the audience, such as the implementation of local policies, the definition of network car and free ride, and fair competition of taxi network car. The relevant person in charge made it clear that the Ministry of Transport will guide local governments to formulate practical plans and set up a transition period for reform.

  On July 28th, two taxi industry reform documents — — "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry" and "Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services" were issued, which aroused widespread concern. Yesterday, in the Voice of China special program "I am on duty today", Zeng Jia, deputy director of the taxi management office of the Transportation Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, elaborated on issues such as policy implementation, definition of carpooling, and competition and development of taxi network.

  Hotspot 1

  How do local policies land after the introduction of the New Deal?

  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the new regulations have a clear positioning for the development of taxis and the standardized operation of online car, but the specific implementation rules still need to be formulated and clarified by local governments. The interim measures are clear, and the new regulations will be implemented on November 1, 2016. All localities can formulate specific implementation rules according to these measures and local conditions.

  Zeng Jia, deputy director of the taxi management office of the Transport Services Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that there is a reason for delegating the specific rules of taxi management to the local authorities. Taxi management belongs to local power, and the reform adheres to the principle of territorial management, and the city government bears the main responsibility of management. Cities have different levels of economic and social development, such as traffic structure, population size, public transport level, and the number of taxis available, which can only be determined by the people’s governments of local cities according to their own actual conditions. There is no problem of delegating the power of price setting and quantity control to local governments, because this is the power of local cities, which requires local governments to adjust measures to local conditions and cities.

  The Ministry of Transport also made arrangements for the implementation of the policy. First, it held a video conference with relevant departments to mobilize the reform of the taxi industry and mobilized the reform work; Second, a training course will be held in the near future to publicize the main contents and spirit of the two documents to local management departments, clarify the operation methods of related issues in the documents, and work with local governments to promote the reform of the taxi industry; The third is to guide local governments to formulate practical plans and grasp the policy scale; The fourth is to guide local governments to do a good job in the transition plan for the transition period of reform.

  Hotspot 2

  What is the difference between a car and a ride?

  Zeng Jia believes that the network car is similar to a taxi, providing time and displacement services, which takes up road resources. However, hitchhiking makes full use of road and vehicle resources and does not increase the consumption of road resources, which is a typical way for urban transportation to reflect the sharing economy.

  What needs to be clear is that, first of all, the hitchhiking service provider generally releases the travel plan in advance, or the person who has the same travel route after the passenger releases it responds, rather than responding according to the passenger’s travel needs. Secondly, the ride reflects the goodwill and mutual assistance between people, which is obviously different from the network car operation. Finally, the ride is not for profit, and part of the travel cost is limited to fuel cost and traffic cost, rather than charging by mileage and timing.

  In addition, this reform document clearly defines the opinions of encouraging support, but all localities should formulate detailed policies in light of local actual conditions.

  Hotspot 3

  How to compete fairly between taxis and online cars?

  Zeng Jia believes that before the introduction of the policy, there were many reasons for the conflict between the old and new formats, and the lack of fair competition in the market environment was a very important reason.

  There are great differences between online car rental and traditional taxis in terms of access standards, price mechanism, vehicle safety, scrapping management, insurance system and tax payment. In particular, in order to seize the market, network platform companies seize the market through continuous huge subsidies, which in fact causes unfair competition between the two.

  Therefore, the interim measures for management have clearly defined the licensing conditions for the network car, and set licensing requirements for platforms, vehicles and personnel. At the same time, it is required not to hinder fair competition in the market, not to engage in unfair price behaviors that crowd out competitors or monopolize the market, disrupt the normal market order at a price lower than the cost, and harm the national interests or the legitimate rights and interests of other operators, and not to commit price violations. All these are aimed at forming a level playing field.

  Zeng Jia pointed out that in the long run, to solve the conflict between the two sides, it is still necessary to deepen the reform of traditional industries and standardize the development of online car rental as soon as possible to achieve healthy competition and coordinated development of the two formats. First, speed up the reform of traditional taxis, loosen the burden on traditional taxis, get rid of the disadvantages of the system and mechanism, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the traditional taxi industry by taking measures such as dynamic regulation of operation scale, restriction of taxi operation period and free use, reform of interest distribution mechanism, and adjustment of freight rate mechanism; Second, for the new format, by setting business boundaries, subdividing markets, providing high-quality services, realizing differentiated operations and gradually deepening integrated development.

  Beijing will formulate detailed rules in light of actual conditions.

  On July 28th, two new regulations on taxi reform at the national level, Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry, and Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services, were officially promulgated. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that Beijing will resolutely implement the spirit of the two documents, seriously study and understand the requirements of the documents, and formulate relevant implementation opinions and detailed rules in light of Beijing’s reality.

  Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Transportation Administration Bureau of the Municipal Communications Commission introduced that the new regulations on taxi reform have an important guiding and standardizing role in the transformation and upgrading of the taxi industry in Beijing and promoting the healthy development of online taxis. Beijing will resolutely implement the spirit of the two documents, conscientiously study and understand the content requirements of the documents, formulate relevant implementation opinions and detailed rules in light of Beijing’s reality, promote integrated development, improve service levels, and meet the travel needs of the people.

  At present, there are no relevant documents for the development of online car. However, as far as carpooling is concerned, as early as 2013, the Municipal Transportation Commission issued the Opinions on Passenger Car Ride in Beijing, which made it clear that passenger car riding should follow the basic principles of giving priority to public welfare carpooling, voluntary mutual assistance among the people, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests, standardizing carpooling behavior and prohibiting illegal operation, so as to promote its healthy development.

  Six departments jointly talked about four online car companies.

  Yesterday morning, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that the Ministry of Transport, the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Bureau for Letters and Calls and other departments have jointly talked about Didi, Uber, Shenzhou and Yizhi, and asked them to clean up unqualified vehicles and drivers in accordance with the new regulations.

  Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, said that the reform and development of the taxi industry is not only a livelihood issue, but also related to social stability. After the promulgation of the two documents on deepening the reform of the taxi industry, relevant enterprises should study carefully, strictly implement relevant regulations and rectify existing problems. It is required to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, especially in accordance with the requirements of the newly issued two documents on deepening the reform of the taxi industry, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises and assume social responsibility, speed up the cleaning up of vehicles and drivers that do not meet the requirements, standardize market operation behavior, operate in good faith according to law, and seek long-term development.

  He particularly emphasized that relevant enterprises should keep their promises and keep their promises. After the transition period, relevant functional departments will jointly enforce the law, intensify the crackdown on illegal operations and other illegal activities, and maintain a good market order in the taxi industry; The platform company’s failure to implement relevant requirements, violation of laws and regulations and incitement to disturb social order will be dealt with according to law, and the relevant enterprises and their responsible persons will be seriously investigated for responsibility. If the circumstances are serious, the relevant qualifications will be banned.

  This group/reporter Liu Wei

Comedy dominates the Christmas file Aniston’s new movie box office beats Pete (photo)

Marley and I brought a lot of happiness to the audience.

Marley, the puppy, gets into trouble everywhere.

Stills of "Rejuvenation"

  Jennifer Aniston finally confronted her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

  During Christmas, the comedy Marley and I starring Aniston was released in North America, which happened to coincide with Pete’s new film "Rejuvenation". In the end, Aniston’s sweet revenge, "Marley and I" became the top box office winner in North America last weekend with 37 million dollars, while "Rejuvenation" ranked third with 27 million dollars.

  It is reported that on Christmas Day, a total of five new films premiered, which is rare in Hollywood history. In addition to the comedy Marley and Me produced by Fox Pictures and the fantasy film Rejuvenation produced by Paramount, there are also Disney’s family adventure film Bedtime Story, MGM’s historical film Assassination of Hitler and Lionsgate’s action film Ghost.

  In the economic downturn, the box office appeal of comedies is once again highlighted. After Mr. Nice Guy starring Jim Carrey topped the box office list the week before, the comedy film Marley and I once again verified the law that comedy is an evergreen tree at the box office last weekend. It is worth mentioning that "Marley and I" earned $14.68 million on Christmas Day, breaking the Christmas box office record of $10.2 million set by the biopic "Muhammad Ali" in 2001.

  Marley and I is based on American best-selling novels, starring owen wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The film tells the true story between man and dog: Marley, a Labrador adopted by a young couple, causes trouble everywhere, but Marley’s kind and loyal nature makes his owner experience the true meaning of life.

  The adventure film "Bedtime Story" followed closely, ranking second in the box office list last weekend with $28 million. The film tells the story that Skeeter, the protagonist, made up some fairy tales to put his nephew and niece to sleep, and these short stories were fulfilled one by one.

  Although the film "Rejuvenation" starring Pete ranked third, it has a good reputation and is considered as a popular film in the 81st Oscar. The historical film "Assassination of Hitler" starring the famous movie star Tom Cruise ranked fourth at the box office with $21 million. Based on the historical facts of World War II, the film tells the tragic story that German army officers were killed after the attempted assassination of Hitler. Tom Cruise plays the hero who attempts to assassinate Hitler in the film, and critics think that his superstar’s brilliance overshadows his role, thus affecting the box office performance.

Editor: Sun Jie

The pace is wrong, and everything is in vain! Five basic steps of disassembling badminton learning

Most amateur badminton lovers don’t have a good foundation, not only their skills are not perfect, but many people can’t even distinguish the most basic steps clearly, let alone skillfully use them. Therefore, on the court, we often meet golfers who are "confused and tired into dogs". If we want to improve this situation, we must learn from the most basic pace. Today, we are going to disassemble five basic steps that are common in learning:Starting step, merging step, crossing step, stepping step and jumping step..

Strictly speaking, the starting step is not a step, but a nerve reaction. For example, when you are startled by surprise, your nerves suddenly tighten and your body will contract immediately. The starting step is the reaction of nervous tension and body contraction after seeing the opponent’s return ball, which is to better prepare for the next move. It is worth noting that:The starting step is only available when you are paying attention and actively moving your body.If you relax and don’t care about the return of the ball, there is no such subconscious action.

The function of the starting step: tighten the body and prepare for the movement; At the same time, it can also lower the center of gravity and change the direction.

Chen Yufei lowers his center of gravity.

Chen Long changed direction.

Most of the forms of starting steps are legs apart, jumping in place, etc., but no matter which form is used to remind the body to enter the moving state, from the preparatory action to the moving state, so we see that in professional competitions, many players jump in front of almost every step and constantly use the starting step. As shown below:

Step by step can be said to be the most commonly used moving gait, which can be interpreted literally as: the step in which the hind feet are close to the front feet. Take the right-handed racket as an example, and the step is to move the left foot together with the right foot. When the left foot touches the ground, the right foot continues to move forward, and the left foot comes together again, as shown in the following figure:

Parallel internet access

Step back

It can be seen that whether surfing the Internet or going backwards, you can choose to step in parallel. In the process of moving, the knee slightly bends to slightly lower the center of gravity, which can make the body more stable and is also conducive to the final shot; At the same time, stand on tiptoe and touch the ground to speed up the movement.

The above step is that the hind feet are close to the front feet, and the front feet drive the hind feet to move; The cross step is the cross movement of feet, just like our daily running, but it is not easy to master the cross step because of the uncertain moving direction on the field, and novices may trip if they don’t pay attention.

Cross steps can be divided into front cross and back cross. Generally speaking, many people are willing to adopt the way of back cross, which is convenient for the back foot to push the ground and the front foot to have more opportunities to change direction when moving. As shown below:

Anterior crossing

Posterior cross

It can be seen that the movement of the right foot is limited by the left leg and it is not easy to change direction at the front crossing; Then the right foot is more likely to change direction when crossing; At the same time, the left foot will push harder and move faster when crossing back. But as I said before, the back cross is easy to trip, so you should master it before using it.

By comparing the parallel step with the cross step, we can find that the cross step moves faster, while the parallel step moves more frequently. On the whole, the two steps perform well on the court and can be used in combination. In addition, according to the editor’s observation, long-legged athletes prefer cross steps, while ordinary athletes use parallel steps more.

Pedal stride is mainly used when hitting the ball on the internet. Whether it is step by step or cross step, the last step of surfing the internet will be pedal stride, which can not only speed up the speed to grab the hitting point, but also make the body land more stably, which has the stability of hitting the ball with the hand. Therefore, the importance of stepping is self-evident.

Literally, stepping is to step forward with the front foot and the back foot on the ground. As shown in the figure below, after the crossing step, there is a pedaling step to surf the Internet:

This seemingly simple stride is not easy to learn. You should master the following three core elements:

1、Right foot (stride foot). When landing, the right foot should land with the heel first, and the toes should face the direction of the ball and outward. The advantage of doing this is to make the right foot land more stable, thus making the whole body more stable. As shown in the figure below:

2、Left foot (foot pedal). The power of the left foot is the power source of the right foot stride. The greater the power of the left foot, the greater the stride distance, which is why the stride will be combined with the cross step. Because of the long stride distance, after the right foot strides, the left foot will slide forward with the body, and the inside of the left foot will slide on the ground by friction. As shown below:

3. Knees. Many golfers say that playing ball hurts our knees. In fact, our exercise is within the range of our body’s tolerance. The reason for the injury is that our movements are not standard and our own maintenance is not enough. When stepping forward, the legs that stride forward bear a huge impact, and the pressure on the knees is very great, so we should pay attention to one thing:The angle between thigh and calf must be greater than 90 degrees.That is, the knees do not exceed the toes.

If the included angle is less than 90 degrees, the impact on the knee will be greatly increased, which is very harmful to cruciate ligament and soft tissue. Professional athletes rarely have this way of catching the ball. For amateurs, we should pay more attention to this in order to reduce injuries.

In addition to stepping in front of the net, there is also a stepping in the backcourt. The action is the same as that in front of the net, but the direction is different, as shown in the following figure:

The simple understanding of the jump step is the take-off step, which has two forms:Take off in front of the net to save the ball, take off in the back court to hit the ball.

When you save the ball in front of the net, because the time is short and the opportunity is rare, you must be fast, lean forward and jump forward. The main action is to jump forward. When the body leans forward, the center of gravity is all on the right foot, and the right foot is used to jump forward, as shown in the following figure:

The advantage of jumping is that it is fast, and you can hit the ball in only one step. No matter how fast it is, it is not so fast. This is the advantage of jumping. The same is true for jumping shots in the backcourt, which can quickly catch the right hitting point, whether it is killing the ball or dropping the ball, it will give the opponent a certain threat.

Jumping backward to hit the ball is more common among male athletes. Using the strength of the arm to hit the ball, the body does not turn, so that the speed of hitting the ball is fast and the hitting point is higher. If you move to the position and then hit the ball, the hitting point is already very low and there is no lethality. Jumping backward requires certain leg strength and skills, which is an advanced skill for amateurs. As shown in the figure below:

These are the five basic steps commonly used. Except for jumping, starting step, merging step, crossing step and pedaling step are the steps that badminton lovers must master. Only by learning these basic steps and then mastering the combination of various steps can they move in an orderly way on the court and avoid the embarrassing situation of "being walked into a dog by the opponent". I hope this article will help you!