Create a new look at the theatre in the Spring Festival! The press conference of "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" was held at the reception desk.

  On January 17, the Central Radio and Television General Station held a press conference on the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening to introduce a number of innovative highlights of the evening. Wang Xiaozhen, deputy director of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the conference. Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, delivered a speech by video, and Shi Aizhu, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, attended.

  △ Video Speech by Liu Xiaotao, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee

  The person in charge of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station introduced the creative idea and conception of the party. In the 33 years since the Spring Festival Opera Evening was held, it is the first time to go outdoors and choose the earliest mature opera form in China history — — Recorded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the birthplace of Nanxi Opera. The party insisted on refining and displaying the spiritual identity and cultural essence of Chinese civilization from the art of traditional Chinese opera, practiced the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the process of integration and communication, and actively created a festive and enthusiastic festive atmosphere.

  △ Xu Wenguang, head of the Cultural Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the creative ideas and ideas of the party.

  At the jiusan Book Fair, the source of Southern Opera, the 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and a 360-degree panoramic immersive circular main stage is designed. With the help of media technologies such as AR, the traditional stage pattern is integrated with digital space art, and the stage is shot from a multi-dimensional perspective, which realizes the extension of the stage and greatly enriches the visual expression.

  The 2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening brings together nearly 30 operas and more than 70 colleges and universities from all over the country. Hundreds of opera masters and rookies will gather together to trace the origin of opera, among which the oldest is Mr. Shang Changrong, an 83-year-old Peking Opera performance artist, and the youngest is less than 4 years old. In the content of the program, we not only rearranged the well-known classical famous singers’ aria, but also further traced back to the history of the opera and excavated the profound cultural identity in the opera through diverse and refreshing program forms such as collecting wind short films, interpreting opera scenes, watching the scenery by the water, and playing in film and television dramas. At the same time, the party also linked artists from different fields and overseas Chinese, highlighting the fashion and youthful expression of traditional culture, and demonstrating the attraction and endless vitality of opera. At the press conference, opera actors staged a variety of operas to show the unique charm of opera art on the spot.

  The "2023 Spring Festival Opera Evening" of the main station will be broadcast on CCTV-1 and CCTV-11 at 8: 00 p.m. on the first day of January 22, and the central video will be broadcast simultaneously.

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Last lottery number: 05 22 25 28 30+03 12
Front area: sum 110 parity 2:3 interval ratio 1:1:3? 012 Road ratio is 1:3:1.
Back area: the odd-even ratio is 1:1, the size ratio is 1: 1, and the trend of 012 road is 00 road.
Positioning analysis in this period:
The first trend: in the last five issues, the number is 15 02 01 21 05, the odd number is dominant in the near future, and the prime number is dominant in the near future. In this issue, we are optimistic about the leader 01,04.
The second trend: the number of the last five issues is 180803222, and the composite number is dominant in the near future.

From catching up to surpassing, China’s "great voyage" has just begun.

  1953Year,China automobile industry originated in Changchun,ifat that timeIf you want to ask what "China Auto" stands for, the answer may be inseparable from the words "difficult challenge" and "imitation learning".

  70Years later, I experienced "Flowers all the way"Miracle of2023,ifAsk the same question again, "China Auto"Four wordsIt has a new meaning of its own. From catching up to surpassing,China car companies are now overwhelming..

  From resistance to real fragrance, new energy surprises everyone.

  According to the data of the Federation,2023The total automobile sales in China exceeded in.3000Ten thousand vehicles mark.Surprisingly,Not only the increase in quantity, but more importantly,behindstructurecurveThe change.After counting the sales growth in recent years, new energy vehicles are a huge pulling force behind them.

  The rhythm of new car listing can be said to show the changes of the industry most intuitively, from which it is not difficult to find the advantages of new energy vehicles.

  Fuel vehicle averagefourA new car was launched in 2008, and the average new energy vehicle only needs18Last month. Fuel truckfourReform in the first year of 2001eightYear after year, new energy vehicles continue to collect market feedback. If the sales performance is not good for half a year to one year after listing, they will immediately "reinvent" according to their opinions. We are2023In 2000, I have seen countless new energy vehicles that are comparable to the replacement, and their strong execution makes traditional oil car companies feel ashamed.

  Take BYD as an example. Every time a new car is launched, it almost means the subversion of a market segment. The absolute advantage of the core technology of hand-held self-developed three power plants is reflected incisively and vividly in the courage to dare to "have the same price of oil and electricity".

  Let a hundred flowers blossom,Belonging to the "golden age" of China brand

  “Does "China Auto" only represent the energy revolution?

  ——It’s more than that.

  Looking at the market,2023In, the annual share of China’s independent automobile brands reached.52%, that is to say, every time you sell100A new car, there isfifty-twoCar is an independent brand, the strength of joint venture brand has become a thing of the past, and the "golden age" of China brand has arrived..

  Sales volume is the most direct proof.2023In, BYD became the first self-owned brand in China to enter the top ten in global car sales, ranking ninth, and took302Wan’s sales surpassed Tesla, becoming the world’s highest-selling brand of new energy vehicles, and the first and only automobile manufacturer to complete the transformation of new energy vehicles. More and more people are beginning to remember "BYD”.

  If new energy and price make China cars enter the public’s field of vision, then thanks to intelligent technology, China cars enter the high-end ranks.

  Nowadays, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving are almost the standard of China cars. The just-concluded BYD Dream Day,thoughThe theme is "dream",butWhat I saw at the scene was the "reality" that had been formed. Equal rights in science and technologyUnder the concept ofThe black technology such as "Easy Sifang" makes the high-end of China Automobile "inside and outside".

  The wind blows in the eastChina Automobile’s "Great Navigation" has just begun.

  2023Year,China has become the world’s largest producer and marketer of automobiles, and it is also the largest producer and marketer of new energy vehicles. In this year, China’s automobile export volume also surpassed that of Japan for the first time, becoming the largest exporter in the world, and more and more independent brand automobile enterprises with core competitiveness,For example, Chery, BYD, Geely and the Great Wall allStart to shine on the international stage.

  As the global new energy sales champion, BYD has covered70Many countries and regions, superfour hundredIn this city, its high-end models Wangwang and Equation Leopard will also be exported to Europe this year. The combination of new energy luxury off-road vehicles, which seemed incredible in the past, will be redefined, and the world will re-recognize the million-dollar scientific and technological strength of China automobiles.

  Facing the huge overseas market demand, BYD’s first car transport ro-ro ship.EXPLORE
NO.1Also set sail recently, loaded with5449A new energy vehicle, heading for the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, broke the situation of tight transportation capacity and opened a new chapter in China’s automobile navigation.

  More independent brand car companies are accelerating the internationalization process, and continue to promote the localization of overseas markets by investing in factories, brand acquisition, joint ventures and international marketing system construction.


  Back to the beginning, now ask again,2023What does China Automobile stand for in 2008, representing the energy revolution, representing independent innovation, and representing "Chinese automobile"Four words have their own weight..Under the new smart car track,Chinese automobileCollectively, it is becoming a real "new force to build cars" in the world and a hard currency in the international market.. In ten years, what new meanings will "China Auto" add? Let’s wait and see.