When the oil price entered the "9 yuan" era, these ultra-long battery life pure electric vehicles were bought for fun!

[EV Vision Multi-vehicle Shopping Guide] In recent days, international crude oil prices have skyrocketed, and domestic refined oil prices have risen for six consecutive years, entering the "9 yuan era". The next round of refined oil price was carried out last week, and analysts pointed out that No.95 gasoline will come to the "9 yuan" era in an all-round way.

The National Development and Reform Commission announced: Last week, international oil prices surged and fell. On average, the oil prices in Brent, London and WTI, new york increased by 13.32% compared with the previous price adjustment cycle. Affected by this, the domestic retail prices of gasoline and diesel have increased accordingly. Affected by the epidemic situation, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and other global crisis situations, global inflation prices and oil prices have reached unprecedented highs. The cost of fuel vehicles has greatly increased. Are new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, more fragrant?

Mileage anxiety, charging queues, discounts on battery life in winter, and fear of turning on air conditioners in winter, etc. When faced with these problems, most car owners are definitely "buzzing". With the rapid development of electric vehicles, many models are equipped with large battery packs with long battery life. Today, the cost of fuel vehicles has greatly increased. It is really time to consider a pure electric vehicle with long battery life, saving money and no mileage anxiety. Come and see the following models!

ARCFOX polar fox alpha s cross-border style is spiritual.

Features: Magna teamed up to build, with large space and rich intelligent configuration.

Price: 251,900-344,900 yuan

Cruising range: 708km(708S+)

In recent years, CROSSOVER style has become popular, and more and more SUVs have begun to adopt slip-back design, and the style has gradually become a car/sports car. Consumers have long been accustomed to it, and even turned from disgust to real fragrance.

When I first saw Alpha S, the polar fox, I felt a little edema, turned around and changed my mind. It was fat but not greasy, with simple and elegant lines and a feeling of not being angry and arrogant. After reading it for a long time, I found that its design is spiritual, and I was attracted by its temperament in a trance.

The Alpha S in the front of the car is highly similar to the Alpha T, especially the divergent shape of the "X" ray on the front face highlights the DNA language of the ARCFOX polar fox brand, which gives people a momentum for vehicles to break through.

The side of the car body has a more sense of design, full of cross-border flavor, compatible with the directors of cars, station wagons and SUVs, and the practicality of the face value has been well integrated. What can’t be ignored is its handsome multi-frame wheel hub with sharp lines and aesthetic feeling, and the high-end taste is reflected in these details. The door handle has a hidden design, which is already the standard for high-end pure electric vehicles.

The body size of Alfa S is 4930mm/1940mm/1599mm, and the wheelbase is 2915mm. The body of the polar fox Alpha S is 104mm higher than that of the Han EV, and the wheelbase is 40mm longer than that of the 2875mm Tesla Model 3. The higher body and longer wheelbase make the driving space of the Extreme Fox Alpha S very spacious, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a "mobile sofa".

The tail of the Alfa S is very heavy, and you can fully appreciate the "height" of this car when standing at the rear. The taillight adopts the left and right through design, and the two ends are sharp arrow shapes, which adds a bit of sporty temperament to it.

Extreme Fox Alpha S has a small ass, adopts the popular through taillights, and the bottom design is very similar to the front of the car. For consumers with obsessive-compulsive disorder, this coordination is still very healing.

The ordinary version of the Extreme Fox Alpha S has four models, with the price range of 25.19-344,900 yuan, and there are three endurance versions of 525km, 603km and 708km. Suppose you have a budget of 300,000 yuan now, and pay special attention to quality, detail and practicality, but don’t need strong dynamic performance. For friends, the price of 281,900 yuan is a good choice.

Weilai family: Our family has more than 100kWh battery packs.

Features: fashionable and avant-garde design, strong technology configuration.

Price: 328,000-624,000 yuan

Cruising range: 500km-1000km

First of all, let’s talk about Weilai, which is equipped with the most battery models above 100kWh.

At NIO Day 2021 last year, the ET5, the second pure electric car of Weilai, was officially released and pre-sold. The new car launched 75kWh and 100kWh models. The pre-sale price before subsidy is 328,000-386,000 yuan. In addition to fashionable and avant-garde design and strong technology configuration, it is also a highlight that ET5 can be equipped with a 150kWh battery pack. The characteristics of solid-state battery, such as high capacity density and small size, can make ET5 still have a beautiful posture of the car while ensuring long battery life.

In fact, it’s not just ET5. Now, the five models of Weilai, from ET5 to the earliest ES8, basically cover the mainstream high-end electric vehicle field. Moreover, with the current technical positioning of Weilai, all models can be equipped with 150kWh battery packs. After the option, the NEDC cruising range of ES6 and EC6 can exceed 900km, while the cruising range of ET5 and ET7 will exceed 1000km.

According to EV Vision, the long-awaited solid-state battery will meet with us in the fourth quarter of this year, but please rest assured that the price of 150kWh solid-state battery package is definitely not cheap. If you have a Weilai, or want to start with a Weilai, would you like to have a taste and be the first person to eat crabs?

Tesla: You have to use a big battery to run fast, but I’m so expensive!

Features: fast acceleration, strong assisted driving and many scientific and technological configurations.

Price: 88.999-1.05999 million yuan

Cruising range: 652km and 560km

After talking about Weilai, let’s take a look at Tesla, the "king of traffic" in the electric vehicle industry. In the current mass production of Tesla models. The 2021 Model S dual-motor all-wheel drive version with a price of 889,990 yuan and the 2021 Model X dual-motor all-wheel drive version with a price of 939,990 yuan are all equipped with 100kWh battery packs, and the NEDC cruising range is 652km and 560km respectively. The prices of these two cars are not cheap, but the power level of these two cars is very brutal, so it is impossible without a large-capacity battery pack under the super power level.

As far as we know, there are currently three battery suppliers for Tesla. The domestic battery suppliers for Model 3 and Model Y are LG Ski in South Korea and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited in China. The imported Model S and Model Y use battery packs provided by Panasonic of Japan. In order to further control the cost, Musk has previously admitted that Tesla is also considering developing its own power battery.

According to EV Vision, there is also news that Model 3 equipped with 100kWh will also enter the consumer’s field of vision. In my opinion, unlike Weilai’s smaller solid-state battery, Tesla pursues practical benefits in battery research, and cost control is what it values most at present.

Mercedes-Benz EQS is not to be outdone, more than 100kWh is not negotiable.

Features: stylish design and strong technology configuration.

Price: 1,079,600-1,518,600 yuan

Cruising range: 849km

In December last year, EQS, the new flagship model of EQ family of Mercedes-Benz, was officially launched. The new car has launched four models, and the sales price range is 1.0796-1.5186 million yuan. This new car can be said to be the first model based on ——EVA, a brand-new pure electric platform of Mercedes-Benz, which is essentially different from EQC and other "oil-to-electricity" models. At EQS, Mercedes-Benz presented the first battery pack with a capacity of over 100kWh, with a capacity of 111.8kWh and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 849km.

Mercedes-Benz EQS incorporates the latest design elements of EQ family, and the overall appearance is full of movement, especially the slip-back design is somewhat similar to CLS models. The side of the car body adopts an arch design, the lines behind the B-pillar are full and smooth, and the length of the hood in the traditional sense is shortened, which makes the posture of the whole car move forward further. It is worth mentioning that the drag coefficient of EQS is as low as 0.20, making it the lowest production model in the world.

Mercedes-Benz has adopted a battery pack of 111.8kWh. The cruising range of EQS 450+ model can reach 813/849km under CLTC, and the official minimum power consumption per 100 km is only 14.2kWh/100km. The EQS 580 4MATIC model adopts the dual-motor architecture, and the maximum power of the system reaches 380kW, and the fastest acceleration time is 4.4s The power is not outstanding in electric vehicles at this price, but EQS pays more attention to the driving quality. It is worth mentioning that EQS 580 4MATIC curb weight is 2.7t, but the cruising range can reach 720km under CLTC working condition, which is considered to be relatively excellent in its class.

In the eyes of most people, the price of Mercedes-Benz EQS is still expensive, but you can’t deny that EQS is really a jaw-dropping product. Compared with the products before EQ series, it has a lot of innovation in all aspects, at least for consumers who want to buy luxury electric vehicles. It provides a better choice.

BMW iX Intelligent Emotional Technology knows you better.

Features: stylish design and rich intelligent configuration.

Price: 746,900-996,900 yuan

Maximum cruising range: 665km

BMW iX is BMW’s latest pure electric flagship model, and it is also the only one of BMW’s existing models with a battery pack of more than 100kWh. The guide price of the new car is 746,900-996,900 yuan. The new iX series combines the technological crystallization of BMW Group in innovative fields such as digital interconnection and electrification. Moreover, the three models of the family will bring the future luxury travel experience beyond electric to China consumers with minimalist design, Shy Tech stealth technology, innovative digital luxury, BMW electric driving interest and the concept of sustainability throughout.

According to official information, the BMW iX xDrive50 is driven by dual motors, with a maximum power of 385kW, equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack of 111.5kWh, and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 665km. At present, the battery suppliers of BMW in China are Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Yiwei Lithium Energy.

Compared with Mercedes-Benz EQ series, BMW’s sales performance in the near future is still relatively excellent, and the appearance rate of iX3 is obviously higher than that of EQC of Mercedes-Benz, which has a wider consumer group. However, like the problems encountered by Mercedes-Benz EQS, many people still think that the price of BMW iX is on the high side. If there are some concessions in the later period, it is still worth considering.

Domestic car companies compete for every inch of land, so Zhiji, AION and Extreme Krypton can make a difference together.

In addition to the traffic ceilings of new forces such as Weilai and Tesla mentioned above, as well as luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in fact, our domestic independent brands have never relaxed. For example, Zhiji Automobile of SAIC, AION of GAC and Kyo of Geely all have models equipped with large-capacity batteries, which set a good example for domestic car companies.

The luxury pure electric car with the combination of performance and comfort of Zhiji L7

Features: excellent performance, comfort and rich intelligent configuration.

Official price: 408,800 yuan

Maximum cruising range: 1000km

Zhiji L7 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric car. Its design and positioning are somewhat similar to Weilai’s ET7. The new car comes standard with a 93kWh battery pack, and the model equipped with a 115kWh battery pack will also meet with you soon.

It will be equipped with a high-performance all-wheel drive system. The maximum power of the motor is 400kW and the maximum torque is 700 N m. According to official news, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 3.9s s. In addition, the combination of front double wishbone+rear five-bar independent suspension, plus a two-way 12-degree rear wheel steering system, makes Zhiji L7 more flexible. In terms of battery life, the new car will be equipped with 93kWh battery as standard, with 115kWh battery. The world’s first silicon-doped lithium supplement technology can achieve a single energy density of 300Wh/kg and can support a battery life of nearly 1000km.

Zhiji Automobile, backed by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, has convincing hard power. It’s just that since the pre-sale of Shanghai Auto Show last year, Zhiji L7 has kept consumers waiting for too long. Fortunately, it will officially meet us in three months, so please wait patiently.

AION LX Plus intelligence, endurance and luxury

Features: Intelligent, comfortable and rich in configuration.

Subsidized price: 286,600-459,600 yuan.

Maximum cruising range: 1008km (Thousand Miles Edition)

Good meals are not afraid of being late. After Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an successively launched AION S Plus and AION V Plus, AION LX Plus, the flagship model of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, arrived late.

AION LX Plus is positioned as "the flagship of intelligent and thousands of miles pure electricity", focusing on intelligence, endurance and luxury. The main target consumers are the new middle-class elite "China upstart" who are wise and confident, pursue superior life enjoyment and have strong national pride. They are more willing to pay for leading technology, time efficiency and high quality. AION LX Plus will bring them high-value products and high-end life experiences with leading product strength.

Among the existing models, the Qianli version is absolutely the same as the ceiling. It uses a single motor with a maximum power of 180kW, and its highlight is that it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 144.4kWh, which is also the largest battery capacity among the models we introduced today. Officials say the NEDC cruising range of this car has reached 1008km.

The battery life of 1008km is indeed worthy of the name "Thousand Miles Edition", but the price of this model of Thousand Miles Edition is not cheap. This version of the model will be delivered in the second quarter of this year, and we will wait and see whether it can stand out from other models.

ZEEKR 001 pure electric station wagon, let’s have a trip.

Features: Intelligent, comfortable and rich in configuration.

Subsidized price: 299,000-368,000 yuan.

Maximum cruising range: 712km (WE version of ultra-long cruising single motor)

Today’s last model, we left it to ZEEKR 001. If Mercedes-Benz EQS is the most expensive model we introduced today, ZEEKR 001 is the most cost-effective and personalized model we introduced today.

ZEEKR 001 has launched two models with long battery life, both of which use 100kWh ternary lithium batteries, of which the NEDC with long battery life of single motor WE version is 712km, and the NEDC with long battery life of double motor YOU version is 606km. According to EV Vision, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is the main supplier of krypton.

If you want to buy an electric car with less than 300 thousand and 100kWh, then ZEEKR 001 is the best choice. If you think that the power of the single motor version is not enough, it is also possible to directly connect the two motors. The power *2 and the battery life will be less than 100 kilometers.

Editor’s summary: These models we introduced to you today may be a little niche for most consumers. After all, these long-life versions are all over 300,000 except for the Extreme Fox Alfa S 708S+ and ZEEKR 001, which are not very cheap. Considering the cost, I’m afraid it will take some time to truly realize the "freedom of endurance", but these models with long battery life let us see some light. With the gradual popularization of infrastructure, electric vehicles may be able to achieve an activity radius or a long-distance lifestyle close to that of fuel vehicles without a large battery pack.

Is it the return of realism that every plot can be on "hot search"

  Today, the standard to measure a good work is not only an aesthetic yardstick, but also data is becoming a new element. With the rise of a number of topic dramas, it may be an opportunity for us to face up to this problem.

  Since the beginning of this year, the popularity of a number of topic dramas, represented by Nothing But Thirty, has continued the new formula gradually explored by domestic urban dramas from Ode to Joy to Anjia, that is, the "realistic background color" of the dramas has been translated into "hot spots and pain points" at the practical level, adding a new element to the weight of "explosion" in addition to IP and stars: social controversial topics. This kind of drama series revolves around family of origin, intimate relationship and other times-derived propositions. The drama starts from the realistic predicament and ends with a compensatory solution in imagination. The part that asks the question is real, the part that solves the problem is suspended, and the behavior of "loyalty to reality" is accompanied by the deformation and re-covering of "reality", which is artificially extracted and re-injected into the work. This kind of drama can be collectively called topic drama.

  "Twenty is not confused, only thirty, and I am confused in the middle." Rather than chasing the drama, the audience is looking for the resonance of life in a social news plot, having a discussion from a distance, and finally completing emotional catharsis and ritual solution. So, is the popularity of topic drama "real" beginning to return to the screen? Or is it the victory of another "cool drama"? For the "230" phenomenon, the two may be established at the same time: to complete the realistic proposition with the background of cool drama.

  What is fascinating is not the plot itself, but the "debate body" with its own discussion heat.

  The seven female characters in the two plays "Twenty Don’t Confuse" and Nothing But Thirty record their contemporary lives, from the ordinary girls in "20+", the female anchor in online celebrity and the female staying at home for two yuan, to the full-time wives in "30+", the struggling women in small towns and the economically applicable women. The screenwriter intercepts the greatest common denominator of reality, and uses an "ink absorber" to slice, concise, cut, splice and sew the workplace and family situation of modern women. On the one hand, the label typology allows the audience in front of the screen to project a part of themselves onto the characters more or less. On the other hand, the "ink absorber" filters the life by media narration, which makes the "truth" present a "second-hand" temperament.

  The audience chanted "Too Real" Twenty Don’t Confuse. Each episode revolves around a hot topic and focuses on the title, such as "Is it wrong to love money?" "Where is the bottom line?" "Yan value is justice?" "The truth, the more you seek, the more vague it is?" Wait. It is called "real" because it is indeed our daily online media "experience", but it is inevitable that there will be a sense of "hot spots for the sake of hot spots" under the fine products. What is fascinating is not the plot itself, but the "debate body" with its own discussion heat. When the protagonist Jiang Xiaoguo has an argument with a classmate who refuses to pay back the money, their conversation is like a collection of golden sentences under an online hot post:

  "For you, this money is just an entertainment expense for buying a mobile phone, but for me, it is a stepping stone to change my destiny."

  "You weakness you are right? This is a moral kidnapping, and kindness requires itself. I have the ability to support you, but it doesn’t mean that I have an obligation. If you want to get something for nothing, why should I help you? "

  The pros and cons output their opinions on a concept, and a widely spread "100,000+"new media article can be produced by selecting the angle: "College students would rather spend 4,000 yuan on clothes and shoes, but they don’t take the initiative to return their classmates 300 yuan, which is poor and reasonable".

  Putting all the fulcrums and contacts on the plot of "Golden Finger" He Shuang, the sense of reality is once again overhead.

  It is also labeled, taking the previous film Youth Fight, which was evaluated as "the post-50s imagined the post-90s through misunderstanding", as a contrast, and "the experienced person" defined the young people in a squint, and attached the withered labels such as "Goddess", "Schoolgirl", "Royal Sister" and "Addicted Girl" to them with wishful thinking. The labeling of "Twenty Don’t Confuse" is more like a kind of self-promotion and self-expression of young people: "Trying right is growth, and trying wrong is youth". This is of course an improvement for domestic youth dramas, and the creators have finally stepped out from the perspective of "private narrative" — — Instead of injecting the author’s own doppelganger into each character, filling his works with the symbols of the adult world and indulging himself in "implication", he focuses on the ordinary youth without dog blood and depicts the grounded friendship and growth between girls. However, the "report" group image scanning, the collision between strong setting and strong topic also gave birth to new problems. The plot is in "owing money, not paying it back", "being a mistress", "hidden rules in the workplace" and "bus sexual harassment"The topics such as "cyber violence" and "education generation gap" are quickly switched, and the details are not lubricated enough. All the fulcrums and contacts are placed on the plot of "Golden Finger" He Shuang, and the sense of reality is once again overhead.

  At this level, Nothing But Thirty, who is "dream-linked" with Twenty Confusion, shares the same set of paths to the truth. Age, mood and circumstances may be different. For 30-year-old women, things such as bags and shoes are the second, and their youthful spirit is restrained. They become women who change their identities at any time and cut off the shoes of their wives, mothers and women. After spying on the lives of 30+ women from all walks of life, Nothing But Thirty threw out three anchors to accurately hook the target audience, and the female audience can always find a piece of their own puzzle from the characters — —

  Wang Manni, a cosmopolitan from a small town, is naturally more beautiful than the sky, and the age red line is approaching step by step. The choice before her is: continue to spend "floating" in Shanghai, or accept her fate and return to her hometown? Gao Fushuai’s love dream comes with the flood of the city. Is it climbing or getting lost?

  Zhong Xiaoqin, a good girl, carries out the "textbook-like life schedule" step by step: she graduated from college at the age of 22, got a stable job at the age of 25, bought a house and got married before the age of 30 … … After marrying a blind date, the romantic fantasy and pink longing for love and marriage were broken. "Everyone wants to take shelter from the wind. Who will be Hong Kong?"

  Gu Jiacong, a full-time wife, is capable. She is already in the "cloud" class and still fears that the class will fall, and she will inevitably be betrayed in her marriage. How did the domestic version of "I am a mother, I need a platinum bag" win the second half beautifully?

  All three lines have their own strong topics, which mix topics such as infidelity, divorce, entrepreneurship and stay-at-home wife into a situation that is easy to substitute, so as to arouse the resonance of the audience. Nothing But Thirty broadened the imagination of domestic dramas about "how can middle-aged women live", and was no longer Luo Zijun in My First Half of Life or Hu Ke’s wife in Anjia — — The awakening of stay-at-home wives is often a "soft landing" based on the help of experts, and the real setbacks and detours that might have been encountered were folded up. Although Nothing But Thirty still has the disadvantage of "getting through customs too easily", at least two more possibilities are given.

  The network makes the mass culture truly become "everyone participates", and the media culture covers the film and television culture.

  From the perspective of data analysis, any video website, by analyzing big data through algorithms, will finally draw a similar formula for creating explosive urban dramas, that is, collecting daily sharing on social networks, condensing it into a "convenience bag" and "XX learning" of life, and obtaining "second-hand experience" from "second-hand life" and putting it into literary creation. In essence, the topic dramas such as Nothing But Thirty’s Twenty Don’t Confuse have achieved "truthfulness" at a low cost, but this "truthfulness" is not true enough because it is easy to get. Perhaps this is a new situation that literary and artistic creations face together in the era of online media.

  In the "second-hand reality" mediated by the media, the quantitative climax calculation takes precedence over the complete perceptual experience, which is not only reflected in the topic first in creation, but also affects the audience’s acceptance of fragmentation. Re-cutting the plot by topic, so that domestic dramas have entered the era of short video brushing from the era of double-speed broadcasting. The progress of technology constantly empowers the audience: after the stage of watching whatever is broadcast on TV, the audience now can choose what to watch and decide how to watch it. The abundance of media has brought anxiety about content production. When the cost of creation is reduced and the content begins to be surplus, how to catch the audience’s attention in the fierce competition? What should content producers exchange for the audience’s time?

  In the digital age, the life cycle of the work and the popularity index from the sudden rise to the decline have all pressed the acceleration button. Accordingly, new terms such as IP, traffic, topic, cool, people-oriented, paper-maker, including the "second-hand" mentioned above appear frequently, and a new media culture begins to cover the familiar film and television culture. From shaping characters to focusing on establishing people, from focusing on themes to setting topics, from typology to industrialization, is this audience worse than the last one? Is this director not as good as the last one? Or is this producer not as good as the last one? The answer to the question may only be: when the network has truly turned the mass culture into "everyone’s participation" and it is in the period of digital transformation, the closed situation in which a few industry elites controlled the right to speak in creation has been broken from the outside. As bourdieu analyzed, the art field is constantly tilted from the elite to the mass principle.

  At this time, gaining attention and traffic has become a new category, and new media literacy has become a new problem that we can’t avoid. To cope with this challenge, we need to "desensitize" the new concept appropriately. In the past, we talked about "telling a good story", but now "how to tell a good story" has become equally important. The standard for measuring a good work is not only aesthetic yardstick, but also data is becoming a new element. With the rise of the topic drama represented by "230", it may be an opportunity for us to face up to this problem. (Han Siqi)

  (The author is a doctoral student at Peking University Art College)

There are hidden risks behind the sky-high game account. Police tip: The transaction should go through official channels.

  The game industry is "booming" against the trend due to the influence of the epidemic situation, and the game accounts have frequently hit sky-high prices. Recently, a reporter’s investigation found that the sky-high game accounts of major trading platforms are only superficial scenery. In fact, the problem of "difficult value preservation and many chaos" frequently appears in game account transactions, and how to ensure the security of game account transactions has attracted much attention. Most game service providers agree that users only have the right to use and have no ownership. Is it legal for players to buy and sell accounts privately? As a game company, how should they deal with these disputes? All-media reporters of Guangzhou Daily launched an investigation.

  The transaction is hot:

  There are game accounts with a price tag of one million yuan.

  With the explosive growth of online game industry in recent years, the game account trading platform also came into being. During the epidemic, many people stayed at home and used games to kill time. Some players do not hesitate to buy game accounts online in order to "rush to upgrade"; There are also players who are "committed" to spending money to buy equipment to fight monsters and upgrade, and constantly improve the level of game accounts. When the accounts reach a certain level, they will resell their game accounts online. However, the game accounts that players have invested a lot of time and money are naturally rising, and they are frequently sold at high prices. "All-hero, full-skin, high-end accounts are sold cheaply, and QQ is added for details if necessary … …” In many social and second-hand trading platforms, the trading information of game accounts is very active. On the online game trading platforms such as 5173 and 7881, the reporter saw that under the category of "popular games", the price of game accounts ranged from 1 yuan to 1 million yuan. High-priced game accounts are mainly concentrated in end games such as Dungeon and Warriors, League of Legends, Crossing the Fire Line, Fantasy Westward Journey, and mobile games such as Master of Yin and Yang, the glory of the king and Peace Elite. Among them, the unit price of the glory of the king account is not the highest, but due to the popularity of the game and the large demand for transactions, the overall transaction volume is firmly at the top.

  According to industry sources, the transaction popularity of game accounts is directly proportional to the popularity of the game, but the asset value of the account is not necessarily, depending on the type of game, such as MMO (massively multiplayer online) mobile game, the asset attribute of the account will be heavier, and the longer the time, the greater the account value. "Generally, the game accounts with high value are some classic IPS, but they are not necessarily value-preserving. Some players have invested millions of yuan to raise their numbers, and it is hard to say whether they can recover the cost in the end."

  Frequent fraud:

  Selling game accounts encounters serial fraud.

  Game account transactions are hot, and criminals are also eyeing this opportunity. After searching on the internet with "game account transaction" as the key word, the reporter found that half of the 30 news messages about game account transaction recently were related to "fraud".

  The auxiliary police of Baoyuzhi Community in Haizhu District told the reporter: "During the epidemic, there were frequent cases of game account fraud." For example, when Xiao Wu, 17, was playing QQ games on his mobile phone, he suddenly received a message from a stranger asking if he could sell his game account. Xiao Wu added the other party’s QQ number, and through conversation, he decided to sell the game account to the other party at the price of 500 yuan. The other party said that he had recharged 500 yuan on a certain platform and asked Xiao Wu to withdraw the cash. Xiao Wu followed the instructions to search for the platform and registered an account. Just as Xiao Wu was preparing to withdraw cash, the system showed that the withdrawal failed. Xiao Wu contacted the "platform customer service", but was told that his account had been frozen, and he needed to recharge the thawing fee to activate the account. Xiao Wu paid 2300 yuan to recharge as required. As a result, the "customer service" once again asked Xiao Wu to continue the transfer on the grounds that the recharge failed. Xiao Wu asked the "customer service" for an immediate refund, but it was blacked out.

  Focus 1: Who does the game account belong to?

  It is understood that at present, most user agreements of game manufacturers directly or indirectly stipulate that game manufacturers are the owners of game accounts. For example, Tencent’s "tencent games License and Service Agreement" stipulates: "Although there are other provisions in this agreement, the ownership and intellectual property rights of the game data generated during your use of tencent games services belong to Tencent, and Tencent has the right to save and dispose of the game data."

  In this regard, Lawyer Chen Liang, a senior partner of Guangdong Legal Sheng Bang Law Firm and head of criminal business department, believes that although game accounts and game equipment only exist in virtual space, they have certain use value or transaction value objectively and should be regarded as network virtual property. The newly promulgated civil code follows the provisions of the general principles of civil law and clearly includes it in the scope of legal protection, that is, "if the law has provisions on the protection of data and network virtual property, its provisions shall prevail." However, at present, there is no special legislation on virtual property in China, so the provisions on the protection of virtual property are generally vague and there are no specific enforceable provisions.

  "In the service agreement signed between the player and the game service provider, the contents related to the rights and obligations of the player, such as the registration and use of the account, the tariff policy, and the ownership of virtual goods, will be comprehensively and meticulously agreed." Chen Liang said.

  Focus 2: Is the game account transaction legal?

  The reporter’s investigation found that some game platforms allow game account transactions and provide official trading platforms. For example, Netease’s Treasure Pavilion platform provides an official trading platform for various games under Netease. However, some game platforms do not allow game account transactions, and a large number of account transaction disputes often stem from private transactions between players.

  As for the private trading of players through unofficial channels, relevant persons in tencent games told all-media reporters of Guangzhou Daily that in order to protect the interests and experience of players, according to the user agreement, private trading of game accounts is not allowed, and disputes, frauds and other acts arising therefrom are at their own risk. "The account information of private transactions, once discovered, will be punished by the title."

  Is it legal to trade game accounts privately? Although most game service providers agree that users only have the right to use without ownership, from a legal point of view, Chen Liang believes that the game account and the game equipment it contains have certain value objectively, and its right to use can also be regarded as virtual property because of its own value attributes. It is not illegal to trade your game account with others without violating the terms of use and scope of application agreed in the service agreement.

  Xiong Bingwan, an associate professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China and a researcher at the Institute of Future Rule of Law of Renmin University of China, also told the Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter that in principle, the contract terms of game companies should be respected. However, there is an exception. If the user applies for an account or recharges, if the game company does not explicitly prompt the "only right to use" clause, this clause is likely to constitute the second paragraph of Article 496 of the Civil Code (the other party can claim that this clause does not constitute the content of the contract).

  Police tips:

  Trading should go through official channels.

  Game equipment and account transactions must go through official channels. Private transactions are not only easy to cause the loss of equipment and accounts, but also likely to cause economic losses to the victims. If you find that you have been cheated, keep a screenshot of relevant evidence at the first time and call 110 to call the police.

  Industry suggestions:

  Combined with blockchain technology

  Build an asset trading platform

  On the one hand, the growing game market, on the other hand, the disadvantages of the unofficial game account trading market are prominent, and the call for game officials to establish a secure game trading platform is getting higher and higher. Chen Da, a practitioner in the game industry, believes that the transaction of virtual goods such as game accounts can be combined with blockchain technology to break through the state of separation between games and establish a more efficient asset trading platform.

The central government reiterated that "housing is not speculation" releases an important signal! How to go to the property market in the future?

  CCTV News:On April 19th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and deploy the current economic work. The meeting once again mentioned housing, not speculation, and making policy for the city.

  At this time, the property market is picking up obviously in the first quarter, and the investment in real estate development is accelerating; The introduction of new policies for talents in many places has been linked to the property market policy; There are even some "deregulation" arguments in the market. Reiterating that "housing is not speculation", what signal is released? How does the central government adjust the current market? How will the property market go next?

  How big is the impact of selling a house at half price?

  News link: Hohhot’s "big move" for talents to live in peace

  The "Implementation Measures for Housing Project for University Graduates in Hohhot (Pilot Project)" issued recently clarifies that graduates with ordinary full-time bachelor degree or above (previous 3 years or less) who are employed or start their own businesses within the pilot scope can apply for the housing policy.

  The most concerned point is that "the average selling price of college graduates’ houses is determined according to 50% of the market price in the region where the project is located. If mortgage or provident fund loans are taken, the minimum down payment ratio can be paid by 20%".

  Liu Weimin: Really attracting talents depends on urban development opportunities.

  Liu Weimin, a researcher at the State Council Development Research Center: Of course, the policy introduced in Hohhot is to attract talents, but attracting talents is not just from the perspective of housing.

  Many young people go to the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where housing prices are higher. Why are they still willing to work hard? Because there are industries and more development opportunities. Of course, there are many preconditions for the New Deal in Hohhot itself. Recently, many places have started to design talent introduction policies from the perspective of housing projects, but the eligible targets are still relatively limited, and the impact on the local real estate market is also relatively limited.

  Crown: It’s becoming more common to keep people with houses, and people are more expensive than buildings.

  Wang Guan, financial commentator of Yangguang: If I give a definition to the new policy of Hohhot, my key word is not the property market, but the city.

  Since 2019, more than 50 cities have introduced corresponding talent introduction and preferential housing subsidies, and all localities are competing for traffic. As the capital of the autonomous region, Hohhot is not superior to other provincial capitals and cities at the capital level of the autonomous region, but it cannot lag behind.

  Therefore, people are more expensive than buildings, and it is common to keep people in houses. With high-quality young people, urban development will be more virtuous. I don’t think this is for the sake of destocking in the property market, as some outside interpretations say.

  How to get to the property market without speculating in housing?

  News link: real estate data in the first quarter

  A series of economic data released recently show that in March, housing prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities rose, the number of cities increased, and the price of second-hand houses rose in an all-round way; At the same time, the growth rate of real estate development investment reached a new high from January to March.

  Liu Weimin: The property market will not fluctuate greatly due to the city’s policy.

  Liu Weimin, a researcher at the State Council Development Research Center: The overall policy of destocking has achieved remarkable results in the past few years. In the last three years, the national inventory level is relatively at a historical low.

  Therefore, developers also have the motivation to increase the push and investment; Second, the whole real estate investment, from the sales point of view, is still falling year-on-year, and the whole is still in a narrow fluctuation space. In the future, under the policy of the city, the overall real estate and property market will not fluctuate greatly.

  Wang Guan: if you live in a house and don’t speculate, reiterate the signal of releasing stable expectations.

  Wang Guan, a commentator of Yangguang Finance and Economics, reiterated that "staying in the house and not speculating" not only released the signal of stable expectations, but also actually released a more optimistic attitude.

  For example, the Politburo meeting stated that the main indicators were in a reasonable range, and the market confidence was significantly improved. There is also a key word that the conversion of old and new kinetic energy is accelerated.

  If the house price rises sharply, will it be affected if the hard-won new and old kinetic energy is accelerated? Even turn around? Judging from the central chess game and the high-quality development of China’s economy, real estate is definitely not the first shot, and certainly it cannot be delayed.

  Preventing ups and downs, because of the city’s policy, one city and one policy, may be more in line with the overall macro tone and overall positioning.

  Liu Weimin: Adhere to the tone of regulation and speed up the introduction of a long-term mechanism

  Liu Weimin, a researcher at the State Council Development Research Center: In March, there were signs that house prices in some cities and regions were on the hot side, so it is the basic attitude to insist on regulation and control.

  A very important point in the long-term mechanism is to further improve the supply system. On the one hand, strengthening affordable housing cannot be shaken.

  On the other hand, it is necessary to give more support to the citizens who buy the first set of small and medium-sized self-occupied apartments, fully develop the rental market in big cities, meet the staged housing needs of citizens through institutional investors and government public rental housing, and promote the formation of a gradient consumption concept.

  For second-and third-tier cities, we should grasp the balance between supply and demand in rapid urbanization, and increase land supply in areas with tight supply and demand.

  Wang Guan: The household registration system gradually weakens the value of the property market and returns to the essence of living.

  Wang Guan, commentator of Yangguang Finance and Economics: In early April, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document to clarify that the permanent population of the urban area is 1 million — 3 million cities should completely cancel the settlement restrictions; 3 million — 5 million cities should fully liberalize and relax the conditions for settlement, and completely cancel the restrictions on the settlement of key groups.

  At least two points can be seen behind this. First, the liberalization of talent migration and the far-reaching equalization of public services behind it; On the other hand, when buying a house in different cities, the price may depend more and more on its living quality. This part that was previously attached to the household registration system but reflected in the price may be removed.