How did those online celebrity stores with screens come into being? Short video booster

Online celebrity Xiao D is shooting a short video of food.

  On May 13th, this newspaper published the article "Is online celebrity Store Really That Hot?", which aroused widespread concern among readers. On qianjiang evening news’s official WeChat WeChat official account, many readers left messages to express their views. Some people think that the reason why the online celebrity store is popular is because the "Hanger style" is at work, and they will definitely not join in the fun. Some readers believe that high-quality dishes and services are really good marketing.

  So, who is really famous for these online celebrity restaurants? What are the "processes" to build a online celebrity restaurant? What "potentials" must a online celebrity restaurant have? Recently, Qianbao reporter interviewed a team leader who built a restaurant in online celebrity.

  After 90, the team moved to short videos.

  One-stop to create online celebrity cuisine

  Good-looking people are busy taking selfies, good-looking people are busy dancing, humorous people are busy making jokes, beauty fanatics are busy making up, and a group of people are busy finding places to eat for food. Xiao Xiao, born in 1992, has recently fallen in love with online celebrity D, Tik Tok, Hangzhou, and has been punching in two or three restaurants in his footsteps.

  Recently, Xiao D’s short video entitled "The more you eat, the more single you are, the more you eat hot pot alone", and the total amount of praise including Xiao Xiao is 177,000. This is not Xiao D’s best achievement, and Xiao D is not fighting alone.

  With the traffic in Tik Tok, Xiao D became "online celebrity" overnight and already has millions of fans; And large and small restaurants, the day before, were still unknown, and the day after, they followed Xiao D all over the network.

  Lv Minghe is a content entrepreneur. More than a year ago, his team focused on the new media field in WeChat official account. This situation was broken last year, and Lu Minghe decided to make a short video, and the local store exploration field is one of the businesses. Xiao D is a member of its local short video team.

  "Our company is called Hangzhou Shenxiu Technology. Take the local Tik Tok team in Hangzhou as an example. At present, there are a dozen people, mainly after 90 s and 95 s. Young people have a keen sense of fashion." Lv Minghe told reporters that the whole shooting and production process is similar to many weekly media. "The little friends explored the more fun stores with explosive potential in the early stage and took the initiative to find out."

  Lv Minghe explained that the team has a topic selection meeting once a week. After discussing and determining the topic, they will contact the merchants, take out the schedule, try it on the spot, and finally edit the dubbing … … It’s not easy to create an exquisite short video. It takes one and a half days at the earliest. At present, the rhythm is to release 3 to 5 videos every week.

  In Lv Minghe’s view, there are three so-called explosion potentials. First of all, it can be affordable. For example, there is a bathing center in Xiaoshan, where you can take a bath, steam and buffet, and you can live in a space capsule. 89 yuan can get it; Secondly, this store can have a certain reputation within the niche, for example, Shiba Inu’s cafe; Last but not least, it’s new and strange. For example, the first old-fashioned oyster house that focuses on pressure cooker oysters, even online celebrity used to queue up; There is also the founder’s head office of cut8pieces, which specializes in selling invincible brushed pizzas of various flavors, and a small shop that many people have heard of for the first time.

  In just half a year, Lv Minghe’s team has built six numbers on the local Tik Tok platform in Hangzhou, and has accumulated 5 million Tik Tok powder. The advantages of local head matrix have been confirmed in Hangzhou and Beijing. "The schedule of some of our numbers has been scheduled for June." Lu Minghe revealed.

  Short videos are easier to bring fire to a store.

  Compared with other marketing methods, it is more economical

  "In the early stage, we all went to sweep the street and find a store ourselves. Later, some merchants took the initiative to come to the door." Lv Minghe told reporters that many catering people have spotted this huge flow pool in Tik Tok and will invite them to shoot at the store.

  "Compared with other modes of communication, short videos have a faster pace and a more centralized display of a store that is easy to catch fire. In a sense, it is a online celebrity propagation amplifier. " Lv Minghe gave an example. The short video of one person eating hot pot in just ten seconds received 177,000 praises, and the general broadcast volume was about 50 times of the praise volume, which means that the broadcast volume of this number reached more than 8 million. Not only that, in Hangzhou, basically, after one number digs out a store and becomes red, other numbers will keep up with the traffic, and then form a second spread.

  Lv Ming got a good deal. According to the recent broadcast volume of its several numbers, ranging from 4.5 million to 550,000, with an average of more than one million, the market advertising price is less than 20,000 yuan, which is equivalent to playing 1 yuan for 50 times. "Based on the recommendation of AI algorithm, the audiences involved in these broadcasts, regardless of region or interest, are more accurate than in the past and the conversion rate is higher." In Lv Minghe’s view, there seems to be no more economical marketing method than short video, compared with sandwiched advertisement, building TV and WeChat official account, or compared with TV stations.

  The time when the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley has passed, and in the fierce competition in the catering market, there is still the problem of marginal cost. The more people pay attention to the store, the lower the price of traffic.

  The data shows that Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and other short video platform users account for the vast majority of the post-90s generation. These people are self-respecting, have distinct personalities, dare to try new things, don’t like being indoctrinated, and are more willing to take the initiative to think and draw conclusions. This kind of user group is the main force of catering consumption. Nowadays, most of the post-90s and post-90s young people are only children. Many people rarely do housework, let alone cook. Eating is the biggest daily expense.

  More importantly, in addition to actual consumption, consumers go to online celebrity stores to meet the needs of social sharing, such as pulling weeds (pulling out the desire to buy), punching cards, and making friends.

  User message

  @ Sister Xiao: When I go out to eat, I am afraid that there will be many people, and I will be finished. I don’t have to wait in line for any one. I won’t spend hours waiting in line for the delicious food. The world of eating goods really doesn’t understand.

  @ Yeah: Last month, I went to Shanghai, and I went to Radio Lane Hot Pot, which was bursting in Tik Tok and couldn’t be hotter. I passed at 7 pm and didn’t eat until nearly 10 o’clock. After eating it, I really didn’t feel anything special, but it was so spicy that I doubted my life!

  @ Yunxiao: If there is such a high queuing rate in another year, then I will serve you!

  @ Prince: The best marketing of catering is high-quality and delicious dishes, intimate service and comfortable environment.

  @Triss: I’m not interested in the "online celebrity" series, but I certainly don’t miss the delicious food. However … … Good taste, good environment, after eating the hot pot restaurant with no smell, it’s good to go to Hangzhou more! I can only say that the marketing planning of online celebrity Store is excellent.

  @ Pure de Taste: I don’t like this kind of excitement the most. Many online celebrity stores have been popular for a while. After a while, there are no people at the door. You can eat whenever you want!

  @ Yang Hanchun: In 2006, the slag-dropping sesame cake caught fire and cooled overnight! In 2008, the miscellaneous grains steamed bread, fire, overnight, gone! Online celebrity, blindly follow the trend … …

  @ 丫丫丫丫丫丫: In fact, it is more interesting to do it yourself. You can do it differently and eat it differently. Too much practice makes perfect. It is a table of delicious food at your fingertips. It’s a shame to get together with friends.

  Reporter’s notes

  When online celebrity Store faded out of the circle of friends.

  It’s not far from being out of breath

  The food is warm and rich in color and strong in substitution. The short video will make the food content more appealing. Let users feast their eyes before eating, and the increment brought by short videos has opened up a new situation for the catering industry.

  Is the online celebrity restaurant recommended by Tik Tok really worth visiting? Does online celebrity restaurant mean it won’t last long?

  "Before visiting the store, we will refer to more objective comments such as public comments. If the evaluation is particularly poor, we will not go." In the interview, Lu Minghe told reporters.

  Of course, any restaurant has a cycle, especially online celebrity restaurant, which focuses on explosive properties. It may not be difficult to become a temporary online celebrity, but it also means that your products and operations will be tested in the high expectations of consumers. It is not enough to have Tik Tok as an amplifier. We must use good products to retain customers.

  It is an undeniable fact that many online celebrity stores that have been screened are gradually fading out of people’s sight, and even have closed down. Some netizens concluded: "They are all online celebrity shops living in a circle of friends. When they disappear from your circle of friends, it is not far from the real disappearance. "

  Our reporter Chen Jie

Daxing Airport welcomes the maiden voyage of Hong Kong Express Airlines. Hong Kong teachers and students feel the pulse of development in the Mainland.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 12 (Reporter Luo Xin) On the 12th, flight UO260 of Hong Kong Express Airlines successfully arrived at Beijing Daxing International Airport, marking the official arrival of Hong Kong Express Airlines at Daxing Airport.

  It is reported that Hong Kong Express Airlines Beijing Daxing round-trip route plans to carry out one round-trip flight every day, with flight numbers UO260 and UO261 respectively. Li Ziwei, Business Manager of Aviation Business Department of Daxing Airport, said that after the opening of Hong Kong Express Airlines, not only the daily average flight volume from Daxing Airport to Hong Kong has been improved, but also the flight time distribution covers the morning, noon and evening, which has effectively improved the service level and market competitiveness of Daxing Airport.

  As an international aviation hub, Hong Kong has a unique geographical location and connectivity advantages. The opening of this route will further promote economic cooperation, trade and cultural exchanges between Beijing and Hong Kong, and better meet the travel needs of business, tourism, study and other passengers in the two places.

  Under the arrangement of airport staff, a visiting group from Hong Kong started a study tour: stamping and punching cards next to the 3D printed landscape, and taking a group photo in front of the Beijing central axis art installation … …

  "Daxing Airport gives people a spacious and comfortable feeling. Today, we are taking students to study at the airport. The design concepts and artistic installations in the airport have made us feel Beijing’s profound cultural heritage and technological innovation." Li Weilang, a teacher at Huaren Primary School in Panyu Club, Hong Kong, said, "In recent years, the school has strengthened exchanges and enhanced mutual understanding with sister schools in the Mainland. In the future, I hope to learn more about the daily life of mainland citizens and deepen mutual friendship. "

  "I was very excited when I flew for the first time. All kinds of snacks on the plane were delicious." Yi Yijia, a primary school student at Hong Kong Jiulong Lixian School, said, "Beijing is beautiful. This trip to Beijing is short. I want to visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in the future."

  "This is my second visit to Beijing. Daxing Airport is very spectacular. Today’s study tour has taught me a lot about Daxing Airport. I am very proud to see the five-star red flag hanging above the terminal building of Daxing Airport. " WangJunXi?, a sixth-grade student from Hongkong, said.

  According to reports, thanks to the strong recovery of short-distance leisure tourism, the flight volume of Hong Kong Express Airlines has returned to the pre-epidemic level in 2023. Hong Kong Express Airlines hopes to promote cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland through the expansion of the route network in the Mainland, so that Hong Kong people, especially young people, can have a deeper understanding of the history, culture and social development in the Mainland.

Movies and offline performances strongly revive Maoyan Entertainment’s performance in 2023, off the charts

K figure 01896_0

  On March 21, Officially released the 2023 annual performance announcement. Its total income was 4.757 billion yuan, an increase of 105.1% over the same period in 2022; The net profit was 908 million yuan, up 766.2% over the same period of last year. During the period, the adjusted net profit was 1.029 billion yuan, which also increased by 342.2% compared with 2022.

  For the performance surge, the company believes that it is mainly driven by two factors.

  The first is the recovery of the entertainment industry. According to the statistics of the National Film Bureau, the total box office of national films reached 54.915 billion yuan in 2023, an increase of 82.64% compared with 2022. The annual box office of domestic films reached 46.005 billion yuan, accounting for 83.77% of the total box office, surpassing 41.175 billion yuan in 2019, a record high.

  During the reporting period, he participated in the announcement and distribution of 52 domestic films, and controlled the distribution of 30 domestic films. The number of films and the cumulative box office reached a record high in the same period. These include the Spring Festival box office champion Man Jianghong, the May 1st box office champion Life is Unfamiliar, the summer fantasy costume blockbuster The First Part: Singing the Songs, the summer dark horse movie The octagonal cage, and the top three box offices in the New Year’s Eve, Twinkle, twinkle, bright stars, The annual meeting can’t stop! "Golden Finger" and so on.

  In 2023Among the top ten films at the box office, four were announced by the master controller, five were produced by the master controller, and eight films were produced, and the box office coverage rate of the films involved also reached a new high in the same period of history. According to the data of the National Film Bureau, the total box office of Maoyan Entertainment in 2023 reached 18.698 billion yuan.

  Driven by the box office growth of Xuanfa and produced films, the revenue from Maoyan Entertainment’s content services increased by 106.6% from 1.113 billion yuan in 2022 to 2.3 billion yuan in 2023.

  At the same time, the recovery of the offline performance market boosted the related income growth of Maoyan Entertainment. According to the data of China Performance Industry Association, the cumulative attendance in the first three quarters of 2023 reached 111 million, exceeding the cumulative attendance in the whole year as of December 31, 2019.

  In this context, the total revenue of offline performances and GMV (Total Commodity Transaction) in Maoyan Entertainment reached record highs in the same period, and the revenue from online entertainment ticketing business increased by 111.5% from 1.068 billion yuan in 2022 to 2.259 billion yuan in 2023.

  During the reporting period, Cat’s Eye provided ticketing services for more than 100 concerts, hundreds of e-sports events and more than 300 top sports events. Outside the mainland market, the company is also exploring the markets of Hong Kong and Macau, providing performance support services in Hong Kong through the city ticketing network, launching the ticketing platform UUTIX, and officially launching its own performance ticketing business in Hong Kong.

  In addition, the revenue from advertising services and other services in Maoyan Entertainment last year was 198 million yuan, an increase of 43.5% compared with 138 million yuan in 2022, mainly due to the overall recovery of the domestic film market.

  Zheng Zhihao, executive director and CEO of Cat’s Eye, said that under the background of strong recovery of the industry, the company seized the opportunity to achieve continuous business breakthroughs and development, and many business and financial indicators reached record highs.

  On the other hand, Maoyan Entertainment is also active in product and AI data capabilities. During the reporting period, Cat’s Eye Professional Edition launched a number of digital products to serve the whole process of film production and announcement. Among them, the "worry-free cloud booking" function serves more than 200 cinema films, which helped the box office to increase by 227% year-on-year.

  Based on AI andTechnical ability, Cat’s Eye Professional Edition has also upgraded the cinema service and promoted the distribution policy of separate lines.And provide exclusive customer portraits, real-time accurate competitive intelligence, one-click application for sub-distribution, etc., to help cinemas and filmmakers choose in both directions and boost box office growth.

  For each business segment, Maoyan Entertainment further clarified the future plans in the announcement.

  In terms of entertainment content services, the company will increase the breadth and depth of participation in the promotion and production of head schedules and head films, optimize the operational efficiency of content business and improve financial performance.

  For online entertainment ticketing service, Maoyan Entertainment plans to increase investment in key performance projects and continuously enhance the infrastructure construction and service capacity of performance business.

  In addition, the company will also develop film IP and drama.Integrate the post-movie box office market, and seek new growth space and possibilities on the basis of business in Hong Kong and Macao.

Cross-regional illegal acquisition and sale of precious and endangered wild animals Qingdao, Shandong police arrested 8 suspects.

  In the current epidemic prevention and control work, wildlife protection has also become a common concern. Recently, the police in Huangdao jointly arrested eight suspects, including Yan Mouhua, who were suspected of illegally buying and selling precious and endangered wild animals, and took criminal compulsory measures according to law.

  On January 14th, Huangdao police received clues from the masses that wild animals such as rabbits were sold in a rural bazaar. The Criminal Investigation Brigade and Forest Police immediately launched an investigation with all their strength, arrested the suspect Cheng Mosen, and found 69 rabbits, 1 pheasant and 1 wild duck from his car on the spot.

  After the trial, Cheng Mosen, a native of Qingdao West Coast New District, confessed that he usually sold fish, and all the wild animals he sold were bought from another fishmonger, Pei Mouhua. Through preliminary investigation, Huangdao police found that there may be many people suspected of illegally buying and selling precious and endangered wild animals. Through more careful investigation, Pei Mouhua was arrested and brought to justice, and 9 rabbits and 26 wild birds were found in the refrigerator of Pei Mouhua’s home, including the national second-class protected animal owl.

  According to Yan Mouhua’s confession, since December 2019, he has sold 110 rabbits, 1 pheasant and 3 wild ducks to Cheng Mosen. In addition, Pei Mouhua confessed to selling 40 rabbits, more than 260 wild birds such as wild ducks, pheasants and turtledoves, and a number of miscellaneous birds to a hotel. The investigation by the police investigating the case found that all the wild animals sold by Yan Mouhua came from Yan Mochao, a villager in his same village, so he arrested Yan Mochao and later arrested his accomplice Yu Mouming. According to Yan Mochao and Yu Moming’s confession, from December 2019 to January this year, they went to some vegetable markets in Qixia City and Rushan City to find some live poultry shops to buy wild animals and earn the difference through selling. The police dug deep along the clues and arrested four suspects, including Fan Mouqiang. So far, a cross-regional criminal chain of illegal acquisition and sale of precious and endangered wild animals was cut off by Huangdao police.

  According to the investigation of Huangdao police, rabbits are the main wild animals sold by Yimouchao and others, including Oriental horned owl, small owl with longitudinal stripes, collar horned owl, long-eared owl and other national second-class protected animals. Grass rabbits and common nighthawks are "three-owned" protected animals that are prohibited from killing according to the wildlife protection law. At present, Yan Mouhua was arrested for the crime of illegally purchasing precious wild animals, and seven suspects, including Yan Mochao, were taken criminal compulsory measures according to law. The case is under further investigation. (Legal Daily All-Media Reporter Cao Tianjian Correspondent Qi Linxin)

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty appears in Wuhan

On February 3rd, two days of freezing rain and a night of snowfall, the streets of Jiangcheng Wuhan and the trees and flowers in the park were covered with crystal clear ice, which was beautiful.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 1
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 2
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 3

On the morning of the same day, Jimu journalists saw in the Liyuan Square and Tingtao Scenic Area of East Lake that the red fruits and plum blossoms in bud on the green trees were wrapped in ice and became "Sugar-Coated Berry", walking among the Yushu Qionghua in the garden, as if they were in a fairy tale world.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 4
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 5
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 6
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 7

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Wuhan Meteorological Observatory issued an orange warning signal for road icing: It is expected that there will be road icing that has a great impact on traffic in Wuhan from today to tomorrow, so please take precautions.

Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 8
Freezing rain+first snow, rare ice beauty in Wuhan 9

Huang Shifeng, a journalist with extreme eyes.

Hot comment: Is Christmas a "lover" or is the Spring Festival an "original match"?


  In recent years, imported Christmas has become more and more popular in China. According to a survey conducted by a domestic research institute at the end of last year, nearly 90% of the young people interviewed in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou said that they would celebrate Christmas, and 37% of the respondents said that they would prepare for Christmas from January to December. This year’s Christmas atmosphere is even stronger. Before December, merchants in major cities began to be busy with Christmas business opportunities. There were various Christmas counters in the shops, and all kinds of Christmas goods began to sell well. The popularity driven by the market will continue until December 25, and the aftermath will continue. In contrast, the traditional Spring Festival in China is less lively and lively. Apart from the tired and crowded "road home" when the festival approaches, it is the Millennium New Year’s Eve dinner, or the family sitting around the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala, which is becoming a chicken rib. In many places, even setting off firecrackers has become a luxury. In this contrast, the Spring Festival in China seems to have become the "original wife" of China people’s aesthetic fatigue, while the Christmas on the foreign festival has become a hot "lover".

  Why did the Spring Festival lose its exclusive position?

  The wave of globalization makes it inevitable that Christmas will land in China. Globalization has made China a global economic power and trade power, and promoted the cultural and personnel exchanges between the East and the West. The novelty and curiosity brought to Chinese people by the arrival of the Christmas Festival is the main reason why Chinese people accept and embrace each other passionately. In short, it was love at first sight brought by the encounter of different cultures. When Christmas comes to China, in addition to maintaining her foreign flavor, she can also be considerate to conform to the aesthetic taste and commercial packaging of China people. For example, Santa Claus with a white beard puts on a Chinese Tang suit to encourage China people to shop on Christmas Eve … Christmas in China does not necessarily belong to family members, but it must belong to friends and lovers. Therefore, as lovers, Christmas and China people are still in a period of inseparable love. In this regard, the views of western media may be more objective. On Christmas Day 2004, Munny, a reporter from Newsweek in Beijing, said that he was very sad and homesick when he celebrated Christmas Day 10 years ago. At that time, almost no one in China celebrated Christmas Day. Now there are Christmas trees everywhere in Beijing. In Christmas 2005, the Financial Times wrote that China’s Christmas industry has occupied more than half of the world’s Christmas market. This year, even in Lhasa, a snowy plateau, Christmas has become a favorite of many people. In a word, open globalization and inclusive China culture make Christmas and China people have a good marriage. The Spring Festival is not only embarrassed to encounter the "cross-swords to win love" like the Christmas Foreign Festival, but also the two "Golden Week" holidays in China have distracted Chinese people from their yearning and expectation for the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, though not abandoned, has lost its position of being the only one.

  Christmas is more expressive and imaginative in form than Spring Festival. Although Christmas originated from religion, it is rooted in real life. Santa Claus, Christmas balls, Christmas dinners, Christmas cards, Christmas hats, Christmas socks, Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, and the church organizing a choir to "give good news" on Christmas Eve. Colorful festival forms make children full of fairy-tale imagination, make young people get warm and romantic love, and make middle-aged and elderly people enjoy family reunion. Christmas came to China, although the religious color faded a lot, but the richness in form was magnified by Chinese people. On the other hand, the Spring Festival is monotonous in form, and traditional folk customs are either full of superstition and abandoned, such as offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods; Either it is banned for some reason, such as fireworks; The Spring Festival Gala, known as the modern folk custom, is a spoon-feeding passive appreciation. In addition, the Spring Festival is often prone to gambling, bribery and other bad habits. The overcrowded "Spring Festival travel rush" brought by the Spring Festival has plagued several hundred percent of chronic diseases. In contrast, Christmas is more relaxed and free than the Spring Festival, which makes people feel physically and mentally exhausted.

  Compared with the Spring Festival, Christmas is also very different in connotation. Around Christmas, it is also a period when foreigners spread their love more intensively. According to foreign media reports, this Christmas, about 5,000 men, women and children in Liverpool, England dressed up as Santa Claus and participated in the annual "Santa Claus Race". In London, you can often see fund-raisers dressed as Santa Claus holding small red buckets to raise money for various poverty alleviation activities. In the United States, it is also a tradition for various organizations and groups to carry out charity activities during Christmas. For example, the Heat, an American NBA team, held a lottery charity sale outside the Dolphin Mall in Miami. As donation has become a Christmas tradition, its connotation has a heavy human love. Although on the eve of the Spring Festival, China will also offer sympathy and relief to the poor and weak, but it is mostly led by the government and lacks the conscious participation of the people. However, the cultural habit of debt collection at the end of the year makes it impossible to compare the humanistic care of the Spring Festival with the charity before Christmas. Although Chinese people only love the shape of Christmas for the time being, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and may gradually learn the core of Christmas charity in the future. If so, the original impression of the Spring Festival may be old-fashioned and wooden, and I am afraid it is stingy.

  Support for the Spring Festival

  Even if Christmas seems to be a lover who can’t give up, don’t forget the Spring Festival as a traditional original. Open China can embrace and accommodate different cultures similar to Christmas, but it is natural to defend and stick to its traditional festivals. Give us advice on the Spring Festival, not only to strengthen its position as an "outline", but also to give it the wings of globalization, so as to make it an international festival like Christmas and enhance China’s soft power.

  In this regard, the author has the following suggestions: First, the lively form of Christmas is grafted onto the Spring Festival, so that the young and avant-garde people can postpone their "love" to the Spring Festival and add vitality to our rigid folk custom of the Spring Festival. For example, learn from the religious legends and related patterns of Christmas, improve the legend of "Year", add a little imagination to children’s lucky money, give young people more freedom, and even create an auspicious symbol representing the Spring Festival like Santa Claus. Although Santa Claus originated from ancient myths, its image began in the middle of the 20th century. It can be seen that tradition can add fresh elements. To rejuvenate the Spring Festival, there must be expressions suitable for all ages.

  The second is to absorb the reasonable core of Christmas and abandon the dross of the Spring Festival. While getting rid of bad habits such as praying to God, worshipping Buddha and gambling, we should increase more folk charity and mutual assistance activities, and shape the Spring Festival as the beginning of "giving love" in a year, while diluting some utilitarian colors of "gambling head" and "praying for the blessing of the coming year".

  The third is to form a "festival community" with Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. With the help of the international appeal of the three, we can carry out some festival-coherent activities, such as regional or even national fun competitions, to promote and improve the Spring Festival, so that China and the international community can enjoy the charm of combining Chinese and Western.

  Of course, festivals are an important carrier of culture. In order for the Spring Festival to carry forward China culture and even become an international festival, it will ultimately depend on the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of its comprehensive national strength. (Zhang Jingwei)

Editor: Zhu Zhen

In 2023, the automobile price war hit the end, the fuel car map was cheap, and the new energy bought big brands?

After a whole year of automobile price war, it’s almost the end of the year, and some people have kept their car purchase budget. Are they still waiting for the so-called good opportunity? At least in front of the industry, there are still many potential consumers. When we are about to bid farewell to 2023, both car companies and various places have launched a new round of price reduction and subsidies to promote car consumption. So is the end of 2023 really suitable for buying a car? With this wave of promotional operations, which cars may be more worth starting?

After bidding farewell to "Golden September and Silver 10", the main car companies eagerly set off the "official surrender" wind. For example, after launching a limited-time discount of up to 20,000 to 20,000 (frigate 07) for its ocean network in November. Then in December, BYD launched a limited-time discount including fuel transfer fund ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 yuan for various models such as Han, Tang, Song and Yuan under Dynasty. This kind of large-scale official preferential strength is not an isolated case. According to incomplete statistics, the brands that have been clearly defined as "official decline" at the end of the year include Extreme Krypton, Extreme Yue, Changan Qiyuan, Zero Run, Deep Blue, FAW Toyota, Changan Automobile and so on.

In addition to these "winning numbers hit" car companies, including Volkswagen ID. series, which has been officially reduced before, and some models of Geely Galaxy and Haval "Dragon" series that we have learned from offline, also ushered in offline preferential growth in the near future. Even the operation has been reversed, and Tesla, which has raised prices many times at the end of the year, has been set off. In fact, there are also operations in the terminal, including insurance subsidies, old subsidies and new subsidies, and even the operation of picking up cars in different places to enjoy local subsidies. In short, in terms of price reduction at the end of the year, both China brands and joint venture brands, and even Tesla, which is famous for its direct operation, are showing their magic power.

As mentioned earlier, Tesla uses its own sales flexibility to "subsidize" operations in different places. It also highlights another action that is conducive to car purchase, that is, local car purchase subsidies. Since November, some places, including Nanjing, Changsha, Suzhou and Jiangxi Province, have stimulated automobile consumption by means of coupons or car purchase subsidies. The average subsidy for each car is mostly in the thousands of dollars. After all, in the context of stimulating consumption, cars, as a typical commodity, have undoubtedly become the core channel to expand domestic demand. Take the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics as an example. In the first ten months of this year, the total retail sales of social consumer goods was 3.854 billion yuan. Among them, automobile consumption accounts for about 3.9 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 10%.

Compared with the clear purpose of promoting automobile consumption in various places, the reason why the automobile industry offered price reduction measures beyond the "Golden September and Silver 10" at the end of the year is relatively complicated. The first is the demand of car companies for impulse, such as BYD’s sales target of 3 million vehicles this year, as well as Geely’s 1.65 million vehicles and Great Wall’s 1.6 million vehicles. Domestic mainstream car companies basically still have some impulse pressure. Not to mention the joint venture brands that are facing market changes, whether for impulse or to make this year’s transcripts less embarrassing, they need to fight again at the end of the year.

Moreover, even if car companies want to be Buddhist, dealers may not take it lightly. According to the comprehensive inventory coefficient of domestic automobile dealers announced by China Automobile Association in October, it increased by 12.6% from September, reaching a high of 1.70. Interestingly, from January to October this year, domestic automobile production and sales increased by 8% and 9.1% respectively. Sales have increased, but the inventory pressure has not eased at the end of the year, but there are signs of aggravation. This can only show that the state of overcapacity of domestic cars is still obvious. As for the rest, the high probability is fuel vehicles, especially non-hot fuel vehicles. The same is the domestic sales data in the first ten months. The production and sales of new energy vehicles increased by 33.9% and 37.8% respectively year-on-year, and the market share has stabilized over 30%.

Then in this environment, can fuel vehicles still start? The answer is still yes. The impulse and inventory pressure faced by fuel vehicles are obviously higher than those of new energy vehicles at present. This means that fuel vehicles will generally come up with more attractive concessions at the terminal. For example, take the market of Audi A4L as a reference. At this stage, the landing price of its main sales models can be lowered to less than 270,000 yuan (or it involves other factors such as staging, for reference only). Just a year ago (before the purchase tax was halved last year), this price was not even enough for the naked car price after the discount. Similar scenes will be more intense next door to second-tier brands such as Cadillac, Lexus and British finidi. In short, many classic fuel vehicles or luxury fuel vehicles that once seemed out of reach seem to have entered a stage worthy of dreams for many people.

Of course, this does not mean that fuel vehicles can only buy high-end. In fact, the cost performance of low-end fuel vehicles is even higher. Because of the market of more than 250,000 yuan, fuel vehicles at least need to face the impact of various new energy vehicles. However, in the automobile market of less than 150,000 yuan, or even less than 100,000 yuan, the competitive environment of fuel vehicles will undoubtedly be more relaxed. This is not to say that there are not many options for new energy vehicles within 150,000 yuan. However, compared with the fuel car after the price reduction, there is a distinct dislocation in the product strength. For example, LaVida, Corolla, Sylphy and other classic joint-venture A-class cars, now the price of the terminal can fall steadily within 100,000 yuan. Even if there are needs such as personality and face value, players like Mazda 3 Angkeira have dropped to the level of less than 90,000 yuan early. As for the new energy vehicles with the same price, most of them are A0 players, and there is a certain gap in terms of practicality and workmanship grade. If we consider the demand for energy supplement in daily household scenes and the mileage is not exaggerated (for example, the annual mileage is about 10 thousand kilometers), then the cost performance of directly purchasing fuel vehicles will be higher.

As for new energy vehicles, considering that car companies have already held many technical measures to reduce costs, such as extended program, sodium battery, integrated die casting and so on. The main battlefield in the next stage will be that new energy vehicles will continue to put pressure on the fuel vehicle market within 150,000 yuan. In that case, unless the current preferential strength is attractive enough. Otherwise, ordinary household new energy vehicles with a price of about 150,000 yuan at this stage will still have to continue to observe. To put it simply, only when car companies are competitive can consumers make a profit. Under this logic, the middle and high-end new energy vehicles with a price of more than 250,000 yuan are relatively more cost-effective. Under the common competition between its own stock and fuel vehicles with the same price, new energy vehicles with this price are undoubtedly facing greater market pressure. Moreover, new energy vehicles at this price generally perform well in core product strength such as vehicle chip, intelligent driving hardware and battery technology. This objectively can also resist the phenomenon that the product experience is "depreciated" caused by technical iteration to a greater extent. Of course, all this is based on competitive prices and hardware, but also on brands with certain reliability. After all, the brand of new energy vehicles has also entered the initial stage of reshuffle, and with the after-sales problem, it is certainly not as "blindly greedy for cheap" as fuel vehicles.