[See you at 18: 00] Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

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The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council responded to Taiwan Province’s "Industrial Research Institute" announcement prohibiting internal employees from using Huawei products.

On January 16th, at the regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, a reporter asked questions about the announcement by Taiwan Province Industrial Research Institute that its internal employees were prohibited from using Huawei mobile phones and computers. Ma Guang Xiao, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that we firmly oppose such practices that undermine normal cross-strait economic and trade cooperation for political purposes. It not only harms the interests of mainland enterprises, but also seriously harms the interests of consumers in Taiwan Province. This kind of practice caters to some foreign forces and is willing to be a pawn of outsiders, which is unpopular.

Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

Recently, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a circular: Peng, a 42-year-old hotel manager in Shenzhen, was given administrative detention for 7 days and fined 500 yuan. The source was found, but 500 yuan was only sentenced to seven days’ detention, which was questioned by the public. What was the basis for this punishment? Is the penalty too light? In the case of "Hua Zong", because the illegal actor has only disclosed and illegally provided the personal identity information of "Hua Zong", and there is no evidence to prove that the illegal actor has made illegal profits and the amount of illegal profits exceeds 5,000 yuan, so the illegal actor’s behavior has not reached the level of crime, and it is not enough to reach the level of criminal prosecution through criminal law.


Wang Junwen, the former director of state-owned enterprises in Hainan Province, returned to China and surrendered himself.

According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, on January 15, 2019, under the overall coordination of the International Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, with the unremitting efforts of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wang Junwen, a suspected fugitive from duty, surrendered himself and actively returned to China. This is the first fugitive duty criminal suspect who returned to China to surrender after the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the sixth fugitive who came to the case after the Central Pursuit Office announced the clues of 50 fugitives suspected of duty crimes and economic crimes.

The main person in charge of Hualin Company suspected of pyramid schemes has been under the control of the police.

According to the website of the Huanghua Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Hebei Province, after intense work, it was initially found out that the company was suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes since the Huanghua Joint Investigation Team entered Hualin Company. At present, the main person in charge of the company and related personnel have been under the control of the police. The investigation team of the case will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.


South Korea’s national defense white paper deletes "North Korea as an enemy"

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense released the "2018 National Defense White Paper" on the 15th, deleting the statement that the North Korean government and army are "enemies". This change reflects the improvement of North-South relations. The new white paper refers to a broader national security threat with "enemy", and generally defines all forces that threaten and violate "Korea’s sovereignty, territory, national life and property security" as enemies. The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said in a press release that this concept includes not only North Korea, but also transnational threats, non-military threats and increasing potential threats.

The government hasn’t opened the door yet. Trump wants 50,000 employees to come back to work without paying.

The Washington Post reported on the 15th that on Tuesday (15th) local time, Trump said that he had asked to "recall" 50,000 federal government employees to "perform some key government duties", including tax refund, flight safety supervision and inspection of the national food and medicine supply. However, these government employees will return to work without pay.

Nissan said it would thoroughly investigate the former chairman’s irregularities and consider a claim lawsuit.

A number of Japanese media reported on the 15th that Nissan Motor Company found through internal investigation that Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman, had asked Nissan to pay for the decoration of its overseas residence, the membership fee of the sailing club and the donation to the university. Nissan intends to thoroughly investigate its series of violations and consider filing a claim lawsuit. Nissan said that it will sort out a series of facts and promote information sharing and claim litigation procedures with Renault. Mitsubishi Motors, a subsidiary of Nissan, also conducted an internal investigation on former chairman Ghosn, and it is expected that the relevant information will be announced as soon as this week.


The first-instance judgment of the fund-raising fraud case of "Kuailu Department": Kuailu Group was fined 1.5 billion and two people were sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the morning of January 16th, Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced a series of cases in which the defendants Shanghai Kuailu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changning Donghongqiao Microfinance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Donghongqiao Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and 15 defendants, including Huang Jiaxuan, Wei Yanping, Zhou Mengmeng and Xu Qi (American), illegally absorbed public deposits, and guaranteed Kuailu Group, Donghongqiao Microfinance Company and Donghongqiao. Huang Jiaxuan and Wei Yanping were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined for fund-raising fraud; Xu Qi was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined for two crimes of fund-raising fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits; The remaining 12 defendants, including Zhou Mengmeng, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 15 years to 9 years and fined for fund-raising fraud.

Wenzhou opened the first "low-headed family" ticket and was fined 10 yuan for crossing the road to see the mobile phone.

"Hello, I just saw you crossing the zebra crossing while holding your mobile phone. According to the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou, pedestrians will be punished by 10 yuan when they look down at their mobile phones when crossing the road." Recently, Wenzhou traffic police issued a penalty ticket to Ms. Hu, a "low-headed family" on the zebra crossing. According to reports, this is also the first ticket for pedestrians to watch mobile phones on zebra crossings after the implementation of the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou City on January 1, 2019.


Zhou Yang, a famous short track speed skater from China, was elected as a member of the Sports Committee of the International Skating Federation.

According to the China Skating Association, Zhou Yang, the two-time champion of short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics, was elected as a member of the Athletes Committee of the International Skating Federation, with a term of office from the 2019 World Championships to the 2023 World Championships.

In the 2019 Asian Cup, Australia defeated Syria and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group.

Group B of the Asian Cup ended the final round of competition on the evening of 15th. Australia beat Syria in injury time and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group. The Syrian team regretted going out at the last minute.


Wu Mengchao: 97-year-old winner of the highest national science and technology award retires.

"Now it seems that the right choice of returning to China, studying medicine, joining the army and joining the party has enabled me to truly realize my life value. Therefore, I am glad of my choice, and I will always be grateful to the party and the country, and thank the big family of the army for their education and training. " On January 14th, Wu Mengchao, a 97-year-old member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of the Second Military Medical University, said emotionally at his academician retirement ceremony.

He has been a doctor for more than 70 years, treated 16,000 patients with hepatobiliary diseases, and had at least 3 operations every week before retirement. "Working for the health of the motherland for 70 years" has a double meaning in him. Swift between the liver and gallbladder, but also with the patient’s liver and gallbladder, he explained what is the kindness of doctors and what is the life of benevolent people!

Ren Zhengfei: "I miss my daughter very much and believe that justice will be done."

On January 15th, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said in an interview that Huawei is entirely owned by employees of the company, with nearly 97,000 shareholders. "No external organization owns our stock". When talking about his daughter, Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, he said that he missed her very much and believed that justice would be done.

Geng Yanbo: "The mayor of the city" stepped down and was called the realistic version of Dakang Li.

On January 15, the Standing Committee of Taiyuan Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting to announce the decision of Shanxi Provincial Committee on adjusting the main leadership positions of Taiyuan Municipal Government: Comrade Li Xiaobo was appointed as a member, standing committee member and deputy secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Committee; Geng Yanbo was relieved from the post of Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee Member of Taiyuan Municipal Committee. On the afternoon of the same day, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th Taiyuan Municipal People’s Congress was held. The meeting decided to accept Geng Yanbo’s resignation as mayor of Taiyuan and appointed Li Xiaobo as deputy mayor and acting mayor of Taiyuan. Geng Yanbo is famous for his diligence and hard work, and he is called "Mayor of online celebrity". During his tenure in Datong and Taiyuan, local citizens often met him at construction sites and pollution control sites.

Recently, a video of Geng Yanbo, then mayor of Datong, was widely circulated on social media, according to the report of WeChat WeChat official account "Politics". In the video, Geng Yanbo’s words are sharp and decisive, and he even breaks into a furious rage in order to implement the problem, causing heated discussion. The video clip was taken from a documentary broadcast in 2015, which recorded the arduous course of Geng Yanbo, the mayor of Datong, Shanxi Province, in the restoration of the ancient city during his tenure.

Theresa May: The Brexit agreement was not passed by the lower house of the British Parliament.

The lower house of the British Parliament voted on Theresa May’s Brexit agreement on the evening of 15th, and the result was that the agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by 432:202. It is said that this vote was the worst failure in the history of the British government. The previous record was that it failed by 166 votes in 1924.

After the voting, Theresa May made a brief speech. She said that in view of the complete defeat of the voting results, members of Parliament will have the opportunity to debate a motion of no confidence tomorrow (16th). She also said that she will continue to look for a solution acceptable to everyone.

Bella: the fourth anniversary of his death.

She was the first champion in the Youth Song Competition, and her cornea brought light to them after her death. On January 16th, 2015, singer Bella died of breast cancer at the age of 33. In April of that year, asteroid 41981 was named after her.

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What if there is fog in the car in winter?

There are six solutions to fog in driving cars in winter:

1, to open the window, convection of air, the principle of this method is the same as open air conditioning cold air.

2. To use the cool air to demist, you only need to select the air conditioner position at the equivalent cold air gear, or you can use the cold air blown by the air conditioner to demist. When the cold air is turned on, you don’t need to turn on ac but turn on the external circulation.

3. Use the hot air made by the heating system to dry the fog on the windshield inside the car. At this time, be sure to choose the external circulation mode.

4. Mix some detergent with some water and smear it on the inside of the windshield of the car window or on the surface of the rearview mirror, which can also have the same effect.

5. Spray anti-fog agent for vehicles, spray it evenly on the window and wipe it clean. At this time, a transparent protective film will be formed on the window to prevent the formation of fog.

6. Fog on the front and rear windshields can turn on the automobile defogging function, which can effectively reduce the moisture, fog and frost on the surface of the front and rear windshields and the exterior rearview mirror, and improve the visual field.

XTransfer will be unveiled at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024.

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024 will be held in January next year. Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, was invited to attend this international event as a representative of China entrepreneurs.

    The theme of this year’s Davos Annual Meeting is "Rebuilding Trust", and the forum will focus on issues such as sustainable growth of global economy, technological innovation and application, sustainable development and global governance. In this forum, Deng Guobiao, founder and CEO of XTransfer, will focus on the theme with political and business elites from all over the world, and share his insights and sentiments as an entrepreneur in China.

    This meeting will provide a unique platform for China entrepreneurs to share with the international community China’s remarkable achievements in digital transformation and innovation. During the forum, Deng Guobiao will present innovative solutions of China enterprises in these fields on global economic governance, science and technology application and sustainable development.

    Xtrasfer has been focusing on B2B foreign trade financial services for six consecutive years, and it is the platform of B2B foreign trade finance in China. This year, Xtrasfer has officially launched international services, and trading enterprises all over the world have started to use Xtrasfer. XTransfer not only helps sellers solve the collection problem, but also serves global buyers. When both buyers and sellers use XTransfer account, the payment can be received in 7*24 seconds, which is expected to save 95% of the exchange cost and realize the whole flow of trade funds without hindrance.

    As early as 2020, with outstanding contributions in the field of cross-border finance and risk control services, XTransfer was awarded the title of "Technology  Pioneers) "list of companies, Google and Twitter have also been selected. It is expected that with the help of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2024, XTransfer will be able to submit a piece of wisdom and insight from China to the world.

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Double eleven must buy series recommendation

Because Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" studied in an art college before, she often took the stage to host performances. In order to show her attention to the activities, most of them would wear a simple daily makeup to attend. Therefore, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" usually has a good research on beauty products. Therefore, in this issue, we are going to plant some beauty products with great self-use effects, such as isolation, foundation, concealer and loose powder … You will use them, and the intimate Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will help you think of them.


Lan Zhi snow gauze soft cream

The first thing Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" would like to recommend to you is a cream. Before recommending it, I will help you to break a misunderstanding. Many people will equate sunscreen with sunscreen, thinking that sunscreen is just a sunscreen with a "changed face", but in fact, it does have sunscreen effect, but its more important function is to reduce the irritation of beauty products to the skin.

Figure/Lan Zhi China official Weibo screenshot

Which cream is the most effective? You don’t have to worry too much, so I’ll recommend it to you. What Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" wants to recommend to you today is Lan Zhi’s chiffon silky cream. This cream has an excellent reputation, and it has a high sales volume in all major shopping platforms. Although Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" was used for the first time, it was also with the mentality of giving it a try, but I didn’t expect to use it in the end, because it was really amazing!

There are two kinds of cream in Lan Zhi: purple cream and green cream, which are called "Lan Zhi purple cream" and "Lan Zhi green cream". "Lan Zhi Zige" can modify dark yellow skin and brighten skin tone, which is suitable for friends with yellowish and uneven skin tone, while "Lan Zhi Lvge" can modify reddish skin and cover red blood, which is suitable for sensitive muscles with white and reddish skin tone and easy to get acne. Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" has always used "Lan Zhi Zige", because it can brighten the complexion, cover up the dullness of the skin caused by staying up late, and make the skin look ruddy and radiant. I sincerely recommend this cream to everyone.

Recommended index: ★★★★★


Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation

After recommending the cream, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will recommend foundation for everyone next. At present, people mainly use liquid foundation and air cushion foundation. In fact, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" used air cushion foundation before, but the makeup effect was very general, so she gave it up decisively. Later, I planned to change the liquid foundation to use. After a long struggle between the liquid foundations of Estee Lauder, Chanel and Armani, I finally chose the Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation with high cost performance and natural makeup effect.

Figure/Estee Lauder official Weibo screenshot

In fact, the overwhelming advertising of many beauty products is not necessarily a good thing, but it will cause disgust. To tell the truth, when Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" frequently saw the advertisements of Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation on major social media platforms, it really didn’t have a particularly good impression on this product, and thought that Estee Lauder’s behavior was too unpopular, but when she really used it herself, the "law of true fragrance" came true, because the makeup effect was really perfect!

Figure/Estee Lauder official Weibo screenshot

The skin of Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" is on the white side, and it uses 2C0 (No.63), which is very popular on the Internet. If your skin color is on the yellow side, it is recommended to choose 1W0 or 2W0. If your skin itself is unusually white, it is recommended to choose 1C0. As for the unpopular colors such as 3W0 and 3C0, you should try not to touch the thunder …

When you use the Qinshui Liquid Foundation with the color of 2C0, it will glow white at first, but after going out for an hour or two, the makeup effect will be very clear, natural and not heavy, and the concealer is also good. Most importantly, it will basically not float powder! ! Beijing is very dry in autumn and winter. As a neutral and dry skin, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" always lacks water. Before applying air cushion foundation to make up, the floating powder was very serious, which was simply a large-scale disaster scene. However, after using Qinshui liquid foundation, the makeup effect was very natural, and occasionally there was a slight floating powder, but it did not affect the overall makeup effect. It was simply a "dry skin mother" and I really couldn’t put it down.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★


Infusa tricolor concealer

After using the foundation, you will find that no matter how powerful the foundation is, the concealer will always be lacking, and some obvious acne marks and spots can’t be covered by the foundation alone. What should you do at this moment? With a special concealer, of course! If you want to recommend a concealer, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will recommend INFOSHA tri-color concealer, the star product of INFOSHA brand.

Figure/INFOSHA official Weibo screenshot

Compared with other concealer products, the strength of INFOSHA Tri-color Concealer is that three different colors can play different concealer roles, and "one concealer is the best for three". Among them, the No.1 color (brown) is suitable for dark corners of the mouth and other places, the No.2 color (pink orange) can be used to cover dark circles and spots, and the No.3 color (beige) is suitable for covering acne marks and redness of the skin. Moreover, the concealer with different color numbers will have a more magical concealer effect when mixed.

Figure/INFOSHA official Weibo screenshot

Of course, this concealer also has a "fly in the ointment", that is, it is not particularly friendly to "dry skin" like Jingmi "Li Jiaqi". Especially in autumn and winter, if you use the INFOSHA tri-color concealer, the hiding power is good, but it will float powder. If you have oily skin or neutral oily skin, you can consider buying this INFOSHA tri-color concealer.

Recommended index: ★★★★


Givenchy four-color powder

After using isolation, concealer and foundation, the makeup part is basically ok, but many people will ask, what should I do if I go out for too long? Don’t worry, as long as you do a good job of fixing makeup, you’ll be done. Loose powder is an indispensable "artifact" if you want to achieve perfect makeup fixing effect.

Figure/Givenchy Beauty Official Weibo Screenshot

Which loose powder is the best? If you want to recommend one, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will certainly recommend the Givenchy Four-color Loose Powder without hesitation, because it is an "artifact" that many star makeup artists will use. At the beginning, under the recommendation of a friend, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" bought this loose powder. When it was first used, it was amazing by its magical makeup fixing effect. The longer the makeup, the more natural it will be.

Figure/Givenchy Beauty Official Weibo Screenshot

Another feature of this loose powder is that different colors will play different roles. Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" is "Out of Stock King" No.1 color Mu Si light color, in which the green color can cover the redness of the skin, the blue color can brighten the skin color, and the purple color can relieve the yellowing of the skin. Different colors of loose powder can be used in different parts or mixed together, and the concealer and makeup holding effect are very powerful.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★

This issue is here for the time being. If you think that the recommendation of Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" won your heart, please place an order quickly. This time, the generous Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" has also prepared a surprise gift for everyone. Continue to pay attention to us and there will be more surprises waiting for you.

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