Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

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  On May 25th, Aika Automobile learned that the blind order (|) was officially opened for pre-sale at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is divided into five models, with the price range of 148,000-188,000 yuan, of which the Cuiyu magic color suit costs 5,000 yuan, including Cuiyu magic color special car paint+Cuiyu double suede interior+double five-spoke pulse wheels+magic color exclusive car keys. It is reported that as a compact SUV built by Geely, Xingyue L is built based on CMA modular architecture. Compared with (|), the "L" in Xingyue L has the meanings of Larger, luxurious and subversive, not only the length and width of the car body, but also the space, power, intelligence, safety and other parts will be upgraded and will be officially launched at the end of June.


Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of modeling, the front face modeling of Xingyue L is both simple and atmospheric. The energy matrix headlights use double-row three-section light sources, which are very penetrating and artistic after lighting, and together with the grille, form a very impactful front face modeling, which is more domineering with the large trapezoidal air inlets on both sides of the bumper. It is worth mentioning that all the headlights of Xingyue L come standard with LED light sources, with 126 LED bulbs. Each lamp is not simply turned on and off, but can be controlled separately, and different brightness changes can be defined. Later, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  The middle net design of Xingyue L follows the family design language of the 4th generation product, the iconic straight waterfall vertical air intake grille, decorated with chrome trim strips, and matched with the Geely black logo in the center, which enhances the sense of grade and brand recognition, while increasing the sense of movement and luxury of the whole vehicle. The biggest highlight of the tail is the adoption of the popular through taillight group, which is more exquisite with the concave license plate frame design below.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Based on the brand-new "symphony of time and space" modeling design concept, the interior design of Xingyue L emphasizes more on starting from the perspective of people. High-grade suede fabric is widely used in the interior, and the exquisite pearl stitching is used. With the special suede seat with the ultimate skin-friendly touch, the exquisite, elegant and unique car interior is created for the vehicle. In addition, 72-color custom cockpit atmosphere lights, as well as the application of China elements such as oriental new rhyme weaving texture and Chinese knot, give cultural connotation to the interior space and pay attention to functionality and humanistic care.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Thanks to the top safety gene of CMA architecture, the headlight has the highest active safety lighting design, which meets the global five-star collision requirements. The illuminance reaches the second-class standard, the road illumination brightness is 150LX, the lighting distance is 175m, and the road illumination width is 23 m. There is also a unique light show function at the same level. Headlights can follow the rhythm of music minute by minute, and the lights reflect and are very shocking. At the same time, it also has a variety of rich functional configurations, such as automatic headlights, intelligent far and near light switching, three kinds of welcome lights, Goodbye farewell mode and so on.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  It is worth mentioning that Xingyue L’s customized Bose advanced sound system adopts 10 high-performance speakers, Bose’s unique digital signal processing technology, and ANC’s active noise reduction function, and through accurate layout and exclusive customized tuning, it brings an immersive listening experience like visiting a music performance site.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  In addition, the panoramic life integrated cockpit creates an "all-round space" for mobile life, and the instrument panel layout is 4.0, which is more in line with the man-machine layout, so that everything is just right, and the touch air conditioner control buttons make comfort at your fingertips. The IMAX screen (meter screen), which runs horizontally through the center console, is like a flat scroll, presenting users with colorful car life.

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770×1895×1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. As for the power part, the Drive-E series 2.0TD engine of Xingyue L has two versions with medium and high power, matching the sixth generation electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner, which was first launched in China. The maximum power is 160kW(218 HP) and 175kW(238 HP), the peak torque is 325Nm and 350Nm respectively, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 7.7 seconds, the braking distance is 37.37 meters, and the test score of Elk is 79 K. In terms of transmission, the 7-speed wet DCT gearbox and the 8AT gearbox from Aisin are matched respectively. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking technology, becoming the first vehicle equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking system, and finally 1km unmanned parking will be realized.

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Geely KX11 will be launched at Shanghai Auto Show in the first half of the year.

The official drop of all models of Geely Automobile is 20,000 yuan.

Geely Satellite Project, which will be put into operation in October, was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Jiaxing’s first batch of Xiaomi cars came.

On April 3rd, the first batch of SU7s of Xiaomi began to be delivered to the owners. Yesterday morning, Mr. Zeng and his son set off from Jiaxing to pick up the car at Xiaomi Automobile Sales and Service Center (Hangzhou Mengma Town Store).

As the first car owner in Jiaxing and even the whole country, Mr. Zeng ordered a "Meteor Blue" millet SU7 inaugural edition. As soon as Xiaomi automobile was launched, everyone paid attention to it. In the sales service center, not only many people came to pick up the car, but also many customers came from all over the country to experience Xiaomi automobile on the spot during the holidays.

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On June 1 ST, let’s talk about those "dangerous things" about children

Every parent attaches great importance to the healthy growth of children. They will be very careful in eating, wearing and using. Today is Children’s Day, so let’s talk about the "dangerous things" about children.

Toy articles

Children can’t grow up without toys, such as dolls, building blocks and water guns, but not all toys are safe and reliable. Recently, China Consumers Association invited experts from the Secretariat of the National Toy Standardization Committee to analyze and sort out the injuries caused by common dangerous toys, and listed the magnetic beads that have been selling well around online e-commerce and schools and kindergartens in recent years (if children swallow two or more, they will attract each other in the digestive system and exert pressure on the intestinal wall). Among them, the most common dangerous toy injuries are mechanical physical injuries, chemical injuries and injuries caused by playing non-toy products by mistake.


1. Small toy parts are easy to fall off and there is danger of swallowing and suffocation.

Small ornaments and accessories, such as buttons and marbles, which are easy to fall off in some unqualified toys, are easy to be swallowed by young children or stuffed into their nostrils, resulting in the risk of swallowing foreign bodies and suffocation.

For example, toys with marbles that are easy to fall off, magnetic beads, etc. Children who swallow two or more powerful magnets or strong magnets and other ferromagnetic objects (iron, cobalt and nickel) will be absorbed by another magnet (or ferromagnetic object) in the digestive system and exert pressure on the intestinal wall, which may cause gastrointestinal perforation or intestinal obstruction, and may be life-threatening in severe cases. In many cases, these magnetic components need to be removed by surgery, which will cause permanent damage to children’s digestive tract.

2, toys are dangerous, sharp edges are dangerous to puncture.

Some inferior toys have sharp edges, sharp points, rough burrs and other protrusions on the surface, or the toy structure is fragile, forming sharp small parts, which are very easy to stab children.

For example, some products of fingertip gyroscopes have sharp edges and sharp tips that can be touched, which may cause injuries such as scratches and pricks. Bouncing frog toys are made of thin iron sheets and contain dangerous sharp edges.

3. There is a danger of chemical pollution when toys are made of inferior materials.

Common ones are plush toys filled with unsterilized waste materials, colorful colored mud, dolls made of inferior plastics, etc. Their sanitary conditions and the migration of chemical harmful substances all pose potential dangers to children’s health.

For example, the "crystal mud" sold well in small shops around the school, some of which contain more than a certain amount of borax, may enter the human body through children’s oral and skin contact, and chronic poisoning may occur.

4. Non-toy products are mistakenly used as toys, resulting in injuries.

Children are naturally active and will use some items in daily life as toys. This kind of improper use hides great danger. For example, children’s misuse of the "laser pointer" leads to vision loss, and another typical misuse case is water sprite, also known as sea baby, bubble bead and water-absorbing bullet. This material is used for water conservation in potted plants, indoor decoration and so on. It may be mistaken for food by children, leading to swallowing or inhalation by children, suffocation, intestinal obstruction, intestinal dilatation, secondary infection, water and electrolyte disorder, and even intestinal perforation and necrosis, which may be life-threatening at any time.

5. Don’t buy and use toys according to their age.

Children of different ages have great differences in physical development and cognitive ability. Therefore, it may pose a threat to children’s safety to choose suitable products according to their age and violate the applicable age limit.

Game article

It is children’s nature to love to play. Parents playing games with their children can promote parent-child relationship, but some games have hidden risks and even threaten children’s lives. Recently, Ding Zongyi, an expert on children’s accidents and honorary president of Bayi Children’s Hospital affiliated to Army General Hospital, reminded that it is best not to play the following games with children.


Throwing connection

Some parents like to throw their children into the air and catch them, which makes them happy. Ding Zongyi said that infants’ limbs and organs are immature, and this kind of game can easily cause harm to children. After the child is thrown up, it falls quickly and receives a great impact. The undeveloped brain tissue and the hard skull touch each other, which is likely to cause subarachnoid hemorrhage. This kind of brain damage is often not discovered by parents, and it will have a negative impact on the child’s intellectual development in the future.

"Swing" and "Pulling Radish"

Some parents will play "swinging" and "pulling radish" by holding their children’s hands or necks, thinking that it can promote their growth. Ding Zongyi said that growing up is the result of the division and proliferation of bone cells, and these two games only mechanically pull muscles and joints, so the height will not change. When the child’s head is pulled upward, the cervical vertebra may be pulled and even paraplegia may be caused; Playing "swinging" may cause dislocation or fracture of joints.

forward roll

This is a bed game that many children like to play before going to bed. Parents often think that mattresses are soft and will not hurt their children. However, in Ding Zongyi’s view, only through special training can this movement accurately grasp the technical points. Children of several years old do not have strong control over posture, and their limbs curl up and their center of gravity changes constantly during the rollover. Once they make mistakes, their cervical vertebrae and limbs are easily injured.

Riding on the neck

We can often see some fathers riding their children around their necks to see the scenery in the streets or parks. Ding Zongyi believes that it is worth encouraging parents to accompany their children to travel, but they should pay attention to the way of accompanying them. Children riding on their parents’ necks have a high position, unstable center of gravity, and are easily attracted by distant scenery, and may be distracted, unstable and fall. Therefore, in crowded places, parents should hold their children’s hands or hold them up instead of riding their necks.


Some parents like to play head-to-head games with their children. According to the analysis of Dante Zongyi, the fontanel of the child has not been completely closed. In the process of pushing the head, the external force is applied to the head, and the intracranial pressure increases, which will affect the brain development to a certain extent. In the game, it is not easy for parents to master the strength and direction of force, which is likely to cause injuries such as cervical spine damage and retinal detachment.

Eating articles


Two or three-year-old children, even if they don’t stumble when they are just toddlers, always fall in all kinds of fancy ways, which makes their parents doubt life in minutes.

If you are in a hurry and suddenly run, you will definitely fall. However, if you are eating when you run, and you still have sharp or fragile things in your hands, or chopsticks and spoons in your mouth, it is really too dangerous.

For example, a 3-year-old boy in Wuhan fell with a bowl while eating, and his stomach was cut open by fragments of a porcelain bowl, and his small intestine was nearly 60 cm long outside the abdominal cavity.

For example, a 2-year-old boy is running around the living room with chopsticks, and his grandmother is chasing him to feed. Hearing grandma say "grandma is going to catch up", he hurried to speed up the pace, and as a result, he fell face down to the ground, and chopsticks were inserted into his mouth alive. Chopsticks are inserted into the body for about 12cm, and the surrounding tissues are squeezed, resulting in the displacement of occipital artery, and the chopsticks are very close to carotid sheath, only 2mm, but the chopsticks do not directly stab the carotid artery.

Accidents like this are too numerous to mention. Therefore, parents must take good care of their children.

1. Set good rules when eating, and don’t run around casually.

2. Don’t give children chopsticks, spoons, forks and other tableware and knives as toys, especially when children are walking and playing, remember not to hold sharp objects.

3. When choosing tableware, try not to use porcelain bowls, glass bowls, stainless steel bowls and other fragile and scalding tableware for children to eat. It is best to choose plastic bowls and chopsticks with suction cups at the bottom, and suck them on the table without moving them to prevent cuts and burns.

4. Children under 5 years old have poor dental development and chewing ability. Try not to put nuts (peanuts, melon seeds, cashews) and other foods at home. Or children must be careful not to chase, laugh and play when eating, and not to play with food or toys in their mouths.

5. In the event of an accident of foreign body insertion, parents must be calm, do not pull out the foreign body without authorization, keep the foreign body inactive to prevent secondary injury, and then go to the hospital as soon as possible.

You can do this if you encounter an accident.

Being active is a child’s nature. In life, accidents such as bumps, scratches, sprains and animal bites may occur. Especially in summer, the clothes on the body are reduced, and a large area of skin is exposed outside, and the chance of injury will increase. How to deal with such an unexpected situation and what should you pay attention to? It is necessary to master some first aid methods.

Do not use alcohol and mercurochrome for scratches and cuts.


Scratches on the left and cuts on the right.

Children like to jump and run around, and it is easy to scratch or cut. When this happens, don’t use alcohol, mercurochrome or purple syrup to treat the wound.

Although alcohol has strong bactericidal ability, it also has strong irritation. For the damaged tissue, it is not appropriate to disinfect it directly with alcohol, but only for the skin around the wound. And mercurochrome is not recommended, because mercurochrome is 2% mercury bromide red water solution, and people who are allergic to mercury may also cause contact dermatitis due to the use of mercurochrome. In addition, the color of the wound treated with red syrup and purple syrup often covers up the injury. If you go to see a doctor, the doctor will deal with it first, which will cause secondary pain to the child.

So what is the correct way to deal with it? When you encounter a scratch, you should first wash the wound with flowing water to wash out the foreign body in the wound. Then disinfect with iodophor, and then wrap it with medical gauze. If it is in summer, you don’t need to wrap it in gauze.

If the wound is deep and accompanied by bleeding, hemostasis measures should be taken and the bandage should be tight. See a doctor immediately afterwards.

Don’t scribble toothpaste and sesame oil on burns.


Three grades of burns and scalds

Burns are divided into three grades, and it is more helpful to recognize the grades of burns for first aid. First degree scald, obvious pain, no edema and red skin. Second degree scald, blister formation, local wetness and pain. Third degree scald, local dryness, brown skin and no pain.

When the child accidentally burns, he should quickly avoid the heat source, and then rinse the burned area with cold water for about 15 minutes. If the scald area is relatively large and the pain is obvious, it can be soaked in water for 15-30 minutes. If it is a facial burn, you can use water of about 20℃ for cold compress.

Secondly, after flushing, cut the clothes on the injured part to avoid making the injured part worse. Then gently cover the injured area with clean gauze. In addition, the range that everyone can cover with one hand is 1% of the whole body. If the burn area is within 1% of the first degree burn, it can be treated with scald medicine and observed at home. If the burn area exceeds 1%, no matter how many burns, it needs to be sent to the nearest hospital. Don’t deal with scalded blisters by yourself.


Five tips for dealing with burns: washing, taking off, soaking, covering and sending.

Special reminder is, don’t smear toothpaste, soy sauce, vegetable oil and other folk prescription items in everyone’s mouth. Applying these things will only aggravate the condition. In addition, ice water and ice compress are absolutely not allowed.

Don’t touch the injured part when spraining.


If the child is accidentally sprained, the injured part should be laid flat first, and it should not be stressed. When the pain is relieved, let the child gently twist the injured part. If you move, it means soft tissue injury. If you can’t move, consider it a fracture. At this time, it is necessary to use a small board or a thicker book to fix the injured part.

If the fracture site bleeds, it needs to stop bleeding. Tighten the upper part of the wound blood vessel with gauze, and take the child to see a doctor immediately after simple treatment.

Don’t miss the 24-hour golden vaccination period for pet bites.


Children naturally like cats and dogs. Although pets are docile now, they should not be careless. If a child is bitten by a pet, in addition to local soft tissue and muscle damage, it is even more frightening to be afraid of rabies.

If you are bitten by a pet and bleed, first of all, don’t stop bleeding. Rinse with tap water to wash away some bacteria and pathogens left in the wound as much as possible. Then the sooner you get rabies vaccine, the better. Don’t miss the 24-hour golden vaccination period.

If it is licked by a pet, observe the licked skin and see if there is any wound. If there is, you need to get rabies vaccine at the first time. In addition, the process of rabies vaccine injection is divided into five needles, which are the first day, the third day, the seventh day, the fourteenth day and the thirtieth day, a total of five times. After five shots of vaccine, you can effectively protect your body.

Don’t let the child look up with a nosebleed.


Correct treatment of nosebleeds: lean forward and twist your nose.

For children with nosebleeds, don’t let them look up or raise their arms on the opposite side. The correct way should be to lean forward and twist your nose for 3-5 minutes to see if it stops. If it doesn’t stop, knead it in the same position for another 3-5 minutes.

If nosebleeds repeatedly, you should go to a doctor to see if it is caused by vascular malformation or other diseases.

Don’t beat your chest if you swallow a foreign body.

Foreign bodies in trachea are more likely to occur in young children. Because the epiglottic cartilage of children’s trachea and food is immature and its function is not perfect. Plus, children are curious about everything, and it is easy to put small things in their mouths.

When a child accidentally eats a foreign body, the airway is obstructed. Parents should sit down and let the child lie prone on their parents’ legs, with the upper chest and head hanging down. Parents should fix the child with one hand and pat the back between the two shoulder blades with the other hand to cough up foreign bodies in the airway.

If you are a big child, you can also use standing posture. Hold the child’s abdomen from behind, encircle his waist and abdomen with his arms, make a fist with one hand, and press the heart of the fist inward between the victim’s navel and ribs; Press the other hand on the fist, and squeeze both hands inward and upward rapidly and forcefully, repeatedly until the obstruction is spit out.

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Double eleven must buy series recommendation

Because Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" studied in an art college before, she often took the stage to host performances. In order to show her attention to the activities, most of them would wear a simple daily makeup to attend. Therefore, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" usually has a good research on beauty products. Therefore, in this issue, we are going to plant some beauty products with great self-use effects, such as isolation, foundation, concealer and loose powder … You will use them, and the intimate Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will help you think of them.


Lan Zhi snow gauze soft cream

The first thing Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" would like to recommend to you is a cream. Before recommending it, I will help you to break a misunderstanding. Many people will equate sunscreen with sunscreen, thinking that sunscreen is just a sunscreen with a "changed face", but in fact, it does have sunscreen effect, but its more important function is to reduce the irritation of beauty products to the skin.

Figure/Lan Zhi China official Weibo screenshot

Which cream is the most effective? You don’t have to worry too much, so I’ll recommend it to you. What Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" wants to recommend to you today is Lan Zhi’s chiffon silky cream. This cream has an excellent reputation, and it has a high sales volume in all major shopping platforms. Although Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" was used for the first time, it was also with the mentality of giving it a try, but I didn’t expect to use it in the end, because it was really amazing!

There are two kinds of cream in Lan Zhi: purple cream and green cream, which are called "Lan Zhi purple cream" and "Lan Zhi green cream". "Lan Zhi Zige" can modify dark yellow skin and brighten skin tone, which is suitable for friends with yellowish and uneven skin tone, while "Lan Zhi Lvge" can modify reddish skin and cover red blood, which is suitable for sensitive muscles with white and reddish skin tone and easy to get acne. Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" has always used "Lan Zhi Zige", because it can brighten the complexion, cover up the dullness of the skin caused by staying up late, and make the skin look ruddy and radiant. I sincerely recommend this cream to everyone.

Recommended index: ★★★★★


Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation

After recommending the cream, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will recommend foundation for everyone next. At present, people mainly use liquid foundation and air cushion foundation. In fact, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" used air cushion foundation before, but the makeup effect was very general, so she gave it up decisively. Later, I planned to change the liquid foundation to use. After a long struggle between the liquid foundations of Estee Lauder, Chanel and Armani, I finally chose the Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation with high cost performance and natural makeup effect.

Figure/Estee Lauder official Weibo screenshot

In fact, the overwhelming advertising of many beauty products is not necessarily a good thing, but it will cause disgust. To tell the truth, when Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" frequently saw the advertisements of Estee Lauder Qinshui Liquid Foundation on major social media platforms, it really didn’t have a particularly good impression on this product, and thought that Estee Lauder’s behavior was too unpopular, but when she really used it herself, the "law of true fragrance" came true, because the makeup effect was really perfect!

Figure/Estee Lauder official Weibo screenshot

The skin of Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" is on the white side, and it uses 2C0 (No.63), which is very popular on the Internet. If your skin color is on the yellow side, it is recommended to choose 1W0 or 2W0. If your skin itself is unusually white, it is recommended to choose 1C0. As for the unpopular colors such as 3W0 and 3C0, you should try not to touch the thunder …

When you use the Qinshui Liquid Foundation with the color of 2C0, it will glow white at first, but after going out for an hour or two, the makeup effect will be very clear, natural and not heavy, and the concealer is also good. Most importantly, it will basically not float powder! ! Beijing is very dry in autumn and winter. As a neutral and dry skin, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" always lacks water. Before applying air cushion foundation to make up, the floating powder was very serious, which was simply a large-scale disaster scene. However, after using Qinshui liquid foundation, the makeup effect was very natural, and occasionally there was a slight floating powder, but it did not affect the overall makeup effect. It was simply a "dry skin mother" and I really couldn’t put it down.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★


Infusa tricolor concealer

After using the foundation, you will find that no matter how powerful the foundation is, the concealer will always be lacking, and some obvious acne marks and spots can’t be covered by the foundation alone. What should you do at this moment? With a special concealer, of course! If you want to recommend a concealer, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will recommend INFOSHA tri-color concealer, the star product of INFOSHA brand.

Figure/INFOSHA official Weibo screenshot

Compared with other concealer products, the strength of INFOSHA Tri-color Concealer is that three different colors can play different concealer roles, and "one concealer is the best for three". Among them, the No.1 color (brown) is suitable for dark corners of the mouth and other places, the No.2 color (pink orange) can be used to cover dark circles and spots, and the No.3 color (beige) is suitable for covering acne marks and redness of the skin. Moreover, the concealer with different color numbers will have a more magical concealer effect when mixed.

Figure/INFOSHA official Weibo screenshot

Of course, this concealer also has a "fly in the ointment", that is, it is not particularly friendly to "dry skin" like Jingmi "Li Jiaqi". Especially in autumn and winter, if you use the INFOSHA tri-color concealer, the hiding power is good, but it will float powder. If you have oily skin or neutral oily skin, you can consider buying this INFOSHA tri-color concealer.

Recommended index: ★★★★


Givenchy four-color powder

After using isolation, concealer and foundation, the makeup part is basically ok, but many people will ask, what should I do if I go out for too long? Don’t worry, as long as you do a good job of fixing makeup, you’ll be done. Loose powder is an indispensable "artifact" if you want to achieve perfect makeup fixing effect.

Figure/Givenchy Beauty Official Weibo Screenshot

Which loose powder is the best? If you want to recommend one, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" will certainly recommend the Givenchy Four-color Loose Powder without hesitation, because it is an "artifact" that many star makeup artists will use. At the beginning, under the recommendation of a friend, Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" bought this loose powder. When it was first used, it was amazing by its magical makeup fixing effect. The longer the makeup, the more natural it will be.

Figure/Givenchy Beauty Official Weibo Screenshot

Another feature of this loose powder is that different colors will play different roles. Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" is "Out of Stock King" No.1 color Mu Si light color, in which the green color can cover the redness of the skin, the blue color can brighten the skin color, and the purple color can relieve the yellowing of the skin. Different colors of loose powder can be used in different parts or mixed together, and the concealer and makeup holding effect are very powerful.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★

This issue is here for the time being. If you think that the recommendation of Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" won your heart, please place an order quickly. This time, the generous Jingmi "Li Jiaqi" has also prepared a surprise gift for everyone. Continue to pay attention to us and there will be more surprises waiting for you.

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