Luzhou: It’s the year of the League! A hundred banquets were set up in the dam of the villagers’ courtyard.

  Our Festival Spring Festival "In 2020, we will continue to roll up our sleeves and work hard to make our days more prosperous. Come on, cheers!" On January 12th, more than 400 villagers from Shuangjia Town, Longmatan District, Luzhou City got together to raise a glass to celebrate the New Year. The villagers are eating a hundred hot banquets, feeling the joyful atmosphere of the New Year, and eating a sense of happiness and strong neighborhood feelings.

  On the same day, the Spring Festival Evening of "Passion Dragon Horse People Stage", Thousand Dragons, Thousand Lions, Hundred Family Banquets and Neighborhood Love Village was held in the cultural courtyard dam of Dachantou Village in Shuangjia Town. The villagers welcomed the New Year by enjoying cultural programs and eating hundreds of family banquets. During the activity, villagers were also given free medical services, Spring Festival couplets, books, trade union propaganda, anti-drug and AIDS knowledge and financial knowledge.

  In the early morning, cheerful music sounded over the dam of Dachongtou Village Cultural Institute, and the old people and children sat under the stage, amused by the wonderful programs such as acrobatics, magic and face-changing staged on the stage, clapping, waving and interacting with the actors on the stage. On the other side, a few cauldrons on the side of the square are steaming, and young people are busy here for the "Hundred Banquets". Chicken and fish are full of fragrance, and fresh vegetables and red peppers are about to be cooked, which is a lively and peaceful scene.

  As the saying goes, "a hundred banquets" are set, and a hundred families become a family. Hundreds of banquets opened in laughter, and traditional dishes such as Dongpo elbow, cold chicken nuggets and steamed fish filled the table. The villagers picked up chopsticks and glasses one after another, blessing one after another and greeting one after another to make the neighborhood relationship more harmonious.

  Tao Chen