Observation: new forces have fallen one after another, and making cars has become a capital game.

[Know the way of car observation] Ten yearsBefore, new energy vehicles were like a spring breeze, favorable policies continued, the capital market was surging, and new forces to build cars were born. The new energy market was full of vitality, reaching more than 400 at its peak. With the help of capital, the new forces bid farewell to the "PPT grand blueprint" on paper, achieved a historic leap from "0 to 1" and officially opened a confrontation with traditional car companies in the market.

However, it is not easy to be new, and it is even harder to survive. In the past two years, the domestic market environment has turned sharply, and the new energy automobile industry is facing reconstruction. Under the double blow of the cold winter and the epidemic situation in the automobile market, the negative news of the new forces of making cars continued, and some new forces were eliminated in the "survival war" and left the scene sadly. During the ups and downs, these new forces can’t achieve the leap of life and death, and it is inevitable to eliminate bad luck.

Yundu automobile: from glory to loneliness

Yundu Automobile, which once sold 20,000 vehicles in 2018, is caught in the storm of production suspension, or will become the first "new power enterprise" to go out in 2022.

Founded in 2015, Yundu Automobile became the second new energy passenger car manufacturer in China to pass the examination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In October 2017, when Tesla still had a headache for production capacity in the United States, Yundu Automobile had released its first model, "Yundu π1". As the first batch of new power vehicles in China, "Yundu π1" enjoyed the subsidy and care of new energy policy earlier than "Wei Xiaoli", and Yundu π2 was successfully listed in only half a year.

When Weilai Automobile had only one model of Weilai ES8, and when most of the "new forces in building cars" were still in the "PPT" stage, Yundu Automobile had already realized the whole process of "R&D, delivery and after-sales", and in 2018, it achieved a brilliant sales of 26,000 vehicles, which was simply "the peak of debut".

However, the instantaneous brilliance of Yundu automobile obviously did not last forever. In 2019, sales declined, executives left, financing was weak, product quality problems occurred frequently, and industry competition became increasingly fierce. Yundu automobile gradually fell behind in the tide of new energy vehicles, even the previously planned Yundu X-π concept car and Yundu π7 were delayed.

Yundu Automobile, whose sales volume continues to be sluggish, "has no such car" in the eyes of consumers in just five years.

Future car: the future is uncertain, and the resurrection is indefinite.

After the negative news such as unpaid wages and broken capital chain was exploded in 2020, the future car began to be silent for two years. Recently, Guanwei was suddenly updated, and the parent company, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., officially announced the signing of a formal merger agreement with SPAC Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp., and the future car will go overseas for IPO, with a pre-investment valuation of 1.25 billion US dollars. A series of actions show that the future car has not given up. Is it really necessary to "resurrect" the future car with "uncertain future"?

As the earliest batch of new car companies in China, Future Auto was established by Great Wall Huaguan in February 2015, specializing in the production of pure electric supercars. Because of its superb attainments in design, it is often compared with Porsche Taycan.

In August 2018, the K50, the first product of Future Auto, went on the market, positioning itself as a high-performance electric sports car. After subsidy, the price was as high as 686,800 yuan, which was the most expensive model among the new forces in China at that time. However, apart from the pure electric drive and super-running appearance, the product strength of K50 is not outstanding. The cruising range of 380km under NEDC condition and the acceleration ability of 4.6s are obviously not in line with its price of nearly 700,000, so the K50 will only end up selling 131 vehicles in one and a half years.

In the face of bleak product sales, the future car has experienced a break in the capital chain, employees asking for wages, withdrawing stores, etc. It was once hotly debated because of "no future", and even the news of bankruptcy was repeatedly reported. The official said that the future car will create a "private customization" mode and realize scale customization, and "customized service" is also the core selling point of the future car merger and reorganization bet. However, customized solutions are not uncommon in the automobile industry, and the rivals of future automobiles will be a number of domestic new energy automobile enterprises with stable development, such as Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an and Tucki, and the challenge is difficult to imagine.

Sailin Automobile: A Joke-making Expert

From the appearance of the Bird’s Nest to the listing auction, from the super sports car to the old man’s joy, it only took four years for Sailin Automobile to grandstand and die of illness.

Recently, an auction message about "Jiangsu S Automobile Company" issued by Nantong Intermediate People’s Court appeared on Ali auction platform, which auctioned an industrial land of nearly 940,000 square meters in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province with a value of 2.38 billion, which is the Nantong base of Sailin Automobile in Jiangsu Province.

The predecessor of Sailin Automobile was founded by Steve Sailin, a former American racer. The original product was a modified Ford model. Later, the self-developed supercar Sailin S7 was on the verge of bankruptcy and was packaged and sold to senior lawyer Wang Xiaolin. On July 20, 2019, Sailin Automobile spent 300 million yuan to hold a grand automobile brand launch conference in the Bird’s Nest, which was called "the most embarrassing in history". There were many star platforms such as Hollywood superstar Jason Statham, and Wang Xiaolin told the story of Sailin’s glorious history, introduced several Sailin supercars, and said that Sailin Automobile would help more people realize their dream of supercars.

Ironically, however, after rendering the scene momentum and atmosphere in place, Sai Lin’s first mass-produced electric car "Maimai" was unveiled at the finale. This two-door two-seat mini-electric car with a starting price of only 158,800 yuan and a battery life of 305km is no different from "Old Man Le", which obviously forms a huge "contrast" with the luxurious press conference that was built with huge investment. What is even more ridiculous is that "Old Man Le" only sold 9 vehicles two months after its listing, and only sold 27 vehicles in total by the end of May 2020, which became a big joke in the automobile industry.

However, Sai Lin’s jokes can be far more than that. A series of farce such as employee’s real name reporting, employee’s salary arrears, the escalation of shareholder conflicts, and the founder’s patting his ass to go abroad to "support the elderly" have frequently caused heated discussions.

Perhaps "being listed for auction" is the destined destination of Sailin Automobile.

Baiteng Automobile: Bankruptcy and liquidation, hopeless mass production.

After struggling for more than a year on the "line of life and death", Baiteng Automobile was finally awarded the title of "burning 8.4 billion yuan in three years to make a mass production car" and formally applied for bankruptcy liquidation.

Since its establishment in 2017, Baiteng Automobile has carried out six rounds of financing, with a total amount of 8.4 billion yuan, including many well-known enterprises such as China FAW, Tencent Investment, Foxconn, etc. However, this new car-making star, once regarded as the most promising new force, has spent 8.4 billion yuan but still can’t build a mass-produced car.

M-Byte, the first product of Baiteng Automobile, gained enough attention with its interior at the beginning of its appearance. The 48-inch comprehensive large screen is divided into three display areas, with driving-related information displayed on the left and navigation and other services displayed on the center and right. This nearly 50-inch large screen is full of gimmicks. At that time, the official also said that the new car will be officially put into production in mid-2020. However, under the catalysis of epidemic situation and market competition, the dream of mass production of Baiteng Automobile has failed.

In June, 2020, Baiteng laid off employees with unpaid wages, the factory was cut off from water and electricity, and the office rent was cancelled one after another. On July 1, Baiteng Automobile’s mainland business operation in China was shut down, which opened a long-term shutdown. It is necessary to know that at the beginning of the year, Baiteng executives vowed that they could achieve profitability and catch up with Tesla within three years. However, the fact is that in less than half a year, Baiteng Automobile was in deep bankruptcy, and the company legal person patted his ass and left a chicken feather.

Guo Zhijun: Didi may become a life-saving straw

As a member of the second echelon of the new force to build cars, Guo Zhijun Automobile belongs to SINOMACH. Since its establishment in 2017, it has only completed equity financing once. The existing models are GX5, GC1 and GC2, with an annual sales volume of only 2000, and its survival status is in jeopardy. Now it is the last straw.

Didi’s dream of building a car began in August 2021, and the unmanned vehicle route that it tried to take at the beginning of building a car ended in failure. This time, it chose Guo Zhijun as a partner to try to extend the car-making business to the C-end market.

As a marginalized brand in the new forces, Guo Zhiwei Jun can be selected by Didi, which may be quite a "chosen son". However, although cross-border car-making is a current market trend, it is also an "industry curse", which has defeated many players who have rushed into the market. Although Didi is related to automobiles, its own strength and achievements are more focused on the Internet. It is still difficult to create a world in the ranks of manufacturing.

Xiaobian has something to say:

After all, for most consumers, cars are not the product of "falling in love" after all, and quality and strength are the last word. Therefore, the new forces that are radical, bold and whimsical, utilitarian and purposeful will only die out.

Once entered the automobile industry as a "subversive", the new force of making cars is surging and fearless, and the future can be expected.

However, if you don’t accumulate steps, you won’t make a thousand miles. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the elimination of the new energy market in the future will only intensify, and the new forces who want to survive in the fierce competition need more precipitation and accumulation.

Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

  [Aika Auto Domestic New Car Original]

  On May 25th, Aika Automobile learned that the blind order (|) was officially opened for pre-sale at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is divided into five models, with the price range of 148,000-188,000 yuan, of which the Cuiyu magic color suit costs 5,000 yuan, including Cuiyu magic color special car paint+Cuiyu double suede interior+double five-spoke pulse wheels+magic color exclusive car keys. It is reported that as a compact SUV built by Geely, Xingyue L is built based on CMA modular architecture. Compared with (|), the "L" in Xingyue L has the meanings of Larger, luxurious and subversive, not only the length and width of the car body, but also the space, power, intelligence, safety and other parts will be upgraded and will be officially launched at the end of June.


Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely Xingyue L officially opened the pre-sale price of 148,000 yuan.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of modeling, the front face modeling of Xingyue L is both simple and atmospheric. The energy matrix headlights use double-row three-section light sources, which are very penetrating and artistic after lighting, and together with the grille, form a very impactful front face modeling, which is more domineering with the large trapezoidal air inlets on both sides of the bumper. It is worth mentioning that all the headlights of Xingyue L come standard with LED light sources, with 126 LED bulbs. Each lamp is not simply turned on and off, but can be controlled separately, and different brightness changes can be defined. Later, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA.

Geely xingyue l

Geely xingyue l

  The middle net design of Xingyue L follows the family design language of the 4th generation product, the iconic straight waterfall vertical air intake grille, decorated with chrome trim strips, and matched with the Geely black logo in the center, which enhances the sense of grade and brand recognition, while increasing the sense of movement and luxury of the whole vehicle. The biggest highlight of the tail is the adoption of the popular through taillight group, which is more exquisite with the concave license plate frame design below.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Based on the brand-new "symphony of time and space" modeling design concept, the interior design of Xingyue L emphasizes more on starting from the perspective of people. High-grade suede fabric is widely used in the interior, and the exquisite pearl stitching is used. With the special suede seat with the ultimate skin-friendly touch, the exquisite, elegant and unique car interior is created for the vehicle. In addition, 72-color custom cockpit atmosphere lights, as well as the application of China elements such as oriental new rhyme weaving texture and Chinese knot, give cultural connotation to the interior space and pay attention to functionality and humanistic care.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  Thanks to the top safety gene of CMA architecture, the headlight has the highest active safety lighting design, which meets the global five-star collision requirements. The illuminance reaches the second-class standard, the road illumination brightness is 150LX, the lighting distance is 175m, and the road illumination width is 23 m. There is also a unique light show function at the same level. Headlights can follow the rhythm of music minute by minute, and the lights reflect and are very shocking. At the same time, it also has a variety of rich functional configurations, such as automatic headlights, intelligent far and near light switching, three kinds of welcome lights, Goodbye farewell mode and so on.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  It is worth mentioning that Xingyue L’s customized Bose advanced sound system adopts 10 high-performance speakers, Bose’s unique digital signal processing technology, and ANC’s active noise reduction function, and through accurate layout and exclusive customized tuning, it brings an immersive listening experience like visiting a music performance site.

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

Geely xingyue l more information exposure Shanghai auto show debut

  In addition, the panoramic life integrated cockpit creates an "all-round space" for mobile life, and the instrument panel layout is 4.0, which is more in line with the man-machine layout, so that everything is just right, and the touch air conditioner control buttons make comfort at your fingertips. The IMAX screen (meter screen), which runs horizontally through the center console, is like a flat scroll, presenting users with colorful car life.

Geely xingyue l

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770×1895×1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. As for the power part, the Drive-E series 2.0TD engine of Xingyue L has two versions with medium and high power, matching the sixth generation electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner, which was first launched in China. The maximum power is 160kW(218 HP) and 175kW(238 HP), the peak torque is 325Nm and 350Nm respectively, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 7.7 seconds, the braking distance is 37.37 meters, and the test score of Elk is 79 K. In terms of transmission, the 7-speed wet DCT gearbox and the 8AT gearbox from Aisin are matched respectively. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking technology, becoming the first vehicle equipped with 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking system, and finally 1km unmanned parking will be realized.

Wonderful content review:

Geely KX11 will be launched at Shanghai Auto Show in the first half of the year.

The official drop of all models of Geely Automobile is 20,000 yuan.

Geely Satellite Project, which will be put into operation in October, was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

The "ultimate rumor" is coming: it is impossible to disclose the price of Xiaomi Automobile before its official release.

  Future Network, Beijing, January 5 (Reporter Zhang Bingqing) Xiaomi makes cars, and the storm continues. On January 5th, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, issued a document saying that in the past two days, the price P chart of Xiaomi Automobile was clarified three times. Today, there is an "ultimate rumor": until the end of the official Xiaomi Automobile product launch conference, all the information and posters with the version and price of Xiaomi Automobile are false. Wang Hua said that Xiaomi Auto can’t have a price and policy before it is officially released. Don’t believe the so-called insider rumors. No one knows the real price or even the official release time, because everything has not yet been determined.

On January 5, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, issued a screenshot of Weibo.

  Xiaomi builds a car and clarifies the flying of Wenfa.

  Xiaomi builds a car "yet we called and urged a thousand times before she started toward us", which has caused a heated discussion among netizens. Along with it, there are all kinds of "interpretations" that are constantly coming out, and Xiaomi Group is rushing to clarify.

  This time, the spokesman of Xiaomi Company issued a document to clarify, mainly aimed at the layout and price of Xiaomi automobile industry chain.

Micro-screenshot of Xiaomi company spokesperson

  On the afternoon of January 2, Xiaomi Company spokesperson Guan Wei issued a document clarifying that "we recently paid attention to a picture about Xiaomi’s automobile industry chain. After verification, at least 50% of the contents were completely wrong. We are deeply puzzled by this flawed information summary and its misleading to the public and investors. I hereby clarify. " Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Company, also forwarded the statement, saying, "There are many rumors and black manuscripts about Xiaomi Automobile, and we will clarify them in time."

Xiaomi Chairman and CEO Lei Jun Weibo screenshot

  Previously, the "Xiaomi Automobile Information Disclosure Incident" also caused heated discussion. On December 19, 2023, Xiaomi Group issued a statement saying that recently, malicious leaks and false rumors about Xiaomi Automobile appeared in batches on the Internet. It was verified by the Group that in November and December, 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department participated in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokers and investment institutions without permission for the purpose of collecting "consulting fees", and fabricated and disseminated a lot of false information, which seriously misled the market and disrupted the normal business development of Xiaomi Automobile.

  According to Xiaomi Group, the above three employees, namely Yu Moumou (former employee of electronic control system and software team), Shi Mou (former employee of stamping and casting process team) and Zhang Mou (former employee of mass production quality team), have seriously violated the Code of Conduct for Xiaomi Group employees and the confidentiality obligations stipulated by the company. Xiaomi Group has dismissed them and never hired them, and has been investigated for legal responsibility according to law. At the same time, Xiaomi Group reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for brokers and investment institutions that organize related activities.

  On December 20, 2023, the involved media parties ZAKER and Xiaobai both issued an apology statement when they bought a car. ZAKER said that the employees involved were dismissed and never hired. Xiaobai bought a car and said that he would dismiss the employees involved and never hire them.

  Soon after, Xiaomi reported that 14 members of the chip company were arrested for infringement. On the evening of December 24th last year, Xiaomi issued a clarification statement through the official Weibo, saying that a large number of rumors and false reports about a chip company related to Xiaomi were circulated on the Internet. For these irresponsible and completely inaccurate information, Xiaomi has completed the evidence collection and reported it to the relevant departments.

  In the statement, Xiaomi clarified the relationship between its subsidiary Hanxing Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hanxing Venture") and a chip company of Netcom. Xiaomi said that Hanxing Venture participated in the financing of a chip company in 2022, which was a normal financial investment behavior.

  Xiaomi said that he is one of the many shareholders of the chip company, and has participated in several rounds of financing of the chip company, as well as more than 20 financial investment institutions. Xiaomi is neither the earliest investor, nor the largest investor, nor the investor who plays a leading role in several rounds of financing. At the same time, Xiaomi does not participate in the direct management and operation of the chip company, and does not have any intellectual property rights or technical cooperation with the company.

  Mobile phone manufacturers run into the market and build new forces to iterate.

  From "Wei Xiaoli" to "Hua Xiaomei", in the beginning of 2024, the new force of car-making seems to be giving way to mobile phone manufacturers actively entering the car-making industry. Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, VIVO, etc. all extend their business to the automotive field through various forms.

  It is completely different from Xiaomi’s model of building a car with heavy assets. Huawei does not build a car in person, but cooperates with car companies through different business models. At present, Huawei has three cooperation modes in automobile business, one is spare parts supply mode, the other is Huawei HI mode, and the other is intelligent car selection mode (now "HarmonyOS Zhixing"). At present, Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing has four partners, namely Cyrus, Chery Automobile, Beiqi Blue Valley and Jianghuai Automobile.

  In December last year, Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, announced at the 2023 Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecological Conference that the DreamCar Co-creation Plan would be launched in the first quarter of 2024 to create an exclusive MEIZU DreamCar MX for charm friends.

  At the press conference on December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi’s first car, SU7, ran into the arena, and it has been 1003 days since Xiaomi announced the construction of the car. At the beginning of the press conference, Lei Jun indicated that Xiaomi’s goal is to build a dreamcar comparable to Porsche and Tesla.

  Counting the industrial chain layout of Xiaomi’s car, as it said at the recent new car conference, the five self-developed technologies involve key areas of automobiles such as electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit. They are Xiaomi Supercomputer, Xiaomi self-developed CTB integrated battery technology, Xiaomi super die-casting Xiaomi HyperEngine, Xiaomi full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology Xiaomi Pilot and Xiaomi smart cockpit Xiaomi Smart Cabin.

  In the upstream of the industrial chain, the business scope of Xiaomi investment enterprises focuses on intelligence and electrification, including car-gauge chips, lidar, intelligent driving software solutions, drive-by-wire actuators, power batteries and battery raw materials, and precision transmission gears.

  Mobile phone manufacturers that have accumulated many advantages in the fields of AI, big data and cloud computing for a long time have entered the market, and more are from the ecological force.

  IDC Consulting pointed out in "Top Ten Insights of Smartphone Market in China in 2024" that smart phones and new energy vehicles will accelerate their integration and form a perfect ecological interconnection.

  For example, after the merger of Meizu and Xingji Times, Flyme Auto, which is specially adapted to the car system, was launched, and it was carried on the Lexus 08-the sales volume exceeded 12,000 units in 54 days. It is said that the newly released FlymeLink will also be installed on Lectra 06EM-P and Lectra 09.

  As for Huawei, at the end of 2021, the first model equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS OS was released, and then Huawei HarmonyOS OS was equipped with several models, such as Alpha Shih Edition, M7 and Aouita 11. Thanks to the HarmonyOS system, this new brand, Wen Jie, has sold more than 76,000 vehicles in less than one year.

  At present, Huawei’s HarmonyOS OS has been iterated to version 4.0, and Zhijie S7 has become the first vehicle. Aouita 12 and Wenjie M9 are all equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS OS 4.0. According to the official introduction, HarmonyOS OS 4.0 introduces the multi-person and multi-device interconnection experience into the intelligent cockpit.

  The official of Xiaomi Automobile once said that in terms of ecological application, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS has got on the bus, and the interactive experience of the system is consistent with that of the mobile phone. The application of Xiaomi tablet can get on the bus seamlessly, supporting the seamless flow of application use.

  However, the expected response of the secondary market to Xiaomi Automobile seems to be unsatisfactory. The day after the press conference, on December 29, 2023, Xiaomi’s share price on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell by 4%.

  Not long ago, Lei Jun said in a CCTV program that Xiaomi invested ten times more personnel and money in building cars than other car companies, and he was determined to build cars with "determination to win". However, I am worried about Xiaomi car. "I am afraid that if it doesn’t catch fire, everyone will not buy it; I am afraid that it will be too hot. Everyone will buy it. If you have to wait for a year or two, you will definitely be miserable, all kinds of anxiety. "

  Xiaomi Sword refers to how Tesla and Porsche’s dreamcar will stir up the new energy vehicle market, which needs to be paid more attention.

The spy war meets the financial dark war. The audience in Shanghai has a hot discussion. The IQ of both the villain and the villain in the drama "The Windchaser" is online.

  The unpredictable turbulent situation, the tense financial dark war, and the childlike heart of serving the country with fists and fists … … YiBo, Li Qin and Wang Yang are starring in The Wind Chaser, which is being broadcast on CCTV. This TV series connects the ever-changing financial circles in Shanghai in the 1930s from the perspective of nobody, and innovatively combines the spy war of the Republic of China with financial themes. Yao Xiaofeng, the director of the play, said frankly: "This play is about the choice of roads and beliefs. It is textured and emotional, and I hope that the audience will feel the same way."

  The financial perspective is unique and fresh.

  With the background of Shanghai in 1930s, The Wind Chaser tells the story that Wei Ruolai (YiBo), a patriotic young man, gradually gained the appreciation of Shen Tunan (Wang Yang), a senior adviser of the Central Bank, with his excellent working ability, and got to know Shen Tunan’s sister and Shen Jinzhen (Li Qin) in the process of growing up and fought together.

  The theme of the Republic of China is common in the drama market, but Chasing the Wind rarely takes the financial perspective as an innovative breakthrough, and the plot combs out a little-known financial context, presenting "a war without smoke". In recent years, director Yao Xiaofeng has been thinking about how to find what he wants to express in his film and television works. When the script of The Wind Chaser was put before him, he had the impulse to shoot. "I think the script is very interesting, because it has a unique perspective. It cuts into the spy battle from the financial perspective, and few people pay attention to the relationship between economy and the times, which is exactly what I got from years of historical study."

  The financial angle is the unique feature of Chasing the Wind, but the acceptance threshold of the original script is relatively high, which means that not everyone can enjoy such TV series, which is why it took Yao Xiaofeng six years to present Chasing the Wind to the audience. In the production process, Yao Xiaofeng and the creative team created the characters and events in a simple way through the second creation, which smoothed out all the "thresholds" for watching the drama, so that the audience could devote themselves wholeheartedly to the plot.

  All the characters bring emotional tension.

  Despite the complicated historical background, The Wind Chaser is developed from the perspective of the workplace, and the spy war and the workplace are intertwined in the opening story. "The story tells the story of a fledgling rookie, groping his way forward in a vast world, gradually recognizing the direction and determining his own life path." Yao Xiaofeng believes that such stories can resonate with young people.

  Starting from the troubled times of the little characters, the story has not only the tense confrontation of financial confrontation, but also the tenderness of embracing each other in the torrent of the times. The emotional pull between different characters brings rich experience to the audience. Many netizens commented that "Chasing the Wind" is a rare work in the recent spy war drama. "Decent and high IQ, villains are smart, and all acting skills are online."

  A group of young people, represented by Wei Ruolai, make choices again and again in the face of the torrent of the times. The plot constructs the complex relationship between Wei Ruolai, Shen Jinzhen and Shen Tunan. Yao Xiaofeng said that the purpose of shaping the personal feelings among the three people, including the feelings of mentoring, brother and sister and friends, is to let them first establish a friendship that was exchanged for blood in blood shed. And when there are differences, they will suddenly find themselves caught in a huge black net. Under the strong emotion, everyone must feel tangled when facing the choice of faith. In addition, the drama pays more attention to personal growth and the present reality, which contains many expressions, "I hope that the audience can see their own figure in the drama and look for answers in real life in history."

  The "raw edge feeling" of life in retro style

  In the play, around Wei Ruolai, the protagonist, a Qibao Street is presented, with a strong atmosphere of life in the streets and lanes, showing the regional characteristics of old Shanghai during the Republic of China. The drama strives to present a "raw sense" of life in terms of scenery, props and clothing, bringing a retro style of life aesthetics. Yao Xiaofeng introduced that two or three days before the start of the crew, the art team delivered the scenery of Qibao Street, but he felt that the atmosphere was wrong, so he destroyed the built scenery under great pressure and rebuilt a more dilapidated environment. The cabin rented by Wei Ruolai in the play was spacious and warm at first, but Yao Xiaofeng insisted on making the space more cramped. "Only in this way can we present the sentient beings of the bottom people at that time, which is in sharp contrast with the Shanghai beach of Shili Ocean Field."

  Wei Ruolai, played by YiBo, initially had a delicate design scheme, but Yao Xiaofeng demanded to remove the sense of exquisiteness and truly reproduce a simple youth image. The final shape was determined after several rounds of makeup fixing. At the beginning of the story, Wei Ruolai’s dress is shabby, with patches on his clothes and socks showing his toes. When I went to the Central Bank for an interview, the coat that Wei Ruolai wore was not her own, but was found by Zhou Yi, a neighbor who opened a washing and dyeing shop. In the play, Wei Ruolai wandered around the world in this ill-fitting dress. Yao Xiaofeng was very satisfied with YiBo’s performance. "I want a clean and green boy, and it turns out that this choice is right. In YiBo, I saw his most sincere pursuit of performance. "

  In the current broadcast story, the relationship between Wei Ruolai and Shen Tunan has changed from the kindness of knowing the situation to the friendship of being a teacher and a friend. Yao Xiaofeng’s "spoiler" said that the ingenious thinking of modeling design also runs through the whole drama, and in the later story, the two sides eventually went to opposition because of their respective choices. Under the inspiration and guidance of Shen Jin, a member of the underground party of the Communist Party of China, Wei Ruolai embarked on a bright road to Ruijin without hesitation. When Wei Ruolai resolutely decided to give up all the prosperity of Shanghai, he put on his torn cotton-padded jacket and "broke" with everything he got. (Reporter Qiu Wei)

The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia" is being held.

  On November 7th, the premiere and press conference of the frontier defense army love movie "Watching Acacia Tree" based on the true story of Acacia Tree that happened at the Triangle Mountain Post in Inner Mongolia was held in science and technology hall Giant Screen Cinema, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  The national premiere and press conference of the film "Watching Acacia"

  In the 1980s, Li Xiangen, the company commander of the Triangle Mountain Frontier Defense Company, led a patrol when he was caught in a flood. Li Xiangen was swept away by the rushing river to save his comrades. His wife, Guo Fengrong, rushed to the army with her 2-year-old son, and waited in the place where her husband disappeared. She cried for 3 days and 3 nights without waiting for her husband to return. So she planted a Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica next to the post where her husband was stationed to mourn and raise her young son to grow up alone. In 2010, Guo Fengrong was seriously ill. Before she died, she told her son, "After I die, please scatter my ashes in the Haraha River. I want to be with him forever." In accordance with her last wish, her ashes were scattered into the Haraha River where her husband died, and she stayed with her husband at the border forever. The story of "acacia tree" touched the military families and all walks of life. The film "Watching Acacia" was carefully created under this background. It is a military love feature film that reflects the feelings of the border guards and their love for life and death, and the time span is nearly 40 years.

  Our army is the people’s army and our national defense is the national defense of the whole people; The social status of the army and soldiers will have a profound impact on the army, the country and the nation. "Watching Acacia Tree" closely integrates the two themes of soldiers’ feelings about home and country and faithful love, and is slowly unfolding and interlocking in the way of military wives’ dialogues in different times, eulogizing the noble sentiments of generations of border guards’ selfless dedication and defending the country, so that people can see the greatness of military wives, understand the hardships of military wives, and understand that behind the peaceful country and the people, the years are quiet, it is the hard commitment and selfless dedication of countless military families. The film is touching and touching. "Watching Acacia Tree" sounded the assembly number of caring for national defense, advocating soldiers and respecting military wives in the whole society, played an active role in promoting the mainstream value of admiring heroes and creating a spiritual highland of pursuing dedication, and injected strong impetus and strong warmth into reforming and strengthening the army. After the film was released, it was accompanied by the overall improvement of the sense of responsibility and mission of the soldiers, which was a big country’s army. Member of the All-China Youth Federation, film producer and chief producer warmly said: "Respect is a heartfelt respect, which depends on the individual’s value recognition and the atmosphere of the whole society. In fact, the military professional honor is never just a matter for the army, it is jointly constructed by the state, society, family and individuals ‘ Great Wall of Spirit ’ . To consolidate the Great Wall of China, we must consolidate the worship of the army and the martial arts in the whole nation and society ‘ Spiritual foundation ’ . Happily,Paying attention to national defense, caring for soldiers and caring for military families has increasingly become a social consciousness. What we want to express through the film is the maintenance of military honor, the praise of military value and the affirmation of military dedication. Facing the call of the new era, let’s work together to create the scenery of the times that respects military personnel and their families. "

  Wu Enqi, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Director of Film Bureau, delivered a speech at the premiere.

  Shooting a film with the theme of "defending the country and defending the border" is ideological, significant and politically demanding. Thankfully, "Watching Acacia Tree" shows the initial mission and thoughts and sentiments of border guards in defending sovereignty, performing their duties, and selfless dedication with vivid film language, and achieves the effect of rather critical. For example, when Zhang Zhongliang led a patrol, his subordinates advised him not to cross the river because of the water, but he said firmly, "The situation at the border is more complicated. You and Lao Qiu are both recruits and have little experience. Batu and I will explore first, and you will wait. " These details not only show the awe and responsibility of the soldiers on the frontier for every inch of land, but also show the fine tradition of unity, unity and friendship among the officers and men of the People’s Army. After Nuolili was pregnant and gave birth, Zhang Zhongliang’s father complained that "Zhongliang was so outrageous that Lili and her children waited for a full year and didn’t come back", and his father-in-law explained for his son-in-law that "Zhongliang is defending the country, and the border guards are particularly important in this peacetime", which reflected the military families’ concern for national security and their understanding and support for the soldiers guarding the border. Hu Jinlan, the screenwriter of the film, said: "It is difficult to make a good film with the main theme and positive energy theme, especially those with correct political orientation, far-reaching ideological value and strong artistic appeal. What we have to do is to start with the means of artistic expression, abandon indoctrination and preaching, mechanical story expression, and facial hero creation, and pay attention to the spirit of nuance.Let the audience observe the connotation of the film between touching stories and words. "Although there is not too much rendering, the small and simple lens has the power to reach the soul. In addition, the release of the film coincides with the national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s going abroad to fight, and it is of great significance to carry forward and extend the patriotic and heroic spirit of revolutionary soldiers.

  Watching Acacia Tree is adapted and created according to the true story of Acacia Tree, which happened in Sanjiaoshan post in Inner Mongolia.

  Watching the Acacia Tree tells the true story, expresses the true feelings, and the word "true" beats all over the film. In the simplicity, there is truth everywhere, filled with true feelings, reflecting the sincerity and shining with true knowledge. From script writing, director shooting, actor performance and editing, the film always runs through the whole process with truthfulness, sincerity and true feelings, which is not only the highlight of the film, but also the tears. Yinnan Ding, director and chief producer of the national biographical film, said that the whole film creation lasted nearly two years. In order to restore the real characters, scenes and context of the story of Acacia Tree, it took more than half a year to polish the script, and it was revised more than 50 times from the beginning of creation to the completion of shooting. There was also a sudden car accident during the filming, which forced the creative staff to make a big adjustment to the script two days before the filming, and told the story in the way of "Hongyan passing the book" instead. At the same time, the later stage of the film can be described as a "frame", including special effects production and music creation, all of which strive to restore the real details, which I believe will bring the audience a high degree of visual and auditory recognition. After watching the movie, the reporter felt that the film used prose-poetry-style biographies to express itself, such as flowing water, showing the spirit of sacrifice and dedication of Chinese border guards and their families freely, which made people unconsciously wet their eyes and let more people see that on the long border of China,Generations of simple and lovely border guards stuck there like nails, and they fulfilled their firm vows of defending the country and defending the border with their youth and life. The heroine Nolili’s sentence, "Everyone has an acacia tree in his heart. What about yours?" It is a direct hit to the heart and makes people cry.

  Watching Acacia Tree was listed as a key gift film to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party by the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and as a key film project of the year (2019-2022) by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee.

  Watching Acacia Tree was co-produced by the Propaganda Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee, planned and directed by the Military Culture College of National Defense University. The producer and chief producer were warm, directed by Ding Zhen and Wen Xin, screenwriter Hu Jinlan, chief producer Yinnan Ding and Chen Dongdong, producer Niu Xiuquan, starring young actors Zhu Yan, Huailong Li and Husileng, and co-starred by many famous performing artists such as Song Chunli, Xinyun Zhu, Zhao Xiaoming and Han Yueqiao. The premiere was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Political Work Bureau of Inner Mongolia Military Region and the National Defense Education Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At the event, the main film creators and cast members appeared in unison. Ma Qinglei, commander of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, Bai Yugang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Minister of Propaganda Department, and other relevant leaders of the Inner Mongolia military region and representatives of the military and civilians gathered in Shengyi.

  It is reported that the film will be released on November 20 th, and it is planned to designate a special event to invite military personnel (including retired military personnel) and military wives to watch it for free.

How to Resolve the Crisis of Super Nuclear Weapons: The Secret Behind the Production of Equator


Creative idea: Hong Kong is the intelligence center of the Far East, and the law allows spies to travel freely.

    When collecting information for Chill, Lok Man Leung and Kim-ching Luk found that in the past century, Hong Kong’s espionage activities have been very active, and it has assumed the responsibility of the Far East intelligence center. It has been called "the spy capital of the East", just like Lisbon in Europe and Casablanca in Africa. On this basis, the two directors came up with the whole story of Equator: an international wanted criminal nicknamed Equator stole a special weapon from South Korea and intended to sell it to a terrorist organization in Hong Kong. Intelligence agencies from South Korea, China and Hong Kong gathered in Hong Kong to join in the pursuit of Equator with their own purposes, while intelligence personnel from other countries in Hong Kong were also eager to move.

    Casablanca became a spy stronghold during World War II because of its unique political status: it was a transit point for European refugees to flee to the United States. Hong Kong also has the innate advantage of becoming an intelligence center. It has visa-free agreements with more than 100 countries and regions, which greatly facilitates the entry of intelligence personnel. There is no law prohibiting espionage in this place, and its extradition regulations are only aimed at those who commit crimes in Hong Kong. In addition, as a major economic center, hundreds of thousands of people come and go here every day, which makes it easy to hide. Therefore, spies and terrorists from all over the world regard this place as a paradise for espionage and information trading.

    This special position has spawned a magical industry for Hong Kong. In the Sham Shui Po electronic products market in the northwest corner of Kowloon Peninsula, there are many shops selling monitoring and surveillance equipment. In order to meet the needs of different places and activities, these devices are made into various shapes and sizes. You can not only find a recording pen that looks like a USB flash drive, but also find a miniature camera the size of a car key. And those ordinary-looking cleaners are likely to be doing part-time job of installing bugs. Of course, in order to counter eavesdropping, many companies and institutions will regularly check and remove bugs in office buildings.

Three forces: Hong Kong Anti-Terrorism Secret Service+Korean National Intelligence Agency+China Supreme Bureau of Investigation.

    Spy war and anti-terrorism movies are a very mature film type in Hollywood and Britain. The series of "007", "Bourne ultimatum" and "Mission Impossible" are loved by audiences all over the world, and the British MI 6, the US National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have become well-known intelligence agencies for these movies. In contrast, Hong Kong films have almost never touched on similar themes in the past. Then, if terrorists threaten the security of Hong Kong, which organization is responsible for the investigation and pursuit? Also during the data collection process of Chill, the two directors noticed a department set up in 2009: Hong Kong Anti-Terrorism Special Service Team.

    According to the official website information of the Hong Kong Police Force, the Anti-Terrorism Special Service Team belongs to the Anti-Terrorism Activities and Internal Security Group of the Operations Division of the Operations Department of the Police Force. It is a paramilitary special police force whose main responsibilities are to implement anti-terrorism strategies, conduct anti-terrorism patrols, handle terrorist attacks, handle explosives, prevent chemical, biological and radiological radiation and escort dangerous goods. In Equator, the roles played by Nick Cheung and Shawn Yue work for this department, which is the first time that this department has appeared on the big screen. Since its establishment, the Counter-Terrorism Task Force has carried out many security tasks in the visits of foreign leaders, and conducted joint training with relevant units in Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries.

    South Korea, on the other hand, was sent to Hong Kong to hand over to the anti-terrorism secret service team, and the National Intelligence Agency of Korea, which is responsible for intelligence and national security, jointly recovered the "equator". The agency is modeled after the US Central Intelligence Agency, and its main duties are to collect and keep domestic and foreign intelligence and cooperate with national security and overseas anti-espionage activities. In the film, Cui Minghao, played by Jin-hee Ji, is the deputy director of the Korean National Intelligence Agency, ranking second only to the administrator and director. He is a weapons expert with a doctorate in physical and mechanical engineering.

    Originally, the anti-terrorism secret service team and the Korean intelligence agency had the same goal. The former is eager to send the dangerous special weapon out of Hongkong, while the latter wants to get back what belongs to them. However, when the mainland intelligence agencies intervened, things were no longer as simple as returning things to their original owners. This institution is called the Supreme Investigation Bureau of China, which is an intelligence agency invented by two directors. Song An, played by Wang Xueyin, is the director of the Supreme Bureau of Investigation. He insisted that special weapon, who had been recaptured from terrorists, should be detained in Hongkong, and the China government should handle the following foreign affairs. As a result, the interests of the mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea have clashed, while terrorists are still at large, and the security of Hong Kong is in jeopardy.

Luxurious lineup: Spend half a year inviting Jacky Cheung to play the villain in Zhang zhen?

    The international cast of Equator is very eye-catching, which shows that investors and stars trust Liang and Lu, two new directors. Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Zhang zhen, Wang Xueyin, Jin-hee Ji and Choi Siwon are all famous actors. Because they represent different forces, and the creators pay great attention to the balance between forces, their performance charm has been brought into full play. However, in this way, there are not many scenes for each actor, and those who are used to watching the single protagonist or the double protagonist may feel that they are not enough. Among the above actors, Jacky Cheung is the most worthy of our attention, because it was not easy to see him on the big screen last time; One is Zhang zhen, and this film is his first time as a villain.

    After "crossing hennessy" in 2010, Jacky Cheung, the god of songs, hardly performed any more films. Because of his splendid achievements in music, this superstar’s performance career is often overlooked. However, he is a rare good actor. He won the Golden Award and the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor for as tears go by and the legendary swordsman, and his performances in Bloody Streets and july rhapsody can be regarded as the benchmark in the performance field. Lok Man Leung and Kim-ching Luk waited for half a year to invite the singer to come out of the mountain, and finally they agreed because of their solid script. In the film, Jacky Cheung plays a physics professor, trying to mediate between different forces for the sake of Hong Kong’s security. No matter the depth of the role or the shape of a beard, it is a subversion of the past.

    Zhang zhen has never faded out of the screen, and he often works with great directors like Wong Kar-wai and Chen Kaige. Unfortunately, however, if he is a supporting actor, he will always be submerged under the dazzling aura of the protagonists, such as Red Cliff and The Master. And if he is the protagonist, the whole film may lose its sense of existence, such as Embroidered Spring Knife. This time, he became a villain, and when everyone else is in a suit, he may be able to gain some advantages by his cool and attractive shape. After all, we have seen one brilliant terrorist after another in the James Bond series or Batman series. Of course, everything is hard to say. The story of Equator is a little similar to that of Red Cliff, and it is hard to guarantee that he will not become the same role as Sun Quan in the latter.

Screenplay technique: Follow the theme and structure of Chill to continue to explore the security of Hong Kong.

    In "Chill", Hong Kong was caught in a city-wide crisis because of a police officer’s hostage-taking. Two deputy directors of the police force disagreed on the handling methods: one declared that Hong Kong was in a state of emergency and ordered all police forces to concentrate on rescuing the hostages; The other is strongly opposed, demanding that all countermeasures should be carried out in accordance with legal procedures. Although Equator tells a completely different story, it has many similarities with Chill in theme and conflict setting. It is also a question about the security level of "the safest city in Asia", and there are also many contradictions in the anti-terrorism alliance formed by intelligence agencies in the mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea, and the focus of contradictions is still on procedural issues.

    Because of this perspective, the turning point from the first act of Equator and Chill to the second act is somewhat unexpected. In the latter, at the end of the first act, we didn’t see how Aaron Kwok, the deputy director of management, tried to fight with the kidnappers, but we saw him make "small moves" behind Tony Leung Ka Fai, the deputy director of operations, and successfully removed his position as the chief commander of operations; In Equator, the secret service team snatched special weapon from the terrorists in the first act. According to the general idea, the next battle should take place on the way of the South Korean side escorting weapons back to China. Unexpectedly, the Supreme Bureau of Investigation was killed halfway, citing laws and regulations to prove that Hong Kong had no right to dispose of the weapon, and the question of how to "send" it became a question of how to "keep" it.

    The turning point at the end of the first act sets a new direction for the film. In "Chill", this new direction is that Aaron Kwok led the police to catch gangsters, and suffered a great failure, so it is inferred that there is a mole in the police. As a result, he found that many police officers were involved in the kidnapping. The plot development after the first act of Equator is similar to this. Nick Cheung has suffered setbacks in the process of tracking down terrorists, so he realizes that terrorists have infiltrated the anti-terrorist alliance. Who is the mole? How many people are there? We might as well sell a pass here. We just need to know that although this film has upgraded its scale and changed its formula compared with Chill, it can still taste the same taste as Chill.

Do we need so many live broadcasts of football matches?

Indeed, it is really convenient for modern people to watch the game nowadays. Even more and more people watch the live broadcast of the game in a year, which adds up to less than watching short videos or scoring GIFs. Then the question is, do we still need so many live football matches?

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football! When talking about this issue, a British fan said so.

Besides, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching live games every week? What’s your opinion about the overload of live broadcast of the game? Please tell us together in the comments!

Author | Adam Hurrey and Amitai Winehouse, ECO kryptonite

Edit | Gao Xiaochen

Source | Sports Industry Ecosphere (the original text was published in The Athletic, and it was partially deleted and adjusted due to the need of editing and expression)

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Not long ago, the Premier League officially announced:Before all the British fans can return to the stadium to watch the game(as early as May 17th), all events will continue to be broadcast live online in the UK.

This rule may not feel anything to overseas fans. But for British fans, it is a big event that can change their lives. After all, they haven’t watched the football match on TV on Saturday afternoon for decades.

This is due to a long-standing magical rule in Britain-3PM Blackout, which was negotiated and passed by the FA and the league.From 2: 45 pm to 5: 15 pm on Saturday, it is forbidden to broadcast any football match on TV.

The origin of 3pm blackout can be traced back to Bob Lord, Chairman of Burnley Club in 1964.(Bob Lord)A broadcast ban at Tevermore Stadium.In the view of Chairman Bao, the live TV broadcast is harmful to the club besides lowering the attendance rate of the stadium.

△ Center is Bob Lord, then chairman of Burnley Club.

Despite a lot of controversy, President Bao succeeded in persuading more and more clubs to accept it with his golden tongue.Television broadcast of demon theory.After unanimous negotiation, 3pm blackoutKick-off at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon is a tradition in English football.Not only has it become the rules of English clubs, but it has even been incorporated into the British broadcasting law, which makes it a criminal offence to broadcast football matches on TV on any Saturday afternoon in Britain.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, all the games had to be broadcast online, and the question of whether the broadcast ban should be completely abolished was once again put on the focus of public discussion. But for British fans, although there are more games broadcast, the troubles of happiness have also come:With limited energy, so many games are broadcast live, it seems that I really can’t watch it!

How many people will watch so many games? I think most people just watch their home team’s games, or those particularly important games. There are too many things in life that are more important than football!

When talking about this issue, a British fan said so. His views also represent the voices of many fans.

In this regard, two columnists of The Athletic discussed through a podcast: Do we still need so many live football matches?

Too much broadcast of the game has made people tired of watching the game.

The host of Adam Hurrey The Athletic podcast, Football Cliches.

It has been a whole year since the special situation of being forced to have an empty match due to the epidemic, and the discussion on whether 3pm blackout should be cancelled has been going on for a long time. Therefore, it seems a natural thing to broadcast all the games in the current situation.

However, with the resumption of broadcasting, we gradually found that in the face of so many football matches, watching the ball every day is no longer a pleasure, and it has even become a psychological burden. 

As early as before the epidemic isolation intensified the daily competition in domestic broadcast of football matches, the broadcast of three matches on Super Sunday in Premier League was already a marathon experience for football fans: from pre-match comments to players’ warm-up, from goal playback to VAR slow-motion analysis, from betting recommendation to various advertisements ….. The broadcast of several consecutive football matches in one day is quite challenging for fans to watch and broadcast.

Whether the game involves their favorite team or their annoying team, or involves two teams that they don’t care about. 

△ A busy Premier League weekend screenshot from Tencent Sports APP

A Premier League fan in the UK, watching the game every Saturday, is probably like this:

The first game, kick-off at 12: 30 noon British time:

Ok, at noon, the game will start. Today’s noon match is a match in leicester city (generally speaking, leicester city or Southampton kick off earlier, as evidenced by the data). You will notice the long shadows in the stadium, which is definitely the last light environment that people want to face when watching the match or even playing football games.

In the end, leicester city won 2-0, but the attention of this game was completely covered up by the VAR controversy.

The second game, EnglishKick-off at 3: 00 pm national time:

All right! You’ve watched a game and got into shape. Although the commentators are still discussing the question of whether Team X is excellent or Team Y is rubbish (the conclusion is usually: emmm…… … I think both teams are similar).

The confrontation between the two sides in this game is Crystal Palace vs West Brom, which makes you immediately start to wonder if you should do something else while watching the ball. But you can’t go out when you think about the epidemic; I also think that due to the broadcasting law, there is no advertisement in the live broadcast of the game at 3 pm on Saturday ….. Well, let’s watch another game.

Unfortunately, Wilfrid Zaha, the thigh of Crystal Palace, was injured, and there was one less attraction in the game … It is said that the commentary of this game is famous, but the fans never seem to care about this.

Game 3, kick-off at 5: 30 pm UK time:

Well, it’s prime time for the broadcast, and the strong teams are going to play again. It may be a game in which Manchester City beat a team 4-0, or it may be a showdown between Arsenal and Newcastle. Under the full light of the stadium, the shiny stadium is quite attractive. In addition, there is nothing to watch on TV at this time, which may be the perfect time to sit on the sofa and watch the football match.

At the moment, Jamie Carragher (a former Liverpool player and now a famous football commentator) slides his hand on the screen, showing you all the details of the game you should know, which is great. In the end, it was an excellent game to watch, but it doesn’t seem to be time to put an end to today’s full football marathon … 

Game 4, kick-off at 8: 00 pm UK time:

COVID-19 epidemic, the end of the world, all these things on TV. To tell the truth, Premier League football really doesn’t need to broadcast four whole games a day, especially after 7: 30 pm. Now, you have watched three football matches, and your mind is obviously not on TV. On the sofa, you have already started to brush your mobile phone and saw more than a dozen popular short videos about the coach’s rage or the commentator’s passion for wheat. Although these videos have been forwarded by you, you will forget all about the video content in a short time.

This is often the daily life of a Premier League fan watching the game on weekends.

If the football match is broadcast all day, will I watch it? Yes, obviously, I will, but this is probably just my consciousness as a practitioner, but other fans may not appreciate the broadcast of so many games.

△ Newcastle striker Callum Wilson celebrates the goal

Image: Newcastle United/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Indeed, as long as fans can’t watch the game offline, the Premier League has the responsibility to keep football in the spotlight through more broadcasts.However, don’t underestimate how tired fans will feel in such a marathon. Just for the sake of our poor and tired brains, I hope that the competitors and broadcasters will not regard the countermeasures in this special period as future decisions. 

The broadcast of the game is overloaded? I don’t think so at all!

Amitai Winehouse News Editor

It’s 11 o’clock on Saturday morning. You slept in, got up, had dinner, drank coffee and went out for a walk. Maybe you had a lesson with fitness coach Joe Wicks in front of the TV. So what’s next? I can’t eat any more food, and Zoom’s online test hasn’t started yet. For you, this day seems far away. 

However, you remember, there is a football match today! You looked at the live app on your mobile phone. At 12: 30, leicester city played against Liverpool; At 3: 00 pm, Crystal Palace played against Burnley; At 5: 30 pm, Manchester City played against Tottenham; At 8: 00 pm, Wolves play Chelsea!

As a fan, the distant Saturday was finally saved!

In this difficult period, there are not many interesting things happening. But we can watch all the matches in the Premier League. After watching the matches, you still have many things to do: chatting with friends on social software, playing Fan Texi in the Premier League, and brushing short sports videos … Is there anything more interesting for sports fans?

It can be said that playing football in the open field is meaningless, but online broadcasting can give the game real meaning.Indeed, not many people feel that it is necessary to watch a Southampton-Brighton game with dignity, but it is important that more games are broadcast, so that those Southampton fans and Brighton fans who want to watch this game have a proper way to watch this game.

The competition should belong to the public, not just the hundreds of people who are now allowed to enter the stadium.

In fact, the existence of streaming media just proves why the view that all sports events should not be broadcast is flawed. In any case, I am firmly opposed to the ban on Saturday afternoon games.There are always people who argue that this measure can protect the attendance rate of low-level leagues, but as early as 2018, EFL(English Football League)It has been announced that all Saturday 3: 00 pm games will be broadcast on its cooperative streaming media platform iFollow, and many international regions have also allowed to broadcast the games at this time. 

△ Amazon Prime’s Premier League live broadcast room 

Image: Adam Davy/pool/AFP via Getty Images

What’s more, for fans who want to watch the game offline, it doesn’t matter whether the game is broadcast or not. But if you don’t want to go to the scene, you can certainly find a way to watch the game at home.

In other words, even if the game is not broadcast on the mainstream platforms with copyright such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and BBC One, people will find various ways to watch the game, which is not a problem for modern fans at all.Besides, the football club has fallen into financial difficulties, and we can at least make the broadcasting company happy for a while, so that the team’s copyright income can be guaranteed, and the more the better.

So to be honest, although there may be a problem of watching the game on TV, football is now facing a critical moment, so please forget the idea that any match should not be broadcast on TV. Please broadcast all the football matches for us, without stopping for a moment … The broadcast of the games that helped you through the boring time during the epidemic is also an important part of your life.

The above is the discussion between two British sports experts. So, as a China fan, how much time do you spend watching the game broadcast every week? What do you think of the view that the broadcast of the game is overloaded? Please tell us together in the comments!

(End of full text)

Original link: https://the athletic. com/2394322/2021/02/17/Premier-League-Matches-Stay-on-UK-TV-Lockdown-Fans-Bring-It-on-Boring/? source=user_shared_article



Spring ploughing and ploughing are busy, and grain production has started steadily (with firm confidence)

  "At the end of the year in beginning of spring, farming is planned early."

  Central Plains granary, spring tube is busy. In the wheat field of Houwangzhuang Village, Wangzhuang Town, hua county City, Anyang City, Henan Province, agronomist Chen Yipin gave a lecture to the villagers: "Farming time waits for no one, fertilizer and water can keep up, prevent pests and diseases, and ensure a good harvest."













  Spring ploughing and spring tube, the service keeps up.

  The agricultural technology department of suyu district, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province set up a technical team to go to the fields to provide technical guidance for farmers. Zhao Jie, an agronomist at the Agricultural Technology Extension Center of suyu district, said that at present, there are 430,000 mu of wheat in the field, and the seedlings are growing well, with the proportion of first-class and second-class seedlings exceeding 92%, which has set up a "good harvest shelf" for summer grain production.

  Enter the village to solve the problem. "How many acres of wheat have been planted this year?" "Is it convenient to water and spray medicine?" … … Wang Pengju, secretary of the Party Committee of Dabin Town, Yuanyang County, Henan Province, writes down the farmers’ demand for spring ploughing every time he visits, and provides solutions in the shortest time. "The town mobilized party member cadres and large grain growers to form a spring ploughing production service team to help the elderly and the people out of poverty to spring ploughing and spring management and solve the worries of production."

  At present, winter wheat in the southwest has entered the jointing stage, Jianghuai is about to turn green, winter wheat in the north is still wintering, and winter rape in the Yangtze River basin has entered the budding stage one after another. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to formulate and issue technical opinions on preventing freezing, drought and promoting stable production of wheat and rape, and launched a large-scale field management training in spring; Eleven expert guidance groups were sent to Hebei, Jiangxi and other major wheat and rapeseed producing areas to promote the implementation of key measures for disaster prevention and mitigation and field management in spring, and go all out to win a bumper harvest of grain and oil in summer.

  Production demand, guarantee timely.

  In the production workshop of China Yituo Group Co., Ltd., the rumble of tractor running and debugging, the beep of forklift shuttle transfer and the roar of rapid operation of equipment are intertwined, playing a symphony to protect spring ploughing. Speed up production and expedite delivery. In January, China Yituo shipped more than 8,500 tractors to the whole country, which effectively guaranteed the demand for spring ploughing.

  "The 3 million loan from the Agricultural Bank of China is really timely. Tractors and rice transplanters have been added, and everyone is more motivated!" Early in the morning, Peng Huihua, a large grain grower in Guanyinge Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, took more than 10 agricultural machinery operators to operate the agricultural machinery, plowed the land and prepared to sow. The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Bank of China said that this year, it will strive to issue more than 160 billion yuan of loans for spring ploughing and preparing for ploughing, so as to fully guarantee the credit demand for spring ploughing and preparing for ploughing in various places.

  At present, seeds and fertilizers are well prepared, technology and services are provided to Tiantou, and "Big Iron Cow" and "Tian Nanny" come to help … … A picture of the early spring is slowly spreading in the field of hope, laying a solid foundation for improving the stable supply capacity of grain and maintaining the stable operation of prices.








  This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs started the project of improving the yield of major grain and oil crops with corn as the focus, demonstrated and popularized a number of high-yield, high-quality and density-tolerant varieties, and strived to significantly improve the yield of major grain and oil crops, with the yield of corn demonstration fields increasing by more than 100 kilograms per mu.

  Good opportunity to help, spring ploughing ran out of acceleration.

  "Eat beginning of spring rice, warm day by day. This year, there is a new ‘ Artifact ’ !” Hu Tuan, head of Zhaojin Crop Planting Professional Cooperative in Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, said that in the past, it was inevitable to spread fertilizer with high-gap plant protection machines, and sometimes crops were crushed. This year, the newly purchased agricultural drone added a fertilization function compared with ordinary models, with high intensity and stable operation. It can load 50 kilograms of fertilizer at a time, and with the spiral runner, the sowing is more uniform and smooth.

  "Wheat seed and fertilizer are broadcast at the same time. At the end of last year, 480 mu of land was broadcast in three days." This year, Hu Tuan plans to purchase a Beidou navigation self-driving tractor, expecting the wisdom "iron cow" to show its talents in the fields.

  As soon as the agricultural machinery rings, there is no panic in farming. At present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China is over 72%, and the comprehensive mechanization rates of wheat, corn and rice are over 97%, 90% and 85% respectively. In the past, short board machines such as 240 horsepower continuously variable speed tractors and rape transplanters were successfully mass-produced. Flying in the sky and running on the ground, more and more high-tech agricultural machinery and equipment are stationed in the fields, and "knowing how to farm" has turned into "smart farming", which has significantly increased the contribution rate to grain production.

  Good methods are matched, and good benefits can be gained from growing grain.

  165.1 kg! Last year, Yucheng City, Shandong Province, set a record for high yield per mu of compound soybean. In the whole country, the first large-scale promotion of soybean and corn strip compound planting has achieved gratifying results, which has promoted the self-sufficiency rate of soybeans in China by 3 percentage points.

  "Last season, my family’s 560 mu of land was basically realized ‘ If corn does not reduce production, soybeans will be picked up for nothing ’ Increase the income by about 300 yuan per mu, and definitely continue to do it this year! " After the Spring Festival, Wu Duoxia, a large grain farmer in Lishangwu Village, Juzhen Town, Yucheng City, was busy consulting agricultural technicians to strive for more "Jin Doudou" in the field.

  "The simultaneous sowing of corn and soybeans has to overcome many technical problems." Li Chengqiang, deputy director of Yucheng Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, said that through close cooperation with agricultural colleges, the team of experts helped farmers break through the three core technical barriers of "selecting improved varieties, expanding spacing and reducing plant spacing". At the beginning of the new year, the city organized 13 scientific and technological service teams and 79 agricultural technicians to connect with large planters to ensure that technology went straight to the fields.

  As technology sinks, benefits increase. Pan Wenbo, director of the Planting Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that this year, a number of high-yield and yield-increasing technical models will be integrated and promoted, soybean planting support will be strengthened, and research and development of technical equipment will be promoted, so as to strive for breakthroughs in short-board technologies such as high-yield and high-oil soybeans, short-growing rapeseed and suitable machinery in hilly areas as soon as possible.








  After the implementation of high-standard farmland construction, the new atmosphere of farmland will bring good prospects for growing grain. By the end of 2022, China has achieved the cumulative construction goal of 1 billion mu of high-standard farmland as scheduled. After completion, the average cultivated land quality of high-standard farmland can be improved by about one grade, and the average grain production capacity per mu can be increased by 10%— 20%。

  This year, China will continue to strengthen the construction of high-standard farmland, build 45 million mu and upgrade 35 million mu, so that "one thousand tons of grain in one season and two tons of grain in two seasons" will become a reality in more places.

  When the policy of benefiting farmers comes to households, farmers and farmers eat "reassurance".

  Early in the morning, He Yongchao, a big planter in Sanjiang Village, sanjiang town, wangcang county, Sichuan Province, took a water pipeline to replenish the rape in Abel Tamata. "It was a little dry in the early stage. Thanks to the timely replenishment of water, it is growing well now. It is expected to increase production by playing some herbicides in two days!"

  He Yongchao planted 10 mu of rapeseed last year and expanded it to more than 60 mu this year. "If the support policy is good, your confidence will be enough!" Wangcang county has been implementing the pilot project of farmland rotation and fallow for many years, giving 150 yuan subsidies per mu to rape farmers in the project area. "This year, the purchase price of rapeseed has increased by 3 cents per kilogram, and the benefits are getting better and better." He Yongchao said.

  The guarantee mechanism for farmers’ income from growing grain has been continuously improved. In 2022, we will stabilize and improve policies such as farmland fertility protection subsidies, high-standard farmland construction subsidies, agricultural machinery purchase and application subsidies, minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, subsidies for corn and soybean producers, and rice subsidies, expand the pilot scope of full cost insurance and income insurance for three major grain crops, and issue a total of 40 billion yuan of one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers for three times & HELIP; … Effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of grain farmers.

  This year, grain farmers will also reap the policy "big gift package": implement the minimum purchase price and producer subsidies; Increase support for soybean planting, continue to implement the full coverage of wheat "one spraying and three prevention" subsidies, allocate funds for pest control in advance, and implement subsidies for centralized seedling raising of early rice in the south. A few days ago, the central government issued an agricultural-related transfer payment of 211.5 billion yuan in advance in 2023 to encourage farmers to prepare for spring ploughing and let farmers grow grain.

  Strengthen confidence and drive hard. From the northeast plain to the Jianghuai land, from the south of the Yangtze River to the Tianfu granary, hundreds of millions of farmers have worked hard and sweated, solidly promoting agricultural production in spring, making the agricultural foundation more stable and the rice bowl more secure.

  (People’s Daily reporter Zhu Juan, Chang Qin, Yu Jingxian, Li Xiaoqing, You Yi)

The reading data of books purchased on World Reading Day is released, and the post-70s love to buy primary and secondary school teaching AIDS.

  In recent years, the popularity of "World Reading Day" on April 23 has been rising year by year, from booksellers, publishers, media to readers, hawking and shouting to paying bills, full of a strong festive atmosphere. If "Double Eleven" is a national shopping festival, then "World Book Day" is a veritable book special. Some people hold a calm wait-and-see attitude towards the "World Reading Day fever", especially those who have been sitting at their desks for a long time. They worry that "reading once a year" is like a flash in the pan, and reading can’t be boosted by one day’s enthusiasm. But "reading craze" always has a positive side. In the long run, if the festive atmosphere can win more readers, it will be of great benefit to the development of society and the book industry itself. From the perspective of short-term benefits, at least the attention and sales of the book industry have been greatly boosted.

  Dangdang is releasing the sales list of this "World Reading Day".

  Judging from the literature sales list, the degree of alternation between new books and old books is not particularly obvious. Although "You Fly to Your Mountain Like a Bird" replaced "The Kite Runner", which always topped the list in previous years. But the second place is Skin, which has been published for many years. In the list of novels, The Kite Runner still ranks in the top ten.

  "You Fly to Your Mountain Like a Bird" was published in October 2019, with more than 40,000 comments on Douban. Its sales momentum is comparable to that of "Worry-free Grocery Store" in 2014 and "Book Star" and "Island Bookstore" in 2015.

  Dangdang literature list

  Fiction list

  In the ranking of humanities and social sciences, the newly published Song Renzong: The Age of Co-governance appeared on the list, which is probably related to the popularity of Qingpingle.

  List of humanities and social sciences

  Art list

  Youth animation list

  Dangdang also counted the reading interests of all ages, which looked very realistic. After 60, they have basically sent their children to college. Those who have retired or are about to retire must pay attention to health care. After 70, they belong to the main force of primary and secondary school parents, while most of the children after 80 are still in the early stage. After entering the society soon, the post-90s are facing the reconstruction of their spiritual world, but after 00, they can still immerse themselves in their own world without any worries.

  Post-60 s list

  Post-70 s list

  Post-80s list

  Post-90 s list

  List after 00

  Readers in different cities also have different reading tendencies. Judging from the top three books in sales volume, the most popular books in other cities are not the same except Three-body in Shanghai and Chengdu, and You Fly to Your Mountain like a Bird in Nanjing and Shenzhen.

  Beijing list

  List of Shenzhen cities

  Shanghai list

  List of Guangzhou cities

  For the book industry itself, the total sales ranking of various publishing houses is very eye-catching. Among the humanities and social sciences books, Zhonghua Book Company ranks first, and many readers have probably hoarded books from Zhonghua Book Company during discount activities. This is also why old publishers like Zhonghua Book Company, Commercial Press and Shanghai Ancient Books may not necessarily have books in the top ten list, but the total sales volume is far ahead, or they still occupy the advantages of many kinds of books and guaranteed quality.

  List of humanities and social sciences suppliers

  List of literary novel suppliers

  List of children’s book suppliers

  Compared with the sales of paper books, the e-book platform focuses on reading itself.

  In addition to the sales of paper books, the e-book platform also held a series of activities during the "World Reading Day". Compared with paper books, the "shopping pleasure" brought by buying e-books is weaker, and readers generally do not have the impulse to hoard e-books. However, mobile reading is easier to count users’ reading data, so unlike paper books, e-book reading has positioned "World Reading Day" in reading itself.

  Take the reading punching activity of Netease snail reading as an example. From April 20th to April 22nd, readers can choose "Reading Punch" from the recommended 198 books. If they can stick to it for two hours every day, it means that punching is successful.

  Netease Snail Reading "Punch Reading" Activity

  According to the data provided by Netease Snail Reading, there were 81,604 people punching in these three days, and the total reading time was 171,275,172 seconds, which was 47,576.5 hours and 5.43 years. In the end, there were 1363 readers who insisted on completing the punch rally according to the regulations, accounting for about 1.67% of the total number.

  Compared with the 210 million copies ordered by Dangdang, only 1363 people read for two hours every day, which confirms the name of the well-known Douban group: "Buying books is like a mountain, reading is like reeling".

  According to the reading time of readers, 7059 people chose to read The Things of Ming Dynasty, and 5742 people read Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise.

  The following is a list of books ranked according to the number of readers in the activity:

  "Those things in Ming Dynasty (all seven volumes)", the bright moon of that year, Mill Iron Books | Beijing United Publishing Company.

  Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise, Lin Yihan, Mill Iron Books | Beijing United Publishing Company.

  Complete Works of Three-body (3 volumes in total), Liu Cixin, Reader Culture.

  If the Forbidden City can talk, Yang Yuan, Social Science Literature Publishing House.

  Alive, Yu Hua, Chinese | Writers Publishing House

  A Brief History of China in Fifty Thousand Years (all two volumes), Yao Dali Li Shan Qian Wenzhong Wu Gou Fang Zhiyuan Ma Yong Wu Lisong Qiu Luming Yu Gengzhe, Reader Culture | Wenhui Publishing House.

  The protagonist, Chen Yan, works in Chinese | Writers Publishing House.

  Fortress Besieged, Qian Zhongshu, People’s Literature Publishing House

  The Complete Works of Zhu Shenghao’s Love Letters, Zhu Shenghao, Zhejiang Jiuceng Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  "Eat the Poor", [Japan] Shigeo Saito/by Wang Xiaoxia/translated, movable type culture | Zhejiang People’s Publishing House

  Viewing Mountains and Seas, Liang Chao Sugizawa, Boji Tianjuan | Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House.

  White Deer Plain, Chen Zhongshi, Chinese | Writers Publishing House.

  Hundred Scenes of Tokyo, [Japan] Mao Danqing, Naoki Matayoshi, Shanghai Translation Publishing House.

  The history of western art, Italian childe, reader culture | Hainan publishing house

  Skin, Cai Chongda, Guomai Culture | Tianjin People’s Publishing House.

  Biography of Zeng Guofan, Zhang Hongjie, Mo Tie Books | Democracy and Construction Press.

  Raw Swallow, Zheng Zhi, Guomai Culture | Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House

  Brothers, Yu Hua, Chinese | Writers Publishing House

  Jin Zhiying born in 1982, [Han] Zhao Nanzhu/Zhu Yin Jiaxuan/translated, Mo Tie Books | Guizhou People’s Publishing House.

  From this list, we can probably see some characteristics of e-book reading: First, most of them are best-selling books, all of which belong to humanities, which is probably related to Netease Snail’s positioning of itself. Second, except for three books, all the others are original Chinese works. Third, except for Shanghai Translation Publishing House, People’s Literature Publishing House and Social Science Literature Publishing House, most of them are books operated by private book brands, which is also related to their focus on bestsellers.

  In addition, unlike paper books, which value sales, the direction of e-book platform efforts is mainly to increase the number of users and user viscosity. So it seems to be all about books, but the starting point and operation mode are quite different. The former is a price war, while the latter strives to be interesting and eye-catching.

  However, for some experienced readers or professional readers, neither the list nor the sales volume may necessarily represent their reading interest. For other novices, the book list is very important. Therefore, this year, both paper book sales and e-book platforms have introduced more diversified book lists to meet the needs of readers with different interests, alleviating the embarrassment that people want to buy books but don’t know what to buy.

  Of course, the most important thing is that readers get the books they want and can really settle down and start reading, no matter how many tricks there are.

The 2024 Women’s Snooker World Championships will be held in Dongguan next March.

According to the news of the World Snooker Tour on December 12th, the 2024 World Women’s Snooker Championship will be held in Dongguan, Guangdong Branch of the World Snooker Institute of the China Snooker Association, and the competition time will be from March 11th to 17th, 2024.

The picture shows Bai Yulu winning the 2023 Women’s Snooker British Open.

In March this year, Bai Yulu, a young female snooker player from China, won the runner-up in the 2023 Women’s Snooker World Championships, and scored a high score of 127 points in a single shot in this World Championships, breaking the record of the highest score in a single shot in the 20-year-old Women’s Snooker World Championships. These achievements have promoted the attention of women’s snooker in China.

Mandy Fisher, President of World Women’s Snooker, said: "The return of professional snooker events to China in 2023 highlights the great promotion of the China market to snooker, and we can’t wait to hold this important event in Dongguan. The scale of this event is expanding and improving every year. The 2024 World Championships represents an important step forward for women’s snooker, not only with the increase of bonus level, but also for the best women’s snooker players in the world. It provides an excellent new venue. "

Mandy Fisher said: "In recent years, women’s snooker has made amazing progress, especially in Asia. With the rise of Bai Yulu in China, we are determined to work together to make this tournament the best so far, so that all players can have an unforgettable memory."